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We iz analiezin tings innit

The BBC has dozens of correspondents who presumably “analyze” situations and enlighten us with their insight. Many organizations and industries, particularly the financial industry, use analysts and one of their main jobs is to foresee what might happen in the future based on factual and statistical information. Get it wrong too often and they are out of a job.

However, the BBC´s idea of an analysis is to quote an unnamed “source” or just do a Google search and a quick copy and paste job. One in particular pisses me off – Frank Gardner who is the “Security Correspondent” and pops up every time there is a terrorist incident. In the latest “dispatch”, presumably written from his dining room table as I imagine he is “working” from home, Frank gives us his “analysis” of the killing of the Al-Qaeda leader in North Africa which occurred in Mali at the hands of French forces.

His analysis amounts to four paragraphs which contain nothing original. No quotes from French security officials or Al-Quaeda contacts which any real journalist should have. Instead he refers to an ancient UN security report. This is followed by four paragraphs on the French presence in Mali taken from the archives.

Presumably Frank earns a huge salary in keeping with his expertise and no doubt will retire on a generous pension. Of course, taxpayers will not begrudge him his due. After all, it must be hard work pounding away at a computer and trying to analyze what it happening in Mali one day, Iraq the next and Yemen the day after.

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50 thoughts on “BBC Analysis

  1. A bit like blind Blunket, crippled Gardner is a useless cunt. And shit at his job. At least he’ll be able to get on and off a London bus.

  2. I don’t trust any analysis from the BBC or any other main stream media, they ‘choose’ the analysis to fit whatever story they are running…

    Take the stop and search figures, black men are 47 times more likely to be stopped and searched than white men, this was a BBC shit stirring during the BLM bollocks.
    What they don’t say is that when there is a crime or number of crimes and the perpetrators are described as black the section 60 allows random stop and search , so the police already know they are looking for a ‘black man’….. they aren’t going to waste time stopping white men or women of any colour.

    The media are cunts, the BBC are top cunt!

  3. I have a certain sympathy for the physical plight of Frank. He really travelled the world before, and he must get very frustrated.

    What pisses me off more is that cunt Chris Mason and his fucking “fact checking” on Brexit, the several series he made of “Brexit – A Guide For The Perplexed” when it should have been called Brexit – A Guide For The Easily Fooled as it was clearly very biased from a remainer point of view. The obsequious Mason was rewarded ith the job of chairman of Any Questions on Wireless 4 where he can lick the arses of all the other pro-remainers.

    I don’t trust the BBC these days – only yesterday another anti-Brexit would-be off the cuff remark (as there are most days). If they told me it was Tuesday June 30th I woud needs check the calendar.

  4. Why would you analyse anything when you know your output has to fit the agenda?

    A true analysis of events would mean airing uncomfortable truths and any journalist doing so whilst working for BBCSky would be unemployed with immediate effect.

    To be classed as a good reporter for the MSM you parrot the agenda and wave your hands around like Alan Wicker having a convulsion.

  5. “Those who control the media control the narrative, never more true than it is today, as truth becomes fiction and fiction fact.

    History is no longer the ‘right’ history, facts are no longer facts but interpretations. Our language is corrupted by thought-speak and ‘wrong-thinking’. Intersectionality seeps through to the subconscious of the people as they are dissected, examined and re-assembled from parts into a whole, as independent thought lies discarded on the slab.”

  6. In other news.

    “ A new strain of flu that has the potential to become a pandemic has been identified in China by scientists.
    It emerged recently and is carried by pigs, but can infect humans, they say.
    The researchers are concerned that it could mutate further so that it can spread easily from person to person, and trigger a global outbreak.”

    Perpetual lockdown here we come.

    • We only need to lockdown the source of that, and all the other plagues. Or nuke them. Either is good with.

  7. There certainly seems to be an army of BBC correspondents, editors, specialists and fuck knows what else. Still, they can afford it I suppose.

