Stephen Tawiah

A cunting for Stephen Tawiah.

Who the fuck is Stephen? Stephen is a lawyer and it seems a contributor to such worthy tomes as the independent. Stephen has a practice specialising in immigration law.

I had the misfortune to stumble on an article he’s written. It opens as below.

‘ The government has no intention of ending the hostile environment – as an immigration lawyer, this is how I know’

The entire article can be found below.

Two of his big problems are the government making landlords check that potential clients are legally resident in the country, this he says is racist as it targets BAME unfairly. Unfairly due to the fact it’s mainly people from that group who enter the country illegally?

Ok so he’s a black migrantation lawyer, a bit of SJW bollocks is to be expected.

What really had me laughing even as my piss boiled is the fact he believes requiring people to prove they are legitimately in the country by providing evidence to a court is is wrong, why isn’t their word enough to satisfy the court?

The full article can be read at the following link.

Another peach from this article.

‘Migrants are scared to interact with public services like the NHS because it could lead to the ultimate consequence: removal from the UK.’

You’re not talking about migrants per se are you Stephen, you’re speaking about criminals who’ve entered the country illegally. If a legitimate immigrant turns up at a hospital they are more likely to be offered a job than questioned about their residency status.

In my mind it’s perfectly right to maintain a hostile environment to criminals, what you want is illegal immigrants to be rebranded as ‘undocumented citizens’ and then given citizenship as a reward for evading the process every legitimate migrant has undergone.

Stephen is a cunt.

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41 thoughts on “Stephen Tawiah

  1. Migrants and rapeugees are not scared of accessing the NHS for treatment because the health service will treat any fucker with a sob story for free regardless of where they are from. This ‘hostile environment’ the libtards keep bleating on about is not nearly hostile enough.

    • Agree, the hostile environment should be tougher for Illegals, anyone crossing the channel taken straight back and dumped on a French beach, anyone caught living illegally in the UK, locked up until they are deported, if they don’t cooperate they stay locked up until they do!

      • Stephen Tawiah:
        “Migrants have to prove every aspect of their life in the UK. Required to provide copious amounts of documents in court, their word is never enough”. 

        “And so they fucking well should. Are they honestly going to admit to being an illegal immigrant you smug faced dribbler.

        Stephen Tawiah:
        “Courts are looked upon as bastions of fairness and justice. A place where the little man can contend with the giant on a level playing field. In reality, the hostile environment is the only playing field available to some”

        The hostile environment you talk about Tiawah is the same environment that banged up Ms Fransen and Mr Robinson for standing up for the rights of white schoolgirls in the north of England. Feel better about the system now you fat smug faced pudden cunt.

        That’s my two penneth worth on this self promoting cunt that only has one agenda. Bash whitey. Gawd help us the more of these umbongos that get into the corridors of power. Watch this space.

    • In connection with this, the Government has just folded and removed the surcharge that overseas health workers had to pay to use the NHS. This fuckin’ government is frightened of its own shadow and caves in on everything.
      FFS, grow some balls and use the majority you were given by the people.

      • PS can anyone explain to me why immigrant health workers in the NHS should have free access to the NHS. They should be excepted if they’ve paid in NI contributions for an agreed number of years, otherwise, as happens in Europe, they should have health insurance. It won’t be long now before the International Health Service just crumbles.
        Or have I got all this wrong?

      • Dear oh dear. Any limit on what health tourism includes? Expect a herd of people arriving to have their teeth fixed or genitals chopped up as they’re, apparently, the wrong gender.
        Even shitholes Thailand and India, both who have a thriving health tourism industry, charge for the process!

    • Yeah…but hilarious on those Halifax adverts.
      Well….not hilarious.
      Alright…not funny.

      Alright, a cunt.

  2. The question should be, is there any country in the world where you aren’t expected to prove your identity and are in the country legally (when I say country I actually mean a civilised country not some half arse shithole)

    Cunts like this guy reinforce my racist values.

    • naughty Russian nurses. Now, that would be worth a clap on Thursdays….

    • The old boy in the picture is thinking, “If I was forty years younger and didn’t have bat flu, Id be on that like a dog with a hot chip”.

  3. Fire him out of the Very Big Cannon, into the English Channel.
    The ugly cunt.
    Get To Fuck.

  4. ‘no no more smugness…more pleased with yourself….that’s is…perfect’

  5. Matt Hancock on the telly just now, licking Müzzie arse, congratulating the backward bastards on what a wonderful job they done during Ramadamadingdong adhering to social distancing rules, “doing your bit to keep us all safe”. Please get fucked.

