Not My Fault I’m a Fat Cunt

Obesity is No Longer the Responsibility of the Individual

I just read in The Daily Fail that 876,000 people went to a UK hospital last year for being obese, either diagnosed as obese (primary problem) or their obesity was causing problems such as joint problems (obesity was secondary but the cause of the admission.) The figures came from NHS Digital which I checked weren’t misreported in The Fail.

Staggering statistics and makes you want to shout ‘stop eating all the pies’ but nowadays you can’t say obesity is the fault of the individual or that it is down to the individual to lose weight. In fact, this was the conclusion of a study backed by the government as long ago as 2007

There has been a move away from personal responsibility and doctors are arguing that obesity is either a disease or an addiction and certainly not the choice of the individual.

I also found this where a report by ‘top psychologists’ again say obesity is not the fault of the individual and trotted out the old cliché that poor people don’t have access to healthy food!!! Are you really telling me that a carrot isn’t cheaper than a bag of chips and that Lidl don’t sell fruit and veg?

I’ve just learned my local council estimates a revenue loss of 6 million quid this year due to the impact of SARS-Covid-2 but they still have a ‘wellness team’ on their payroll waiting to help you to not be fat. What a complete waste of money and my council tax contributes to that. There’s likely wellness teams up and down the country! Then there’s the cost of legislating for fatties – sin taxes on sugar for example. The Daily Fail article said Boris will be unveiling a plan to combat obesity – no doubt this means yet more money will be found from Rishi’s magic money tree that we’ll have to pay back in taxes. Some figures estimate 15% of the health budget alone could be spent on fatties between now and 2050.

When Katie Hopkins came out in 2015 telling fatties they just ‘need a kick up the arse’ she was denounced as a cruel ‘fat shamer’. I seem to remember Hopkins on the This Morning show saying she would put on a load of weight and then set about losing it thereby demonstrating just how bloody simple it is with a bit of effort. Then came the parade of the weak complaining ‘waaah, you’re horrible, I’m fat ‘coz its genetic.’

The world has gone mad and the politically correct approach is to call someone who is grossly fat as ‘a person living with obesity’, its not their fault, its because they’re deprived or they are victims of the obesity epidemic. There you have it, this is just PC bullshit from liberals. Fatties are victims and the State is responsible.

And on that note I’m off for a long walk with the dogs.

Nominated by: Cuntologist 

60 thoughts on “Not My Fault I’m a Fat Cunt

  1. So its not their fault they waddle past a perfectly good grocery shop selling very healthy food items at low prices, but march instead, into a fast-food joint and big up on the bucket-deals at 3 times the price and 4 times the amount of calories!

  2. Katie did indeed pile on a load of weight and then lost it again to prove her point.
    I remember her on a prog (something like those in front of a live audience things that Nicky Campbell does) confronting a load of fat cunts who trotted it all out. ‘It’s my metabolism, my thyroid, I’m big boned…’. At least a couple were honest, and admitted that they were biffas, but weren’t prepared to stop guzzling.
    For the record, I state my weight as 10 st 13lbs. I love my food and drink but I’m not prepared to stuff my face and end up fat as a result. I’d like to live a lot longer.

    • 5 or 6 years ago I was a right old fat cunt at almost 18st. But over the years, especially the last 12 months I’ve dropped down to a more management 11st 10, with more to come hopefully.

      I still love the odd takeaway, chocolate bar and a few beers – but all in moderation!

      Watching the calories and doing a few more simple exercises like walking and some cardio is all that’s needed.

      not rocket science, just lack of willpower for some

  3. Why is that airlines charge you a fucking fortune for going 1 kilo over your baggage allowance whereas these salad dodging cunts don’t have to pay a penny extra? Doesn’t make sense to me.

    • I agree, it’s a joke, if weight is so important for airlines why the fuck should someone weighing in at 8 stone pay the same as an 18 stone lard bucket!

    • Now Ive never thought of that Cupid. Fat fuckers should be paying more! ( but not ladies with great big tits )

    • Tongan airlines tried that but most of the clientele were already “double fares”

    • I think they should distribute the fatties around the plane to give it better balance, imagine the fuel cost and drag if they are sitting at the back of the plane.

  4. Never mind. Research suggests that fat cunts are twice as likely to die with Covid than fit cunts.

    Every cloud…

  5. I like a larger lady (unless they’ve got small tits in which case they can fuck right off), but am in full agreement with this nomination and comments. I am on the bigger end of the spectrum but keep it in check by eating sensibly and doing some fucking exercise.
    When the fuckers claim to be addicted to food (no such thing apart from the tiny minority of genuine mental disorders) it’s always chips, crisps, chocolate etc, never carrots or peas.
    Still, big knockers eh?

