Christ on a bike. Those bloody Extensioneers just won’t call it a day. No, it’s any and every means at hand to try and obtain an extension to the Brexit transition period, so it’s no surprise that in their desperation, they’ve seized on the Covid-19 pandemic to further their aims.
Meeja reports indicate that a number of political figures have signed a letter to Michel Barmier (chief EU Brexit negotiator) supporting a two-year extension, to ‘assist the effort of national governments and the EU… in dealing with the dreadful epidemic’. Signatories to this epistle include Ian ‘Bloater’ Blackford, Ed ‘Ravey’ Davey and Caroline ‘Zippy’ Lucas.
‘Bloater’ is quoted as saying that ‘the government should do the only responsible thing’ and accept a two year extension. The only responsible thing, ‘Bloater’? Yeah, let’s extend the transition to the end of 2022; let’s play right into Barmier’s hands. The EU is bound to insist that in an extension, it’ll be all give on our part, all take on their’s. So let’s allow the EU to carry on acting the cunt with us. Let’s keep the UK tied hand and foot to EU regulations and legislation, and the jurisdiction of the ECJ. Let’s allow them to carry on plundering our fishing waters and our coffers for longer.That would be really responsible.
The government has made it clear repeatedly that it’s not going to ask for an extension, which of course the EU is desperate for us to do. We’ll be leaving on WTO terms in December if the EU cannot, or will not, recognise that as a sovereign nation, the UK will no longer accept its blatant attempts to impose its will and treat us as a vassal state.
Therefore, quite what these cunts hope to achieve by writing to Barmier, other than to listen to the sound of their own yapping, is beyond me. In any event, to me this is an attempt to collude with the EU against UK interests and against the democratically expressed will of the British people. If it was up to me, I’d be thinking that it’s high time to round up the usual suspects.

Nominated by Ron Knee

Ed Davy, Caroline Lucas, Ian Blackford and all the other remoaning politicians are in line for a nomination. In fact, not only are they cunts, they are out and out traitors to the United Kingdom. In an act of sheer desperation, these despicable fucktards are now using Flu Manchu as an excuse to write to the Fourth Reich’s chief negotiator, the arrogant frog, Michel Barnier, to claim that the outbreak is sufficient grounds to extend the transition period by up to two years (and the Lib Dems wonder why they got the shit kicked out of them back in December), and asked that Barnier do just that. There’s just one flaw in here. It’s not Barnier’s decision. The UK has already left the EU, and while we’re still temporarily bound by EU laws and regulation, there isn’t really any way the EU can extend the transition period without our consent, and that isn’t going to happen.

It’s about time these fucking scumbags realised that the UK IS leaving the EU, with or without a deal, and there is FUCK ALL that they can do about it. We’ve had nearly four years of politicians and other assorted anti-British filth going out of their way to stop Brexit. They’ve failed. The British people, even a lot of remainers, are sick of these repeated acts of treason. How lucky for them that the biggest traitor of all, Tony Blair, got rid of our treason laws. Time for Boris to step forward and tell these cunts to shut the fuck up.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

109 thoughts on “Extensioneers

  1. That cunt Blackford is an infuriating, corpulent windbag of a porridge w0g.

    The best use of this talent-free tossrag would be to hammer one 1″ steel pole down his throad and the other up his arsehole, then place his bloated carcass over a roaring fire. Shove a Granny Smith in the cunt’s dribbling orifice and gently rotate the cunt until the crackling is nice and crispy.

    A succulent meal for the likes of Kehinde Andrews and his mob of “cooking pot loving” followers.

    • Blackford is Scotland’s answer to Neil Kinnock, except fatter. Without doubt the most boring windbag in British politics today. The mere sight of the bloated cunt makes me want to puke.

  2. An extension so we can pay into that trillion euro bail out fund so the likes of Estonia can get back on track. Sounds fucking great. We won’t see dime shit back for our money. Sorry France and Germany these cunts are your problem now. If you fancy a cheeky little three country deal as a trading side pot you know where to find us, otherwise enjoy.

    • The Eastern European states are doing pretty well now; they are largely Protestant and not as keen on the eternal begging bowl loved by the Roman Catholic nations of the Mediterranean area, Greece not being RC but as adept with the bowl as the best of them.

      • Very few prods there, most are reformed commies, so Russian or Greek Orthodox and Roman catholic

        (the calendar is different between the Orthodox Churches due to tsar Peters meddling)

      • The Baltic states are by and large Lutheran. Any communism was skin deep for the majority. Whilst pursuing my career as an economist I spent some time in the early 1990s in the area assessing their future. The states lost upwards of 20% of their population in WW2 and dislike Russians . However a significant number of people who live in in the area are of Russian descent especially in the major towns- tension exists.
        Do not judge the people of Latvia,Estonia and Lithuania by the turds in Lincolnshire and other places, it is like thinking that all British people are like those who holiday in Ibiza.

