Daniel Radcliffe

In a classic example of the left eating itself, part-time boy wizard, part-time SJW and full-time cunt Daniel Radcliffe has waded into the JK Rowling trans women row by claiming they are women regardless of biology.

Rowling tweeted about “People who menstruate, I’m sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out. Wumden?. Wimpund?.Woomud?” This was enough for the inevitable backlash by the woke Twitter mafia and for Radcliffe to stick the boot into the woman whom he owes his fame and fortune.

How can someone with glasses and went to Hogwarts be such a dumb cunt?

Maximus cuntus expelliarmus!

Nominated by: Liberal Liquidator

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  1. Good Morning,

    Dumb cunt sums him up. The left really have got their knickers in a twist about all this, just sit back and enjoy it.

    • Cunt though he is he was very good in the recent production of “Endgame”. Rowling was perfectly right in her opinions regarding women; who is Radcliffe to disagree?

      • I have an opinion,you have an opinion. When it become mandatory to criticise anyone whose opinion differs from yours. Not very liberal is it?

  2. The weedy little soy boy says “to anyone who’s enjoyment of the books has been tarnished by these comments I feel your pain.” Oh go and have a little weep Nancy. If I get hold of you you’ll feel some fucking pain cocksucker.
    They’re children’s books prickface……for fucking children ok? Children don’t know about trannies and filthy perversions. Well, they’re not supposed to but they probably do thanks to disgusting little cockroaches like you. Fuck off you dirty cunt.

    • Fucking ungrateful nerd. Talk about biting the hand that feeds him. Cunt.
      JK should give him a backhander and knock his retro national ‘elf specs off his physiog and grind them into the floor with her stilettos until the lenses are like sand.

      Mind you, he’d probably lap that up the creepy cunt.

  3. @KiwiCunt…in the noms…

    Nobody should tell anyone else what to post but I cant argue with what you say. The threads are more chit chat than they were just a couple of years ago which makes you correct….

      • Morning Six….like it, quick off the mark.
        What are you having for dinner tonight..

      • Dunno, the cooker goblin will provide. Last night it was steak, tonight it could be toast. Depends how much she feels like cooking. Either way no complaints from me.

        Have a good day JR and watch the UV level, apparently Bristol kicked off last night so if anywhere near avoid it.

      • Morning JR, Sixdog.

        We’re having chicken vindaloo with mushrooms followed by home grown strawberries and cream.

        My next door neighbour dropped in a bag gooseberries yesterday grown on his allotment.

      • Morning RTC, nice to see a bit of community spirit during difficult time’s.

        Curry, I’m the only one in the house that eats it, so I don’t get to eat it often.

      • Mornin’ all! Pizza for lunch for me! Warmed up in a microwave! Food of The Gods.

    • As we’ve strayed off topic onto this one, My personal opinion is as follows.

      If a fellow cunter greets me I will return the greeting if I see it, I was dragged up to believe manners are the foundation of a civilised society.

      During lockdown having just moved north and far away from the few remains friends that have not departed over the last 10 years ISAC was a lifeline, I can come here and vent my bile with likeminded individuals. We can debate even when we don’t agree.

      Lockdown was shared with two 20 something SJW woke types, my partners daughter and her BF. I had to grit my teeth and keep my gob shut for the sake of my sanity. I suspect many were in similar situations.

      So although it’s not a social media site it is a place of interaction. I don’t know any cunters in here in real life but Dick, MNC, RTC, Komodo, Dio, B&WC, Freddie and others on here have become like friends, comforting reliable presences at the least.

      I’ll get me coat.

      • How fuckin’ ironic that some people are kicking off about too much “chit chat” on the site and trying to direct it more to what they see is appropriate. Isn’t this the very same people who also complain about freedom of speech and censorship?
        I would say at least half of the contributors on this site have a “chatty” type of delivery. IsAC is a broad church and I would like to see it to remain that way. Yes, perhaps a little too repetitive but so too is all this fuckin’ talk of “ovens” which pisses me off but do you hear me complaining? Oh fuck, I just have.
        As far as I’m concerned, posters can talk about whatever they like. Whether I read it is another thing. In Dick Fiddler’s absence – Fuck off.

