The Planet of the Apes. No, not the film but the fate of the earth.
Overall world population is predicted to decline by the end of the century, but:-

‘Africa is the only world region projected to have strong population growth for the rest of this century. Between 2020 and 2100, Africa’s population is expected to increase from 1.3 billion to 4.3 billion. Projections show these gains will come mostly in sub-Saharan Africa, which is expected to more than triple in population by 2100. ‘

We wont be around to see it but can you imagine a world sunk to the level of Nigeria or any of the African shitholes. They will be living in shit and moving out to overwhelm the borders of civilisation. We see how it has worked out now in areas of the USA, Caribbean, Europe.

God help our descendants.

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52 thoughts on “Overpopulation

  1. I reckon that by the Year 2100 there’ll be a massive decrease in population…..war.plague.famine or even some non-made made event will safely see to that.
    I’m one of those “cranks’ who thinks that this Age of Mankind is nearly at an end…and,tbh, it’s probably pretty much what we deserve.

    • I wondered why the Department of Apocalypse Studies at Fiddler University was so well funded.

      • Morning,Mike….you’re right,it is well funded…I like to sit at the back of lectures and giggle and shout “Good,serves you right” as the “woke” students realise that The End Is Nigh.

        I’m still waiting on a reply from you to my kind offer of a place at my very own series of lectures entitled ” Repent Sinners afore yo must face the Wrath of The Almighty”…..I did receive one e-mail from your account but assume that you must have been hacked by a drunken,psychopathic Tourette’s sufferer….you’ll never get into the Kingdom of Heaven using language like that.

        PS….have been enjoying your articles over at Mikesplace.

      • “Drunken, psychopathic, Tourette’s Sufferer” – I’m putting that on my CV.

      • A badge I wear with pride!

        Their ain’t going to be 4 billion khuns as they’ll have nothing to eat. Besides, I suspect China has plans that don’t need them

    • I tend to agree, Dick. It’s nature’s way. The earth’s crust can hold just a finite amount of water and nourishment for a balance of population.

      Man has fucked around with the water we drink and the food we produce to ensure there is enough to go around. The tipping point has passed. We will inevitably see new pandemics as time goes on, each being more voracious for human life.

      The likes of little Greta, sadly, fail to see this. Instead concentrating on protesting for impossible ideals.

      Sorry, but we are doomed. Do you hear thee? Doomed.

      • It does seem inevitable to me,Paul….we cannot continue as we are.
        We have fucked it up.

      • No totally disagree, UK population is 67m or 1% of the World total, Land mass is 244,000 sq km or 1/600th of the total landmass of the Earth, therefore average population is circa 10 million for an area like the UK, accepted a lot of land is either Desert, Mountains or Ice bound but that in total still implies vast areas of under population, Malthas was wrong, and its still wrong today, we have more food than we need. Most over population is in East and South Asia. Africa with 2bn is still less populated than the UK it is 160 times larger in size with only the Nile Delta and S Nigeria heavily populated most of it is empty. I lived there as a kid and can vouch for the miles of nothing. Bigger problem in late 21st Century is population shrinking unless we have lots of robots to do jobs for us.

    • If you think the human race will go down quietly though, it’s sadly will be the end most other life.

  2. When Africa spills out into the World, its predicted by the year 2100 there will be over 3.2 billion white woman with a absent fathers.

  3. Too many people in the world?…..not my problem. Too many people in my country? ………now it’s my fucking problem!
    The 2 problems are clearly related but I can think of an obvious answer to the latter problem. But we all know nobody has the balls for it. No fucking way.

  4. Too many ragheads breeding like rats too, unkle Terry oven for those fuckers, save the human

  5. Don’t worry CC, white people will be extinct in 100 years, there’s a lot of hybrids about now, as it’s only ever WHITE children you see on billboards encouraging abortions!

    Sing along now!

    🎵 Take a pinch of white man, wrap him up in black skin, add a dash of blue blood, and little bitty bit of red Indian boy🎵

    I fucking weep for the future!, utter cunts!

  6. I’ve recently been watching the Nazi Hunters program on the Yesterday channel with the associated horror stories. But all I think now is “it will happen again”. Really?? Well, you only have to look at China or, back a bit, Bosnia.

    You only have to go shopping in Asda to realise that there are people who have deliberately turned themselves into burdens on the world’s resources. And I’m only talking about the fat white trash here.

    The western world is very liberal, but some day the penny will drop that we can’t perpetually support an increasing world population and Malthus will be proven right.

    • The penny will never drop with the libtards. When the peacefuls are cutting their knackers off they will be screaming “I work for the BBC, i’ve always been on your side……i’m not gay!……not that there’s anything wrong with being gay…..some of my best friends are…….aaaaaaargh!!”
      Our best bet is Big Don pressing the button or that fucking asteroid the nerds are always jabbering about finally turns up.

