The British and French governments


Urgent nomination please for the British and French governments, and both coastguard ‘services’ are definitely deserving a nomination. As I type this, (Thursday 21st May) I’m watching a segment on the Mike Graham show on talkRADIO. He’s got Nigel Farage on, talking about an absolutely blood boiling incident in the middle of the Channel, while he and his team recorded it on video. This happened yesterday, Wednesday, 20th May, and the video shows a FRENCH coastguard patrol boat escorting a large dinghy full of illegal immigrants, and then handing them over in the care (NOT custody) of UK coastguard boat. They knew they were being filmed, because the Frenchies deliberately tried to get in the way of the fishing trawler that Nigel and his people had chartered to stop them from filming. The skipper of the UK coastguard boat actually contacted the skipper of the fishing boat and threatened to have his trawler confiscated if filming wasn’t stopped. Hardly the actions of someone who is carrying out a legitimate operation, is it?

Since the shutdown started, over 1000 illegals have invaded UK shores, often aided by the coastguard out at sea, and then the police on land. And those are just the ones we know about. Under normal circumstances, this would be intolerable, but during a pandemic, it’s fucking unforgivable. Pritti Patel has questions to answer over this, and if she won’t answer those questions, she needs to be fired.

Naturally, you won’t hear much about this from the mainstream media, other than the usual insults hurled at Nigel. wWl9iY

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

So Abdul and M’Bongo are able to float across The Channel in little rubber boats and receive NHS care and yet this Gentleman is not?……….

Our priorities in this Country are seriously Fucked Up. We allow any bit of filth to land,sponge,commit crime etc. and yet we hound a man who really has “done his bit”.Perhaps that’s the trouble?.He should have got himself a good solid criminal record after leaving the Forces instead of a job…Govt. Agencies would have been beating a path to his taxpayer funded front door to offer him and his family accommodation,benefits,health care and passports if he’d been a bit more sensible and perhaps stabbed someone.

I’d also question why some of these Veteran’s charities who hoard do much money aren’t stepping forward to help.

Nominated by Dick de Pheffel Foxchaser Fiddler

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  1. Brilliant cunting QDM. The government are using Covid as “a good time to bury bad news”. The cunts should be sorting this NOW. Preferably with gunboats, machine guns, torpedoes or whatever the fuck it takes.

    • How about us cunters have a collection and buy our own gun ship? I’d gladly man a 50 cal on the SS fiddler, how about it ?

  2. Time these freeloading bastards were given the Captain Bligh treatment – a few strokes of the lash, than cast adrift. Problem solved.

  3. Sorry Fiddler. Remiss of me. Fine cunting Squire. I doff my cap and tug my forelock.

  4. This is being discussed at this very minute on Nigel Farage’s show on LBC (6.40 p.m)

    • How’s the Bertie piss-o-metre boiling up? It should have been on an hour later then at least I could have thrown the radio at the doorstep cunts when they started clapping.

      • I would think Priti’s hands are being tied over this! Probably to a bedpost so some lucky cunt is taking advantage of it.
        Boris has gone completely AWOL.

      • Which reminds me! I used to have a girlfriend who liked to tie me to the bed and cover me from top to toe in caramel and chocolate. Fuck, that one was a real dominatwix.

      • This has Boris written all over it. Nothing happens (or doesn’t happen) without Boris’s say so. Priti is merely doing her master’s bidding. After all, she owes him….

      • Boris talks a good game and delivers nothing. As an MP, Mayor of London, Foreign Secretary his inaction borders on criminal.

  5. What you don’t realise is that the government have already taken this video down.

  6. No mention of this in MSM but they do report the latest ONS figures show the highest figures for non-EU immigration for FORTY FIVE YEARS!! This, apparently because of high numbers of students from China and India. Oh, so there’ll all be going home eventually. Yeah, like fuck they will. Funny how every cunt wants to come to this “100% racist, for sure” country.

    • Think theres a bit of a ‘sea change’ towards Boris in these parts, hes gone from our hope for Brexit to starting down the path to cuntitude.
      ISAC is like a barometer, once things get mentioned on here start seeing some of the same opinions floating elsewhere.

      • Well he said himself he had “borrowed” those votes. Well, when you borrow something eventually you have to pay it back, usually with interest. Of course, I didn’t go to Eton so i’m not as smart as Boris. The cunt.

      • I wouldnt bet on that, dont think hes half as smart as he thinks he is,
        Eton or not, and hes doing a good job of alienating some of those borrowed votes.

