C Listers

A boorish “who the fuck are you?” cunting for attention seeking ‘C listers’.
These are all genuine recent Daily Mail online ‘features’ :-

“Jessy Nelson displays her jaw dropping body pics” …
“Bella Hadid flaunts cleavage in Instagram clip” …
“Rebel Wilson shares flirt photo shoot” …
“Megan Barton admits she would like to get back in to stripping” …
“Christine McGuinness flaunts her ample assets in a slew of skimpy Lingerie”

I’ve never heard of any of these talentless, banal cunts and why does the Daily Mail pander to them?

Understandably, ‘Chavs’ need their celebrity score and it is bad enough ‘A listers’ vying to supply it with County lines efficiency. Now we have to endure these ‘no mark C listers’, usually posing in some swim suit or equally tacky attire with no credible story.

The iteration of their monologue is like the dripping of urine upon the head of a condemned man. Perhaps we should merely view them for what they are – momentary wank material for teenage lads.

Self-obsessed, deluded CUNTS!

Nominated by Daz

78 thoughts on “C Listers

  1. Often the articles are adverts disguised as articles. I don’t mind looking at a vacuous tart flaunting her body, well I didn’t used to, but they all look the same and we’ve seen it all before.

    Other ‘articles’ that are annoying are the Naga and Carole battle on BBC breakfast, Pierce Morgan upset a viewer today and lastly the silly bint transformed her garden\bedroom\toilet by spending only 25 pounds at B&M.

    Click bait for morons.

    And yes, I still occasionally click…..Moron.

    • I know of her because Brian Cox used her as an example of how larger bodies pull small bodies into orbit due to greater mass and gravity.

      • Afternoon Kiwi, is celebrity culture big in NZ? The West seems to cater to the lowest common denominator across society, no wonder they are pulling down historical statues.

      • Hello LL. No, celebrity culture isn’t overly prevalent down here. The women’s gossip magazines, obviously, lap all that shit up, but the media at large just ignore it all. And thank fuck for that.

      • Most are chavs, or bogans if you prefer (do you call them that?) who got lucky and cling onto fleeting fame like a turd to an arsehole.

  2. I still use the Mail online despite trying to quit the fucker, It’s impossible to use without an adblocker though.

    I occasionally click on headlines such as ‘c list slag shows side-boob’ and then hate myself afterwards but I mostly just go straight to the comments to confirm that most people still think the same as us cunts.

    I suppose if I quit this crap completely I’ll end up missing the headline I’m waiting for…’Keeley Hawes’ piss flaps on display in jaw dropping bi-kini!’

    • Is Keeley Hawes the tall, posh brunette from Ashes to Ashes?

      Alex ‘Bolly-knickers’ Drake. Looks lovely in series 1 and 2, but a bit severe in 3.

      • She is indeed, I actually preferred her in series 3. So fairs fair, if we meet in a pub and Keeley happens to be at the bar, I get first crack.

      • Remember the blonde Irish bird from Ashes To Ashes Series 2?

        I’d have shagged that till I dropped.

    • Use duckduckgo search engine, it’s not a homo site it blocks ads trackers and all that shit

  3. I’ve heard of that fat heap of shite Rebel Wilson, but only because the slag was mentioned here on ISAC awhile back in relation to that execrable film CATS.


    Apparently cost $100 million to make… but took only $6.5 million at the box office… 👍 😂

    Can’t imagine why it bombed so badly. After all, it boasted an all-star cast.

    James Corden
    Judi Dench
    Idris Elba
    Ian McKellen
    Taylor Swift
    Rebel Wilson


  4. If anyone had a bit of rumpo with Rebel Wilson, they could be arrested for bestiality.

    That gobshite lardbucket is about as talented as a dog turd, about as funny as shingles and about as sexy as a shitting camel.

  5. I have no interest in ‘celebrities’ and I’m proud to report that I often don’t recognise supposed A-listers either.

  6. A listers, B listers, C listers or Z listers.
    All look the same. Pumped up lips and tits with any facial expression botoxed into oblivion.

  7. Andy Warhol
    “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”

    • I wish it was only 15 minutes, most of them seem to linger, like the whiff of stale piss in a bus stop.

  8. Morning all.
    Morning Admin!
    Admin your positively glowing this morning!
    I had a spare kitkat in my lunchbag so left it on your desk!-x☺

    Seems to many to keep track of nowadays, not sure who Rebel wilson is but she sounds dreary,
    Possibly a mardarse, fuck celebrities, I pay no attention to the Mithering cunts.
    Good Nom Daz!👍
    What you having for your tea?

      • Dick Dribbler@
        Hi Dick!
        Im renowned for subtlety and friendliess!

      • I heard you ask me 3million times from my helicopter Helmet!😁

      • You keep on doing what you’re doing mate.
        The site would be the poorer without you.

      • Cheers Bertie!
        Saw you defend my honour, noted an appreciated!👍
        And ive no intention of changing anything because of a snide comment, gracious no!!
        If anything think my problem is to of been a bit shy!!
        Watch this space..😁😁

      • C listers? Nonsense about nobody – and isn’t fishing great..
        Wonder if Admin got my card and flowers.
        Fun being the new boy, but wouldn’t want to go off topic by expanding.
        Free speech?

      • Too tight to send Ferraro Rocher, Vernon? Knitting your own keepnet is very therapeutic I hear.

