Just wanna say “Hi Guys!”

Is there a more irritating phrase than this?

Americans use it for women as well as – well – guys. I particularly loathe it when it appears on a Youtube travel videos. I love travelling so spend a lot of time watching these videos but as soon as I hear some voiceover saying “Hi Guys. I´m in Marseille/Warsaw/Buenos Aires/Shanghai…” I switch off.

I am not a “guy” or part of a group of “guys” and don´t need your phony friendly greeting. I don´t need it in restaurants either when my waitperson puts the plate in front of me and says “There you go guys. Enjoy”

Just fuck off and, oh yeah, have a nice day! Asshole.

Nominated by: Mr Polly 

109 thoughts on “Just wanna say “Hi Guys!”

  1. The americanisation of our language has fucked me off for years driven by telly news millennials and bame cunts gunman now shooter quarantine now lockdown and as mentioned hey or hi guys seems we’re losing are identity on more than one front and the cherry on it for me is feds proper proper cunts the lot of them

  2. Being addressed by a minion as Fellah or Mate! Had the last one from a bank when I phoned them. That didn’t end well.
    Also Americanisms I hear: elevator, movie and especially smart in the context of clever or intelligent.

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