      • Evening MNC. Today has been very pleasant, yesterday was a bit warm, I keep my Jap style jungle hat on and drink plenty of water.
        Make hay while the sun shines :o)

      • Boris is a cunt, and always has been. They’re all Cunts.
        As for the boats full of illegal immigrants, I’d sink the fuckers.
        The Coastguard, RNLI and the Border Force Water Taxi Service can all Fuck Off too.

      • Evening Jack, this heatwave suiting you?
        Like a fuckin blowtorch in the back of your neck today.
        I sulked a bit.

      • Fucking RLNI, they really are a bunch of cunts. I always used to put my change in the RLNI charidee box at the pub and whenever i saw somebody collecteing for them. Then about 12 months ago, maybe less, I heard on Talk Radio (I think), these fuckwits had set up projects in Ghana, Zanzibar and Bangladesh to teach “locals” to swim. Fuck me, I thought it all went to the brave men and women who help out people in trouble in OUR waters. Needless to say they get fuck all off me now, cunts.

    • Where else in the world can a cunt walk into a country and have more rights than indigenous cunts? Yet we’re all racist and hostile.
      A pox on them all.

  7. Sir. A cunting in the premier league. As said before I live in a costal town. Each poppy day I go to church. Not particularly religious. Far from it. (Ex RAF pay my respects). But what strikes me each time is the the board to those who’ve lost their lives at sea in the RNLI.
    These men and women (look at Whitby) went out to save their own.
    The fishermen, whalers etc.
    Last time that charity gets a fucking pound from me.
    Picking this shit out if the water has cost them dearly with my donations.

    • Last time I gave to charity was a few years ago, at a young Farmers show and it was for the Ghurkas.
      Both my grandads idolised them from WW2.
      But nothing since, its not that I resent Charity,
      But nowadays its big business and why should I contribute to some cunts wages or some bongobongo cunt whos fussy about the odd mosquito in his water?

      • Good strong Men the Gurkhas (don’t ever fuck with the Gurkhas – they are mean hand to hand, trust me on that one – polite, nice guys who put me well in my place).
        Smiling death, in my experience – how can anyone that size be that hard?

    • The head of the RNLI is woke, huge chunks of change go abroad. Have a nice evening.

  8. If I tried to type all that I thin and feel about this, My head would probably explode. I’m sick to death of these freeloading cunts pitching up and having the red carpet rolled out. Fuck the stinking lot of them.

    • I would sink the bastards in the middle of the Channel and keep on sinking the cunts until every last one of the fuckers got the message that they ain’t ever gonna set foot on British soil while they are still breathing, any dead fuckers that wash up would be towed back across the Channel and dumped on French beaches under cover of night. Cunts!

  9. The only logical conclusion is that the coastguards are bumders, the police on shore are bumders, and the politicians who enable it are bumder voyeurists.

    They all love a bit of taboo exotic bumder action. Why else would they suspend all rational and moral belief?

    • Every time I hear the word bumder I can’t help but think of the Inbetweeners.

    • That’s certainly as good or better theory than any official position being posited

  10. A lovely Churchillian cunting,thank you Dick.
    There is no unfucking how fucked our once splendid nation has become.
    But why not go out in a superb blaze of glory by sinking the French cunts and seeing every last one of those wastrel migrants at the bottom of the English Channel.
    Jesus how low has this country sunk?

    • Get the torpedoes ready.
      Gi e them a warm welcome… napalm, flamethrowers and the legendary ovens.

  11. Have the BBC reported anything lol!

    All they say on the website is 60 migrants attempted crossing, and the UK are working with French authorities, in other words they are doing fuck all.

  12. At the risk of sounding maudlin, I’m fucking glad I’m 45 and not 25. The country the millennials are going to inherit is not going to be particularly pleasant.

    Mind you, the millenials tend as a group to be very amiable to this open borders/one love/refugees welcome nonsense. So fuck ’em.

      • An addendum – I have no problem with people in general – but I do have a problem with an enemy you are not allowed to fight.
        Right, back to me goosestepping – indoor exercise – yeay! 😀👍

  13. French? Sneaky little rats, cowards, smelly, thieves, self serving traitors – I am readying the Black Pig!
    Great, great Uncle Horatio on board – there’s gonna be a rumble!
    And I will be checking the pockets of the defeated enemy for stolen fish! 😀

  14. A country riddled with traitors, fifth columnists and quislings.
    Thank fuck I’m closer to the exit, rather than the entrance.
    The future looks nasty.
    Fuck them all.

    • If this is the country they want to inherite they deserve it the little bedwetting twats.
      Bag o shite.

  15. If I were to win the lottery ( not very likely as i’ve only done it once, and that was a half share) I would buy one of those old fishing boats, pick up a dinghy full of those cunts, take them back to the French coast, stick a tenner in their pockets and tell them to fuck off. Let’s see what the wankers (French and British) would do about that.