      • Very true. I did Russian, a bit of Czech, and a 3-month stint in Bulgaria during my university time.
        There is a definite pecking order – ex-Habsburg E Europeans, esp. Czechs, Hungarians and Poles are the best; the Southern ones, Romania, and particularly Balkan types are problematic to say the least.
        It goes without saying that we get all the duds, regardless.

      • Fair point I only used Estonia as an example, whoever it is we won’t get fuck all back for our contribution

      • The EU will fail because it is so diverse. The old communist countries contain some seriously clever ,hard working people who are ,by and large contemptuous of the scrounges of the Mediterranean area. I liken the EU to the Austro Hungarian Empire circa 1910. I just hope that we don’t get caught up in the inevitable shambles .

      • BTW , see how the fucking Chinkies are are trying to get Hong Kong under their complete control whilst we are pre occupied with Chinky Flu? Sounds like a long term strategy to me. Focus must go back on Whuhan Chemical Laboratory.

  3. These remainiacs dont go in for grace in defeat do they?
    Bedsore Boris better stamp on these little traitors, although nothing surprises me with this goverment, he’ll probably see their point of view, and cave in.

    • They only encourage that preening cunt Barnier in his sense of arrogant entitlement. He’s responded to David Frost’s recent letter asking for the UK to be treated as the EU has treated Canada, S Korea et al with regard to a trade deal, saying that he doesn’t like Frost’s ‘tone’.
      Boo hoo too fucking bad, you Frog cunt; shit or get off the pot, in which case it’s WTO for us.

    • Trust Boris – he’s made of sterner stuff than that. If he does cave he KNOWS it’s all over.

      • I don’t think Boris is made of stern stuff Mickey – I think he is a treacherous little rat who would sell us down the river in a second and tell us it’s a lovely boat trip.
        The Prince.

      • Has there been a time in the last 150 years when we were so ill served by politicians?

  4. We’ve been warned about unscrupulous bastards using the Covid19 pandemic to try and con us out of our money.
    I say these cunts, (especially Ian Blackford and Caroline Lucas), should be arrested on the spot for misusing the crisis to further their own ambitions.
    I never want to hear from them again.

    Ah fuck it, just shoot the bastards.

    • Spot on. Some bloody n1ger1an scammer on the phone grifting for a couple of grand has nothing on these thieving cunts.

      Aren’t we fucked enough, without worrying about Bulgar1a’s fucking transport structure?

      Fuck em, we’ve been every back waters bloody unauthorised overdraft for far too long. Piss on the lot of em.

    • My mate Big Al fancies Lucas. Thinks she’s really cute. I think he’s nuts, but then he can’t figure why Marine Le Pen gives me such a boner.
      Takes all sorts I suppose.

  5. Remind me. What happened to Lord Haw Haw after the war was won?

    He was hanged on 3 January 1946, making him the last person to be executed for treason in the United Kingdom.

    • Thanks Admin, that’s given me a nice warm and fuzzy feeling in my pants.

      Not a lot of people know this, but Lord Haw Haw was James O’Shithead’s grandfather. His parents tried to do the decent thing and end the line by having him aborted but he escaped the black refuse bag and was subsequently adopted by a pair of masochists.

  6. There you go again CS…. I mean, what the fuck has all that got to do with the price of fish?

    PS FYI: an extensioneer is someone who wants an extension to the Brexit transition period. it’s not fucking brain salad surgery.

    • Afternoon RTC…how goes it?
      I wonder if C. Spedding is in contact with a certain R. Doubleday?
      We ought to face it…we’re never leaving. Some legislation will be drafted before long to kick it into the long grass forever, don’t you reckon?

      • We have enjoyed some odd characters on here. Ricky Doublepenetration – I remember that knobhead when I first began on here, what a tit. Caught Spedding was a pendantry addict – as entertaining as having your pubes removed one by one with tweezers.

      • Afternoon Thomas.

        I’m not so sure anymore. Before all this coronavirus bollocks I would agree with you, but everything’s up in the air now, what with European economies merrily flushing themselves down the shitter. The EU has shown itself to be utterly irrelevant in the face of this pandemic, I now think there’s a good chance of us leaving with No Deal.

        That said, I don’t think I’ve ever been less sure about anything ever…

        @ Paul: If that’s not CS above then I’m a Lammy’s uncle!

      • Fair play to anyone who read beyond the first line. Zzzzzzz

        Shame I put a 72 min link of class porn in it.

