Dawn Butler (5)

A twittertastic cunting for the intellectual colossus coming at ya from the constituency of Brent North.
Ladies and gentleman, meine Damen und Herren, mesdames et messieurs I give you Ms. Dawn Butler.
Let me see:
1) An absolute tonking in the 2019 General Election
2) Great swathes of your ‘kommun-i-ee’ copping the full force of the bat flu.
3) A catastrophic economic meltdown across the whole globe is brewing up nicely.
4) General unrest about Brexit being delayed again.
Etc. Etc.
As an elected state official our Dawnee has the capacity to deal with these and many more issues…..but she decides to spit in the face of her constituents and the rest of us paying her Β£82k a year by deciding that microagressions expressed in WhatsApp chat rooms (me neither) are the pressing issue of the day.
Have a look at the original tweet:

Even I felt compelled to tweet a response to this utter bollocks.
So there you have it: This is a person who wanted to represent this country on the world stage.
I can only weep into my cup of Horlicks.

Nominated by SimmyJavill

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  1. ” I’m just wondering if others have any stories they would like to share?”



  2. Micro-agressions like me looking at her and going ” “? What has she read into that, I wonder.

  3. Hate this horrible hypocrite with a vengeance Just remember Butler this Country is ours We are not changing it just to suit you Don’t like it move somewhere else πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ πŸ‘πŸ‘

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