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Beat the drum, light the lights, we have nothing to hit but the heights – or lows of the BBC. Could anything knock Covid19 off the top of the news on Wireless 4 – could anything cause more vocal distress to Justin Webb, Evan Davis and Sarah Montague? – surely that would be impossible. It has occupied their every waking hour for weeks. Oh yes – it could: Welcome to the new BBC Wireless 4 cause of the week – Racism in general and George Floyd in particular. Hours have been spent going on about Trump, tear gas and Bibles. Dame Kweer has been reported favourably as being “surprised” Boris has had nothing to say about George (unlike Dame Kweer he has more pressing worries than what his idiots Lammy and Phillips might say next without thinking, which they never do, and which dick to suck next). This morning they struck rock bottom. Just after the Shipping Forecast (I am still interested even after all these years) comes a programme called Prayer For the Day where for two minutes an Imam, or Sikh, or, if you are talking mainstream religion, a woman will attitudenise for two minutes. This week it is an American woman of colour – a Canon no less (they love American wimmin of colour on Wireless 4, especially pseudo intellctuals like Bonny Greer) and she told us in VERY SERIOUS tones that “racism is a sin”. There was a bit about white privledge as well in there somewhere. Just to show how Wireless 4 is pure, and entirely free of sin, later today at midday they will be broadcasting “Girl, Woman, Other” a daily misery memoir reading for two weeks about – well, American wimmin of colour. If you miss it then it is on again tonight at 2245, so you have a chance to improve your aim then.

I long for the days when the BBC entertained rather than preached – as Dr Johnson might have said “The BBC preaching sir?, The BBC preaching is like a dog walking on its hind legs. It is not done well – one wonders it is done at all”.

The old broad this morning sounded a right old battleaxe. She might have been Les Dawson’s mother-in-law “The wife’s mother came round again last night. After a short struggle we were able to sedate her again”.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

57 thoughts on “The BBC (20)

  1. Stoking the fires for the race war, there will be a rise in Covid figures and instant permanent lockdown.

    Fuck the BBC, it needs to be abolished.

  2. Dominic Cummings and Boris are plotting their revenge. I just hope that it is delivered swiftly and in full.

    • Dont hold your breathe GuzziGuy, what they planning? Not sending them a selection box this year?

  3. If I was a white cunt (er….well I am but……) working for the BBC i’d be shitting myself about my job. I’d have to seriously think about turning gay. Well, pretend to anyway.

      • Hehehe!😁👍
        Thats HATE speech, you’ve just oppressed me!
        Wheres my safe space? Pull all frog statues down,
        Wheres my civil rights lawyer?

    • Self identify as black AND gay – you’d be Director General before you could say “George Floyd!” 😃

      • “Floyd George knew my faather,
        Father knew Floyd George…”
        All together, chaps!

      • That’s just not good enough RTCp, identify as a Black Woman, absolutely untouchable! 😂

  4. Racism is a sin?

    Fortunately, I’m a pagan and I am not sucked in by mainstream religion and their mind control techniques for the hard of thinking.

    The wolf does not lose sleep over the opinions of sheep.

  5. This place is highs and lows and I just guffawed at the last exchange.
    Thumbs up boys (er…)

  6. Speaking of BBC radio why do Five Live employ, as a pundit, the biggest wanker in football, Robbie fucking Savage? I don’t know anyone who doesn’t think he is as thick as a plank. Robbie held on to his driving licence when his brief told the court that he couldn’t travel by public transport because the general public hates him. Well, if the general public hates him (which they do) why is he employed by the fucking BBC?
    Don’t get me started on Linekunt, the phantom shitter. 😡

    • Savage is a bit dim but at least he’s entertaining and doesn’t try to force politics into every one of his shows. 5 Live employ far bigger cunts than him.

  7. I haven’t bothered with the BBC for months now, and neither have I bothered renewing my licence.

    The BBC run around with absolutely no accountability at all because the government just doesn’t seem to give two shits. And Boris won’t come crashing down on them by threatening to take the licence fee away either. He’s got so many other pressing needs that such things will just get kicked down the road like an old tin can.

    I just wonder where all these BBC newsreaders and journos actually live? Would it be Islington per chance? Or about some shanty-town shithole in the unfashionable part of Londonistab, where the rest-of-the-world outcasts live?

    Don’t be surprised if they rename themselves the Black Broadcast Corporation, as we won’t be allowed to say “British” as it has colonial links to racism etc etc etc etc.

  8. Nobody needs the bbc nowadays. Most have internet connections and can read the news and watch videos via their computers, and from a myriad sources.

    Every day the BBC lies about something, or insults the white over-60s who pay the bulk of the licence fee.

    Come on, old cunts; cancel your TV licence and use your TV for streaming and llaying DVDs only. Get your news over internet on you computer or phone, radio or paper.
    You can stay indormed about the spike in Covid amongst the thugs who attacked those statues.

    Defund the arrogant woke fuckers.

  9. Don’t get me going on this, fucking world has gone a bit mad.

    Firstly I see Yorkshite Tea has a new slogan “Black lives matter, don’t buy our tea” Fucking didn’t in the first you stupid cunts. They are apparently reevaluating their ‘brand’ cos I imagine they hire sweat shop style tea pickers….

