Ian Blackford (6)

Found a pic of the accused. Caption: A picture of some piss….on a yellow background – Admin.

Ian ‘Bloater’ Blackford.
Oh dear. What a shame. How sad. It appears that the delicate sensibilities of the rotund SNP arch-Remoaner have been bruised during an encounter in the House of Commons.
‘I’m getting a bit fed up’ whined the Westminster Windbag after being jeered by Tory MPs and labelled ‘self-indulgent’. A BIT fed up did you say ‘Bloater’? Looks like you’ve been getting really fed up to me, you fucking hot air balloon.
As a taxpayer, I’m given to wonder just how much of your exhorbitant expenses claim is given over to keeping you in haggis, pizzas, fish suppers and deep fried Mars Bars. All together now; ‘who ate all the pies? Who ate all the pies? You fat bastard, you fat bastard, you ate all the pies!’.
Do us all a favour, Bloaty McBloatface. Awa’ hame an’ throw shite at yersel’.

Nominated by Ron Knee

54 thoughts on “Ian Blackford (6)

  1. One issue politician from the single issue party. The SNP needs to change its name, if it wanted independence I’d be ok with it, but it actually wants to tear Scotland away from the UK and hand it over to the EU the moment it leaves the UK.

    Blackford’s a total cunt.

    • The Roman legions.
      Edward 1st.
      The SNP.

      The odd one out?

      the SNP- the only ones fucking Scottish people right now.

      I thank you😂

  2. A pretty stupid bigot who jumps onto every bandwagon he can. Does he have any redeeming features at all?

    • Evening Guzzi, what do you make of the play-offs and Pompey’s chances against Oxford.

  3. These Scotch Nationalists always seem to evade justice:-

    – Tranný Sturgeon losing the Scotch referendum.
    – Salmond cleared of all gropey charges.
    – Blackford being strangled by Princess Leia’s chain.

  4. He is a truly loathesome excuse for a man – a man for whom politics was invented, showbusiness for the ugly.

    Whenever you see his photograph you seem automatically to smell the stale piss stains on his trews and his halitosis.

    Only worth keeping for the equally ugly “Lord” Adonis to shag on Hampstead Heath on foggy nights.

  5. Blackford can’t resist saying something. Anything as long as he can make a noise.
    Whenever the bloated windbag is on TV, I reach for the remote control. I’ve heard all his bullshit, which is like a stuck record, too many times already.
    Someone should point out to the fat cunt that he’s ruled over by an unelected megalomaniac who thinks that her party speaks for all Scotland.
    If the SNP thinks Scotland should be separate from the UK, then lead by example. Stay north of the border where you belong, and stop meddling in the big boys games.

  6. I thought a “fish supper” was a euphemism for something rather naughty. Surely the tax payer isn’t funding that?

    • The wife’a a Scot, so I just asked her if it was indeed a euphemism for something else.
      She said she’d show me later…

    • Why should any young person even think of going to university; all they have to do is read the messages on this site to be fully prepared for life.

  7. That photo sums the cunt up. A piss taking arrogant shit head. Nothing else you can say.

  8. A bit of an irrelavent cunt really, who likes to claim money from people he despises, he’s no different to the Fenian cunts over the water, just a shame jock land can’t drift away from the rest of Britain like an immigrant dinghy with a broken outboard motor!, at least Billy Bunter Blackford would not pollute our August parliament again, utter cunt!

  9. The SNP are a shower of shit.

    Here is all you need to know about Ian Blackford.


    Does anybody know the name of the cunt with the ponytail and the check suit? He seems to be Blackford’s sidekick.

    • Chris Law is his name and surprisingly he’s a cunt as well.I should know I used to live in his constituency

      • Someone his age should know the phrase ‘no brown in town’. Every time I saw him in the HoC on telly he was wearing a brown tweed suit.