      • I’ll stop now, the whole point of ISAC is to take aim at whatever’s irking you, no problem with Kiwi Cunt staring his opinion. Good nom really as it’s a distraction from BLM, LBGT and all the other bollocks we have to live with.

        Onwards and upwards

      • Morning Sixdog. I don’t know whether I should really be talking to you!
        God, your lockdown conditions sound like purgatory! I don’t know how you’ve managed to stay out of trouble! It must have been like six Christmases rolled into one.

      • Well, the system works, at any rate! My nom, such as it was, stirred a debate. I never said anything about not being allowed to post, merely tried to highlight the habit of derailing noms that has cropped up. Did I phrase the nom poorly? Not in my opinion, but that’s just my opinion 🙂.

        If a non isn’t deemed worthy, admin will pull it from the list. They’ve done it before, they’ll do it again, and fair enough too.

    • Afternoon everyone. We had poached eggs, chips and beans last night and plan on having takeaway tonight – probably pizza

      • KC, as it’s midwinter down under I think most posters on here are the “forgive and forget” and “let bygones be bygones” types and will chalk your grumpiness off due to a case of seasonally affected disorder brought on by unsheared sheep sh#gging.

      • I did follow my rant with a “that’s got that off my chest” kind of comment. I harbour no grudges, it’s not the way I’m built…..I have a shout and a moan and just move on. It’s what attracted me to ISaC in the first place.

      • Apologies, good morning DD.

        In a roomful of opinionated cunts, we’re never all going to see eye to eye, all the time. Many cunters have gotten into spats with others, dusted themselves off and resumed ISaC life.

        So, I’ll draw a line under this topic here, and let’s get back to railing against the machine!

  4. A one-trick pony actor who will be doing the Harry Potter “crikey” eyebrows acting when he’s in his 70s and down to his last £30 million. Both of Radcliffe’s parents are showbiz agents so he was going to “achieve fame” whether he had any talent or not His easy, middle-class life and wealth has produced enough guilt to fawn over any media craze like cutting your John Thomas off. It’s only surprising he hasn’t signalled his BLM sympathise yet. That is until Dumbledore is mugged by a knife-wielder, Privet Drive is burgled by darkíes, and Somalians are selling drugs on the Hogwarts Express.

  5. Thankfully I’ve never seen this woke irritant in anything and have never read any of the books his film character was based on. He’s a nothing and a nobody – top-hole cunting LL.

  6. Much as I don’t like JK Rowling for her lefty views, I see her right on this one.

    There ARE only two genders and the occassional one in a million hermaphrodite.

    Wanting to be of the other sex does not make it so and you can’t force people into saying you’re something when you clearly are not.

    Daniel Radcliffe, the wooden actress that played the girl and the ginger one can fuck off too.

    • Even hermaphrodites will fall into one of the 2 genders, they just happen to have a genetic mutation that caused the body to also produce the opposite and completely nonfunctional genitalia. It is, for example, impossible for any hermaphrodite to impregnate themselves. They are either a male with an extra hole, or they are female with an extra dangling bit.

    • A hermaphrodite is something with both sets of functioning sex organs so that both can fertilise each other. This is normal in species that have evolved hermaphrodism as their means of reproduction. Most snails and worms are hermaphrodites, as well as some fish.

      The term for androgynous humans is intersex and they are born with deformed genitals

  7. I heard he recently played a ‘far-right’ Neo Nazi in some shitty film. That’s like casting Jimmy Sommerville to play Mike Tyson. Fucking mental. I’m almost tempted to watch because there is no fucking way he can pull that off. He’s a wimp and made entirely of snowflakes and soy.

    But seriously, this snidey little shit is just protecting his career. He knows how woke Hollywood is nowadays and how to make sure he stays on their good side.

    Fucking shit actor, probably only got famous for being a posh twat and letting a few gayness inflicted directors bum him.

    Oh, and if you’re born with a cock, you’re a male. Born with a fanny, a female. Yes, hermaphrodites yadda yadda, but how many of those cunts are there? 12?

