The term “Brit”

I DEMAND that the term Brit should now considered to be offensive and racist. The use of the term MUST be outlawed!!!!
We cannot call a person from Pakistan Pa*i yet someone from Britain called be referred to as a Brit. This is discrimination of the worst kind.
The upright members of this site should encourage our fellow brothers and sisters in arms, Owen Jones , Lilly Allen, Polly Toynbee and that cunt at Warwick University to rise up and deliver justice. Doreen Lawrence should be our leader.

Nominated by Guzziguy

74 thoughts on “The term “Brit”

  1. Definitely raaay-sist, especially when the Jocks, Taffs and Paddies don’t want to be part of Britain anyway. Well, to be fair, that’s just the politician cunts……but then they voted for them in the first place! So fuck ‘em. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  2. I’d also like to see it banned ..mainly because I always refer to myself as English…not British.

    It seems that it is acceptable to be Scottish,Welsh or Irish.but call yourself “English” and you are immediately classed as a far-right bigot.
    The flags of the Home Nations seem to also suffer the same fate.

    • PS….I’m also mildly surprised that “Great” Britain hasn’t been done under the Trades Description Act….Our days of being “Great” are firmly in the past. Perhaps “Disappearing Down The Shitter At A Rate of Knots,Inconsequential,Dumping Ground For Any Human Filth Who Fancies A Sitting-Down,Virtue-Signalling,Woke Little Island” would be more accurate,if a trifle unwieldy.

      • Has-been Britain?
        Will maybe rise again Britain?
        Disparate 4 Countries Britain?

        A few ideas there to shorten the name there Dick.

        I wish you guys all the very best though, as I have family up there living on the South Coast and it is a sad state of affairs you find yourselves in. Not all doom and gloom, but murky, shall we say.

      • You look most dashing in your business attire in the nom photo Sir Fiddler!
        Sterling work Sir, sterling work! 😀

      • Wondered where my bowler hat went!
        Looks the part accept if you have a touch of Colombo about you notice his umbrella is a Lambert& Butler promotional brolly rather than something off Bond street?

      • After seeing an approaching bout of rainy weather and being nowhere near a gentlemans outfitters Sir Fiddler was forced to relieve a working class plebeian of his umbrella, two good thwacks with a swagger stick was all it took!

      • Well Vernon, I’ve been insulted before on this site but never quite as viciously….the very idea of me dressed as some bank-teller or tax-inspector indeed !

        My “business attire” is Plus-Fours,deerstalker-hat and tweed-jacket while on the grouse-moors. If I’m at my exclusive Gentleman’s Club I tend to wear one of my bespoke outfits from Roderick Charles. Jermyn Street, London (Outfitters to the Gentry).

        The Moors and the Club are the only places where I would dream of discussing anything as common as “business”.

        Are you “Trade”?

        Morning Vernon.
        Morning All.

      • Good morning DF, I am a disgrace and should be ashamed of myself! (According to every gal I have ever spoken to!).
        I naively assumed you had donned formal attire to visit your London Cousin Admiral Cuthbert Fiddler – Fortescue Smythe to discuss arrangements for the hunt ball!

      • I’m afraid your invitation to my Hunt Ball may now mysteriously get “lost in the Post”….please don’t embarrass anyone by attempting to “gatecrash” (or leave the gates open,come to that).

        PS….Miserable Northern Cunt… were never invited anyhow.

      • Wasnt intending on coming anyway, had a better offer!
        Im going to Berties fancy dress party, me & spoons hired a horse costume hes the arse end me up front.
        Bertie has better food on than you, branded crisps!

      • MNC, If I am to be the back end of a horse, no curries the night before, please. I don’t wish to cough and choke from curry farts thus ruining the illusion of being a horse.

      • Spoons, I dont eat curry, or anything spicy, in fact don’t eat anything I consider ‘foreign’.
        Including chinese food, pasta, etc.
        Although do like that yank mineral, ‘Root beer’?
        Tastes like germolene!☺
        No your safe being dobbins hind quarters!!

      • PS….I don’t even like referring to myself as “English”…..I prefer to use the term “Northumbrian”.

      • Will Northumbria declare independence at the same time as the Great Nation of East Anglia regains its freedom? We could divide up Mercia and then jointly invade Wessex if you like.

      • Wessex contains London…we could build a giant wall around it ….might have to get a couple of planeloads of Polish builders in to do to the job,mind.

        Morning CMC.

      • Trifles are always unwieldy, it’s the ‘ wobble ‘ factor.
        I still remember the great Christmas buffet trifle disaster of ’65, Aunt Maude was never the same, after that.
        I’m sorry Dick. What’s the subject again ?
        Good morning.

      • 7.49 AM and Jack is already drunk…this lockdown really is too much for the “thirstier” members of our community.

        Morning Jack.