  7. “The people of Scotland demand an EU membership extension because I have an itchy ball sack.”

    Blackford will use any fucking excuse in the book. Parasite should focus on his outrageous MP expenses claims courtesy, for the most part, of the people of England.

    He is one of those who now has the ‘Owen Jones’ effect on my mood. Suddenly hearing his voice will create a clenched fist and an urge to punch the wall. Literally have to turn him off if he appears on the box/radio.

    Utter cunt.

    • To be fair CB, he does need those expenses to pay for his exorbitant pie, beans and chips bills.

  8. Boris is fast becoming a jellyfish, he’s been clueless during the pandemic.
    If he shows himself to be as spineless with the europeans he’s finished.
    Get us out and have done with it, you fat blonde haired cunt.

  9. “Time for Boris to step forward and tell these cunts to shut the fuck up?”
    This ain’t gonna happen. Boris has lost his bottle since his brush with death. He’s a changed man, now exhibiting signs of indecisiveness, lack of confidence and making policy on the hoof. What do you mean, he has always been like that?
    Expect a leadership contest in the near future.

    • Expect my scathing nom on Boris the traitor in the near future if Admin let it through!
      Remoaners? Sore losers, cry babies, cunts. Shut the fuck up.

    • You’re right Bertie. Boris never had any bottle. Or vision. If he’d had any bottle he wouldn’t have bottled out of the Tory leadership contest in 2016. He’s back in the fridge freezer, all bluff and bluster, completely out of his depth.

      Good evening.

    • Contenders:
      Patel – useless, tough talking, do nothing, hideaway hippo
      Hancock – clueless wimp who looks is stoned, confused, or just simple
      Rabb – useless, anxious-looking worrier. Easily intimidated.
      Sajid Javid – useless, token pàk, secret EU-admirer
      Nicky Morgan – halfway through the sex-op but I’m not sure which direction, token tranny
      James Cleverly – useless, secret Remainer, not very cleverly at all
      Chancellor Sunak – useless and token, married billionaire’s daughter so doesn’t care. Never worked in his life.

      Labour would destroy any of them. If we don’t leave this time, I reckon Starmer the Farmer cunt will find any future election a piece of cake.

      • Nonsense. However inept the Tories are, the fuckin’ Liebor Party are not a government in waiting.
        I’ll give it until September for Stormer’s honeymoon period to run out.

      • Anyone who would appoint Lloyd Russell-Moyle to his Shadow Cabinet, and Anneliese Dodds as Shadow Chancellor has to be a loser.

      • She looks like a celebrity Ron!
        Fuckin Plug from the Bash street kids.

      • I always wanted Rees-Mogg as the PM.

        A genuinely intelligent bloke who thinks about his response before opening his mouth.

        He puts the lefties in their place gently and politely, using nothing but fact and logic.

      • Penny Mordaunt RNVR for PM!

        Albert Finney did a brilliant Churchill once. As he walked through the doors of the Admiralty, he boomed out

        Tell them Winston’s back!

  10. I think I’ll do that again – Remoaners? Bitter, twisted, bullying, never heard or accepted the word no sore losers, cry babies, democracy deniers, cunts.
    On other news, after a disappointing incident involving catching the groin of my shorts on the seat front of my new mountain bike I have a hole in my leg pissing blood and extremely sore bollocks! (Not a bit embarrassing, teach me for showing off to girls!) 😀

    • Fucking hell, brings tears to my eyes just reading about it. Hope you recover soon.

    • Its embarrassing I think.
      Trying for a extension I mean.
      But they don’t mean a extension really do they?
      They mean a long delay till they can think of a way of derailing Brexit , they cant admit defeat by as they see it, Thick Plebs. Working class types, WHITE MEN.
      If I was a remainer id be embarrassed, ok I lost just go ahead, fair win.
      The cunts.

  11. Blackford, Ed Davey and zippy lucas have the combined political influence of a house fly , although annoying they are easily dispatched, i very much doubt that French cretin Barnier even knows who these fucking chancers are? Utter cunts drinking in the last chance saloon
    Of rejoin , about as politically irrelevant and out of touch as it’s possible to be, they can fuck off and go join Dominic grieve , jo swinson, Anna soubry and chukka umunna in the swamp of yesteryear turds…….

    • Caroline Lucas has a face like a chopping board and a cleavage like an ironing board. Irritating B-RightOn bitch.

      She’s not your MP is she, Quisadillo?

