The Problem with Finding True Love

The whole “True love, Hollyweird movie style relationship bollocks”

Perhaps I’m cunting myself in a way due my lack of forming any sort of lasting relationship with a woman. I’ve had a few fine fillies in my time. But I’ve never met “The One” if there is such a thing outside of a hollywoke blockbuster.

Don’t have much trouble getting them but don’t seem to keep them for very long.

I’m grateful for the women that I have had the pleasure of being intimate with, but it all feels like it doesn’t matter now.

As I have mentioned on here before I once met a girl who I thought I would marry one day. Sadly it was not to be. In hindsight perhaps it was for the best.

I am still relatively young and in a good position in life. Got a bit of money, have a house of my own and a decent car. A reasonable job that earns me a good wage and some savings and investments that bring in more money (we’re talking an extra couple of grand a year, not retire at 40, tell everyone to fuck off and ride away into the sunset kind of money).

Don’t know whether its the lockdown getting to me, but I haven’t met a lass in some time that I thought was worth getting to know better. I like a classy elegant woman with a nice “middle class” accent, like Natalie Dormer, Imogen Poots or Roxanne McKee. If they have intelligence on top of that then I’m drawn to them.

Sadly, I haven’t met a woman like that in some time and I’ve a feeling I am unlikely to meet one again.

I’m at the point in my life where I feel I might as well skip marriage, kids and divorce and instead just live my life and end up some dirty old bastard like Michael Douglas. Part of me isn’t bothered about finding someone to spend my life with and part of me feels a sad not to have a lovely lady to enjoy things with and spoil a bit.

Not sure why I’m bearing my soul to you lot.Probably the anonymity of IsAC

Probably doesn’t help that I’ve had a few drinks and I’m listening to Bad Company and reminiscing about shit.

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78 thoughts on “The Problem with Finding True Love

  1. Aged 25, I had professional dealings with a stunning 50 year old-seriously stunning. She was RC so did not believe in divorce, yet had been separated from her husband for 10 years plus.
    Long story short, husband died and we grew close-friendly. Then she offered me the cottage in the grounds of her estate.
    I declined.
    I could have been a multi, multi millionaire by marriage-plus she was probably gagging.
    At that time, being a cunt, I had a local girlfriend, another one in Sheffield and one in the lakes. (The “lengths” we go for a tidy piece of arse🥵)-so decided to decline her offer.
    Sliding door moments and all that….
    My only regret-not smashing the granny out of her.
    On a more positive note, that same year I had a threesome with two Spanish/Filipino girls-so maybe the Gods reward the just👍👍👍

      • Isaaac-it’s a much longer story.
        I actually fell for her at first sight but never revealed it to her, as a young twat u never realised she could read me like a book.
        I was busy with winninz a few years younger than me and was a bit intimidated by:
        1: the fact she was a ridiculously wealthy and well connected, refined lady
        2: the fact she was twice my age.

        In truth, she was probably less sexually experienced than I was and I probably would have stopped her heart with my terrier like tenacity😄.

        RC : Roman Catholic. That probably put me off, being a young heathen.
        I have never accepted a penny from anyone and my stubbornness was another factor.

        With hindsight, maybe I would do things differently 😢😢😢

  2. I married my wife late in life, we were in our 40s. 18 months into our marriage she contracted a very rare form of leukaemia. We don’t even smoke. We got her a bone marrow transplant but one of the anti-rejection drugs went to her brain and killed her. She was 47. We had been married a total of 28 months. I didn’t realise how lucky I was to have her in my life until I lost her. Though I know I will see her again when I pass over, God’s waiting room is not genial.

    The upshot of this is I believe in taking every opportunity that you can in life because you never know when it will end. Tomorrow could be your last day.

    Don’t work more than you have to.

    Don’t do things that you don’t want to do any more than you have to.

    Don’t worship money. I got a lump sum from Mandy’s employer when she passed away and a pension. It won’t buy me another second with her and it won’t take me where I want to go, which is to her. Those travel arrangements are God’s department.

    Don’t assume that somebody will always be there and if you upset them you can make it up to them tomorrow. Because one day you’ll run out of tomorrows.

    Don’t give work a second thought if you can avoid it. No matter how important your job is, in 100 years we’re all going to be dead and who’s going to care about if you emailed that invoice or not?

    Here endeth the lesson. Hell what do I know?

  3. Perhaps you are looking in the wrong area.

    **There are plenty of boys in the Northern sections, and some of them have quite good connections.** (But I think the lovely MNC is already taken)

    Embrace your sexuality! True love is a myth but you can probably find a bearable approximation if only you are honest with yourself. Do try!

    All the best,

    • Forgive me if I’m mistaken, but it sounds as if you are telling me to ahem “Go Gay”.

      Whilst I have no issue with people who are gay, I am myself very much a red-blooded, heterosexual man, or CIS gender male if you prefer.

      Thank you for your input though Lady C.

      May I ask if you are per chance an unattached, late 20s/early 30s female, with refined taste?? 😉

      Steer clear of that B&WC though won’t you. He’s a wrong’un.
      You don’t know where his tongue’s been, but if you’re a regular reader of this site, you can probably make a good guess.

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