Akon’s Wankonda Paradise

A what the fuck is wrong with you, cunting for some degenerate, virtue signalling, rap star, cunt named, Akon.

First things first; any one named celebretard is a cunt. Madonna, cunt. Bono, cunt.
Beyonce, cunt. Sting, cunt. Cher, cunt. The recently cunted Banksy, cunt. Sadly, the list is endless. And sadder still is the edition of this stupid cunt known as Akon.

Aliaune Damala Badara Akon Thiam is a Senegalese/Africunt/Americunt who wants to build…wait for it…WAKONDA!

You cannot make this shit up!

Since 2018 this carpet kissing, jungle bunny has been in talks with the government of Senegal to build a modern African utopia just outside of Dakar. The goal is to make this a tourist destination for Black people from all over the world. Senegalese President, Macky Sall, has reportedly given Akon 3 square miles of land near some fucking airport for the city. Development is said to be well under way, with first phase completion sometime in 2023.

On September 1, Akon laid the utopia’s first stone and claimed new found inspiration in the tragic death of the world’s most famous actor that nobody ever heard of, Chadwick Boseman…THE Black Panther himself. Speaking at the ceremony, Akon said, “As you come from America, or Europe, or anywhere in the diaspora, and you feel like you want to visit Africa, we want Senegal to be your first stop.”

This great urban utopia will be a modern virtue signalling paradise. It will be designed by architect Hussein Bakri to resemble the fictional city of Wakonda. It will be entirely solar powered and will even have it’s own currency. Well not really. There will be no actual currency just a cryptocurrency named after it’s glorious founder…the Akoin.

Upon completion it will house 300,000 people and is expected to bring a financial boom to Senegalese tourism and indeed it’s overall economy. Which will be greatly need as the project is estimated to cost over 6 BILLION dollars.

Wait. What? Six BILLION fucking dollars! For a new utopian city, designed to bring black tourists to a 3rd world shit hole, that ranks 127th out of 150 on the Human Development Index. Are you fucking out of your mind? What the fuck are you thinking?

Six BILLION dollars? As of 2018 Senegal was $14,500,000 in debt that it couldn’t repay and was applying for loan relief from the IMF? Where in the fuck are they getting 6 BILLION dollars to build fucking Wakonda?

Do they have any idea of the real good they could do with that money? For 6 BILLION dollars they could line that famous puddle with mud bricks and run a bamboo pipeline directly to M’Tembe’s fly infested, dung covered hut. He’d never have to walk over there again. For Mohammed’s sake, they could even weave a mesh of palm leaves and filter out the Rhino piss. What the fuck are these cunts thinking?

One other point needs to be made here about this cunt Akon. In April of 2007, he performed a simulated sex act with a 15 year old girl at a concert in Trinidad and Tobago. The act was filmed and uploaded to the internet. It was also shown on local TV…CCN TV 6. The video was condemned by several Fox News personalities and removed from YouTube but reports say it was subsequently restored.

Most virtue signalling celebretatds are stupid cunts. But this degenerate Akon is a special kind of stupid cunt.

Nominated by: General Cuntster (Deceased)

73 thoughts on “Akon’s Wankonda Paradise

  1. I certainly don’t have an issue with black tourists visiting this mong’s resort.
    I just don’t want them to return to the UK.

  2. Here’s what will happen.

    1. Money will be put aside to build a city (14 billion isn’t anywhere near enough, but hey).

    2. The ‘project’ will face endless delays.

    3. Funds will seem to go missing.

    4. They’ll run out of money with it only 10% built.

    5. Looters will come one night and strip what’s left of the place bare.

    6. It will never be spoken of again, unless to blame the honky man for their ‘debt problems to the IMF which caused inability to pay for the city’ (corruption).

    7. The fucker in this article will be long gone, with a newly filled Swiss bank account before the building work stops. He’ll probably blame legging it on being scared of the cops, due to systemic honky man racism or summat.

    • I beg to differ on one point.

      It won’t be Acorn making the cash disappear, it will be corrupt government officials, corrupt tin pot African dictators laundering the stolen cash through the project and corrupt everyone else in Africa.

      Otherwise, I see you being 100% correct.

  3. Fine then Acorn, build your utopia. If finished at all it wont be long before the begging bowel comes out for a ‘Live Aid Wakonda’.