    • Jimmy Somerville stars in ‘Iron Mike’ at cinemas now:

      Larry Holmes: Yo Tyson, where you at?
      Tyson: Och, I’m feeding ma wee pigeons some haggis.
      Spinks: Yo Tyson, yo ready to fight?
      Tyson: Beat me about the ring.
      Holyfield: Yo Tyson, ahm gonna kick yo ass mofo.
      Tyson: 🎵 Run away, turn away, run away, turn away, run away

      Morning CB.

      • We are witnessing evolution in action. The cuntodite has been recognised as a sub branch of homothickbastard. Gets better and better everyday. Radtwat is a silly whiney twat who will always be a pathetic whiney twat no matter how much money he has amassed on the back of JK Rowling who has gone a fair way up in my opinion for speaking the truth not some cuntfest ideology.

    • Had to endure every one of those fucking films with two littl’uns and always was amazed at this wooden cunt’s roaring lack of acting talent. The ginger Weasley kid completely upstaged him.

      “I heard he recently played a ‘far-right’ Neo Nazi in some shitty film. That’s like casting Jimmy Sommerville to play Mike Tyson”

      You have to wonder who the fuck cast him for that and WHY? So you take a second look at the photo and the physiognomy and… tappity tapptity tap… hmmmm links straight to the J.C. …well well fuck my brown boots…who’da thunk it…

      …bit of a quick double check…

      I might just trawl up a remaindered copy in the bin at the door of an oxfam shop or something, gotta be worth a laugh. The Cunt

  8. Another one, expert on gender…..

    Hairy arse builder with a beard says I am a woman, now how can that scenario be possible, even in Hogwarts.

    Biology trumps bullshit!!

    Brixton Apes last night showing Why black lives really do matter…. 😂

    • Hidden away on the local news on the BBC. Cunts.

      Imagine if Tommy Robinson and his followers had had a rave (without any battering the cops and smashing their cars)?

      Now imagine if they did the same as the ‘Brixton massive’ last night? I wonder if that would’ve been a non-story too?

      This is what pandering to BLM does. If I was a copper I would be looking to quit as soon as I had another job lined up. What a fucking joke. They should’ve gone to town on the cunts and thrown them into cells with broken bones all over the shop.

      But they’re too scared to do anything and the dark keys know it.

    • what have the lovely tax paying Brixtonites been up to ? Will their annual stab fest go ahead legally or illegally on the fly ?

      • I tried linking but it came up as ‘spam’. Just go to BBC news, then local news (London).

      • There is footage of a couple of Apes jumping on a police car and smashing it with big pieces of wood (supposedly chair legs)
        Obviously the banana stall ran out early.

        There is more of some cunt with a sword and if the footage is accurate he is actually making some sort of threatening monkey chant… hilarious.

        Brixton and Moss Side ….. just demolish both, lots of explosives!

      • cheers cunty. I checked the DM and they were late tonthe party also. Surprised the BBC even bothered.
        Goes against their agenda

  9. I’m proud to say that I never watched any of the Harry Potter films, despite being told to try them by a few. I gave them a similar response to those telling me to watch ‘Game of Thrones’.

    Me: ”Has it got things like magic and dragons in it?”
    Cunt: ”Yes.”
    Me: ”How old do you think I am you cunt? Seven?”

    • Even though i have watched Game of Thrones (The Last Kingdom is better) it was after series 6 had aired. I got around to watching that and a few other things on my own time, even though hipster cunts said I should be watching it. I’ve never been the sort to tell people what to watch or read or listen to but I will tlll them what i’m reading or watching or listening to instead of their trendy shite.

  10. If he ever runs out of cash then I’m sure he’ll have a promising, but short lived career as an occultist rent-boy getting smashed by decrepit old men in various lodges.

    When they’re done they can offer him up as some sort of sacrifice to whatever cunt they worship. “Daniel Radcliffe is dead.. eh heh-heh!!”

