John Bercow [13]

Bercow is a hypocritical cunt.

Having finally left the commons, I actually thought this nasty, deranged, dwarf of a cuck would slither off into obscurity. No such fucking luck. He’s come out in defence of Julian Lewis, the so called Conservative MP, who plotted against another Conservative with Labour and the SNP to steal the Chairmanship of the commons intelligence and security committee from Chris Grayling, the government’s preferred choice. Now, granted, Grayling wouldn’t be my first choice for anything, but to actually plot with opposition MPs to get a Chairmanship, purely for your own advancement, you’ve got to be a cunt.

Well, the government responded to what I consider an act of treachery against one of his fellow party members, by withdrawing the whip from Lewis. Now Bercow has responded to this by calling the government “spiteful and malicious”. Excuse me? What the fuck did you just say, you nasty little dwarf? YOU, of ALL people, with a reputation for being an arrogant, entitled, bullying twat. YOU, who spent 3.5 years actively trying to erase the democratically expressed will of the British people, are going to use the words “spiteful” and “malicious” against others? Fuck off.

You toxic midget. You fucking hypocrite. How dare you call out anyone on their behaviour after what you’ve been accused of? It seems to me that little Bercow, despite his claims that he wasn’t bothered that he’s the first Speaker in centuries not to be automatically granted one, is still hugely butthurt about not getting a peerage. And let’s face it, when you’re dealing with an ego the size of Bercow’s we’re talking nuclear explosion levels of butthurt. Try some Anusol, you fucking hypocritical cunt.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

39 thoughts on “John Bercow [13]

  1. I’m not a violent person in general but this is one person I would happily watch being beaten to death with a lump hammer.

  2. If it’s at all possible to slap down a midget, just keep asking the cunt who his wife is fucking this week.

  3. Chris Grayling is a complete cunt, the man has cost the country over a billion and the government has him as preferred choice? It shows much sense these cunts have. The fucking scumbags are less maggot shite. I detest them.

    • Quite agree. Grayling is a congenital Fuckwit and the idea of him heading a committee with ” Intelligence” in it’s title is laughable…a long dead Joey Deacon would have more to contribute than Grayling.

      • Agreed Sir Fiddler – Grayling is a grade A fuckwit and I would not put this clown in charge of pouring the orange juice at a kids Birthday party.
        Bercow just needs to shut up and fuck off back to Hobbiton in the Shire – with no peerage 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. Anyone who would want to see Chris Grayling chairing the Commons Intelligence and Security Committee needs to have their head examined.

    When it comes to intelligence and security matters, few know their onions better than Julian Lewis.

  5. Why would Boris give this piece of excrement a peerage?………so he can fuck things up from the House of Lords? He’s a dirty little traitor, to both his party and country, a nasty little bully, sex pest and cuckold.
    He’d be better off licking Starmzy’s arse in the hope that the cunt would put him up for past services to remoanerism. It’s hard to believe there could ever be a worse Speaker than this shit eating cunt.

    • Johns only a inch or two taller than warwick Davies.
      This has left him with a deep seated hatred of normal fully developed men.
      That’s why hes no sense of loyalty of feilty,
      Its a common problem with midgets and the reason knife drawers in kitchens are always high up.

      • “Its a common problem with midgets and the reason knife drawers in kitchens are always high up”.
        Excellent MNC – pissed myself at that one!
        Wonder if Little Johnny Poison remembers what his Wife looks like naked (if not there are hundreds of helpful chaps who can remind him! 👍😄).

  6. Ah, the Berk cow, a little man of politics.

    How’s Slack Sally these days, John? Getting plenty, I hope old son.

  7. Bercow has made the long, long journey of a zealot in his case from rabid right winger when he fawned all over Mrs Thatcher to left wing brexit-hater doing everything he could along with other traitors to thwart democracy.

    He won’t get a knighthood from the tories and so his cunning plan is to smarm around Sir Kreme Kracker and get it through the back door which he would no doubt enjoy.

    A horrid little man.

    • Failing a well paid retirement in the House of Lords perhaps little John can get work sitting in peoples gardens with a comedy hat and a fishing rod.
      This “Man” pretty much sums up everything wrong with modern Politics.
      Right, back to loading the bomb bay on the Heinkel – those dinghies in the Channel won’t sink themselves! 👍

  8. Bercow’s real family name is Berkowitz….the same as American serial killer David Berkowitz (Son of Sam), They are also both midgets and share the same look…..