      • Afternoon Sixdog!
        Hot isnt it?
        Just finished work and im glad, breathing out my arse, hottest day of the year!😢
        Do you know Six, I genuinely couldnt name 10 c list celebrities?!
        Think its a teenage/womens thing isnt it?

      • Today.. we cshelebrayyyt…our…. ‘sindependensh day! Innit? Yeah!..
        *falls off log in beer garden*

      • I quite like that Lily Allen. She epitomises soft, gracious, elegant feminity.

  9. Like Megain Sparkle apart from her royal gold digging is about as famous as the fucking but youtube gob shite faggot Ronnie Pickering…..do you know who I am, I’m famous, you know what’s is fucking name, the man with the thing in the place,

  10. The whole cult ( or should that be cunt) of celebrity-it’s bubblegum for the eyes, the new religion to keep the great unwashed doped.
    Most of them are like vacuous turds that refuse to be flushed.

    Stale biscuits, leave on the shelf.

  11. When bored, I read the Mail Online for a laugh. As you say, Daz, almost all deserve to be classed as “who the f*ck are you” grade non-entities. Most of these Z listers (C is giving them way too much status) seem to owe their celebrity status to having once appeared in some trashy reality t.v. show like The Only Way Is Essex, Big Brother, Real Housewives of Droitwich (or something like that). Programmes made for the workshy, housewives with nothing to better to do and the permanently stupid Jeremy Kyle sub-class who dream that one day, they too can have fake tans, teeth, tits, bums, lips etc and appear on the goggle box to display their stupidity to the nation.
    As SV says, the celebs that you have heard of (think Holly and Schofield who appear almost daily with riveting exclusive stories and pics such as “Holly takes her kids to school”) can only be there because their agents / t.v. companies pay the Mail to place articles so that they remain in the consciousness of the gullible general public morons and stay marketable. Can’t be any other reason.

    • Dick Dribbler@
      I did a job for those ‘cheshire housewives’ moving some furniture etc, filming it when I was there, big flash car pulled up asking me to move my van, thought itd be some fit WAG, nearly screamed when the car window came down!
      Plastic surgery mess.
      Looked like Rocky Dennis!😨😨

  12. Susanna Reid has grandly announced that she is ‘stepping back’ from soshul medja due to the nasty comments she gets.
    If she stuck to giving us the news instead of her woke lefty views with that prick Morgan this wouldn’t happen.
    Another c lister who imagines we’ll be bereft without her banal comments and pictures on twatter and instacunt.

      • Nobody wants that CP i would rather punish the monkey for the rest of my days than see that with its kit off, an add for the donts in plastic surgery, i bet she looks like ET, byaah

    • She gives me the ‘orn.

      She can come round to mine and cry on my cock anytime, I mean shoulder.

    • Don’t so much read the articles more the comments on the articles. Some of the recent comments by the SJW defenders (usually from London) attacking anyone who is not woke are a hoot. With the BLM cobblers they’ll attack anyone who says All Lives Matter saying they’re just an uneducated racist White Privileged Gammon who just doesn’t get it. Ask them to explain what it is that I’m supposed to get and they haven’t a fecking clue.

  13. It’s always been a bit shit, but the last year or so it’s unreadable. Ads or fads, and Piers Fucking Morgan as lead columnist. Takes forever to load because half the screen is covered in an ad featuring some mod old cunt waving a driving license at you, saying you in for some shite payout, while in the corner, today’s videos is trying to load, with nothing to do with the story you’ve just clicked on, and trying to close it you end up clicking on one of the celebs shit tales on the sidebar of shame. Cunts, and I was only trying to find out how much some cunts house was worth.
    I do admit to having a peep at that Emily Ratajkowski bird now and again. Thick as fuck, but I don’t want her opinion on anything….

    • Newspaper websites could do with a cunting. Despite using ad blockers, their sites usually crash/freeze my phone and laptop due to all the ads and spyware shite on them.

      Turn off the as blocker and you just get bombarded with auto play videos and pop ups which stop you scrolling the page.


  14. ‘The sidebar of shame’ is quite incredible in how banal the stories are.

    ‘Lauren Goodger almost steps in puddle’

    ‘Orlando Bloom leaves his house’

    ‘Helen Flanagan steps out in skimpy slutwear (Click here to wank)’

    ‘Carol Kirkwood’s Mic shorts from bosom sweat’

    As for main stories they seem to be based on what some thick cunt on Twitter said about Phillip Schofield’s gayness.

    ‘Twitter thickos applaud Phil for being gay’

    ‘one Twitter thicko said BLM was good, while another thinks Michael Jackson was confused’.

  15. Asaaaaaaaaaagggggghhhhhh!

    Make it stop.

    ….and breeeeeaaaaatheeee….

  16. I don’t mind ‘z’ lister slebs like Jordan, Peter Andre and the like. They’re generally good for a few laughs at their expense.
    I appreciate the thought behind the nom tho. They surely are cunts.

    • Totally agree RK
      Nothing funnier than watching a ‘C’ lister plumb new depths in the vain hope of keeping their micro celebrity going , shows like “ I’m a faded cunt get me out of here” are a decent way of humiliating has beens but the TV companies should think of more Low brow shows to mop up the rest , those ‘C’ cunts will do absolutely anything to hang on knowing this the TV companies should exploit it for enjoyment of the BAYING MOB

  17. I misread lingerie as lasagne.
    Can’t really be arsed with frillies…although I still like fillies.

  18. I misread the title of this nom as “Clitsters”
    Thought it was going to be about female hipsters.

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