  10. Well he has certainly done a good job of convincing English voters that Scottish independence would be a good thing.

  11. Afternoon captain…..

    Everything about this tubby cunt makes my eyes swivel, saw him today on PMQs he wasn’t in Parliament but where he belongs 600 odd miles away in Scotland,
    He always looks one haggis away from a heart attack , he asked bojo some particularly inane question and got swatted away like an annoying fly!
    Surly his time would have been better spent tossing the caber or whatever else they do north of the border to pass the time of day …..

    • Thinking up new names for streets and public buildings that wont offend the Dark Keys might be high on the list.

  12. Looks like a gurning simpleton. I know very little about this fat cunt but judging by the picture he’s a grade A CUNT.

  13. First time ive seen the little cunt smile, bet hes smiling about something Im not happy about!
    Statues pulled down,
    BLM, the EU being snidey,
    Can bet your life he wouldnt be smiling at the ISAC christmas party!
    Specially when we kicked the chair out from beneath him!!😁

    • He could be the human piñata as we wallop the shit out of him with a length of 2×4.

  14. You could replace him easily with a whoopie cushion and no cunt would know the difference. Same goes for any Scottish politician. Then again, any politician. But, I particularly despise this fat bastard. I shouldn’t even know his name, so irrelevant he is to the rest of the U.K.

  15. This cunt is also a raging hypocrite. A couple of years back, he developed a habit of waving a yellow card at a particular Tory minister, whose name I’ve forgotten, over his voting record. The Tory minister had actually been unable to attend a number of votes due to him attending appointments for cancer treatment. Blackford knew this, but did it anyway. He only stopped using the yellow card, and shut the fuck up, when it was made public that his own voting record was actually much worse than the minister’s. And Blackhead didn’t even have the excuse of being treated for a potentially fatal disease.

  16. Fat remoaner, snout in the trough fucking Pig. I’d like to kick his bollocks off.

  17. Not fatty Blackford again. What a piece of sweltering, steaming pile of pig shit this fat bloater of a cunt is. It’s not just the bollocks that spews forth from the cunts gob which is equivalent to what I put down the shitter each morning, it’s that smug smirk on his fat face, a real invite for a fuckin good baseball bat.

    • The cunt’s high on my list of ‘top 50 faces you’d like to punch repeatedly’.
      This is my second cunting for the blob. I’m on a mission to get the twat on The Wall.

  18. I’m keeping a particularly fine vintage can of Taurus cider on ice to toast this fat cunts inevitable stroke.
    I hope he doesn’t die however.Better off he gets abused by minimum wage Polaks in a shitty care home.
    Fuck me what a cunt he is.

  19. Apparently he made his money working in the City. Happy enough to mix with the English then.

  20. Blackford is the last person to shout his mouth off – Mr “dodgy deals” is very good at threatening legal action when his background is looked into.

  21. Is Blackford the most hated stupid one trick pony politician on the planet? Possibly not! But I bet it’s a close run thing. Absolute pointless cunt.

  22. Look at the state of that. What sensible lady would nosh on that – answers on a postcard…

  23. Good cunting, a pointless fat cunt who takes his own self worth to being way more than it actually is.

  24. SNP Nazi Remainer
    Why give this cunt any oxygen switch the fat bastard off when he appears on Sky News with the other pie eater Adam Bolton.
    They ate all the pies “those fat bastards” “those fat bastards” “those fat bastards”🥮🥮

  25. It came out, not in any of the usual msm tv, radio, print channels of course, in the middle of the Dom Cummings hoo-ha, that the lockdown caused such severe clipping of his expenses that he took the chance of a quick trip from London to the Isle of Skye. A snip at 72 pence per English mile, plus as much as you can eat, or at least claim for, all free of tax.
    And the same for the trip back.
    And he is so tight that he does not buy clothes to suit his increasing taxpayer funded girth.
    Every hour he has to check in with Wee Nippy to find out what he is going to say in reply to any question, as well as what question he is going to ask in Parliament. To call him cunt is an insult to a wonder of nature.
    No, he is a much used three month old prison fifi. Probably smells the same.

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