    On balance, I think I’d rather have Son of Sam round for afternoon tea than The Speaker.

    • I would invite his naughty Wife round for tea – after bathing her in bleach of course!

    • Not just Son of sam .
      Id rather have any serial killer to tea than Bercow.
      Say what you like but,
      Shipman had impeccable dining manners,
      Sutcliffe great at chitchat and small talk,
      No uncomfortable silences with Pete!
      And as you know Roal Moat always brought a nice selection of french fancies or fairy cakes.

      • Yer right,MNC…..think I’d prefer a ride on Rose West as Sally Bercow too….less chance of catching something….Fred could watch if he liked but I wouldn’t let anyone watch while I did Sally…I’d be too ashamed of myself.

      • Know what you mean, id easily perform with Rose, with Fred shouting encouragement,
        A done deal, but with Sally a woman who sleeps with midgets and gyppos?
        Well, itd have to be ‘deadmen tell no tales’ wouldnt it?
        Once id emptied my little withered sack, id quickly, (but humanely!) Fetch Sally a mighty blow with a crowbar to the bonce and quickly bury her in the sod.
        The shame or anyone knowing id romanced her would be too much.
        I can live with murder but not people knowing id romanced Sal!😁

      • And Paul gascoigne brought the KFC and six cans of stella, and the fuckers sang fog on the Tyne all night

  9. There’s no right wingers in parliament, there all Marxist or liberal, the last true right winger was Enoch Powell (lived in Rhodesia till 2001 so correct me if I’m wrong), if Bercow had stayed right wing he never would of got anywhere, the sly cunt is getting all left wing now because he’s realised how much shekels he can get his grubby claws on, a truly ghastly individual!

    • Sorry Cap but the Enoch Powel living in Rhodesia was an imposter. Powel died in 1998. You are thinking of Mugabe. Fine fellow and Tory MP for Henley on Thames. Married to Grace Kelly. I think.

      • You’re thinking of Sir Robert Mugabe CC that Uncle Tom fellow who stole my farm, Sally Mugabe wasn’t too bad, if I met grace though I’d kick her in the cunt!, Powell would of made an excellent Rhodie, I’d put him second to Ian Smith, they would of made a great team!

    • There’s nothing recent about Bercow being left wing. He’d been left leaning for at least the last13 years.

      Following the defection of Tory MP Quentin Davies to Labour in June 2007, there were persistent rumours that Bercow was likely to be the next Conservative MP to defect.

      Then he largely got to be speaker in 2009 on the back of Labour votes and was biased toward Labour throughout his tenure as speaker.

  10. Grayling is fucking useless so I have some sympathy for Bercow. After all there will be no panto for him this year.

  11. Fuck Bercow every time he rides his wife hes stiring some gyppos muck the short arsed wee cunt

  12. There aren’t enough words to describe my hatred of this fucking little arrogant self-important twat. If ever there was a cunt born with a such a smug face that warranted unlimited beatings it’s his. I would gladly kick the living shit out of the fucking undersized wanker and then go back for more. A typical little ‘man’ who thinks the world owes him a favour for being a short-arsed runt.

  13. A horrible little cunt with no redeeming features at all. One can only wish that he falls into Sally’s fanny never to return.

  14. Grayling was born a cunt, Bercow grew into a cunt after leaving school and the biggest cunts of all are Boris fucking Johnson and Keir fucking Starmer – I thasnk you ……….

  15. Bercow is a 5 ft tall pustule. The cunt should take the hint and fuck off but he’s too full of it.

  16. I fucking hate this fucking Reese-Mogg kicking cunt with a passion. If he was on fire I would drink five gallon of petrol and then piss all over him. Poison little cunting dwarf.

  17. Excellent summation QDM.

    The little cunt must be hurting, his autobiography has been slated and he’s now realising what a fucking nobody he actually is.
    Yes, the little cunt will have squirrelled away money but fuckpigs like him are desperate to feel important, now he can’t demand respect (he’d never have been capable of earning it) he’ll be completely fucking lost.
    Can’t even turn to his wife for comfort as she’ll be out building bridges with the travelling community.

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