Adam Boulton

Adam Boulton..

What an absolute “look at me ” self important clever cunt.
This morning on sky lefty clever cunt self important wasters news, a lefty momentum activist; Ellie Sharp’ ( who just happens to be a primary school teacher also) appeared on aforementioned channel to give her opinion on schools reopening. Basically she said :- “Blah blah commie shit more shit commie shit.”etc..

Now personally I think they should call it the holidays now and have a go at the start of August as I said on the lefty teachers thread a day or so Kids just can’t be trusted and are humongous unhygienic cunts and would spread the kung flu like a raging bush fire. Put the fucking teachers in the fields and have them picking the crops ….

However, Sky failed to mention at first that Ms Sharp ( oh yes I would, very pretty with her eyes open ) was in fact a momentum lefty union activist. They did put this right a couple of hours later.

The reason for cunting Mr Pork Chops Boulton is that the fat pie eating self important legend in his own imagination went onto Twit…ter to say that Sky shouldn’t have done this!!! That they should not have followed broadcasting rules and not succumbed to bullying from people that complained. Probably the Guido Fawkes blog..

Boulton you obviously think that you can preach to us mortals not report news and that your opinion is far more important than the facts..
You are a Cunt.. and that is being generous..

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49 thoughts on “Adam Boulton

  1. He comes across as a bit of a diva. I bet his colleagues despise him. He always seems as though he is tettering on the edge ready to blow. I think it’s always a mistake for newsreaders to think they are anything but newsreaders. “There is the autocue dear just read will you”. We don’t tune in for their opinions or personality we tune in for facts.

  2. I have never heard of this man but he doesn’t look as if he will be annoying people much longer; a heart attack waiting to happen judging by his picture.

  3. Sky is a cunt, but at least you only pay for it if you want it. Boulton is invisible to
    me, I’ve seen him before and he’s not informative or even interesting.

    • He doesnt look like a lefty.
      He is, but because he a fat cunt, certain age, plain looking as fuck, a thats with the ducky tv makeup on!
      I had that makeup on id look fuckin gorgeous!
      Like Olivia Newton John or summat.
      Anyway he looks more like a taxi driver or a plumber, no film star looks and his skin looks like a steak n kidney pudding, all doughy and pitted,
      Suppose what im trying to say is not only am I miles better looking than Adam but im his superior in every way.

      • “One of the greatest Britons” as he never tires of telling us.He’ll be wanting a statue putting up, I hear there are a few plinths vacant…

      • One baby step at a time, one day you’ll bloom like an…erm…butterfly

    • Handbags ladies!
      Should of pushed him over into the traffic below.
      Be a hero.

  4. The cunt was talking about Charles Dickens and introduced him a a “dead white man”. Fat cunt Bolton will be joining him soon

    • Talking about the greatest artists and thinkers in history as ‘dead white men’ is the mark of book burners, philistines and other ignorant basic cunts.

  5. Please excuse the interruption fellow cunters and Admin, but I wonder if you could be of assistance?

    I recently recommended ISAC to a neighbour, but when he tries to access the site he gets the following message:

    This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found.

    Can anyone shed any light on this? I tried looking online for an answer but all I could find was this:

    A bit sinister, methinks? Seems ISAC is being censored in some quarters.

    Any information would be gratefully received.

    We could comment but we can not, keep calm and carry on cunting. (so basically we know but are not telling you)

      • No VPN. He appears to have the same set up as me – regular BT Broadband + Google Search. Have to admit we are both somewhat IT challenged…

        No there is a couple of things in place right now, repetitive log in’s from an Ip are not accepted, I have checked pending and there is nothing there.
        The rules of is a cunt are the same as fight club, no one talks about it, your neighbour may be to close to you (Cuntus Primus) and the site is protecting its self.

      • The comment above from Admin needs elaborating on. We need a culture of openness!

        Chill, Bertie.

      • He hasn’t tried to log in or post a comment or anything. He just wanted to browse the noms /posts, etc.

        Thanks for your replies though, not that I feel any the wiser…

        That is what the contact us link is for, he can contact us and be approved.

      • RTC,
        Just who is this sinister sounding neighbour?
        What are his motives?
        He sounds ominous frankly!
        Spying and snooping about!
        He should surrender his ID so we can background check him, he could be BLM!
        Post his bank details and ill look into it.

      • Maybe blocked by his ISP, may need to flush his DNS, could be his router needs a reboot. He could try a free vpn.

      • He maybe needs to set a different DNS address. (Dynamic Name Server – supplies the data needed to look up the website you’re trying to access.) This can be changed though I don’t know if BT will prevent him from doing so. Don’t think that thought will be treading on Admin’s toes, apologies if it does.

      • I feel that comment referring to cuntus primus might be aimed at me. Not sure why.

    • What browser does he use? Allegedly Chrome users can get that message when trying to use a WordPress site. Can he use Firefox, Edge or Safari?

      • There are a bunch of possible fixes at the bottom of this article:


      • Had this sort orf bother meself. BT BB is a right bugger which just blocks any site that does not meet its criteria. Check that the child protection mode is not on by default and adult content is allowed.

  6. There’d be no ventilator of adequate size to be able to accommodate this fat Coronavirus dodging twat. This cunt’s arrogance is beyond belief.
    He is described as the Editor-at-large of Sky News. “At large” is a fuckin’ understatement.

  7. It was this cunt who gave gammons a bad name. He should have been pictured next to a fried egg.

    • Giving “gammons a bad name” is a bit like saying Lammy is blackening the reputations of cunts.

      In the photo he looks like a Gammon Darth Vader, sans helmet.

      “I find your lack of chips’n’gravy disturbing.”

  8. Isnt is weird how all of these remoaning media cunts have been remoaning for so long they no longer be impartial about anything?

    Gas mark 6, Uncle Terry?

  9. I don’t know who this fat cunt is but I hope a dark key breaks into his house and bums him.

  10. Luckily for reason and ratings we have sky Australia for a bit of sanity. Fuck knows why Sky uk is following bbc and channel4 into oblivion. I thought it was a commercial channel. Brexit, 80 seat majority and black cunts dont matter doesnt matter to the bottom line. I smell Soros.

    • Oh dear, thatll never do!
      Yes something should be done about that!
      Hope someone brings it to BLM attention.
      Also the pyramids as someone else posted, and Liverpool docks should be bulldozed too!
      Sorry trade union scousers its build on the blood of slaves.

      • Owen Jones has already locked himself in the gender-neutral toilets with a pack of tampons and long life soy milk.

      • It won’t be the first time an angry black man has smashed him in the toilet cubicle.

  11. Just a fat chinned Jabba the hut cunt isn’t he, minus a skimpy fit bikini laden princess lea before she she started banging matching powder up her nose…

  12. He’s just like everyone else on msm news. Lefty, who speaks over anyone deemed tory or brexiteer but kisses labour ass.
    Oh, and a fat bad tempered cunt.

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