The Churchill Statue Defacing Coward

He only stopped you from having to speak German you ungrateful cunt

A schh…. cloak and dagger cunting for the ignorant bastard who defaced Churchill’s statue on Saturday:

The masked motherfucker claims that Churchill saved the free world for “colonialism” and not “for people of colour”.

If the stupid filthy ignorant cunt had the courage of convictions he would stop hiding and assist the police in their enquiries, but don’t fold your breath. Hopefully he will get pissed and brag about his “courage” in public.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

150 thoughts on “The Churchill Statue Defacing Coward

  1. The hipster libtards don’t give a fuck about Hitler because all they know is he gassed Jews and that’s ok with them. Perhaps we should tell them what he did to the gays and make them cry? Of course the irony is that the “people of colour” they love so much hate the battymen more than Hitler did.
    Confusing innit bruv? 100% for real fam.

    • Yeah, i’ve got Zulu on DVD. Should be worth a few bob when it goes on the verboten list.

      • I always will remember the BBC showing it when Mandela was made president or somesuch.
        Oh the irony.

  2. I wish Enoch was on a fucking statue. I would be standing guard with a big sign saying “He told you but, you wouldn’t listen “. These cunts would be apoplectic with rage.

  3. And to top it all the local police station is flying the rainbow flag for LBGT month, soon to be joined by the black power fist I expect.

  4. Ant & Dec have apologised for “impersonating people of colour” in their ‘Saturday Night Takeaway’ show. 😂

    Furthermore they have requested that episodes containing these heinous offences be immediately expurgated. 🤣

    • Comedy moment of 1990 was Sir Geoff Hurst sitting right next to Garth Crooks in the World Cup studio saying ‘n1gger in the woodpile.’ It’s on YouTube I believe, but I remember it at the time.

      Not much fuss was made about it. If it had been today, Sir Geoff would’ve been imprisoned.

      In fact, I bet BLM will be asking for his Knighthood to be taken off him for an off-the-cuff remark he made 30 fucking years ago.

      • Ron Atkinson saw his tv punditry career evaporate after making a similar remark.

      • Ron Atkinson called Marcel Desailly “a big lazy black bastard”.
        Marcel Desailly was a big lazy black bastard.

      • As a quick addendum, Marcel Desailly was physically very large, and the last time I was allowed to look he was black. And every time I saw him play I remember thinking “that bone idle bastard needs a rocket up his arse”. Marcel Desailly – real name Odenke Abbey.
        Currently swinging off a memorial and refusing to be repatriated to his native homeland and well known bastion of democracy called Ghana.

  5. I’d love to know the result of a nationwide poll that asked, ‘If you could go back to 1948, would you stop any importation of labour/peoples from nations with non-white majority populations, such as Pakistan, Jamaica and Somalia?’

    I’d think we’d find that most white people have now gone a bit ‘Alf Garnett’.

    • I think that exposure to BBC degenarcy is turning me into the black poof housekeeper.

      • Marigold: ”In thirty years, the only white thing about the England football team will be the shirts!”

        He was a fucking prophet too, it seems!

    • Not me, you won’t be surprised to learn.

      My wife’s parents came here from India in the 1950s. They fully integrated, worked hard throughout their lives and never received a penny in benefits.

      My wife was born in 1968 and loves this country and its history as much as any white cunt including me, and a fuck sight more than the white libtards do.

      • Which is great.

        The problem is that we have so many who aren’t like that. Look at what’s happening now.

        If the government do not get a grip of this situation quickly it could escalate beyond control.

        When that happens, we’ll end up with someone like Nick Griffin as PM.

        And no, I don’t want that either, but that’s where we’re heading unless a stop is put to this nonsense of supporting BLM and Antifa.

      • Sad thing is, for a variety of reasons, the vast majority of BLM supporters in this country are white British.

      • Ruff Tuff-any solid figures on this?
        Like Brexit, Scottish referendum, general election, the majority have been silent.
        Lots of people who have been on the fence for years, have been forced to jump down, remove the splinters from their arses and finally decide where to side.
        I imagine the Antifa mob have driven more people to the right of centre than decades of organisations like NF, BNP, Britain First managed.
        Make no mistake, this is exactly what these cunts want.

      • I never understood the hate towards voluntary repatriation. It’s not like the policy would force ethnics to leave.

      • The Labour party had a voluntary and generously funded voluntary repatriation scheme throughout its tenure!

      • I have often said that being British is a state of mind rather than colour. We are all pissed off with those who wish to come here with no intention to integrate or contribute.

    • He looks Somali, but if he’s Jamaican then I doubt he knows who is fucking dad is.

  6. Shoot the cunt dead.

    Enough of this now, the world clearly isn’t equipped to accommodate these brain-dead Marxists going forward.

    Compulsory IQ tests for every mother to be, and if you score less than a 100, you abort. Whether you consent or not.

    Enough is a fucking ‘nough’.

