The Welsh language

The Welsh language, i have to say the Welsh language is the fucking worst sounding language i have ever heard, it makes German and fucking Portuguese sound quite nice in comparison, living and working in Wales i have to endure this archaic bollocks on a regular basis, they all speak fucking English but choose not, the can all read English and yet the dyslexic bollocks is there on every fucking sigh, EG-English Cunt, Welsh=cwyndd WTF, now and then i get asked in work, can we have this conversation in Welsh, to which i take great pleasure in saying not if you want to understand a word you say cwyndd ,we have more chance in fucking Arabic, another shite sounding language spoken by cunts, even their fucking camels sound better than Welsh.
Its a stone age obsolete language that has been added to as time goes on EG- popety ping means fucking microwave, so even watching telly means you have to endure the Corona virus in fucking Welsh, oh my god its brain damage….cwydds…

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  1. As is often said, about other immos who go to a country and moan about the place or the people, you can always fuck off back home if you don’t like it.

      • Yes but in this case being English means your already paying for these cunts to have a fucking chip on their shoulder.

        We should have a vote and see if we want to keep the taffs. They treat us like shit but are happy to take our taxes to subsidise free prescriptions etc. Let the cunts stand on their own two feet.

    • Thats exactly what i mean lived here all my life, i am Welsh but fairs fair even English has evolved and the archaic bollocks they used to speak has been kicked into touch, you dont see die hard wankers keeping that shite going a hundred years past its expiry date….. afternoon all

      • It’s a difficult one for me. I can’t speak Welsh, and most of the time I have no interest, but I do feel a bit shamed that I can’t read the inscription on my grandparents grave, and it’s not like they came from half way around the world, their roots go back a thousand years.
        I’m neither proud or ashamed to be Welsh, I’m just Welsh. I couldn’t help being born here, and if someone doesn’t like me just because of that quirk of fate, then they are probably a cunt, because I don’t hate people because of where they are from, it’s who they decide to be makes them a cunt or not.
        As for the language, perhaps the English should care more about their own, insisting it be respected, instead of having bilingual signs in shiteholes like London. The last time I was in Slough, it was like being in an Eastern European country, because all the adverts in the bus stops and hoardings were in polish.

  2. On an irritating level, I’d put the Welsh language somewhere between Urdù and Dooshka-Dooshka. Yes, it’s more lyrical and sing-songy than the any East-European lingo that always sounds like they’re deciding whether to burgle you/steal your car/set the drugs price, and yet not as creepy as the ‘how-old-is-your-child dugga-dugga-dugga’ of the little, carpet-kissing knee-benders.

    Nonetheless, given it’s the 21st century, isn’t it time the Welsh grew out of this silly blithering?

  3. What else do the welsh have to hold onto, a forgotten bulge on the side of England, however I do find it quite odd that all the road signs are in English and Welsh, seems a little pointless but if it keeps them happy…..

    How do you say sheep shagger in Welsh.

    If I lived in Wales would I learn Welsh, absolutely not… no point as English is an official language.

  4. I’m half Welsh. My mother was Welsh and my father was Hungarian.

    I’m Wel – Hung.

    • Oi Bertie!
      Wheres you righteous indignation?
      Your missus is welsh,
      You were learning welsh!
      Poor showing mr Blunt,
      “Youve awoken the dragon”…

      • We’ve said before, there’s a vast difference between North and South Wales. Most people in S Wales don’t speak Welsh and have no wish to.
        I got married in S. Wales 47 years ago and I’ll never forget being shocked when the vicar(of the Church of Wales) obviously thinking I looked nervous being in a foreign country, said to me “You’ll be OK here, the wôgs(i.e Welsh speakers)don’t begin until north of Wrexham. It was at that point that I knew I was amongst friends.😀

      • The first time I visited my future in laws (New Year 1978/9) My mother-in-law at Sunday lunch raised her glass and said we have a special toast for our English guests “ Twp Dein Port Seis” before she finished lifting her glass I had replied “Knicks Ebant Mam-en-Gavre”
        They were about the only words of Welsh I knew.
        My spelling will be off and spell checker is being a bloody nuisance so the translation is “Arseholes to Englishmen” and “knickers off mother-in-law”

      • “Twll dyn bob Sais” is what you were both stabbing at, Wanksock – Literally means “All English are arseholes” Never heard the other expression, although “Gavre” is probably your mis-hearing of “Gafr” which means Goat, bizarrely enough.