    • He is probably just glad the cunts aren’t out in their taxis so there’s no uncomfortable questions to answer to reports to bury. Saying that I saw yesterday of a raid by police regarding online child grooming in Bradfordistan……

      • Glad I missed that, sounds like a foot through the screen sort of job. That Hancock wanker gets up my nose just a little bit more every day.
        He’s a cunt.

    • Ah, remember the days when no one (English) in this country even knew when Ramalamadingdong even existed!

  6. Immigration is going to be the number one political issue in the West for the foreseeable future since the rich cunts and their useful snowflake idiots seem determined to impose it on us.
    Professional race baiters like this cunt are preparing the ground and setting the agenda. Illegal immigrants have yewman rights, don’t forget that you raaay-sists.
    And what is illegal today might not be illegal tomorrow.

    • Yes and OUR rights not to be overrun by illegals can get to fuck.
      This smug, fat cunt has just been added to my list of faces that should be punched repeatedly.
      Fuck you, Stephen Twatiah.

      • “Yes and OUR rights not to be overrun by illegals can get to fuck.“

        Overrun? Round our way Ron, you’re more likely to be run over by the cunts!! 😅

  7. I must confess, I`m an illegal immigrant – and my disguise has worked well so far.

    • You’re that Justin Mooseshagger bloke ain’t ya? Get back to Canada you cunt!

  8. Do not get the wrong idea when I say this, But I have visited countries without the owners permission, Armed trespass would be the term used in court.
    I happen to know that in those places where I have trespassed I may have received legal representation should I have been caught, It would have been state funded too but it would have been shit.
    So I did my best not to get caught and frankly had no intention of staying or popping into the local hospital should I be hurt, (You know sprained ankle typical holiday injury).
    It makes me mad, boils my piss, Grinds my bollocks, however you may say it,
    That internal Government agencies have a “Jobs worth attitude” to illegals.
    Housing officers will evict illegal emigrants from squats and give them receipts to claim housing.
    Police officers will ask them to pop back at a later date.
    It is all bollocks, I fell out with Farage on this one, the reason we are targeted is because we have no ID cards simple, every other nation has them and no ID no service.
    fucking wanker. (who let him in)

    • I am at a loss as to why we do not have ID cards in this country. What is the problem? We had them during WW2 which appears to be a very popular subject at present with the bat lurgy etc. As lord benny so succinctly states a major reason for coming to U.K. by naughty means is no ID card required.

      • If they have 5k for a boat ride they can easily buy a snide ID card, it just means more business for the EE slavers.
        And anyway, does anybody seriously believe that would ever be effectively enforced without pressure groups and Stephen Kowabungamunga waving their arms in the ear yelling about institutionalised racism?
        If enough people finally came to their senses and acknowledged that the main parties are all the same bullshitters then a UKIP or Brexit party would make sense.
        The supposed lack of policy of the small parties means jack shit when the reality is these mainstream fuckers just do as they please anyway.
        Imagine the uproar in Westminster if Britain First got the most votes, fuck it, it couldn’t get much worse than this rapidly deteriorating horror show we’re witnessing daily.
        Sodding liberals, they call themselves woke, is that supposed to be irony?

  9. Fuck me. A gorgeous nom, of the highest order. How the Fuck can a chiggun chugger who practices law worry about illegals?
    Fucking parasite cunt.
    Send the dinghys back.
    And let this fat cunt swim round it like some tar stained Moby Dick. Fat cunt blubber whale.

    • As an add on. I’ve enough boiling piss to reduce his whale carcass down to Imperial leather soap. Fat fucking scumbag turd.

  10. What a fuckin parasite, probably lining his bank account with legal aid funds, this lump of coal should be made to swim out to meet his new customers in the Chanel only he wouldn’t make it past the Peir because due to his heritage his type have a bone structure with the constancy of solid Concrete sending him to the Ocean bed faster than a Blacksmiths Anvil, stick to flogging Tea Bags you Cunt.!

  11. Try him as a traitor.
    He will be found guilty.
    Then hanged.
    And fucking good riddance.

  12. Yet another. Yet again. Come to my house, or my Country with good intent you will be welcome, whatever colour your tan is, which orifice you choose to accost, which ever way you pray – as long as you understand that I live here, and realise that the good life you enjoy has been paid with blood.
    If not, I will “disapprove”.
    But recently I am not allowed to disapprove.
    We won the war, we lost the peace.
    That is all.

  13. Fucking egg and spoon, send the fucker back to whichever fly blown shit hole he hails from, round up his family and they can join the cunt Tawaaaaaat

    • “Egg and spoon” – hahaha, good one. It’s apparently North London rhyming slang for ‘David Lammy’, although I didn’t understand the rhyming part.

  14. Migrants love the NHS. And the Benefits system. Its free money. They aren’t here to work innit blood

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