  4. I have been to Senegal and Gambia. Bone poor, corrupt, shitholes. Open sewers. Really technologically advanced. For Africa.

    • Remember El Hadji Diouf, the Senegalese footballer who played for Liverpool and Bolton Wanderers amongst others, and who used to spit at fellow players.

      Well, he could welcome guests to this resort by gobbing at all of them.

  5. This sounds like a scam to me. Dozy Yank libtards will donate millions of dollars to appease their guilty whitey consciences and apologise for slavery. The project will never get off the ground and the libtard money will be swallowed up in “expenses” ………ie Akon’s various off shore bank accounts.
    Good thinking by the cunt…….see a bunch of stupid mugs, take their money off them. All these virtue signalling wankers are just begging to get ripped off.

    • Absolutely. It hasn’t all come out yet, but the corruption involved in South Africa getting and then building stadiums for the World Cup in 2010, is on a level one would expect of Africans, when huge sums of money are around.

  6. Macky Sall is not unknown to our beloved ex-PM. Golden memory here:


    By now Sall could probably pay for the magical city out of the Presidential petty cash. But it is absolutely certain he won’t. The Chinese may, very likely indeed:


    Though IMO it’s a load of old wankanda.

  7. Whilst we might scoff about the likelihood of this city being built, I believe they’ll be great at being plumbers, removal men, builders and secretaries if the PG Tips adverts are anything to go by.

  8. Look at Zimbabwe breadbasket of Africa when Mugabe took over look at it now.

    Africa has been given billions they squandered it this wouldn’t be any different

    • One word, Liberia. Do your own research. 2nd word, Haiti, ditto. 3rd word sub-saharan iq. Ok that was a phrase but it warrants an internet search, use any platform except google. Duckduckgo is decent. Remember kids, BLM!

  9. A place in Africa Dakar that will be turned into a “great urban utopia” where Dispersed Africans from all around the world will want to visit. YEAH RIGHT …Thick Cunt…

    I read some black afro yank women state a real obvious fact yesterday on a yank news site.:-

    Simply put ” Black yanks the ancestors of slavery are the luckiest black folk in the world ” She’s right.. Can’t see em queuing up for a trip back to the dark continent anytime soon!

  10. The fucking news (ITV) tonight had a feature about some umbongo teacher in Uganda, no work because of Chinky flu, selling fruit and veg on the street and in common with the dark types in the UK is a single mother.
    Why are the UK news worrying about fucking Uganda, fucking woke shite!

    This fucking Akron project has money pissed down the corrupt Umbongo types written all over it.

  11. I’m in.
    Have booked extra sessions at “Tantastic”, purchased a fake M/A and other architectural qualifications.
    I have watched loads of episodes of Grand Designs, Desmond’s (1980’s) and San Ackroyd’s “blackface” performance in “Trading Places”.

    I feel that makes me eminently qualified to project manage this.
    Will change my name to M’nignog Umtiti, will show them my portfolio of previous projects:
    Moonbase Alpha
    Hotel on the summit of K2
    Restoration of Atlantis-eon an award for that one, presented by Patrick Duffy👍

    Now, where to purchase authentic African dress?🤔

  12. I hope it’s a massive success.
    The indigenous savages will rape and murder the blek tourists faster than an Afghan peace conference.
    Get it built!
    Then fuck off to it.

    • Can you imagine how many call centres and internet companies will be operating there? Excuse me for the intrusion, j have $20 million dollars and I was wondering if you could give me your bank account details to put it in your account …fuck off …nuke the fuckers


  13. This is great!!👍👍
    The corpses will be stacked 10ft, machete marks on every surface.
    Some cunt will of legged it with the money.
    Wakanda? ..chicos monkey world.

  14. Funny, Oriana in South Africa is successful, low crime community – as it is all white. Unlike the rest of the shit-hole.

    Apropos the dark keys, why the fuck is Ashley Cole back on TV “commentating” (the cunt can’t string two words together. Is it coz he is black? Cancelling my Sky tomorrow as they are still doing that kneeling bollocks.