  7. 4.3 billion?! Surely there’s not enough KFC’s to feed all of them enough to grow their population by that astonishing amount?
    Let’s hope the Africans have to resort to returning to their roots and eating each other. That’d sort out their burgeoning population within a couple of years. Then, perhaps India and China could be persuaded to turn to cannibalism too…we could be back down to 2 billion total by the end of the century.

  8. The amount of people I have this discussion with who tell me that all we need to do is recycle and not use the car so much and everything will be alright…
    they will not accept that Population is the root of all our problems.. If we didn’t have such a massive population problem then we could all drive big cars and say fuck off to recycling.
    Greta and her band of idiots are looking at it from the wrong angle. We can recycle as much as she wants , the more we breed the bigger the problem gets , she can’t get it into her mongoloid head that it’s a human cull that is urgently needed weather it’s through war famine or disease .
    Now repent and atone for your sins.

  9. What the planet needs is a cull. Perhaps a virus that kills off surplus, indolent cunts….

    • Indeed RTC…especially since AIDS was such a disappointment; I’d thought it’d decimate people of a stabby persuasion, druggies and dirty bastards with no sexual moral integrity but it’s just fizzled out entirely.

      • Covid-19 is a trailblazer, killing off old cunts, obese cunts, BAME cunts…

      • Probably. 🤣

        Btw, I’ll hear nothing against the Gays – at least they’re doing their bit by not reproducing. As am I.

      • I’m all for that Ruff Tuff. I can see you are a later day Prophet 👍👍👍

  10. Bill Gates wants us all to have a Covid-19 vaccine which will make us infertile – Bill will save the planet, allegedly.

  11. Mass migration and subsequent civil unrest and the rise of dictatorships in what remains of western civilization will help cure the problem.
    Or possibly a full dose of The Yellow Peril.
    If only my oven could be around to help..
    Fuck off.

    • TT Unkle Terry@ – Perhaps you could bequeath the oven to a grateful nation, along with a Sepia photograph showing Sir Terry OBE shovelling fuckers into it to go on the base of your statue! 😄👍

  12. I think we’re doomed, at least the populace of this country. We’re breeding a generation of useless, entitled, want everything yesterday cunts who can’t and won’t take responsibility for their health or anything as it’s always someone elses fault. The generations that ‘got on with it’ are dying out. I see it almost every day. Call 999 as they’ve cut their finger or have a headache while the 79 year old has a NOF and has dragged themself into the front room to call us and apologise for wasting our time when we arrive, usually a lot later than we should due to the aforementioned bullshit. Normalising being a fat cunt rather than helping them lose weight. The ‘Me Me’ society will be the end of things as we know it. Not in my or my grandchildrens lifetime, but, I firmly believe it’ll happen.

    • And the CONSTANT drip feeding of woke shite, destroying stuff that people have held dear for years, Dr Who etc, BLM shite and other bollocks, calling people who normally couldn’t give a fuck either way, racist and challenging their beliefs and demonizing them is not going to end pretty, either. You can poke and prod the friendliest dog as much as you like, but push it too much and it’ll bite you on the arse eventually.

  13. Overpopulation – the biggest fucking elephant in the room, which the likes of St Greta just can’t see for all the woke bullshit.

    No point in trying to save the planet by getting on your bike, or not flying overseas, if another 3 billion Africunts are going to end up over here demanding housing, schools, free healthcare and a massive road network to cope with it all!

    But wokes won’t talk about population because it is inherently racist. Instead everyone else must make huge sacrifices to make sure our world is carbon free, pollution free and plastics free and blah blah

    And yet these same clowns seem to think think inviting a few million cunts to our country will be good for the economy and show the world how nicey-nicey we are. Which is all very well until the Green Belt takes yet another pounding to accommodate them all; and then Greta and the XR nutters whinge about rising CO2 levels and tarmac covering our green and pleasant land. And we should all make more sacrifices!

    Fuck her and fuck the planet. This will be the Woke Generation’s problem in the next couple of decades. No doubt they will do what they always do and blame the Boomers and the Gen Xs – but they won’t themselves make any permanent sacrifices because that might upset their lifestyle.

  14. You never know when a big fat asteroid may just smash into earth, with a monty python squelch as it obliterates everyone beneath it.

    Or the Sun just ovens us for no particular rhyme or reason.

    There’s so many good potential endings.

  15. We still have the ads on TV and media, Water Aid, Feed the world, images of poor kids starving in Africa…. African governments living in luxury while their populations live in shit, well if they continue breeding like rabbits it will get worse.
    The answer is, Stop Fucking breeding so many kids, perhaps steri-aid rather than water aid would be more useful

    Something will happen in the next 50 years, either a major conflict or natural disaster, we are long overdue for a massive volcanic eruption.