    Then just now I saw this on the BBC: Gone with the Wind removed from HBO Max –

    Fuck me sideaways with a dildo – what is going on…!

    Maybe the statue of Rocky Balboa will be pulled down next, he beat up 3 black people and a communist…

      • ‘Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Brexit Party?”
        Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Conservative party?”
        Are you now, or have you ever been on the ISAC website?
        ‘Have you ever mentioned the name Tommy Robinson in polite company?’
        ‘Have you ever made goosebury Jam for WI?
        ‘Have you ever sung Jerusalem whole heartedly?’
        ‘Have you ever criticised Lenny Henry?’

    • Expect massive historical revisionism across the board so as to comply with the BLMs!

      The 1st and 2nd world wars were won by dark keys
      The first man to walk on the moon was a dark key
      All the great inventors were dark keys
      Princess Diana was a closet dark key
      A dark key was the first to climb mount everest
      In fact only good news, past and present, should be linked to dark keys.

    • We usually go Sainsburys red label – cracking stuff. Tastes just as good as most of the branded teas out there.

  10. The BBC are now the enemy. And they know they are but just don’t care what we think.

  11. How Boris deals with the BBC and any request to take a knee (it’s coming, no doubt about that!) will decide if he’s elected as PM next time or not.

    I think he’s going to pussy out, but I hope to be proved wrong. He seems to have become a soft twat since he got the bat flu. Actually, not soft. Fucking stupid…but prove me wrong you Honey Monster cunt!

    But yes, the BBC has been a fucking disgrace over the gun to the pregger:s guts cunt.

    • … and yet the Far Right have to sit in silence for fear of being accused of racist and upsetting the status quo with their acts of civil unrest!

  12. The madness continues, after the Biased Broadcasting Corporation withdrew ‘ Little Britain ‘. American tv networks have withdrawn the film, ‘ Gone With The Wind ‘, as the global purge of history gathers apace.
    Frankly my dears, they don’t give a damn.
    Welcome to 1984.
    Get To Fuck.

    • I think 1984 may be in trouble too. I don’t recall any people of colour or peacefuls in it at all (given the farcical performance of the Inner Party, they were probably all there),

  13. Lord Haw Haw was a perfect gentleman compared to this commie rabble.
    Pure propaganda for woke simpletons.
    The first priority of any Conservative leader should be the destruction of this rat’s nest.

  14. Even their classic material is now either cut to pieces or will never be shown again . Stuff like Till Death Us Do Part, Monty Python, Only Fools & Horses, Steptoe & Son, Fawlty Towers. Even the great Dad’s Army is now a target of the SJW fuckflake psychos.

    They have nothing to offer. A bogtrotting tranny cunt, a well passed its sell by date mockney soap, Doctor Who is now a woke propaganda piece that would make Goebbels blush, that Coogan cunt refrying Partridge for the fuckteenth time, Jools fucking Holland, and every other thing is either wimmin, black, peaceful or queer. And the less said about their news and sport coverage (Fanny Lneker and Emily Jimmy Hill with lipstick) the better.

    I now await the Beeb’s demise with relish.

  15. I wish I had been controller of BBC 1 for just one day yesterday:

    “And now at 8 p.m. a change of programme. Instead of episode 2951 of Holby City, as a tribute to George Floyd we are showing in his memory a vintage edition of The Black & White Minstrel Show”

    • Or, in order to represent policing in this country, here’s an hour of Keystone Cops.

    • Why not have some gentle comedy to cheer people up, roots always made me laugh.

  16. If the BBC was ever investigated and properly held to account for the way funding has been misused over the last 40 plus years, you would need to open several “nightingale” prisons to house the guilty.
    However, they will more likely enjoy fat gravy pensions and a visit to Buck house to receive the fruit of an equally corrupt honours system.

  17. The bbc has hit rock bottom, they cling to any old shit if they think it will help the downfall of the government, and halt Brexit.
    One of the news headlines on their website is so desperate I thought it was a pisstake.
    The father of a rapper ( get a real job you scrounging cunt) called wretch 32 has been tasered in Tottenham.
    Why the fuck would they report that ?

  18. I hate the BBC, the money-grubbing cunts.

    They love playing the woke game while dissing the white majority; but demand that everyone pays their 13 pieces of gold for the fucking licence fee!


  19. The BBC need to go round a few white areas outside of the metropolis and ask normal people what they think about a bunch of cunts who want to rip down statues of British heroes.

    The little cunt who tried to burn the Union flag on the cenotaph should have been bound hand and foot, taken to the Thames and thrown in to float away with all the other shit that’s in there.

    • Well you didn’t expect honesty did you?
      It’s that mental disorder again, put ten tons of proof in front of them and they’ll just close their eyes and shake their heads slowly.
      This is the future.

  20. BBC? Shut it down by making it subscription only. Death by natural causes.
    Fuck the BBC.

  21. Brilliant picture to accompany the cunting. I will be plagiarising that statement “is it true or did you hear it on the BBC” Sums up just how much one can trust them these days.

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