Gina Miller [14]

Let’s have a what’s-her-fucking-problem-now-stop-trying-to-pretend-you-are-doing-this-for-the-benefit-of-the-British-people cunting for our favourite Guyanan immigrant.
I’ve got nothing specific to say about likkle Gina apart from I think she’s a bit of a cunt and all the hard work and stress of protecting the British public from itself is having a detrimental effect on her looks.
For those of a nervous disposition I suggest you look away now.

If that doesn’t put you off your Shreddies then nothing will.

I wonder if her sugar daddy still fancies her?

Nominated by: SimmyJavil

57 thoughts on “Gina Miller [14]

  1. We all know she is a cunt from the cuntish things she did over Brexit but what has she done now, has she got a plan to defeat Covid 19 😂

    Maybe cancelling Brexit will cure Covid 19.

    • Gina was shunned in her native Guyana because she had ‘Bubba lip’
      Her bottom lip sticks out that much the only employment open to her was shrimp boat captain.
      She escaped with Papilon on a raft and made her way to the UK to show us how we dont know what’s good for us.
      She looks like those troll dolls but one thats been pulled from the ashes of grenfell.

  2. I wish I had followed my first instinct not to visit that truly dreadful site.
    Now I’m all upset and need to calm down by thinking about forced repatriation.
    At gun point.

  3. What’s she doing with straight hair? Cultural appropriation surely!

    Didn’t she reailise it was World Afro Hair Day not so long ago? Why wasn’t she celebrating that, the old who-the-fuck-are-you embittered cunt!

  4. So nothing new to see here. Seems like a pointless cunting which is merely for cunting’s sake.

      • Indeed, MNC…and, after all, isn’t that rather the point of this whole site?
        We’re never going to change anything, but it’s simply jolly good fun to rip the piss out of the world’s cunts with like-minded fellows.

    • Apologies for replying to my own post but I forgot to add that her visage now resembles George Soros’ scrotum.

  5. Imagine a sweaty, sticky, smelly 4-way all-night sex-fest with Miller, Butler and Flabbott!

    No, me neither (although I suspect one or two long-standing degenerates among us might just get the horn at the thought!)

  6. If I had my way this sanctimonious shit-stirring old cunt would be taken to the Caning Room and given 24 strokes at maximum force on her bare arse. Then I would rub surgical spirit and paint stripper into the open wounds

  7. “If that doesn’t put you off your Shreddies then nothing will”….. well it didn’t put me off my bacon,black-pudding,cheese and chilli sauce stottie….I expect Gina had a banana.

    • That sounds alright that Dick, a decent breakfast!
      Stottie is a bit like a barm cake isnt it?
      Im having a roast beef sunday dinner in a bit with a few pints!
      Best in the peaks!
      But craving black pudding now.

      • Aye,a stottie’s a bit chewier than normal bread…lovely things.

        I’m having pork….shoved it in the Aga hours ago… I won’t eat anything that isn’t fucking cremated…that’s the trouble with eating out…they try to serve meat with blood dripping out…I’ll eat it if I’m at someone’s house but it’s not my idea of how it should be cooked.

  8. Cunt though she is she did at least admit in the end that Brexit is happening whether she likes it or not.

  9. Cunt though she is she did at least admit in the end that Brexit is happening whether she likes it or not.

  10. I like nothing more than being lectured on Britishness, by ethnics whose investment and historical connection to this island can be counted in a single generation or less😄😄😄

  11. I’ve got a friend who is a keen astronomer who often takes a leg of lamb or a shoulder of pork into the bathroom with him.
    He says he likes a meatier shower….

  12. It’s interesting the number of foreign cunts who come to Britain to write for the likes of The Groaniad and the The Indie, to tell us now bigoted and intolerant we all are. Makes you wonder they stay…

  13. Time to bring forwards my plan for the new sporting choice for


    Two cunts enter. One cunt leaves.
    No hold barred violence.

    First match-
    Gina Miller vs Jess Phillips

    Second match-
    David Lammy vs Femi

    Third match-
    Nicola Sturgeon vs Jo Swinson

    Tickets available from admin👍👍👍

    • You’re on to something here CC.
      My choice for a cunter’s spectacle;

      Diane Abbott v Emily Thornberry (naked and covered in oil, Sumo style)

      • I think it’s a winner👍

        We need a master-blaster type referee. You know, like mad max beyond Thunderdome.
        We need to find a great big hulking beast and a “person of restricted height” to go on the harness on his chest.
        Now think, which ISAC’ers fit the bill????🤔🤔🤔

      • My nomination would be for the Gaylords Adonis and Mangeldbum to take the opening fight. The battle of the handbags.

      • Following on from Boggs, a New Labour League: the survivor of the final* to be placed in a cage suspended from Big Ben and allowed to rot.

        *Odds-on Teflon Tony…

    • Having seen the list of contestants I would slightly change the rule – two cunts enter, neither of them leave.

      • Your absolutely correct Moggie.
        The winner thinks he/she has won freedom-in fact they are euthanised by a member of ISAC-names drawn from the hat👍

  14. Drag her to Smithfield market, build viewing platforms, sell popcorn, gift shop… family day for all.. Make her confess the treasoness crimes against the state for which is is guilty. Then let a Horny baboon have it’s way with her Ancient Roman torture style.

  15. Fuck me, she’s hit the ugly tree all of a sudden the nasty bitch.
    No, not a pointless cunting. If you remember Banana Gob brought a case in the courts last year to prevent Boris proroguing Parliament. It went to the Supreme Court who ruled that Parliament was supreme in all decisions, which suited the remoaners because they had the majority. Do you remember that old bitch judge with the spider brooch crowing about it?
    Well, what that means now is that this “breaking of international law” that the remoaners are crying about can go through Parliament and there’s fuck all the courts can do about it. So the remoaners have fucked themselves, all thanks to Gina fucking Miller. What a fucking stupid cunt.

    • Jesus, that picture. She’s turning into Michael Portillo. Book yourself in for surgery luv, before it’s too late.

      • Fuck me, yeah Portillo was my first thought. I thought he was blacking up for his new series……”Great Railway Journeys of Africa.” Or has he already done that one?

  16. In the old days – the good old days – our ‘boys’ would have rubbed this mouthy liabililty out (like those three Fenian fucks in Gibraltar) or fitted her up like a treat. But now we have a ‘service’ that knows who our enemies are and lets them run riot and do what they want. From Banana Gob to the Manchester Arena bomber. Not fit for purpose is the phrase I am looking for.

  17. And who can forget her ‘rape’ claim? The one that gave her publicity and sympathy when she was on the ropes during Brexit?

    The one that was never reported, has no evidence whatsoever, no DNA results, no camera footage, not one word to lawyers or the police, and there was no trace of it at all until she came up with it?

    A liar as well as a slag.

  18. “How do we preserve Britain as a tolerant place?”

    Looking at (and listening to) that, why would we want to?

    • Well if we really wanted to make britain a tolerant place we could take out a few of these xr aresholes with teargas/rubber bullets etc

  19. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

    Gina Miller and her hedge fund chums couldn’t give a dead rat’s cock about Brexit.

    Her only aim was to destabilise the market to give her, her husband and her chums ample opportunity to clean up on the markets.

    Although Gina Miller is a massive, massive cunt of universe size proportions, the bigger cunts are the remainer fucktards who thought she was on their side.

    Fucking retarded Stockholm syndrome dickheads that they are

  20. An odious and repulsive looking creature with the panache and demeanor of a Blackpool Donkey Dollop. The Medusa that would blind for all eternity. Our Lord may have erred in the production of such an aberration. But I forgive.

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