The UK Weather

….Or more exactly cunts that keep banging on about climate change. Extinction Rebellion, Greta Thundercunt and the like.

Well it’s now early September and it’s cold, wet and windy. In fact this spell of shite weather started mid-way through August. So this year we’ve had a wet start to the thing, a dry warm lockdown spring that got every cunt and his wife out on bikes, we had a couple of hot days and some thunder and lightning in the summer and it was dry.
Now Autumn has arrived and it’s dull and wet. Again.

Mmm, Pretty much a normal set of seasons, given the vagaries of Mother Nature, in an island maritime climate, I’d offer to those unwashed, uneducated lefty anarchists. They can fuck their climate change wank, along with the hole in the ozone layer, whatever the fuck happened to that….

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57 thoughts on “The UK Weather

    • That link was uncalled for. Next time post a “ here comes a sanctimonious Greta link” please as it will save me saying CUNT at my phone and scaring the mrs.
      hate the bitch
      Thundercunt not the wife I might add…..although sometimes…..

  1. It’s too hot – climate change.
    It’s too cold – climate change.
    It’s too wet – climate change.
    It’s too dry – climate change.
    It’s too windy – climate change.
    Drought – climate change.
    Flood – climate change.
    Wild fires – climate change.
    No wild fires – climate change.
    Weather as predicted – climate change.
    Weather not as predicted – climate change.
    And so on.

    Must be nice to always be right by using the same answer to any and every weather or climate related question.

    • @IY

      Well said!

      No matter what the question Global Climate Change is the answer. Look at California. Their idiotic “environmental” polices have caused massive wildfires and power shortages. But the Demonrat politicians elbow each other out the way to get in front of the TV cameras and blame it on Man Made Climate Change.

      Factually challenged cunts!

      • I thought California’s latest wildfire was down to some bellend letting off pyrotechnics at some gender reveal fuckwittery?

        Tell Greta that and watch the look of confusing realisation on her android face.

        “How dare you”! 🤣

      • Hey OB,

        You are (partially) correct. There’s a lot here so i’ll try to be brief.

        1. Only one fire was started by gender reveal fuckwittery.

        2. Multiple fires are burning in California, Oregon and Washington as well as other western states.

        3. In California the fires are made worse by disastrous environmental and forest management decisions.

        4. Fighting the fires and living with the disaster has been made worse by idiotic renewable energy policies and equally idiotic water conservation policies.

        We all know the phrase “man made climate change.” This is a “man made environmental disaster.”

        (We would need an entire thread to detail the Leftist stupidity that lead to this disaster.)

    • I’m going to say something a bit controversial here but I think that global, anthropogenic climate change is happening and is directly affecting our eco system and contributing to a lot of species extinctions. As a side note though………… I don’t give a fuck.

      As Ricky Gervais said at the last Golden Globes “We’re all gonna die soon, and there’s no sequel!”.

  2. Personally I hope the sea levels do rise. Will make the channel wider and make it harder for sponging cunts to get here. Not to mention the fact that it would flush away the toilet that is London.

    • If that happened, whoever was in charge (Tory, Labour, doesn’t matter) would probably just divert funds from HS2 (a rail line intended to help London at the expense of home owners in the North and the Midlands) and divert the funds to the construction of a huge canal which would channel all that water from London up to the “Northern Powerhouse” and they would probably raise Blackburn to the ground and replace it with loads of water turbines………… a literal Northern Powerhouse. Not to sound like a conspiracy theorist but you heard it here first.

  3. Few countries have done more than the UK to cut greenhouse gas emissions and legislate for other environmental measures.

    Yet according to Extinction Rebellion and Caroline Lucarse, it’s Britain that is the major villain of the peace!

    We’re a fucking soft touch. Time we cracked a few skulls.

    PS: Great header picture, Admin. 👍

    • They are extreme leftists that hate their own cuntry. Wish I was 20 years younger, love to wade into the rich middle class verminous traitors. Total and utter cunts.

    • The British Empire was also the first geo-political entity in history to abolish slavery but if you look at the BLM twats on the streets you would think black people were being linched on the streets by people wearing Oswald Mosely t-shirts.

      Rather it’s white people being linched on the streets by people wearing Che Guevara t-shirts. I guess it all depends what’s on the shirt.