      • Got no dog in this fight, I have Welsh relatives and wish to keep my 7 holiday homes from spontaneous combustion! 😀

  5. Bore da.
    A couple of years ago I finally got my arse into gear and got myself enrolled on a language course. Before I chose a course I wrote down a list of all the languages I considered to be ‘white’. Welsh was the top of the list. I didn’t go with Welsh because they hate the English so that got fucked off and let’s face it, outside of Dolgellau it’s not much use.

  6. Christ you opened a can of worms here. I started slanging them off in 2010 and they’re still attacking me for it…

    Not that I let that stop me…

    As Ali G once put it when visiting the coal mines in the Ronda (yes I know that’s not how you spell it but I just couldn’t be arsed) : “Dis is where de Welsh people is living before dey was human…”

    And never forget that the reason there was never a toll on the Severn Bridge as you came out of Wales was that people were so anxious to get the fuck back to England that there was no way they were going to stop.

    To all Welsh folk everywhere I can only say ‘Pishu bant’.

    I will now step back and wait for another tirade of Taff abuse because the cunts will never let it rest and will never ever let you have the last word. The cunts have an inferiority complex. This is understandable as the lefty bastards are undoubtedly inferior – living as they do in a piss pot little principality…

    Too true on the can of worms bit You have been told to fuck off twice from Anglese, as a rebuke to the comment from myself, “You have big houses and big cars because your houses are worth fuck all! because there is fuck all to do there but get pissed, fight, complain and fuck sheep”
    I have Welsh parentage and they made me into the cunt who I am.

    • You see Welsh everywhere in Welsh Wales. On road signs, in shops, on shop names. Sometimes in both English and Welsh. You see the Welsh language everywhere. It’s incredible when you consider that ONLY 5% of Welsh people…can read.

  7. During the second world war the Americans used Navajo Indians as radio operators, The Japs could understand English but could not understand the Indians so it was a good system (Foreign legion used German in indo china for the same reasons), so my initial thoughts were this may have some future application.
    However looking at the length of some of the fucking words the enemy would have triangulated your position and shelled the shit out of you before you finished your first sentence.

    • Lloyd George used Welsh to speak over the phone and radio in the First World War on the basis that any Germans listening in wouldn’t have a clue.

  8. Can’t endorse this cunting. Presumably you would rather we all spoke Esperanto and shared ‘Ode to Joy‘ as an anthem Fugly? 😉

    In all seriousness, I have experienced the somewhat unnerving moments walking in North Welsh pubs where as soon as I was clocked as an outsider, all conversations switched from English to Welsh. Found it weird at the time but anything that rejects the happy clappy one world one race bullshit and clings to tradition is cool with me.

    Globalism can kiss my hairy swingers.

    • Been on the receiving end of the multi-lingual pub speak myself.
      Feels quite shitty.
      Have to defend them though.
      Be a bit two faced to oppose their right, when I spend my life whinging about the sound of Dooshka and peaceful in our English towns.

      • This switching from English to Welsh has happened while I’ve been within earshot and it’s just fucking childish. I can’t believe they imagine that any ‘foreigner’ wants to listen in to their boring provincial drivel. They’re trying to impress on you how well-educated they are by proving they can speak two languages. Yes, I was really impressed. Go and fuck a sheep.

      • Just learn the Welsh for:

        ‘I understand more Welsh than you think’

        And watch their faces.

      • “Dwi’n deall mwya Gymraeg na’dychi’n meddwl”, DCI – in case you need it. I advise you not to practice the phrase during the lockdown, as the resultant release of sputum may well reach far beyond 2 metres.

      • It has happened to me only once in the florist in Pontardawe. I walked in to get flowers for the future Mother-in-Law and they switched. My Mrs 40 years later still reckons it never happened.

        Her parents lived with her maternal grandmother and she and Brenda would speak Welsh which my Father-in-Law couldn’t speak. That would have got on my tits but there you go they’re a bit different.

    • Interesting you should say that, Gash. My experience has been exactly the opposite – they’ve all been nattering away in Welsh until I open my gob and then they’ve switched effortlessly to English. Happened to me on many occasions.

      • Fair one Oswald, I was only passing through so spent a couple of nights there. Definitely happened though.

        However at least they burned the cunts from London out of their second homes. 😂

      • I think you’re getting confused with Argentina, PC. The sheep rearing region of Patagonia is where a community of Welsh farmers settled. Sorry for being a Pedantic Cunt. 😅

      • Sheep-rearing? Sounds like fun, if not actually for the sheep.
        Sheep-fronting would be tricky, as their scratchy hooves would be in the way.