  8. I’ve heard better analysis down the local Spoons. And that is really saying something.

  9. Those dozy cunts couldn’t analyse a brick wall if it fell on their woke heads.
    See how you get on with subscription.
    I hope soon.
    Fuck off wankers.

  10. Off subject but relevant to BBC analysis. R4 this morning interviewing some cunt from Facebook about hate posts. The example given by BBC cunt? — A post saying George Floyd was a criminal and unpleasant man. Censorship driven by the left.

    • In other off road news, BLM have just made Dame Kweer Starmer slightly more electable by describing him as “a cop in an expensive suit.” 😃

      This news brought to you by the Campaign to Defund the Labour Party.

      • In some US cities they now send a social worker as a first responder instead of police officers.

        “There’s a fella raping my wife at gunpoint”

        “We’ll send someone round to talk about his childhood and social needs immediately!”

        Every criminal is the result of capitalism and every decent normal human being is the result of white privilege or an Uncle Tom.

      • So say those very same woke lefty cunts, as they wave their expensive Macbooks and Samsung Galaxy phones around, as well as using Facebook – the owner of which is a whitey multi-billionaire!

  11. The ‘Defund the BBC’ petition on Petion the Government has now got over 50k signatures I think. Sign up guys if you loathe the cunts as much as I do. There seems to be something of an anti BBC wave starting to surge.

    ‘Revoke the TV licence fee using legislation’

    I hope we don’t have to wait until the next review in 2027! – admin

    • Perhaps we could demonstrate and dismantle/trash anything BBC related (like Linekunt), and wave banners “BBCDM” (BBC Don’t Matter)

    • Done and done. I’d rather watch Burnley’s version of ‘football’ than listen to the BBC’s analysis on anything.

    • Thanks for posting link Mr Knee I’ve just signed it.
      The sooner we make those poisonous bastards have to stand on their own 2 feet the better.

    • Signed. May the BBC unravel like a threadbare pair of skidmarked undercrackers…

  12. BBC news yesterday. Six cunts trying to sing outside a place of worship.
    Who the fuck gives a fuck about people singing queer songs. Not me. The BBC can suck my cock, middle class shit burgers.
    Sorry that’s meant to say ” singing choir songs”.

  13. It’s funny but all their analysis always seems to come to the same conclusion. Tory/Boris very bad.
    Labour Kier very good.
    They were analysing Dominic Cummings trips up to Durham for weeks trying to get him sacked.
    Hope Cummings has vengeance on his mind and kicks the BBC in the bollox.

    • The Biased Bolshevik Corporation seem determined to hasten their own demise by being a mouthpiece and propaganda vehicle for the hateful left wing.
      Defund, that way anyone who wants to access their nonsense has to pay for it – lets see if seven London based Labour supporters can cover it.
      Analysis is supposed to presume inclusion of facts, someone should explain that one to the BBC.

  14. The multimedia wing of the Labour Party. Look at the branding, everything is red, probably the same Pantone number as labour red. I wonder how many of them had to sit at home this year because Glastonbury was cancelled? They seem to make up 10% of the attendance to the shit.

  15. ”Not enough black managers in football. Here to talk about this to us, is our expert, a black manager who was given the chance and effed up.

    Ron, Obviously, due to the tone of your skin alone, you deserve a top job. Do you think there should be more honkies in basketball?”

    • I remember Sol Campbell’s infinite whining when he thought he had a divine entitlement to get the England job.

      Mind you, he always was bit of a bitch, wasn’t he?

      • Chris Hughton, was a quality player and manager. Have plenty of respect for him, even though he is currently out of a job!

  16. And the way those cunts Kojak Shearer, Ian Shite, and Phil Neville drone on and on. The Match Of The Day cunts could put highlights of another game or two on instead of these bores talking shit. And Fanny Lineker thinking he is some sort of comedian? A piss poor Des Lynham is what he is.

    And when they have that odious Garth Crooks cunt and a wimmin’s footballer on (any wimmin’s footballer. They are cunts) doing the ‘punditry’ it is even worse.