  7. They hate us. They hate our culture. They hate our History. In Fact, they hate everything in this country.

    Yet still they come

    • They like selling drugs, playing with knives and from now on they will be free to do it without any interference from the police.
      12 months from now it will be
      ‘We need to do something about young black men dying in the street’

      Yes, give them bigger knives!

    • No one would have believed in the last years of the twentieth century
      That human affairs were being watched from the shitstained worlds of the east
      No one could have dreamed that we were being scrutinised
      As someone with a microscope studies creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water
      Few men even considered the possibility of life on other continents
      And yet, across the gulf of the Channel
      Minds immeasurably inferior to ours regarded this country with envious eyes
      And slowly and surely they drew their plans against us.

      With apologies to Richard Burton.

      • Sorry, forgot the atmospheric music . . . …
        🎵 De, de derrr. 🎵

      • I may rename The Black Pig “Thunderchild” Bertie.
        The chances of anything but looting coming from blacks are a Million to one they said..

      • Take a look around you
        At the world we’ve come to know
        Is it really any more
        Than a crazy bat shit show
        We’ve got darkies stabbing children
        Fascists white as snow
        But in the brave new world
        With just a handful of men
        We’ll start all over again
        All over again

        We’ve got fascists in the media
        We’ve got fascists in the schools
        We’ve got fascists in the gov’ment
        Making all the fucking rules
        We’ve got fascists in high office
        Making coppers into fools
        But in a brave new world
        With just a handful of mem
        We’ll start all over again
        All over again

        There are traitors toppling statues
        They throw them in the sea
        There are fascists using spray cans
        To remove our history
        Yet they’re calling US the fascists
        That’s right-I, you and me
        But in the brave new world
        With just a handful of men
        We’ll start all over again
        All over again
        All over again!!!

        3rd time lucky-counting tech😂

    • On the news this morning, Police officer attacked by Apes, but it’s fine because Black Lives Matter
      Hackney, where else.

  8. My literary contribution- Yeats’s poem ‘The Statues’. Too long to quote (not relevant to the Nom) but there’s a line in it sums up the way I feek-

    ‘But thrown upon this filthy modern tide
    And by its formless spawning fury wrecked,
    Climb to our proper dark, that we may trace
    The lineaments of a plummet-measured face’.

    ‘All very aristocratic, snobby but fuck it ‘thrown upon this filthy modern tide’ is how I feel.

  9. Probably been said before, but Churchill was actually fighting, (like the rest of his generation and the next one) to ensure that the population of the UK was not enslaved. And that wet woke cunts expressing opinions mildly in disagreement with the Fuhrer’s, let alone destroying our memorials and civilisation, would not thereafter enjoy the brief experience of inhaling hydrogen cyanide gas in a mass shower facility.

    I am sorry to say that there may have been a flaw in his thinking.

    • I hear that.”History is written by the victors”, later to be destroyed by the same.
      Funny old world.

    • Antifa, sorry “BLM” will need a lot of fascists to remove the pyramids and the Coliseum in Rome, both built by slave labour.
      Enough is enough, our heritage and right to exist is being removed just as surely as our National monuments.
      This is making me more angry by the day, and I am pretty sure I am not alone – and payback will come.

    • I don’t get it, surely the target list is incitement to commit a criminal act. Why are the people behind it in the cells.

    • The saddest part of that image Komodo is the demographic profile and the absence therein of anyone under 50. This is what gives the left hope, it’s the end game Phase 1, – all they have to do is wait a few more decades as the last of the reactionaries die off and there will be no contending voices to be heard. Game over, we lost.

      • We die off, they win.
        Enjoy your prize morons, you finally got what you wanted, only it wasn’t what you wanted after all.
        That, is ‘game over’.

  10. If these cunts were doing this shit in Winstons day the only option the would have had would be bullet or noose the fucking cunts. And fuck Boris for allowing this to get to where it has.

  11. You can bet that the intelligence services had plenty of operatives tucked amongst the protesters, filming on phones/cameras and gleaning intel.
    They probably know who the ringleaders are-how they respond…..

  12. Here are some suggestions for alternative monuments –

    Kanye West in a straight jacket

    Snoop Dog – Pimp and Drug dealer

    50 Cent – Drug dealer

    Robert Mugabe – Dictator

    Johnny Cockroach – lawyer who saved OJ

    Colonel Saunders

  13. Your either not doing anything for blacks or your being accused of being a white saviour. Remember Lammy at Comic relief? He was the reason I found this glorious site. I just found myself typing David Lammy is a Cunt on my PC.

    • “… I just found myself typing David Lammy is a Cunt on my PC.”

      …repeatedly…4,000 times in fact… then I hit the ‘SEARCH’ button and…bingo.. IsAC home page! Almost certainly this very scenario is happening right now in thousands of pissed off Britons’ front rooms.

  14. Need a proper slapping 👍👍
    A good public flogging is too good for this wanker👎👎
    Winston Churchill was voted Britains number 1 Britain remember that 🇬🇧🇬🇧

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