      • Belly up to the bar boys ! The drinks are on me.
        Morning, Old Fruit.

  3. I personally always refer to people by their home country; English, Scottish etc.

    Lumping you all in together strikes me as both unfair and impolite, you all have your own identity.

    I wouldn’t dream of calling everyone from Europe “European”. Thousands of years of country development (or lack thereof in some cases) make each country unique in my opinion, and to label everyone identical just seems fucking wrong. Despite what the Fourth Reich may say.

    • Im a Englishman pure and simple (mainly simple) and proud of it.
      But not offended by brits,
      Just referring to all the UKs people including the scots, welsh, those funny Cornish ones etc.
      I still use Great Britain because it pisses leftie types off.👍

      • I am English – would a Canadian be happy if you called them an American? (Trust me, no!) and if I am ever called a “Brit” as a lot of my American friends call me I point out I am English – not in a rude or discourteous way, just making the point.
        On other news, I may have been causing mischief in my vessel “The Black Pig”, I may have holed a few dinghies under the waterline with grapeshot and I may be on the run at full speed, but am hindered by continually hitting dinghies – it’s like being in a fucking bouncy castle out here in the English (or should that be British) Channel! 😀

      • Evening Miserable.

        All immigrants I know that come from your neck of the woods are all at pains to say they are English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish. British seems to be a dirty word to them for some reason and as such makes me refer to peolpe by their home nation. I think it is the only right and proper thing to do.

      • Morning Kiwi totally agree.
        But I wouldnt be offended if called a brit, or a ‘limey’ or ‘pom’ for that matter, Only way id get offended is if they thought I was a frenchman, but as im good looking, smell lovely, and dont eat slugs , no way thatd happen.☺

      • POM (Prisoner Of Mother England) is probably the most offensive thing to call someone from your side. I think cunt is less insulting.

      • Is that what it stands for?
        Well I never!
        You can see why we stranded them out there cant you?

      • Ps……Dunno about slugs, but snails (escargo) in garlic parsley sauce are fucking ace! Nice glass of Chardonnay and a crusty loaf of bread to go with them 😋. Fuck me, I’m salivating like a rabid dog now.

      • Snails are just slugs with a crash helmet.
        Wouldnt know about that Kiwi more a pudding chips peas & gravy type.
        Dont even use the soy sauce sachet in a pot noodle, not much of a gourmet eater!😁

      • Hahaha, fair enough. Maybe I’ll try a dash of Ketchup or KP sauce with my snails next time, give it a bit of dumbing down and let you know how it goes.

      • There was a Norman Tebbitt I heard on the wireless referring to, “When talking to a Kiwi or an Aussie or a person from Pakistan..” (they’d got him on with ex-Viscount Wedgie-Benn for obvious reasons but they turned out to agree on every topic suggested by the hapless reporter, only differing on how those objectives should be achieved; each understood the other’s position very thoroughly and a jolly time was had by all—except the reporter whose cunning plan came unstuck spectacularly—best hour of radio ever!)

  4. I can’t agree.
    If you fiddle about with it they might ban that superb television show The British which is about Gays music.
    I could not stand the loss.

  5. Jones, Allen, Toynbee et al would argue for the English to remain lying prostrate whilst being fucked hard and deep in the arsehole by paralysing political correctness and any other foreign filth.

    As far as wankers like this are concerned, the English are there to be the cuckolds of the world to serve them jolly well right for their beastly, colonial past. Pricks like Kehinde Andrews are thusly given a green light.

    • I am currently at war with Kehinde Andrews and Birmingham University via email PM – I’m loving giving them just enough rope!

      • Nice one Vern. I hope that Andrews cunt becomes so enraged by your opposition to his ’cause’, that his head eventually explodes – like on that Scanners film.

      • It would be funny PM, but I am quietly manoeuvring this somewhat intellectually limited “Professor” into saying the magic “R” word – then I’ve got the fucker!
        Let’s see if he’s stupid enough to fall for for it.
        Shifty devious scrote I am – if I get any worse I will be running for Parliament 😀

      • I’m writing a short bland Christmas pantomime with an festively dark theme starting Andrews…”He’s Ke-hinde you!!”

  6. When I refer to someone from Pakistan or any other nation, I try and use the common descriptive word at the end so as not to confuse, not cause offense.
    “That Pakistani Cunt!”
    “That French Cunt”
    “That Italian Cunt”
    That Immigrant Cunt”

    And so on and so forth…you get the idea.

    • That’s dreadful waycism Daz – the prescribed terminology is “You filthy smelly inbred murderous t*rrorist thieving scrounging p*dophile Pakistani cunt”! 😀👍

      • Vernon, I do apologize.

        However, I may struggle with such an address as the pin fuses on my M67 hand grenades is four seconds….I guessed the more succinct the safer for me. I’ll give it ago but if you don’t here from me for a while i’m in A&E….