  6. Fat cunt’s, its definitely their fault that they give us enough ammunition to mercilessly take the piss out of them.
    I was outside Sainsbury’s a couple of weeks ago when I spotted two fat cunts on pavement spazmobiles. They each had a large packet of that thinly sliced ham, they ripped the packets open and sat there and pigged the whole packet. Their fat fucking jowls resembled a couple of rubber cement mixers with bits of ham flying off in all directions. If ever I had wished some cunt to suddenly drop dead from a heart attack it would have been this useless pair of fat fucks, right there, right then so that I could laugh even more at the fat bastards!

    • You sir, have planted an indelible image into my brain, I will never eat processed meat products again.
      For that, I thank you😂.

      Obesity is a problem that needs tackling-when I was at school we had 3x 3 hour Pe (footy, rugby, orienteering, athletics etc) and 2x gym sessions (medicine ball, general fitness).
      I hear that pe is optional now and many opt out-we have created this culture of laziness and are now reaping what we have sown.
      Throw away the video games, rescue a dog and get out into the woods, fields and hills-obviously not at Fidler towers, as he gives free swimming lessons-to the bottom of his well😳

  7. I don’t understand how they live with the misery of the health problems. When I (12st on the nose, 5’9″ and fit as fuck) give my 8 year old a piggyback up the stairs at bedtime, my knees must be supporting 17 stone and they’re feeling creaky as fuck by the tine I’ve tipped him onto his bed.
    But these pathetic slobs are carrying that around (and some of them alot more besides) all day long, the vile slugs.
    I am glad they are miserable and their self-loathing should not be indulged with our tax money.
    This lardy fucker crashing a moped is quite wince-inducingly amusing:

  8. I take great delight making the fat cunts walk out to the Big Yellow Taxi if pssible. The majority of our stretchers are bariatric capable, now. I eat shite, sometimes, but, I’m active and don’t sit on my fat, flabby arse watching daytime TV stuffing my fat, jowly grid with snacks all day. We get more and more back-up requests and asking for fire brigade help to get these fat fuckers out than anything else. It’s not fucking normal to have an arse with cheeks in different postcodes, a belly like a fucking bean bag and a face like a cushion so stop saying it is. Boils my fucking piss to see a whole family of the fat fuckers waddling down the street. It should be child abuse. I’m genuinely sorry for the ones that CAN’T help it, there are some, but not the fat slag on the council estate with a pie-eating problem. Take some fucking responsibility for your own health and stop passing the buck. It is NOT normal.

  9. I am a fat cunt, two stone I’ve put on. Been drinking six litres a day since March, due to being bored like never before. Retirement is coming up in nine months so this fat cunt wont be around for much longer. Never had kids, done something right. HEIL.

  10. Good nomination and timely.

    One of the saddest days for me was when we overtook Germany to become the fattest nation in Europe. We aren’t able to lampoon the Yanks or the Krauts as chubbies any more as we’re as bad. The British diet is now more appalling than ever. Burgers, buckets of chicken corpses, sausage rolls bleeding grease, huge pillowcase-sized bags of crisps, copious chocolate bars and cake, dog-flavoured kebabs with ‘special’ chilli sauce, endless chips, deliverpoo pizzas, cans of fizzy-coloured carbonated piss, processed pork, rib pork, pulled pork, deep-fried heart-attack pork, and ice-cream by the lorry load.

    Our country is fat. Not chubby or podgy but proper, no apologising, sweating, stinking, what-are-you-looking-at Fat.

      • That they will, Techno. Although Johnson could cut back on the Eton Mess before preaching about obesity, the fat bastard.

    • I’d bet that, apart from some boozing, most of us here on ISAC are at least reasonably healthy?
      At least healthy enough to be rightfully judgemental on the hordes of council house-types who shop at Iceland and think of Gemma Collins as a role model.
      Also, people justifiably slag off Lenny Henry, but credit where it’s due: he had to have shagged Dawn French at least a few times when she was 30 stone…that’s one brave man.


  11. I ate a microwave hotdog, dime bar and bottle of lucozade whilst reading this nomination. Naughty me! 😀

    I was a skinny thing when I was a child (bicycling, rough and tumbles etc). Then my weight went up during puberty.
    Then down in my twenties. I was obsessed with exercise then.
    Nowadays I’m comfortable as I am being sort of halfway in between.

  12. Proud to report:

    Never eaten a Greggs product.

    Don’t patronise any fast food establishments.

    Keep a lid on alcohol consumption.

    I recommend the F plan diet: in my early 20’s had a few relationships wit proper high maintenance bitches-eating out 3-5 times a week, yet the the amount of Fucking going on meant my weight was not only maintained, i was a racing snake.
    The F plan-taken 2 times a day, job done👍

  13. Send them to Eithiopia, not many fat cunts there, my late mother had an under active thyroid and I can assure these slugs that you wouldn’t have the energy to get out of bed let alone eat, people who claim that they have thyroid problems when they haven’t are worst than cunts pretending to have cancer in my view! Utter cunts!