    • I fucking love those TV ads, fucking hilarious! They always seem to put them on at mealtimes which really cranks up the laughter factor when I’m tucking into a huge plateful of Pie, Mash, Peas and Gravy followed by another huge helping of Apple Pie and Custard. It really helps me to appreciate just how lucky I am and not being African like those cunts on telly!

  16. Here’s a scary fact. Since the first comment was posted on this about 3 hours ago the world population has increased by approx 27,000. That works out at about 1.6 million per week. So 3 cities the size of, say Sheffield, per week. Now you can dress that fact up in as much woke bullshit as you like but the bottom line is it’s totally unsustainable. The chinkona virus has killed about half a million people which is really just a piss in the ocean. We need somebody to cook up a decent virus that is going to kill hundreds of millions of and we need it pretty fucking soon.

  17. Labour and the libdums/Greens have the answer if only we’d all listen.
    Just give our NHS and all our public services more resources, say triple what they receive now and problem solved.
    Oh and help everyone who wants to come here far more than we do today because as everyone knows by now, diversity is our strength.

  18. What we need is a virus. One that kills a load of fucking non whites. Not this useless covid crap, but something a whole lot more effective and selective. Perhaps we could develop a new strain that attacks the bollocks of Dark Keys and Carpet Pilots and renders them sterile before festering.
    I would quite like to live in an English speaking white world of about 200 million people, no Gypo’s or Libmongs mind you.

  19. I never wanted children, and fortunately the only woman I’ve been with who wanted them was incapable of having them. Thank fuck for that, having to have a lifelong connection to that lying poisonous hag would have been the end of me.
    Overpopulation is the most obvious cause of so many problems, and will lead without a shadow of a doubt to the extinction of humanity, or our civilisation at least, yet if it is mentioned, people freak out like it’s some forth reich shit for even considering the obvious. Far easier to blame a carrier bag for the world’s problems than a woman somewhere having nine kids. With a relative.

  20. Actually maybe what we need is a virus that turns us all into shirt lifters. Problem solved! So come on chaps let’s all go and bugger-thy-neighbour. After all it’s the responsible thing to do, you know it makes sense.

  21. Fertility is reducing in the West among white folk, cause unknown. So let’s find out why and ensure it spreads throughout Africa, otherwise there’ll be mass starvation and worse, mass emigration, before too long.
    But in other good news, the eat-anything-Chinese have designs for Soylent Green factories all along their “Bert & Road” expansion plans!

  22. ‘In the year 2525’. Great one hit wonder that. Released in 1969. The year Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. I suppose soon we will land on Mars. I wonder will we have reached Venus in the year 2525?

  23. BLM should stop their whining. In a few decades, the world will be about 80% black, due to mass breeding in Africa.

    I wonder who’ll they’ll blame for any crimes then, if the UK becomes 100% BAME? Be they crimes committed by the cops or the communidee. Probably be the honky man’s fault from beyond the grave, no doubt.

    It’s actually white people who are having their lands given away and their breeding rates decimated. Probably deserved. No good deed goes unpunished etc.

    I’m glad I probably won’t be around to see our extinction.

  24. Western population has been falling slowly, African continent population has been growing quickly – but apparently all African etc kids die from starvation and poisoned water so how come the constant expansion? (Seems fishy to me).
    A policy of sterilisation after one child is the unpleasant but necessary thing to do – every other animal which overpopulates has the excess killed by predators or disease, not Humankind – we are so clever we can cure most things, live and cultivate in areas we just should not be in and we are sticking two fingers up to nature.
    For now – until we eventually get the Charlton Heston speech from the last scenes of the original (and by a long way the best) Planet of the Apes.
    Our selfishness, stupidity, hubris and greed have destroyed the most beautiful, incredible oasis in all the cold dead blackness of space and time – and if we do leave any legacy it will be a dead burning planet for future generations of space travellers to mourn over.
    We fucked it.

  25. When my grandparents croak i expect my brother to use some of money to take his family to Alaska or the Yukon in Canada or the mountains of New Zealand. I will stick around here and watch the disintergration of civil society, while listening to the theme from Tales of the Unexpected and being stabbed by Somalians.

  26. A few days ago I watched Soylent Green, made in 1973 and set in New York in 2022 where the population is 40,000,000 and everyone eats synthetic food. If you haven’t seen it, it’s well worth a look, especially the part showing how the riot police deal with troublemakers. Should be adopted here.

  27. We asked for covid people breeding like rabbits need for a cull.

    And it affects those who breed most wonder that.

    In the words of Jurassic park nature finds a way

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