Two and a Half Men (Post Charlie Sheen)

I always enjoyed Hollywood bad boy Charlie Sheen´s performance as the narcissistic playboy with a house on Malibu beach, an endless stream of bimbettes and his loser brother, Alan, who was the butt of his jokes.

When Sheen was fired for slagging off the show´s producer, he was replaced by a heartthrob called Ashton Kutcher who I had never heard of. He was supposed to be a 30-something software billionaire who bought Charlie´s house and allowed Alan to stay on.

I´ve just seen some of programs with him and they are totally unfunny as Kutcher does not have an ounce of Sheen´s acting ability or charm. The plots revolve around fart jokes, slapstick “comedy” in which Alan is constantly being injured and taken to hospital and scenes in which everyone takes pot and starts giggling and laughing.
No wonder this untalented bunch are laughing. Kutcher earns US$700,000 per episode and Alan, played by Jon Cryer, gets US$620,000.

Nominated by: Mr Polly

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  1. Hes a wrong un that Charlie Sheen.
    Theyre lucky he got fired because first chance he got, he would of bummed them.
    Known for it.
    hes 50 parts cocaine/50parts AIDS.

  2. It was funny, Charlie in the program was how many men wished they could be. Charlie in real life is one twisted mutha, I don’t watch it anymore due to being unable to separate his character from the real life Charlie.

    What a cunt.

  3. Off topic but it if anyone was wondering if the premier League players would still be taking a knee at the start of the new season, they did it just now at the start of Fulham Vs Arsenal. A few lovely black Nazi salutes from the players too.

    Cunts are in for a shock because I predict their bubble will burst. The Chinese have already stopped buying rights to our footy. More will follow and the fans will not return in the same numbers due to the knee taking.

    • I hope when fans return and the cunts are still doing that kneeling shit they get a load of abuse, I would be amazed if the footy crowds give a flying fuck about BLM.

  4. Archbishop Fulton Sheen comes to mind. He was a fiery anti- communist, anti- atheist, anti -permissive society voice in the 1959s. The most famous Catholic cleric in America for years. On his ‘Life is Worth Living’ programme on ABC I think. There has been a cause open for his canonisation. There is some kind of argument where his remains should be kept.
    Oh, by the way Martin took his name in his honour.
    Martin Sheen is one of the very few pro-life Democrats left in the party (One for General Cunster).

    ‘anti-permissive society voice in the 1959s’
    Maybe Charlie should have listened more to the advice given by the person after who he got his surname.

    • Fulton Sheen is definitely still worth watching. He is quite mesmerising and does not talk about religion as such but concepts such as evil and envy. He gave two splendid analyses of Macbeth and Dostoyevsky in which he showed how Dostoyevsky, who faced a Tsarist firing squad only to be pardoned at the last minute, realized that Communism was an illusion and returned to Christianity.

  5. The only American TV comedy shows or films I like are mostly pre- 1980, such as Kentucky Fried Movie and Airplane, this laughter track shite has never appealed to myself!, so it’s definatly a cunt!!!!!

      • The first 3 or 4 seasons of MwG were great, especially with the teasing Christina Applegate. However, come season 5 and beyond the stories were pretty stale, and the constant whoop whooping noise from the studio audience was beyond irritating.

      • That was one of my favorite shows. Got hooked when I went to the USA in 1991 on a road trip.
        Bundy for president.
        I like 3rd Rock from the sun too. The episode when they are trying to find their roots is priceless.
        Got a lot of time for Taxi and Cheers. Oh and who remembers SOAP?
        New stuff too scripted and canned laughter as you say.

      • Soap was brilliant but was dropped unexpectedly for some reason that was not explained . Taxi was first rate, haunting theme tune and excellent actors especially Judd Hirsch and Danny de Vito.

  6. Yep, I agree with Mr Polly, the new version of 2.5 men is shite compared to the Charlie Sheen era.
    Fuck knows why they chose Kutcher as a replacement, wanker.

  7. Does he possess a large cock?He was married to Demi Moore and re married to Mila Kunis.Jammy git.He is unfunny

  8. I usually find American comedy as funny as an Afghan moving in next door.
    Charlie is a throwback to the 80s so carry on spreading the AIDS!
    Perfect for reality TV.

  9. Never took much notice of Sheen, although he was pretty decent in Platoon, Hot Shots and Wall Street.

  10. As Yank sitcoms go, I thought this one was pretty poor. I don’t mind Charlie Sheen (I recommend a movie called The Chase – he’s good in that), but having watched an episode way back when, I didn’t laugh once. I find much of what Yanks think is hilarious is completely banal and unfunny. Other Yank shows which are just as crap include The Big Bang Theory, South Park and that awful, terrible cak The Simpsons. What the fuckity fuck is remotely funny about that shit?

    Been any really good comedy series on UK telly recently? Something I could check out on DVD? I miss UK telly. 🙁

      • Hey there Fish –
        Not sure if they still make it, but there’s a show called Come Dine With Me that’s hilarious. The commentary is a first class piss take. There’s loads of it on YT. Check it out. It’s funny.

      • MNC – there is some ruffian on Parler who has pinched your avatar and is posting as Billy Kasper – I shall have words with the brute! 😁👍

      • Imitation is a form of flattery Foxy, bit of a cheek though wot?
        Take your wire snippers to the blighter for me!

      • I’ve always felt Larry David is a great comedy writer (Seinfeld), but not so great in front of the camera. Too harsh?

      • Curb Your Enthusiasm ( Series 1-5) is streets better than Seinfeld. Larry David (and supporting cast) is fucking ace!

    • Yo IY!

      Don’t know how long since you last saw UK TV but here are a few comedy series that I’ve enjoyed over the last 10 years or so:

      The IT Crowd
      The Inbetweeners
      People Just Do Nothing
      Friday Night Dinner

      • IY @
        Cant recommend the Inbetweeners enough!
        Truly funny, its best of british comedy,
        Have a look you wont regret it!👍

      • “What we do in the shadows” with Matt Berry is also worth a look MNC.
        Especially the bad attitude vampire girl – I need her as my familiar when I sleep in the day! 😄👍

      • Weird that Foxy, the lad who works for me was saying EXACTLY that the other day.
        I’ll have a look!👍

      • I stumbled across The Inbetweeners on some yank channel a few years back. I was literally crying with laughter because the banter was so reminiscent of my own school days. Genius writing.

        Thanks Miserable.

      • I have the first series of The IT Crowd on DVD and really need to set fire to it. I thought it was tragically piss poor and I even work in IT! The black fella with the stupid hair is so unfunny and the Irish cunt just shouts the whole time. Awful show.

        I have all The Inbetweeners (incl. 2 movies) and Friday Night Dinner. FND jumped the shark though a couple of series before the end of its run. Pity. Early series were so funny. Isn’t Episodes that thing with Matt LeBlanc? I’ll pass.

        I will check out the others though. I have enjoyed Toast of London. New series in the works apparently. Mental and funny at the same time. Yes I can hear you Clem Fandango!

        Thanks for the tip, RTC. I appreciate it.

  11. Seemed to better fanny on the show when Charlie Sheen was in it. A particular favourite was Chelsea played by Jennifer Taylor. What a pair of top bollocks.

    • That older woman that Charlie was after in one story was fucking hot . I can’t remember her name but she was pushing 60 and well worth banging. Any of you reprobates know her name?

  12. Fuck ALL this Yankee rammel.
    I’m sticking to my Rising Damp box set and my Goblin meat puddings.
    I’m not taking any chances!

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