      • Try posting cücümber Daz (minus the thingies over the u) That’ll get you modded every time, if that’s your goal 👍

      • If it happens just tell them in A&E that you are non binary BAME – straight to the front of the queue!

  7. Any reference to the term “English” will in time be banned for being racist and colonial, and that includes the actual language.

    So rather than speaking “English” it will be rebranded as “Wokeish” because its all encompassing, universally friendly, fluffy and nice.

    Oh, and once English as been expunged from the political correct lexicon, expect other offensive adjectives to be banned from the dictionary like “man”, “male”, “boy”, “white”, “him” etc

    The New World Order is almost here, and old cunts are not invited.

    • They will get the shock of their lives when we gatecrash the party then Techno!

  8. My pet hate on this is “British accent”. No such thing mate. Stop being a cunt.

      • Yep, expletive laden guttural northern dialect or my awfully nice John le mesurier impersonation when my meds kick in.

      • MNC – we need to get two disguises for Sir Fiddlers hunt ball – I have been told most sternly that the presence of chaps like ourselves would lower the tone, and furthermore my invitation may be “lost in the post” – perchance we could dress as Chinese Ambassadors, thus ensuring a warm welcome!

      • Fu manchu mustaches and black pyjamas. Some yellow face makeup an we’re in.
        All Fiddlers hurray henry mates there,…”oh youve got to pick a pocket or two boy, youve got to pick a pocket or two”…😁

  9. Brit is short for Britisher, isn’t it?

    I prefer Limey or Pom. Or Tommy, if addressed by a Kraut.

    Most of the world call us Cunts.

      • Am I correct in thinking that “British” was derived from Brittany in France?
        My history is a little sketchy – it’s before my time!

      • Nah, you cunts are ok as far as I’m concerned. Much worse nationalities out there….South African spring to mind (fucking bunch of moaning cunts) amongst many others.

      • Kiwi, I was a Trent Bridge a few years ago and got talking cricket to a bunch of your countrymen. They appeared to be unable to say South African without the preface ‘Scummy ‘. Is this common in your lovely country ?

      • Hey Guzzi…..yes, it is.

        Whereas in England you have “peaceful” folk turning towns into Little Baghdad, we have fucking Saffers turning towns into Little Johannesburg. The cunts all lumber around wearing their crappy rugby shirts and telling anyone who’ll listen about how magnificent SA is.

        Why fucking leave there then? Plus they have the single worst accent on God’s green Earth.


      • Kiwis or J. A. R. K. S. to the more experienced among us have by far the worst accent in the world. I liken it to an effeminate Michael Crawford impression.

      • Hampshire CCC appears to be South African heavy. I have had a beer with a couple of them and they are ok. Sadly, they are scared shitless about not being able to remain as SA is not a place to raise children- white, black or anything between.

  10. My mother (if she were alive) wouldn’t understand anything about the modern world. Absolutely nothing, political correctness, transgender, liberal values and wouldn’t understand why the word Pakistani couldn’t be shortened to P*ki.
    I don’t like to be referred to Brit or British, I accept that I am a citizen of the UK but I am 100% English, I haven’t got any Scottish, Welsh or Irish (certainly going back quite a few generations)

    So the Brits can fuck off, I AM ENGLISH!

  11. I am Scottish full stop and detest being referred to as British or as a “Brit”. I also despise Scotsmen who let English people call them “Jock”.

    • HOOTS MON!!
      Aboot this hoose?!!

      Too right mr polly.

    • What about Jocky Wilson 😂

      On a more serious note, there is the problem, it’s much more PC to refer to your nationality as Scottish but English seems be be a dirty word.

      • British has been hijacked by the immo cunts

        British Asian
        British Chinese
        British any cunt who lands on the south coast


      • I would never refer to anyone from Pakistan as a P*ki. I just call them all cunts.

  12. I really put the Great into Great Britain and I am a patriotic Brit, it’s a shame that others aren’t as great as me and contribute to making it Great Shitain.
    Go fuck yourselves.

  13. FFS the term British is an honorific used by the English when talking about anyone of merit from one of the subjugated members of our union. Therefore John Surtees is English, Jim Clark is British and David Coulthard is Scottish, indeed the scotch are a particular nuisance in this regard.

  14. In the socialist Republics of Yugoslavia there was a unification drive some time ago where if you or your family had Yugoslav instead of Serbian or Bosnian.
    Well as you can see that went well did,n’t it.

  15. I watched a film about Seal Team Six killing Bin Laden the other day. Fucking crap it was, but the yanks kept on referring to the Pakistanis as Pakis. Paki Air Force and so on. I guess it was mean to be military short-hand, but it made me laugh.

    • And anyway, Paki, in Pakistan, was derived from P = Punjab, A = Afghanistan, K = Kashmir, I = India following the partition of India, so nowt wrong is using Paki.

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