    • And when poor old Stan Lee kicked the bucket, loads of supposedly “woke” cunts starting calling him “raaaacist” on social media…

    • Now un-moderated.
      A Nelson Mandela size blessing be upon the mods👍

      (No idea what happened there. Probably WordPress’ time of the month or summat- DA)

      • CG take 100 lines:

        I must stop being a racist cunt
        I must stop being a racist cunt
        I must stop bein
        I must stop
        I must s
        I mus
        I m
        Fuck it

    • As mentioned in the distant past I have initiated a charity called spade aid. People with white privilige can send unwanted garden tools to the dark continent so that native people can dig wells and prevent starvation and disease. Unfortunately that involves somd hard work, so there has been little uptake.

  15. I am the UK representative for Wakonda and have been tasked with fundraising…get your money aaaht ya tight cunts.

    • What is the policy on immigration B&WC? Will Wankonda celebs be putting up honkey refugees like Lily Mong and Linekunt after they flee racist blighty for this new utopia?

      • David Lammy is to the Home Secretary of Wakonda…he has told me that no whiteys are allowed in…er except for his Wife. 😁

  16. Just sat down with a brew, saw Country file had ‘one man & his dog’ championships on!
    Loved this used to go sheepdog trials as a kid.
    One shepherd from wales, one from Scotland, one irish, one Engli..
    A fuckin cornershop.
    Never in a million years, rubbed my eyes, checked the contrast and colour on telly,..nope!
    Fuck me, thought these carpet kissers were scared of dogs?

    • You mean the cunts have appropriated British shepherding?
      Expect a massive rise in sheep rustling and a massive decrease in the price of kebabs.

      • Fuckin BBC must of looked far & wide for a non white english shepherd.
        Next years probably a fuckin tranny shepherd.
        Cant enjoy nowt nowadays.
        Only ‘the world at war’ that makes me smile.

      • Hello MNC. Our new Collie is coming along very nicely. Still miss the other one like hell.
        Wonderful dogs, and so much better than yer average ‘uman.

      • Evening Jack.
        I didnt know youd got a new dog!
        Nice one👍
        Border collies are great dogs arent they?
        Smart, hard working, easily better than most people.
        Chuffed for you mate!😊

      • We’ve had her for nearly four months. Me and Ethel are knackered. Hard work, pups.
        Worth it though.

  17. I wonder if this will end up having anything to do with the Belt and Road initiative.


    The section on debt sustainability makes for interesting reading, especially the part about what happens if a debtor country is unable to honour its financial obligations.

    And today’s episode was brought to you by the phrases “Debt trap” and “Acquiring resources by subterfuge”

    Has it ever been mentioned in the MSM??
    Answers on a postcard to:
    0 Ofcourseitfuckinghasn’t Road

    • The chinks are buying up Africa fast!
      Bet the fun fair rollercoaster in Wakanda will be good?
      Chinese steel constructed and operated by africans?
      Swaying in the breeze..😀😀

      • The zoo will be good too, pick out what you want for tea that night and they will have it ready for when you leave.

      • “Hmm, I’ll have the bushmeat and the wife will have malaria.
        Two more piss tainted puddle waters when your ready waiter.”

  18. Let him waste his money.
    He’d only sped £500,000 on a gay ostentatious crap looking watch if he didn’t anyway.

  19. The inspiration for this project may be found in Waugh’s “Black Mischief”.

    Nothing’s changed.

    • Hahaha! The wakandans speak french with a Lancashire accent!😀
      A young Di Abbott there as well.

      • @MNC:

        Keep watching the videos, the PG Tips wedding video from the 70’s-
        The father of the bride, I swear it Kid Creole (sans coconuts😉)


    • Brought a lump to my throat and a tear to my eye, Jack.

      Those were the days, our residents of colour knew how to behave and damn, if they weren’t so much more attractive back then😀

  20. Sounds like a great idea, anywhere that removes this form of creature from any destination that I may visit Is fine by me, I imagine it will resemble some hideous type of Tin town Complete with open sewer systems and gift shops selling machetes and Jenkum,the typical ramshackle dwellings that we are used to seeing in Soweto or Hati as this Style of architecture is about their limit in building skills.

  21. In other news:

    Watching footage on the internet of protests in London today-looks like the police have been heavy handed and killed someone (unconfirmed).
    Anyone know?

  22. In other news:

    Watching footage on the internet of protests in London today-looks like the police have been heavy handed and killed someone (unconfirmed).
    Anyone know?

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