The Limp Dumbs

The Lib Dems are another deserving nomination. Oh boy, these fuckers are a political open goal. Following on from the kicking they received at the hands of the British electorate back in December, the Limp Dims carried out an investigation into why they failed to win the 200 plus seats that political whore, Chuka Umunna claimed they would win. Well, the report has just been published.

According to them, they didn’t lose because their manifesto was shite, and their leader, Jo Swinson had less charm than a three week old pile of dog shit. No. They lost because us voters are a bunch racists and misogynists. Even the women are misogynists. They reckon that it takes a female leader about five longer than a man to gain traction with the male half of the electorate. Which is complete and utter bollocks. The fact is, Swinson wasn’t popular, because she’s a twat. Everywhere she went on the campaign trail, she dementedly shouted about how she was going to reverse the referendum and stop Brexit. She knew full well that the majority of British people wanted Brexit, but no, we were wrong and she was right. It got to the point that even some Lib Dems were telling her to shut the fuck up. It’s also a simple fact that whenever she met ordinary people, she actually became LESS popular. That’s because she came across as an arrogant shitweasel with an overblown superiority complex. Which she is.

None of that matters though, because it’s OUR fault they lost. Well you know what Lib Dems, tough shit. That’s democracy for you. You’d think a party that actually has the word ‘democrat’ in its name would understand the meaning of it. Then again, they are neither liberal democratic. They need to change to it. Islamopandering Anti-British Fucktard party sounds more appropriate.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

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  1. Where I live is a big lib dem area, cant fathom it?
    Working class an vote lib dem!!
    I hate all political parties, none to represent me, all pigs at the trough.
    No ones mentioned Dominic Cummings Cannonball Run?
    London to Durham,
    Smoky on your tail,
    Hes like Burt Reynolds Bandit!!
    Buford T Justice is looking for you Dominic.

    • Bastard moderation😫
      Dominic Cümmings fault the slaphead cunt!

    • Where I live is a big lib dem area, cant fathom it?
      Working class and vote lib dem?!!
      I hate all political parties, none represents me, all just pigs at the trough.

      No ones mentioned Dominic Cümmings cannonball run!
      London to Durham with smokey on your tail.
      Hes like Burt Reynolds Bandit!
      Buford T Justice wants a word Dominic.

      • It was an essential trip; to allow his kiddywinks to be looked after he and his wife were ill, plus a chance to hole up in ze bunker.
        Apparently it’s like the Batcave but with vote leave campaign materials rather than Batarangs.

      • Cümmings was hoping the kid would infect his elderly parents so he could cash in on his rightful inheritance before they could blow it all in a care home.

      • Would It have been an essential trip if he’d travelled to that fat Cunt’s Blackfords rock, to kick him in his tiny Gonads ?

      • all that Cummings and the rest of the elite travellers – Kinnock, Jenrick, Calderwood and even Boris (on holiday again) have shown is that there is NO RISK

    • We had the same discussion at work, before the split-link bat nibbling enforced holiday.
      Just who the fuck should white working men vote for these days?
      Labour? Led by a multi-millionaire, barrister with a knighthood?
      Affraid we’ve been left in the political wilderness.
      Keep paying you union subs though, part of that ends up subsidising the Labour chiggun chuggers meal deal.

    • So she doesn’t actually insert a frying pan handle up her wotsit ? ( Other pans are available )

    • She’s also an arch Remoaner and strong democracy denier which can only serve to further the Party’s strong electoral appeal.

    • It’s hard to believe that anyone could have less charm and charisma that Swinson but this dykes bitch wins the prize.

    • I’ve just made the mistake of reading the first few lines of that article
      Fuck me, I don’t give a flying fuck if she is the first MP of Palestinian descent, is a panspeoplesexual and …. I gave up after that.
      If she’s trying to get a vote by telling us about her uniqueness then she can fuck right off. I’ve got blood relatives who will kick her ass in the Top Trumps of intersectionality.

    • She’s able to eat an apple through a tennis racket, no wonder she’s willing to shag anything.

      • As Ruffers says, they may well romp home if they elect Red Rum as their leader.
        As for that cunt Ed Davey, he wants to get Swineson into the Lords; something to do with her outstanding parliamentary qualities or something. Wouldn’t that just go down well with the electorate?

      • I would like to nominate Chuckup Umunna for a special award, as, thanks to his party-hopping, and his sudden realisation that “Change UK” was fucked, and that the only slim chance he had to keep his arse on the green benches was to pretend to be a Lib-Dem. That one act of cowardly self-service probably did the most to ensure this bunch of EU cock-suckers will never get into double digits in parliament again.

        For that, thank you Chuckaduckie.

    • Pan sexual?
      Is that including beasts of the field?

      I guess they’re still trying to win voters from labour with identity wank rather than anyone over the age of 12 (tory/Brexit voters)

  2. Thought for the day …………………..
    Jo Swinson and Layla Moran, scissoring.
    It’s about all they’re good for.
    ” Go back to your constituences, and prepare for another long period of irrelevance ”
    Fucking wankers, ( and wankettes ).
    Get To Fuck.

