33 thoughts on “Extinction Rebellion [8]

  1. Marx was a racistI. I cannot quote his letter here because it is littered with the n word . You might want to look it up. Letter from Marx to Engels 30 July 1862 Marx(1979 p 468). These Marxist scum bag goons need to be swept from the streets. And if any statue needs to fall it the one in Highgate cemetery. That wont be on cunt Khans list though.

  2. It’s strange how the likes of Churchill, Cecil Rhodes and others are now considered racists and bigots by the left but the likes of Muhammad (Piss be upon him) & Marx who lived in the 1800s along with his failed ideology were merely a product of their time. Leftwing hypocrisy continues to astound me.

  3. I assume most of the scum supporting XR are unemployed. If they are, and claim JSA/ESA one of the rules is that you must be available for and seeking work. They are not doing a lot of seeking work on the streets, so why are sanctions not mde against them.

  4. Utter, utter cunts. Just what the bullet, or, 9mm Pain Relief Capsule, was invented for.

    About time Joe Public started giving them a shoeing, like in this video clip:


    I can never tire of watching swift justice like this, dispensed.

    • How unfortunate that people such as you are then called upon to cart these idiots off to said nearest hospital or worse yet some innocent member of joe public who got caught up in all this bollocks/plus the masse en route of all these fuckwits standing about blocking traffic /i bet youve seen it bloody all.my deepest sympathys what a shame one of these statues doesnt fall on sadiqs nut!they wouldnt tolerate the great unwashed in germany i suspect theyd have the water cannons on full blast!

      • With fucking arseholes like this making a mess of everything im glad to hear that /far better to use the pain resources for someone in dire need as oppossed to protesting twats

    • Fucking great, more of that is what these cunts need followed by a tazer, now that would be entertaining….

  5. Strong government, that’s the answer. Which is why the cunts are scared of Churchill’s very shadow.

    It is certainly racist to observe that if black Africans cut down on the old houghmagandie, there’s be less of an environmental problem all round. So tear my fucking statue down, you halfwitted crowdfunded cunts.

  6. Batons and tear gas required for these cunts.
    They do nothing positive to help the environment or protest against any company or government with bad records. The just fucking upset Joe public because they are first class cunts.

  7. Pretty blatant now. No longer commies under the bed as in days of yore – they’re bloody everywhere.

  8. I’m all for reusing things where possible but my wife’s obsession with using the same teabag over and over again has now become so bad, I’ve had to take out a re-straining order….

  9. Bunch of lefty, middle class, attention seeking pricks who’s influence and self publicity far outweighs their numbers. Save the planet, black lives matter, stop brexit, stop deportations, love the peacefuls, meat is murder, welcome refugees…….all the same wankers, all interchangeable.
    Fucking cunts need a good kicking and long prison sentences when they get nicked. In proper prisons not some open prison fucking holiday camp. They can’t win a vote so they try to impose their will on us. We need a government that will get tough on pisstakers but neither of the parties on offer have the balls for the fight.

  10. Their former UK “spokesperson”, Zion Lights, now works as a representative for a group promoting nuclear energy as the only real prospective for green energy. Fucking hypocrite.

    XR have gone into meltdown, check out their hatchett job on her.
    You couldn’t make this shit up-comedy fucking gold,

    Unkle Terry, the most environmentally friendly oven in your armoury, for these cunts. Please😀

  11. Zion Lights? What kind of fucking name is that? Yeah, embracing nuclear energy is an act of treachery among the green faithful. Death to the apostate!!

  12. If these commie fuckwits had any legitimate issue then try protesting at the embassies of the worlds biggest polluters. The UK is one of the cleanest countries in the World, these filth are not legitimate lawful protesters (if they were the coppers would be there in force kicking the shit out of them) – they are anarchist adult baby rich kid sc*m who need a fucking good kicking by members of the public who are sick and tired of these opportunistic parasites – just like BLM and Antifa. We have a piss weak gutless “Government” of traitors who allow the Police to assault and arrest the public for committing NO OFFENCE and let these fuckers do as they please.
    And when payback comes they have nobody to blame but themselves.

    • Very succinct(ion) as always Vern-the only thing to add:

      BLM / Antifa / XR-quote often the same (paid by Soros) soap dodgers, “stoooodant Grant types / professional anarchists at each event.
      Avi Yemeni did a cracking job in his videos, of exposing them👍👍👍

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