      • The sheep would not rear if they were tied down properly!
        And at least in Yorkshire we buy them a drink first! 😀
        Are you in England? Then speak English.
        Are you in Wales? Then speak Welsh.
        Common sense Fox solutions.

  9. They can talk whatever they fucking want,there’ll be no chance of me being there to hear them. Went once…after prolonged hammering on a Pub door the irate Welsh Cunt landlord eventually answered and “explained” to me that they didn’t open on a Sunday…I “explained” my views on the matter back to the Cunt.

    Being fair to the odious little Twat….at least he wasn’t speaking in Welsh…I understood his “….Arrogant,disrespectful English Bastard…” rant and he certainly seemed to understand my “Fuck Off,you miserable old Cunt and stick yer Pub up yer arsehole while yer about it.”

  10. ‘Popety Ping’ for Microwave, that’s hilarious – sounds like Telly Tubby speak…

    When I was in my teens I went on an outward bound course to wales, fucked a girl there who yelled ‘Yeehaa’ every time she came, although the best part about that was she squirted like a bust water main…

  11. Meant to say, I was only 18 or so at the time and when she squirted, I honestly thought she’d pissed herself… When she explained, I couldn’t fucking believe.

    From then on whenever I pulled on a night out, you can guess what question came after ‘do you come here often ?’

    • And do you do a believable impression of a Karcher pressure washer on max?

  12. Why do you put the German language as one of the worst sounding languages fuglyuker? Something something nazis right?! I remember talking to some ww2 boomer and he was saying good thing we defeated the nazis or we would all be speaking german by now and I thought well why is that such a bad thing? Theres at least a vague connection to the English language, similar sounding words and its easier to learn then most other languages

    I think its actually a really beautiful language. I was playing sniper elite 3 with some random boy from Germany a few months back and it was a peaceful trance like language he wasn’t talking to me mind you I couldn’t understand a word of it apart from a few like Ist der das. He was arguing with his parents or something talking in the background but it sounded very pleasant

    I agree that welsh is incomprehensible written language and doesn’t sound so great

    • “playing sniper elite 3 with a random boy” – is there bum-foolery going on here?

    • I used to hate the sound of German since I was made to learn the language in school, then many years later I watched ‘Inglourious Basterds’ and thought how precise and beautiful it sounded. I particularly liked the Bar Scene which is almost entirely in German.

      Anyway you got me wondering if a language was a person what would it be like?

      German – a handsome man, perhaps a surgeon
      French – a beautiful woman
      Italian – someone who likes the sound of their own voice
      Spanish – a crazy Italian
      Arabic – sounds like a snake talking
      Welsh – someone on LSD

      • My German was/is terrible, we had shoot to kill in English and German (we did not have to use both but I made an effort).
        I often ended up saying “Halt or I will shit” in practice.
        Everyone stopped what they were doing so it worked.

      • No that was fucking slovakia, probably the only Eastern European place I have been to where “Dobar Dan” does not mean “Good day”.
        They say “Dobar Den” and I had been walking round wishing people “good taxes”, Oh and there was the mix up with the lizard that almost got the militia called out, told someone I had been looking at a lizard at the end of the road, my word for lizard is very similar to theirs for bandit/pirate.
        I have never seen such a reaction to the sighting of a lizard before.
        Fucking Crabtree was modelled on me.

    • Someone I’ve forgotten and failed to google but you’ve probably heard of remarked that German was the best language for training animals.

      • Only a sick mind would immediately think of something depraved and homoerotic like that cuntingford

        Also considering very little English was spoken during our 1 hour shooting match aside from confirmation kills and he spoke full on german how would any bum foolery even be possible?

    • Its the gutteral sound that makes me gag, same as Welsh, Port and Arabic, i can even try and write the word to decribe it apart from saying it sounds like someone trying to drag a grolly up from the very bottom of both lungs while at the same time dragging half a pint of goop out of the sinuses and then swallowing the lot, fucking graphic i know but thats the best i can do…..

  13. Most of the “Welsh” come from Birmingham area who went west when they started mining coal. Only a few people in North Wales are actually Welsh. It’s a bit like cunts thinking theyre British when they’ve been here five minutes. Cunts.