      • I’m off to Budapest to burgle Ezra’s house – he’s got grand pianos and everything in there, and the fuckers never home so it should be easy enough! 👍😀

  3. In a time of global emergency mitherers must be dealt with very firmly so as not to undermine morale.
    The Libdumps are weapons grade mitherers by any standard.
    Blast furnace for national unity.
    Morning to all.

  4. I’d love to be there when the LibDumb PR team present the daily press report.

    “Today’s press coverage consists of a mention in the Nowhere Gazette and a frighteningly accurate cunting on ISAC.”

    • I hope so ; i’ D hate to think of him wandering the streets alone and unloved. On second thoughts….

      • Want to locate “Venerable Vince”? Just stand down wind and wait for the smell of piss and delusion – sorted!
        Might find Jeremy too.

  5. Margaret Thatcher was able to lead her party to three election victories. Although female, she had something the Lib Dumbs do not. What’s it called now? Voter appeal….

    • Thatcher? A no nonsense attitude towards “Moaning Minnies” and shifty fish pinching Johnny Foreigner.
      I never, ever in my life thought I would say this but I wish we had Thatcher back (well, the “early days” sane Thatcher, anyway!) – she would gut every modern day Politician before breakfast, and still have the time and will to do the same to the “Lords” before elevenses.
      Don’t be shouting at me now – I have temporary delusion due to the pain relief I am taking after my painful recent “bollock bashing” incident! (Said pain relief – a good hot cup of tea!). 😀👍

      • Hear hear! The late Margaret Thatcher was without doubt, the greatest post war leader since Sir Winston Churchill!

      • I won’t be shouting Sir. Years ago when she buggered the North perhaps. But now I hold the same point of view.
        She’d have been a Wellington to granny shagger Macrons Napoleon.
        Frog bastard.

    • My first vote, aged 18, was for Mrs Thatch. Some Socialist worker seller came up and asked, after she’d won again how I felt about this.

      ‘Fucking marvelous, I voted for her’.

      His face was pure comedy gold. Despite being a union man who has withdrawn his labour, she’d still get my vote, now.

      • Thatcher was accused of destroying the mining industry. Arthur Scargill did that, Thatcher just made sure she closed the coffin.
        “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money to spend”.

      • Agreed. My fathers first job after the private sector was at the “top” issuing the brass discs on the way down and collecting them when they resurfaced (medieval H&S). Also wages dept. You would not believe what they were earning early 80’s pre strike.
        The working men’s clubs did fucking well 7 days a week, lets put it that way.

  6. All those countries with democrat in the title eg German Democratic Republic are always nothing like democratic in reallity.
    Same with the Limp Dumps. It’s all the voters fault.
    They’re completely away with the fairies and not to be taken seriously.

    • Democratic Republic of Congo sounds nice,
      Wonder why people who hate racism, Brexit, whitey,etc dont move there?
      Get work in the um Bongo factory, Bush meat roast on a sunday, frightfully nice.
      “Hello mr m,popo thats a nice M16!
      lot of mosquitoes today,
      Hope youve had your quinine..”

      • Poor Umbongo has to walk ten miles to get his Al – Shabab provided UK charity funded assault rifle..

    • We need a new political party – the working class people of this Country who built and defended our great land have no representation, no voice, no influence, no defence, no help, no leadership and no future – how the hell did we let it come to this?
      Vote Fox and my new party – “We the people”!
      And don’t forget my bleedin’ expenses!

  7. Slight Deviation.

    “A church in Berlin has opened its doors to Muslim worshippers unable to fit into their mosque under new social distancing rules.”

    Germans, always one extreme or another.

    Would of been called desecration years ago.

    • Whats happened to Jerry?!
      Right little pansy tree hugging guilty pansies nowadays.
      Their grandads must be goosestepping in their graves!
      Used to know where you stood with the hun in yesteryear, usually in naked in front of a firing squad, but least it was clearcut.

      • Highly disappointed in Fritz – Grandad Adolf would not have put up with this nonsense!
        One look at any mosque in the UK would show muslims blatantly ignoring lockdown and social distancing, fuck all done – rules for some, not for all – because all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.
        As ever.

      • Ive just drove up to Inverness with Dominic Cümmings and we have to get down to Cornwall later for a garden party!!
        We both agreed that lots of traffic on the roads and the police should fine them.
        Rules are rules
        Listen to the authorities its for your own good.
        And clap on Thursdays or youll be fined.

      • Cyclist! Acquire target! Left hand hard down! That will teach the cheeky chavs! 👍😀
        The wimminz woman person who first thought of this “laudable idea” has now said enough is enough and time to knock it on the head.

      • Thought you’d be in Rusholme for a curry tonight, MNC, wearing your best gaudy green party frock with Salman Rushdie motif and crescent moon accessories. After all, Gtr Manchester Police have asked all mùslïms to stay at home so it’ll be quiet as being model citizens I’m sure they’ll comply.