  11. Who gives a shit what Rowling says anyway? She is usually at the front of the libtard crew, so just because she’s off message on this topic it doesn’t mean she’s slipped on some jackboots and started writing mein kampf for kids.
    As for the little ponce, why should he have to defend the crone, just because he was in some shitty films that were based on her shitty books? His opinions have no more weight than any other cunt, and the shielded life experience of a child actor probably counts him out of most day to day conversations.
    Nature certainly doesn’t give a fuck for anyone’s opinion, and it’s what attributes that nature dishes out defines gender, not what clothes a cunt wears, or allows surgeons to mutilate their reproductive organs to pander to some delusion.

  12. Fuck this cunt. I wanked over his arse a couple of times (yeah I like the ones where they only need to spread a little to reveal the hole, so shoot me). But he an everyone who he’s associated with is a CUNT. They are all CUNTS, brainwashed CUNTS trying to brainwashing our kids into becoming the next generation of CUNTS. CUNTS CUNTS CUNTS CUNTS CUNTS.

      • He does have a surprisingly nice meaty arse, though his hole is probably like Radcliffe’s wizards’ sleeve after his teen years of getting it ravaged raw by the likes of Usher and Jay Z.

  13. Harry fucking Potter.
    Lord of the Rings for the hard of thinking. The actual books and films were “woke” before their time.
    It is certainly entertaining, watching the left devour itself, see the pink news going crazy about JKR’s comments re: transsexual “women”, yet their silence re: stabby Muslim attacking circle of gay peace in a BERKshire park-fucking hypocrites.
    Radcliffe, I imagine, has lots of “friends” in the LGBTQrstuvwxyz cunt-unity.😉
    Maybe he’s preparing for his next “role”- removing his micro- penis and finally being “free”😂
    Re: his role as a hard right fascist, my critique as follows-

  14. The fucking little prick needs ten bells of shit kicked out of him. Nice entitled upbringing being educated at three independent schools with both mummy and daddy being agents didn’t help your career did it, you pampered spoilt cunt. Of course being a good old working class lad he is quelle surprise a supporter of the Labour Party. Listen, you fucking obnoxious cretin, when you start living in the real world and actually do a proper job and mix with real people then maybe someone will listen to you but in the meantime why don’t you just shut the fuck up?

  15. Woke passport stamped?
    Guaranteed another shitty acting job now?
    Need putting in the oven right away?
    Little weeping cunt.

    • You ought to write a romantic fantasy book of the life and times of your oven. You. could give it a personalty….Home Counties? Middle-class, you bring in a female oven…they have a mad passionate affair in the kitchen…’ an ‘Aga Saga’

  16. I believe Radcliffe is a fucker and not a fuckee.. his frail little body could not possibly take some big kidney wiper. Going in dry would probably split the little Soy Boy in two.
    I hope that clears up any confusion or doubts that Fellow Cunters were agonising about.

    • I can’t envision him being a fucker either. Would be like a wet spaghetti strand trying to puncture tissue paper.

  17. As the great Bernard Manning once put it, ‘if a dog’s born in a barn, it doesn’t make it a fucking horse’.
    I’ve said it on here many times, as have others, that if Joe wants to call himself Joanna, that’s his business and good luck, just don’t expect me to collude in the delusion, for delusion it is.
    To me, those who’ve got stuck in to Jo Rowling over her remarks, which only say what many, many people think, are absolute cunts. Those like Radcliffe, who owe their fame and fortune to Rowling, are double-downing cunts.

    Morning all.

    • Wellington said, “Being born in a barn doesn’t make you a horse” when commenting about having been born in Oireland.

      Morning Myron

  18. This crawling little toadie has form in the cunt stakes.
    He openly admitted to voting Lib Dem when Judas Clegg was getting dry bummed off Pigfucker Dave’s mob and the country went to fuck.

    He then ‘decided’ he was ‘into’ football (a la Albarn, Baddiel, Deayton and other celeb cunts) and when Fulham were in the Premiership, he ‘decided’ to ‘support’ them. Of course, it didn’t last (a bit like Fulham in the Premiership really). The Johnny Come Lately little turd.

    Now there’s this trannie licking shite and biting the hand that fed him and made him rich and famous. Maybe that’s the squeaking little shit’s problem: could it be he’s resentful that he was never engulfed by JK’s monumental whammers?