  14. I am a Welsh cunt. I don’t know where the fuck Fuglyfucker is working but it sounds a bit backward. About 200 years backward. You know, like Rochdale or Burnley.
    Perhaps he is the last of the slate miners? Or is he just sneaking about stealing all our water?
    We fucked up the Froggies at Agincourt for you and this is the thanks we get.

    • That bought you some time…now if you could do the same thing towards the illegals landing at Dover, we’ll turn a blind eye to subsidising your Celtic ass.

  15. My Welsh grandfather passed away yesterday
    He died peacefully in his sheep.

  16. The best person I know for putting up a defence for the Welsh is an Englishman – . . . .
    Cue Seymour ……………… drosodd i chi

    • No need, Bertie – Cunts feel inadequate because some people can articulate in more than just one language – ‘though in fairness, a lot of them struggle like fuck with English

      • BTW – As we fellow cunters, you may call me “ti” rather than “chi”

        Dwi’n gobeithio ti’n mwynhau dy Noson Sadwrn, fy ffrind !

      • Which means . . . . . .
        “I hope you enjoy your Saturday Night, my friend!“

  17. I like the Welsh, though they are cunts. But aren’t we all? Had some great times at rugby internationals in Cardiff and shagged some Welsh women, so good memories. Brains Skull Attack is magnificent beer too.

  18. I think the Welsh have been victimized. It’s just not fair that they’ve been given a shed load of Ls and we stole all their vowels…

  19. My Welsh mate is as British as it comes. He fucking hates Europe – I’ve lost count of the arguments we’ve had in restaurants as the waiter reels of a load of poncey foreign beers, before he waits and says “yes, but have you got anything British”. He even tries to buy clothes and cars made in the UK (now almost impossible even for him). He’s a staunch Brexiteer and a Welsh speaker which, for reasons neither of us can fathom, made him even more of a target for the Welsh intellectuals when he was out canvasing for the Brexit party. He speaks it in London whenever he can, just to piss off the paki underground staff – he pretends he can’t speak English.

    • hhmm – my post originally said “h@rd-core British”, but this was not allowed for some reason.

      Fixed it (we have to eat you know)

      • The word pôncey is a trigger word.

        Don’t think hard-core British is, unless this post goes into moderation…

      • As I suspected, it isn’t.

        Therefore it must have been pôncey that put you into moderation. Try it.

  20. I find Welsh fascinating, purely because it is an ancient language.

    Probably one of the last remnants of what was old English before the Romans, Vikings and French invaded.

    A bit like what Icelandic is to modern Swedish, Danish or Norwegian.

  21. At least they’ve not been reduced to using z’s where an ‘s’ would do! 😅

  22. Each to their own. I’ll hang on to my sheep-shagger lingo for as long as it survives, before we’re all under the cosh of the goat-shaggers’ lingo.

    • Too right, I’m trying to pick up Mandarin here and there before the next labour govt sells what’s left to the dog eating chimps. At least the cunts love crackling and beer.

  23. Some very reasoned opinions.
    However Welsh is shit and should be banned.

    • I once nom’d the welsh on here after going on holiday there and some farmer wouldnt say good morning back the rude cunt.
      But its a lovely place, love snowdonia, and now I think about it Im the first to spit the dummy if someone was critical of England.
      The language is pretty hard going though my lad learnt welsh it was beyond me how.

      • Proud to be Welsh? Patriot.
        Proud to be Scottish? Patriot.
        Proud to be Irish? Patriot.
        Proud to be English? Racist.

  24. had a chat with my goldfish about this nom and he said “some of my best friends are whales”

  25. Feel free to fuck off back to shithole england anytime then you fucking prick but you won’t will you you’ll still come here in the droves. Wanker.

    Angry Welshman from Anglesey

  26. The Welsh don’t really bother me that much. They have a few anti-English types, but not as many as Scotland. But both pale into insignificance with regards to hating the English when compared to the Irish. Those fuckers will just say (unprovoked) ‘The English are all cunts’ to your face, in front everyone in the pub. They think nothing of it. My reply didn’t go down too well with the ingrate ‘When we start blowing your kids up, perhaps we can call of you lot cunts too?’ He was also an English teacher at the time and I mentioned that the food he eats and the house he lives in is funded by speaking English and that if he hates us so much, he should speak fucking Gaelic and try making a living out of that. Cunt.

    And yes, we no longer speak to each other. Good.

    Sorry random rant there lol.

  27. Always a pleasure to hear a language native to the British Isles when I visit family in Londonistan any fucking native language.

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