    • The blicks can’t swim, how about we pick them up, scupper the dinghy and swim to the standby boat 20 yards away?

    • Freddie, you could always pick them up in your fishing boat, do a few twists and turns mid Channel, drop them off at the French coast and say “There you go lads, England, Benefits Office is that a way” wouldn’t it be funny watching the cunts running up the beach like they’d just won the lottery.

  16. I’m glad Nigel is using his influence to highlight the issue and is actually doing real journalism. Meanwhile, MSM reports on Twitter storms, slebs and endless doom mongering and as someone mentioned, biased opinion pieces. A new low was reached today when the Daily Fail printed instructions on how to prick your finger for the new £69 Coronavirus antibody test. Even the company who make the tests said the blood sample should be taken by a medic! Ffs, stab finger, blood comes out.

    Right thinking people would deploy our navy, what’s left of it, to protect our shores. So what in the world are they playing at in Westminster?

    • The BBC is reporting on a large hole in the road, somewhere in our septic isle.
      I kid you not.
      Today we’re looking through the ……
      …………… rose tinted window .
      Fuck off, just fuck off.

      • It’s a collapsed sewer in Walsall which has formed a black hole. Severn Trent are looking in to it!

      • Reports of a large hole in the road? I have it on good authority that several Police Officers are looking into it..

      • Believe it or not, years ago my daughter and I were eating breakfast and the radio was tuned to Five Live, and the traffic report was on. The announcer actually said that a large hole had appeared in a road somewhere, and that ‘police were looking into it’. It was quickly followed up with a horrified ‘oh my goodness, did I really just say that?’

  17. The news feeds I read on t’internet have daily reports on what happened on “The Chase” and “Tipping Point” as well as the usual soap opera, sleb and Sparkle Tits bullshit. When did this become “news”? If I was interested in that shit I would have already watched it wouldn’t i? Why do I need some cunt to tell me about what I have already seen and was bored to fuck by it in the first place? I must be missing something.

  18. May I point you all to my previous proposition of arming the coast guard with pointy sticks and granting them whaling rights on inflatables?

  19. The UK authorities being complicit in allowing these freeloaders safe passage onto UK soil. Who’d have thunk it?

    Just look around us in the UK, filthy little dinghy-wallers now camped in Southall garden sheds – stacked in like sardines but with a dropwire from the house providing power and makeshift overground water supplies for a bog and basin that looked like they had seen service in Tripoli.

    This shit has being going on for years. The rot started to advance in the Blair years. Nothing new to see here, move along.

    Nigel is a good man, but he is battling a mammoth system and MSM ingrained with far left wing sensibilities and a soft touch for anyone swarthy with a fucking sob story. He is literally pissing in the Channel.


  20. The Coastguard should be privatised, i’m sure a private company with a few of the lads on here running the show would do a cracking job protecting this once great Isle from the gimmegrant invasion
    A few boats, Isacunters with shotguns and harpoons patrolling the channel would suffice
    I’d do it for fuck all

  21. Fuck ‘government’. It’s all machinations conducted in the public sphere to try and fool us that there’s a ‘left and right’ and that either side will somehow make a ‘difference’.

    The reason we’re being dumped with toxic waste in human form is $ORO$. It’s him and his saurian brethren that need to be brought down before there’s any chance whatsoever of altruistically improving the world.

  22. The problem with all these floaters washing up on our shores is that they are completely useless.

    80% of the muslim world is illiterate, relying solely on their chief beard wearer for their interpretation of how the world works.

    Uneducated and about as much use as Anne Franke’s drumkit when it comes to being employed or being in any way useful to us.

    Then there are the rape apes and murder monkeys from Africa.

    Again, utterly useless to us, unless you count adding to crime statistics as useful.

    Next up are the Sirian ‘refugees’. 99% are young men running away from conscription

    Gutless cowards who are unwilling to fight ISIS for their own country as part of a well organised and equiped war machine, but more than happy to stab you in the street for control of your country. All aided and abetted by the left.

    The Iraqi, parking stanley and Iranian contingent are the vanguard of the ISIS invasion. Sleeper cells willing to blow up kids at music concerts, when they aren’t busily drugging and raping them.

    We don’want or need amy of this scum setting foot on English soil. They are nothing but a drain on our resources.

    Utter vermin cunts.

  23. We are such a soft touch. The reason this is happening is because things are so bad in their home countries, and desperately require military intervention, but of course no one wants to because they only want to look out for their own interests, or they dont want to be seen as colonial/racist (a bit late for that). So instead of acknowledging the problem, like the fucking adults they are supposed to be, they dazzle the younger generations with propaganda, gaslighting and bullshit, and make them accept it.

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