Bike riding dog walkers

Since the lockdown, I have noticed a lot of these cunts about. Tearing along the road with a poor mutt on a long leash trying to keep up.

Although I don”t own a dog, I and Mrs C have been  dog-sitting for three weeks every year for some time.

My experience in walking the said beast, is that  it likes to spend a lot sniffing about and generally wandering about at it’s own liesure.

I find it verging on animal cruelty by these “me, me, me” cunts who make their pets run full pelt along with them.

Ride your bikes by all means – but on your fucking own!

I also include joggers running with dogs in this cunting.

PS. My sister saw one of these cunts come off his bike when the dog suddenly stopped for a sniff and wrapped the leash around a tree. Ha! Fucking! Ha!

Nominated by: Cuntalugs 

26 thoughts on “Bike riding dog walkers

  1. I have no gripe with mutts, mans best friend, but those fucking extendable leads want wrapping around the owners neck.

    Apparently east end tough guy, film director, and ex Mr Madonna, Guy Richee has been banned from driving after a cyclist reported him for texting whilst driving.

    3 pikeys however get away with murder after claiming they didn’t know the PC they dragged along behind the vehicle ‘was there’.

    • Yeah LDC, I would definately pay to see those little shits dragged behind somesort of vehical, a dragster perhaps.

      • Rather a space shuttle launching, unkle Terry can save on the gas, and the fuckers would be off the planet too…win win for all

    • Turns out that the jury had to have special protection measures, as the pikey filth’s tribe were intent on intimidating them, and it’s worked, the cunts have got off lightly.
      Human rats.
      Get To Fuck.

      • I thought about what I’d like to say about gypsies, but every thing I came up with would have definitely breached hate speech laws. Terrys receptacle would be too humane.

    • Yes a bike like that is rather inefficient and the short legged mutts seem to be towing it rather than it, them.

      Look at the expressions on the dogs’ fizzogs, joy if I’m not mistaken. Dog bless the cheery creatures.

  2. I used to see a lazy fat cunt let her dog out of the car and then drive along side it drinking her morning coffee. no traffic around as it was up on Salisbury plain but what is the point, just get up a bit earlier you useless fuck. I hate think how many dogs must get hurt because of these selfish look at me cunts!

    • I have seen a few cars doing that. Lazy idle cunts and dangerous for the dogs.

  3. I new of a couple who had a wee dog, they’d lower the poor sod from the third floor of the block of flats onto the grass till it had a shit then hoist the bugger back up! Idle cunts!

    • Lazy animal abusing cunts. Reckon I’d have called the RSPCA if I’d seen that.

      • The police got called. It was one of the coppers that told me the story. Bastards got off with a caution. FFS

  4. See the Pikey cunts have escaped from murder. Cunts, they were nice boys really. If you say otherwise we will burn your house down. Cunts

    • Here’s to hoping they get a nice warm welcome from behind, when they serve time.

      Absolute trash. Illiterate, inbred pug ugly, career criminal scum who should be incinerated immediately along with the rest of the garbage community.

      • The Legend that is Tony Martin had the right solution for these fucking filthy feral cunts

  5. See the Pikey cunts have escaped from murder. Cunts, they were nice boys really. If you say otherwise we will burn your house down. Cunts

  6. Even worse are the cunts who walk three or four dogs at once and take up the whole pavement in doing so. Usually Karens who do it as well. Talk about having no regard for others.

  7. I had a go at a woman the other day for doing this. Hottest fucking day of the year and she’s dragging this little terrier behind her bike. Stupid fucking cunt – and I told her so.

  8. This must be the slackest night ever on Isac.

    Just as well, all the admins are drunk – admin

  9. Pie-key scum has pitched up on the local common, a few hundred yards from my house. We are now in lockdown – lockdown anything you value that these thieving cunts might try and get their hands on.

    The local MP is a hand-wringing pinko tosser and is putting himself forward as chief negotiator. About as much use as a caramel butt plug.

    Human vermin – needs spraying with fertiliser to motivate it to leave and then finish off in Terry’s oven on regulo 8.

    • No Paul. Not fertiliser. 30mm API rounds from an A10 Thunderbolt.

      I think anyone who has ever had any dealings with the do as you likeys would gladly chip in to buy the Police one to use whenever they pitch up somewhere.

      Quick strafing run and the problem is gone.

  10. People walking their dog whilst bicycling is annoying.

    I think the dog should do the bicycling in some sort of dog bicycle whilst the person is attached to a lead alongside the dog instead.

  11. Animal cruelty while these lazy fuckers pose.

    How about I put a lead around their neck – then get in my car & drive off at 30mph draging these cunts along.
    That’s about equivalent to the fuckers cylcling at 15mph & dragging poor Fido behind.

    As for those fucking scrotes that dragged the copper behind them ; what the fuck was the jury thinking ? ? ? This country’s become too bleeding heart mamby pamby soft. Bring back hanging – or at least flogging. In some respects, we could learn a few things about law enforcement from the towel heads.

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