  4. Bring it on.
    Perhaps if,as St.Greta predicts so wisely,it gets warmer we can introduce some novel species to the UK.
    I vote lions first.
    Lions in a large arena being fed terrorists and grooming gangs.
    Live on Channel 5.
    Just for starters.

    • The peacefuls are far too happy blowing up arenas. It should be on a more personal level like opening their home front doors and letting half a dozen lions in before locking them and any cunt trying to exit gets a bullet.

      • That is genius my feline friend!we could rival netflix with an idea like that/like the cook report track the terrorist bastards down and go round with half dozen lions and the results would be fucking great youd mek a mint!

    • Sounds like a winner. With the constant influx of illegal immigrants they will never be short of contestants. Could make it Arabs v Africans…who can survive the longest?

    • Dinosaurs. We need dinosaurs and lots of em. Let them smell a pair of greta’s cacks and shout seek and destroy.
      Just ask dickie Attenborough he did it. Must be able to do it now.

      • Problem with bringing some dinos back they would have to conform to modern ways or they would be in deep shit. No discrimination or other right wing stuff. So step out from the dim past Megasorarse, Lickalotopus, Grabakoktryx, Whingowankasaur, Gretastegasaurous. Back to the “real” world the U.K. produces hardly any CO2 but thanks to the cunts in charge our tiny little nation will be back in the Stone Age by 2050 if we are forced along the path that cunty Cameron and his crew not only came up with but put the shite into legislation. The major producers of CO2 do not give a flying fuck and as we produce so little neither should we.

  5. Anyone remember the photographs of the hole in the ozone layer, which was at the beginning of all the scaremongering?

    How did they photograph something that wasn’t there?

  6. Sunny as fuck here on Lincolnshire coast. ?? August weather was shit been 20 degrees all week here. Still in the cunt that will have to grin and bear it. Off to sunny East Yorkshire coast tomorrow. Forecast 22 and sunny ☀️ Cunt

  7. Climate change is clearly due to racism.
    Racism is clearly due to climate change.
    Ask any mental Swedish tramps – you go Gertie Thunderpuss, but don’t do anything meaningful like protesting outside the embassies of the Worlds biggest polluters – China, India, America and Australia.
    Fuck off Greta you skanky little gyppocrite, count your multi million fortune from all the soyboys you have ripped off selling your online CHINESE MADE shit.
    And take XR with you.

      • Been pub with missus and the dog, sky was slate grey and cool breeze whispered “summers Dead,summers dead…”
        Had a nice day!😀👍

  8. Now that they are reducing motorway speed limits to 60mph by the end of the month then if successful trial’s, all motorways will follow suit, all for air pollution make’s sense really slow all the traffic down, use more fuel,

    I would like to connect a facemask to Greta cuntburgs face and pump my HGV exhaust straight down her throat,

    Swallow that twat

    • From what I understand, the optimal speed for fuel economy and subsequently for pollution reduction is between 50 and 55 mph. don’t be so ungrateful for that extra 5-10 mph

  9. Multi millionairess Greta has done well out of global warming, but strangely does not contribute to any climate change type charities.

    • Nice observation VF not for gobshit Greta of course. She knows they are a con, her financial advisor told her.

      • Yeah but did he tell her by conference call or did he fly over to her by private jet so he could tell her in person after their post coital cigarette and pillow talk?

        ……………. Oh shit, that joke would have worked better but I forgot she only LOOKS twelve, even though she isn’t (blame that on her parent’s raising her vegan her whole life)..

        Still wincing though at the thought of anybody sticking the shag dagger in that autistic creature.

      • The filthy young trollop lol
        Actually i saw a photo of her recent did look quite fuckable prolly because she had her face mask on which hid the robotic expression nicely/mmm thatd keep her fucking quiet anyway

  10. I see BBC are dragging out that old cunt David Attenbore to do more scare-mongering on prime-time BBC on Sunday night. “We’re all doomed” or some such. Point is, they’re all going to look pretty fucking stupid once the penny drops that there really is no alternative to fossil fuels. It’s either burning them or freezing to death and never travelling anywhere ever again.

    • Attenborough documentaries used to be one of the few things worth the licence fee. Genuinely interesting and well made programs. In the last few years it has turned into a lecturing about how much I’ve fucked up the planet and how I should feel ashamed and guilty. Last time I checked the UK were miles behind the likes of India and China in the pollution stakes, so why don’t they fuck off over there with their bullshit virtue signalling.