      • No mr Dribbler, you know thats not my scene at all!
        spicy foods not for me, comes under the heading ‘Danger! Foreign!’
        Im into plain good english food, and id swoon if I though a swarthy type had touched it!

      • It’s one law for Cümmings and you Miserable and another for us plebs.

        Fortunately Cümmings is a Brexiteer, otherwise I would be calling for his resignation.

      • And be careful of the lib Dems – they may send Layla Moron round to give you a good hiding – she has form!
        Hmm, wonder if I would have got the same favourable treatment if I had assaulted my partner..
        As the great Sigmund Fraud once said – “is tha finishing them chips”?

      • True, but my niece who works in a fairly large city hospital tells me the covid wards are full of them.

    • ‘Germans, always one extreme or another’

      Maybe it’s their attraction to striking symbols. They’ve swapped the swastika for the crescent.

    • Sadly, the Germans have undergone about 75 years of pro-EU brainwashing and guilt-tripping over WWII, and just CANNOT understand anybody disagreeing…
      My ex has only been working there a year, and now seems to be totally PRO-EU. I am WORRIED.
      However, we won’t be getting back together…

  8. I’m glad tbey decided it was the British public’s fault. It will alienate them from reality even more for the next election.

    Thick as shit.

    • I blame whitey! Well, everyone else does – and as I am now a Politician it is my duty to be a treacherous bandwagon jumping opportunist! And my first law passed will be half price Boddingtons for hard working removal Men and more subsidies for Gentleman Farmers – those expensive tweeds won’t but themselves!
      Vote Fox! 👍

      • “Won’t but themselves”? Must cut down on the lunchtime Lambrini! 🤦‍♂️😀

  9. In denial cunts, proving that they are completely out of touch with reality, let alone the electorate. Same shit with labour, their policy on Brexit being one of the reasons they had such a hiding in the last election, and who have they now got as leader? The architect of that policy. And he’s only there because he’s the least worse cunt. Pox.

      • I can’t remember the quote exactly, but it goes something like ‘ the world won’t be safe until the last stone from the last church falls on the last priest’, and I think that is more than applicable to politics. Pus filled buboe cunts.

    • Labour didn’t have a policy on Brexit. They totally bottled it.

      Magic Grandpa was keeping his powder dry and simply assuming the Northern working classes would keep voting red, no matter what the party line was and then declare victory for remain.

      Obviously the thick cunt had not spoken with the people of the north who wanted out of the EU, no more mosques and some employment opportunities for themselves and their kids. Not employment for low skilled Europikeys, allowing the EU countries to hoover up all the fish and subservience to the local (labour imported vote) goat rapists.

      Talk about completely misjudging the mood of a nation.

      The limp dumps went full Tonto and just declared themselves unelectable under the current political climate….apart from in Londonistan, where they managed to retain a few seats with a promise of free quinoa and cous cous for all.

  10. Bunch of cunts. They took a kicking because of their policy of dumping Article 50. That obscured anything else they had to say but they all believed it was a winner and embraced it enthusiastically. If you expect people to vote to cancel a previous vote then you must be some sort of cunt……or you think everyone else is. No need for some exhaustive inquiry or demographic study. You’re CUNTS , and we know you are.

    • They took a kicking because they are deviants, humbugs and grade A lunatics.

  11. hopefully, following our imprisonment all political parties will get the kicking they deserve …. but knowing the british, they’ll all get back in again

  12. I presume the fella that occasionally appears on the wall of cunts, with the hat and blue scarf is a Lib Dem MP – for the simple reason that I don’t know who he is.

  13. Lets look at the lib dem cunts who lost seats. We never hear from them. I thought they cared about the ” community “. They lost seats so no votes in it.

    May I ask you all to send an email to your local lib dem candidate or MP and ask them if they will maintain a lockdown lifestyle. The evidence is that the lack of travel, leisure and work have benefited air quality and polution levels. This is real evidence and fact that the less man does the more the environment improves. Can you ask the Lib dems if they will refrain from driving and flying and excess shopping or will revert to normal.

    Climate change is real, but it is a scam. If we look at what was said in the 80s then we should either be covered in hot dusty sand or sea water. Scientists predict and predict but we will never ever reach the point of doom. If we reach the point of doom then the climate change industry is moot. No point anymore. The point of doom is always in the future. We will never ever reach a point when the science community admits we have failed and there is nothing more we can do. There would be no viable green industry, no science funding etc etc. For the green lobby climate change is their gig. They have been talking about the need to take drastic action for years and they like to point out the governments failure. This means we should have passed the point of doom. They wish to maintain the status quo, that climate change is a threat and so we must act or spend money on green projects, however it will never be a case that we have failed or succeded. Both render the green lobby pointless.

    Climate change is real, insofar as mans production and consumption and population numbers effect the air around us.

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