  14. I like watching the fat cunts shuffle about looking for the nearest chippy or mobility scooter.
    I’d like it even more if I could watch them being fed into an industrial mincer.
    Feed the world!
    Fat wankers.

  15. I read somewhere that the biggest crisis to be facing the NHS in the short term will be Holby City!!

    Sorry, Obesity.

    • Nowt wrong with a good appetite!
      I often buy chips for fat kids to encourage them.
      Get the really fat ones a jumbo sausage too.
      I find them jolly, and when I get the job of moving them I add the price of a chippy to my fee.
      Circle of life that is.

    • Creedence, you are Milton Jones, and I claim my KFC bargain bucket with chips and gravy. 😀

  16. You skinny cunts can fuck off. While I am the first to admit I am a fat fucker I will also say I eat the wrong food at the wrong time and lack of exercise into the mix. It’s simple. While I agree there are plenty about that do live on fast foods and booze in between snacking that is etc and are huge. Not all of us permanently stuff burgers down our gobs 24/7. Take a look on yootoob at some of the food challenge people on there….especially the women. There is fuck all of them yet they ram down massive steaks and 5lb hot dogs or burgers etc how can this be the case. Simple genetics, some find it easy to lose weight some don’t, like the fear bug some it kills, some get over it.

    Incidentally take a look at what is classed as obese. I think a lot of you will be moving over to the fat cunt bracket like the rest of us so fuck off.

  17. Let’s be honest this, obesity, being terminally stupid/idle, issssslamic boom boom, grooming, proliferation of drugs, drop in standards across society, police assaults, paramedic assaults….. I could go on, are all the product of Liberalism that has been foisted upon us since the early 70’s and which pretty much every government has promoted, save perhaps for Maggie.

    I now hear Paul Bassu, that Churchillian Deputy Commander of the Met wants to put a stop to calling Islamic Terrosrism, Islamic Terrorism.

    Yep that’s right. He does.

    This is the man that every time an Islamic Terrorist stabs or blows up some innocent he gets himself plastered all over the TV to tell us the greatest threat we face is from the ‘far right’.

    Just fuck off. Anyway back to fatties.

    People are fat because they eat too much and exercise too little.

    The true enemies of these people are the very people that promote this shite.

    Much as in the same way the real racists in our society are the likes of Lammy, Hirsch, Flabbot, Jones et al who see everything through the prism of skin colour.

    We live in a perverse world where despite what we’ve been told and what has been legislated, namely to judge some by the colour of their skin is the very definition of racism these cunts do exactly that and get away with it.

    Fatties have become fat because they are the ‘victims’ of the very same people.

    They’ve become weaponised by the ‘left’ in an attempt to cover their tracks but also and in my opinion the more sinister element to this ‘appeasement’ is it’s part of a longer term strategy to control speech.

    I know that may come over a bit Orwellian but I can’t see any other rationale.

    How many times have we seem leftist cunt on the telly box telling us that to eat healthily costs a lot of money and these people can’t afford it…….

    How the fuck do these privileged cunts know what these people can or can’t afford.

    It occurs to me they maybe making value judgments based on their life experiences.

    Of course the dole doesn’t cover quinoa and caviar but it’s beyond repugnant that Ferrari driving, second home owning so called journalists like Polly fucking Toynbee are given the airtime to spew their ironic bile upon the rest of us.

    Fatties, as Blur sang back in the early 90’s ‘you want to cut down on your pork life mate, get some exercise’

  18. I am down to 14 stone from 15 (too many restaurant meals with my ex and not enough walks!), I need rid of another stone to be right. Got no problem with the morbidly obese but unless there is an underlying medical people are huge bloaters because they are lazy, greedy and have no self control – it’s NOT “medical” and why pretend it is to avoid your embarrassment?
    I am not a huge fan of Billy Connolly but resonate with something he said about dieting “I have the best diet advice ever, and it works, every time – eat less – do more”. Or put McDonalds, KFC’s etc at the end of a Mile long road only accessible by foot (and not f*cking Segway!).
    Amen to that.

  19. I fucking hate fat cunts. Teenage girls with crop tops and a fuck off belly hanging out. How do they look in ithe mirror and think ‘that’ll do’. Lazy, greedy fat fucking pigs. Fat fucks pilling their plates high at the buffet or all you can eat Chinese. Wobbling towards the sweet trolley for a ‘cheeky’ cake then saying I ‘hardly eat much’. I fucking hate them cunts. Fatty fatty bum bum bastards.