    • There is another alternative which is just to reduce the number of consumers (ie humans) on the planet which would reduce carbon emissions either by population control or by some kind of global pandemic. The latter hasn’t really worked very well so far. Epic fail if you ask me.

  11. Given, as Leo rightly states – “a dry warm lockdown spring that got every cunt and his wife out on bikes”, my question is – Why no water shortage / hosepipe bans this year ?

    When every cunt has been ordered to wash their mitts 20 times a fucking day for 20 seconds ?!

    • I think Mr Spock’s lot had a bit more sense than Lucas Freddie. They didn’t invite hostile Klingons in and give them free housing, free health care and a complimentary phaser to shoot you in the back with. Would be nice if she met her end the same way as Spock though, with the massive radiation poisoning but i suspect a cockroach like Lucas would survive.

      • I cry every time I watch that scene in the Wrath of Khan. Although I always watch it drunk so that may have something to do with it.

      • Bit of a cop out bringing him back in Star Trek 3
        (Directed by Leonard Nimoy coincidentally 😆)

  12. It always makes me laugh when they introduce Greta Thundercats as a “climate expert” An expert indeed! Her parents, when they aren’t moving this drooling cabbage patch kid around like a marionette, make dubious claims about the moonbrained simpleton herself. They claim she can see Co2 with the naked eye like Superman or something. There you have it: Captain Planet’s special school sidekick who has to wear velcro shoes, clothing with her name on and a crash helmet to deal with loud noises. I think it’s more likely mommy and daddy can see big dollops of cash with the naked eye through exploiting their spastic crotch spawn.

    I was honestly astounded when i looked up this beady eyed tribute to Nordic inbreeding. She has a laundry list of mental, developmental and anxiety disorders. It’s little wonder she spends so much time with her parent’s hands jammed firmly up her backside manipulating her every move as she could be soundly defeated in a chess match by Koko the gorilla or Harvey Price. Perhaps they should wheel out a new hero for the environmental cause? Preferably one that doesn’t clean windows with her tongue like this Scandinavian halfwit.

    • Greta is the poster child for raising your child as a vegan from birth. Just let that sink in. VEGAN FROM BIRTH.

      Still though, at least she is alive which is more than can be said for some of the unfortunate souls raised on vegan diet only to die before their 2nd birthday.

      Yes I hate vegans in case it wasn’t obvious.

    • She might be annoying as fuck an over opinionated and manipulated by parents but even i wouldnt diss her for her long list of health complaints /i would give her one tho so maybe that explains why/mind u the last time i tryed fucking the mentally challenged it didnt work out she said she had a wooden leg !didnt work out so had to break it off!

  13. I loved the fact that Greta sailed across the Atlantic so as not to add to global warming but the crew flew to the starting point. Great idea but didn’t check the final detail you little cunt.
    Bit like ER gluing them selves to London tube trains. The most efficient environmentally form of transport. What cunts!
    Some got the kicking they deserved from the Canning Town commuters.

    • Yep normal people who just want to get on with their fucking lives/what the fuck is wrong with this country/blm/covid/paedos/
      Dinghy sailing illegals/politicians who cant do basic maths/protests and more protests of one type or another no wonder why id love to emigrate to brazil
      The UK what a fucking shithole its become

  14. When will these soft, privileged (mostly millennial/zoomer) lefty cunts learn to shut their fucking mouths? They are doing their causes serious harm. Not only are most people put off by arrogance, smugness and pomposity but normal people are also quite rebellious and obstinate by nature, even if subconsciously.

    Prime example is me. I think that vegans have the moral and ethical argument in the bag & I agree with the precepts of veganism (even though I don’t practice them) but as soon as I hear some sanctamonious, vegan bellend going on about how these poor pigs and lambs are “murdered” for their “flesh” I get hungry and immediately make my way down to the chippy for a tray of Doner meat. Well done vegans, you just killed another lamb you pricks.

    Same is true of Extinction Rebellion. When these sanctamonious twats start spouting off about pollution, it makes me want to go for a drive in my 14 years old diesel car which hasn’t had an oil change in over 18 months (and I fucking hate driving). Lefty, activist twats – just shut the fuck up you windbags!

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