    I do loathe Harry Potter and Potter fans (grown men in Hogwart’s T-Shirts?! Grown adults queuing overnight to buy the latest installment of that shit?! Social media meltdown when it’s ‘discovered’ that a fictional old wizard is a poof? Fuck me ragged!). But what I loathe even more is that it inflicted know all spoon fed liberal little turds like Twatcliffe and Emma Twatson onto the world.

  19. Men are men and women are women. Biology. Anything else is mental illness or degeneracy.
    Never read or seen Harry Potter, children’s entertainment. Don’t really know who this cunt is but he certainly looks what we called in Wales a ‘feed of arse’.

  20. Never watched or read any HP stuff, and nor do I anticipate having any inclination to. Ever. There aren’t many things more pathetic or cringeworthy than seeing a bunch of manchildren walking about town festooned with HP regalia and merchandise; only Star Wars fanboys/fangirls rival these pathetic mouthbreathers in the cunt department. They can all fuck off to a galaxy far, far away!

    As for this Radcliffe fella, only ever seen one film of his (one that seemed to be about him being some sort of demonic entity) and even then I switched it off after only ten fucking minutes. Saw him once on Graeme Norton’s talk show . . . little four-eyed cunt is as wimpy as fuck and has a voice that points towards being a bit light in the timberlands and the sort of fella that doesn’t change his own oil. Also, he looks like the sort of cunt that you have to be extra vigilant about around kids. Fuck him, and fuck Harry Potter!

  21. I’m 38 and get berated for not having a shred of interest of watching or reading that bollocks – by other adults. Child or adult, the latter of whom should know better, who the fuck wants to watch or read a fantasy series about a speccy cunt on a broom?

    • I find that phenomenon excessively sad and weird. If you’re an adult who reads kiddy books then I’ve always though ‘ah well, live and let live’ but to have adults berating others about not having read them.
      The simplest way to address that is just to say, ‘you do know those books are for children. Not even young adults. Children.’

      Stewart Lee did a good stand-up set about it even though I don’t think much of the cunt nowadays.


      • “…but to have adults berating others about not having read them.”

        That genuinely would get a round of fucks – all that being said; I can take one of Arthur Ransome’s spines off the shelf and enjoy it with not a twinge of shame.

      • Didn’t watch the clip you provided, but Stewart Lee is a genius, imo. I loved his comedy vehicle show that was aired a few years back on BBC 2. I especially liked his skit that was based on quotes from 4 different people after Osama Bin Laden was shot. He had actually made 2 out of the 4 quotes up himself, but didn’t tell anyone about this until after the skit had finished. That in itself was brilliant. The last quote, which I personally think Lee did NOT make up himself and are actually the words of some crazy American verbatim, is totally hilarious. Only a dumb yank could come out with such ridiculous violent sexual imagery! 😀😀


    • I grew up with the books and films so I’ll always like the series from that perspective but it’s certainly the case that my interest in the series died after I became an adult. It’s fun for kids but that’s about it.

  22. I’m not even gay but I’d like to hammer some nails through my bell-end and bugger this utter cunt.

  23. What JK never mentioned that Hogwarts was a failing school and had severasl poor OFsted Reports. Shortly after Harry, Ron and Hermione (who changed race) left, it was put into special measures and eventually made into an academy.

  24. I thought that picture was Will Mackenzie from the Inbetweeners at first.

    Nope, it’s Radcliffe enjoying a tender moment. We thought it was funny – admin.

  25. Imperiums not a bad film but he is miscast in it. A 5 foot 2 Neo Nazi? Ed Norton nails it in American History X. Looks salty in it especially when he does the kerb stomping.

  26. Radcliffe “Where’s the camera, ducky ?” did a dog-awful remake of The Woman in Black; well, I only saw the trailer, but that was enough. You can’t beat the old ITV one with Bernard Hepton (a bloody great actor), one of very few tv prods that have really sent a nasty chill up my spine. As good as M. R. James’ ghost stories, lovely if you like E Anglia.
    I used to read adults’ books as a kid; they gave me the ‘orn.

  27. Words fail towards the sheer insanity of these lunatics. If ‘person who menstruates’ is a woman, can we start calling blokes ‘people who jizz’ then?

    These people are truly sick in the head and need shooting.

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