  20. I wonder what Boris’ Obesity Plan will entail? I predict

    – More sin taxes on certain food and drink.
    – An advertising campaign or two to get fit.
    – Financial incentives to lose weight.
    – Healthy Eating to be taught in schools.
    – Gym voucher giveaways.
    – More Wellness (euphemism for fatness) drop in centres in every county

    I expect at least 5 billion to be spunked up the wall in any case.

    • – Half price meals out at Nando’s, Burger King, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s….

  21. Well I love eating and drinking. Lots of drinking. So I make sure I burn calories. If I stopped working out I’d get big fast, and that is not fucking happening.
    Not many middle aged guys can see the muscles in their guts – I’m bloody pleased I can.
    Being large enough to anally absorb anything you sit on is obscene. I actually quit being a first aider in work because I could see a future involving me trying not to lose my hands during chest compressions or heaven forbid having to put my hand in one of their mouths to stop them swallowing their tongue because they think they’ve found a spare sausage between their teeth.
    It’s also distinctly unsanitary. Ass cheeks the size of jcb wheels tend to create a bottleneck when squeezed together on a standard toilet seat. The pressure required to push faeces based on oil and fat between them results in what can only be compared to leaving the lid off a food processor, rendering toilets utterly unusable for everyone else. So now I can’t shit in work either.
    Fucking hell, absolutely foul.
    Then there’s the problem of them sweating oil in a desperate attempt to expunge waste. Everything they touch is left glistening. You think that’s sweat on their forehead? I think not, you need to drink water in order to sweat. Ten litres of coke just doesn’t do it. Anyway, most of them have kidneys like raisins thanks to no clean water and enough salt to keep the antarctic liquid.
    I’m always amused by the walk that involves their entire body rotating around the hip joint of the stationary leg. It’s as if they are fighting their own gravity. Hilarious.
    The only thing I don’t understand is how anyone can afford to get that big. Thirty stone of absorbed fat represents a massive financial investment.
    And don’t forget that with each meal your stomach deals with, you can only absorb so much of each nutrient because of the concentration gradient. This means that to get that big you have to force every last gram in there despite the laws of physics themselves doing their level best to determine otherwise.
    Being massive is just atrociously selfish and gross in every way you can imagine. And how the fuck are you supposed to stay two metres away from someone who is two metres wide on a pavement that’s only one metre wide to begin with.
    Fucking cunts.

  22. Before the lockdown I was big,. but now I am fucking immense. Luckily i have the legs of a Number 8. If you see me walking down the road, dont try to run me over. Only Sir Fiddler in his most formidable gas-turbine-powered John Deere Panzer/Juggernaut has a chance of knocking me out of the way.

    As for fat-shaming, i dont care about your hurt feelings. If you want to be fat , dont expect people to ‘love you for the way you are’. You’re a fat git and a slob. I’m large but at least I have the neck, arms and legs for it.

    Put the work in and get some fucking muscle under there and on your arms, then you might get a bit more respect, and be able to walk up a hill..

  23. Fun fact:

    It is no longer accurate to say “fat as a pig” anymore, as due to more outdoor reared pork the average pig in this country now has less fat than the average human.

    So the next time you want to insult a land whale, no references to our porcine friends, please.

  24. anyone who quotes the bbc as a reference point really has to do their homework properly or get a b minus – go sit in the corner

  25. Let us all go out on a Thursday evening and clap the NHS. Stay at home and protect the NHS. Fucking horseshit. If you want to protect the NHS get some exercise and eat a half sensible diet. We don`t all have to be super fit , just move around a bit more and cut down on eating crap. NHS is for when you become ill, not for when you make yourself ill. I have always kept fit and followed a pretty good diet but was diagnosed with MS about five years ago. Keep the cunt under control with good diet and exercise. I have received excellent care from the NHS throughout. Pisses me off me to see people take their health and the health service for granted. Folk with genuine health problems have to wait for care because the country is full of self inflicted diabetic fatties. Twenty minutes exercise, 3 times a week. Put down the smart phone and start being smarter, its fucking simple! Fat selfish cunts.

    • Fucking fat auxiliary nurse tripped near my bed in hospital and ripped my catheter straight out of my bladder – inflated bulb an’ all.
      “You clumsy , fat fuck” was my first remark.
      I called the ward-sister and requested that un-qualified nursing staff were not to be allowed near my location under any circumstances – otherwise legal-action will be brought for the catheter incident.

      Fat cunts are dangerous – period.

  26. I used to work with a fat cunt in my office that was 36 Stone. His back, knees and hips were all fucked. He was on enough pain killers that could knock out an elephant and he used to say all his ailments were due to playing basket ball when he was eighteen. What a diluginal cunt. Bet he ate the ball as well.

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