    Come back Jimmy Hill. All is forgiven.

    • I’d love a time machine TV studio and for one of these annoying split arses to be suddenly joined by the 1970s versions of Malcolm Allison and Brian Clough.

      Spilit arse ‘expert’: Harry Kane should’ve take a touch there, he took it on his lef…

      Clough: ‘…Excuse me young lady, but you have no place being in this studio. This is man’s game. It’s a bloody disgrace! Nobody is listening to you. You should be at home having babies. What’s bloody wrong with you?!

      Allison: Couldn’t agree more Brian. (looks at split arse) If you put a nice frock on and a bit of lippy (puffs cigar, swigs a glass of cognac), I bet you wouldn’t be that bad. Might even get yerself an husband, you ugly mare. Two sugars love, kettle’s in the back.’

    • And the goat-jugged cunt only does Saturdays show. Mid-week this time was Mrs Punch, and she did Sundays show, too. Her, Dion Dublin and a black wimmin footballer. I switched the fuckers off before my heart burn played up. The money Linekar’s payed, the cunt should be presenting every fucking football show going.

  17. Signed the petition. Your name gorse on ze list. Fuck you commie BBC bastards. Fuck the Strap On, Fuck that weasel Khunt.

    • I so want to see Gary Linekunt usurped from his anchor role at MOTD, preferably by a wimminz or a dark key.

  18. Why no black coaches? Well Sol Campbell is doing a fine job at Southend isn’t he?

    And what about wimmin BBC? A growing number of (shrieking) female commentators but no managers in the male game. Surely it is time for some? And then there’s transgender. Liverpool should replace Klopp with a pansexual coach or at least a tranny trainer – how diverse would that be?

    Come on BBC get wid da peeple.

    • Perhaps they already have-you never see Klopp and Leila “panlovin’” Moran in the same room.
      And those gnashes…….

  19. I wonder if the BBC analysis relating to the Antifa cunts taking over the CHAZ area in Seattle will mention that they have just shot and killed two black teenagers?

    Black lives matter? Apparently not to Antifa.

    Can’t wait for the march on Saturday. 😁

    • It’s going to be so funny watching those cunts fail and beg to be rescued by the very government they so despise. Thank fuck Trump is sitting back and letting them have their little fantasy. By the way did you know that they have racially segregated gardens? You couldn’t make it up.

      • I can’t wait for trump to send in the Navy SEALs supported by Apache gunships and A10 warthogs.

        Thats going to be a laugh riot.

        I have the popcorn ready. 😁

  20. BBC Analysis? Don’t make me fucking laugh.. I gave up on auntie when they started quoting random people from Twitter.

    Deborah from Swindon Tweeted: “Boris has got funny hair innit, was he on Eastenders once?” …

    I’m sure Deborah from Swindon is a lovely person ‘n’ all but that is not even close to what journalism is about. Apparently so-called “cancelling” is all the rage now, so how about cancelling the beeb FFS?

  21. BBC’s idea of analysis is for a news presenter to give their own opinion on a news item and to promote their own agenda. Naga jug ears Manchetty springs to mind, along with Maitlis.
    Oh sorry Naga, I apologise for being ‘earist’

    • I hate this fucking slimy pixie. I’d like to use her as a toilet rim block.

  22. Everything on the BBCunts “news” website is regurgitated bollocks from Twotter/Faecesbook. There is no journalism and they don’t report on anything that doesn’t fit in with their leftist agenda which also includes their rancid TV schedule. I genuinely believe this is going to backfire on them because I think people can see through them now and are not going to bother with the TV tax. They are supposed to be an entertainment company for fucks sake, people don’t want to be fucking lectured to and treated like childish imbeciles. The cunts are so far up themselves and completely out of touch with life outside their pathetic bubble. Cunts.

  23. The best one I’ve heard is
    “Is that fact or did you hear it on the BBC “👍
    The sooner this out of date institution is disbanded the better De -criminalise not paying the Licence Fee first that’s the start that will severely fuck up the BBC 👍👍

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