      • Fortunately she is not captain but I don’t get off lightly as I’m represented in Parliament by the annoyingly smug and ever so chummy man of the people Labours Peter Kyle ……

  12. I must say I object to the term “extensioneer”, “extensioner”. It makes them sound like reasonable people just responding logically to an unprecedented situation. Let’s have it right……..these are the same filthy, democracy denying, quisling, remoaner cunts who have always been there and always will be. If there was no Flu Manchu they would find some other whining excuse to give the country away to our enemies. We don’t need fancy names for these bastards.
    Of course they want to extend…….long enough to bring down this government and then leaving just won’t happen. Maybe it won’t happen anyway. Sorry, but relying on Jellyfish Johnson doesn’t inspire me with any confidence.

    • Quite agree Freddie. I am becoming very anxious at his apparent loss of grip.

  13. I must confess that I am an “extensioner”. I have the cunt Blackford ( among others in mind ) and would relish the opportunity of extending their necks with the aid of a rope and a “drop”

  14. The good news is that they are all obviously getting extremely desperate. Covid-19 came along at just the right time for them to inject more slow down attempts. The good news is that Boris and his 80-seat majority are not falling for it. And further good news is that the EU is falling apart at a rate of knots anyway. I seriously doubt there will be a Euro in 5 years and an EU in 8.
    Basically, it is good news all round, and the virus might actually be a blessing in disguise.

    • Gives me much pleasure too…
      The Frogs and Krauts are at daggers drawn, EU and Krauts at each other’s throats. Shows the whole thing up for the total cluster fuck that it is.

  15. Fuck Blackford. It’s like someone put Salmond and Sturgeon in the transporter machine from the Fly, and this tuberous sack of flab dribbled out and started spouting policies. Like having a needle file rammed up the pisspipe.

  16. Im fluent in all those CS/honeydew/fuckwitt,
    Plus various other languages, burundi, Nepalese, and the local dialects of a few Amazonian tribes that have had no contact with civilization.
    I learnt mandarin in a day, easy isnt it?
    If the first contact with intergalactic aliens arises, Id nominate me to chat to them.

    • “Ah reet space traveller, need owt moving? If you land on the Fiddler Estate for Christ sake, close the fookin gate”.

      Evening Miserable.

      • Evening LL,
        Thats pretty much how itd play out to be fair, dont care for foreigners never mind space aliens.
        You winning mate?

      • Yes bud, workwise its pretty much as you were before lockdown. Definitely more cars around, people getting itch feet.

      • Yes roads are busier, cant blame them, people just want to crack on.
        Had a simply lovely tea LL, fish chips and peas and a can of dandelion & burdock, awfully nice.
        After a days work set me up tickety boo👍

      • We’re having chicken kievs, green beans, chicken flavour super noodles and lashings of cheddar cheese sauce.

        Strawberry Angel Delight for pudding. 😃

      • Strawberry Angel delight?
        Genuinely envious!
        Not had that in years, used to love Angel delight.
        Crap day yesterday Ruff,
        Got home from work and missus miserable crying,
        Cat missing, phoned round and hed been run over & killed handed into a vets, I went and picked him up and buried him in back garden with other deceased pets from over the years, and planted loads of flowers and little solar lights.
        The missus is gutted.

      • Really sorry to hear that Miserable. I can genuinely sympathise cos about 25 years ago we had a beautiful two year old tabby savaged to death by a pack of dogs in the street at 5am. It was horrible. She was wearing a name tag and a neighbour phoned us after finding her in the gutter. Still feel guilty for letting her out only hours earlier. We normally keep our cats in at night but she was bugging me to let her out at 4am. We were living in a pretty rough area at the time but I reckoned she’d be safe at that time in the morning….

      • Yeah you cant keep them in cats are nocturnal, love roaming around at night dont they?
        This was a Bengal so quite vocal, used to come on walks with me an the Akita.
        Hate seeing the missus cry, daughter too, not nice is it?
        Pets are part of the family.
        So on my very best behaviour at the moment, taking them brews, not F ing and blinding, hate seeing women cry.😢

  17. I think I will write to Mick Barnier and say, ‘Get to fuck you Frog Cunt, stick your EU up your fucking arse’

    I like to keep it simple, no point in adding perfume and flowers!

    Letters to Blackford, Davey and Lucas
    Get to fuck you fat bloated cunt.
    Get to fuck you boss eyed cunt.
    Get to fuck you weird looking cunt.

  18. It’s absurd. The economic turmoil caused by this corona shit massively eclipses any potential fallout from Brexit even if the remoaners were right about that.

    If ever there was any doubt about getting out forget it. In Europe (l mean in the geographical sense) right now it’s every man for himself. Borders are closed and each country is doing their best by themselves. During the debt crisis Brussels and Berlin fucked it up, this time around the commission is nowhere to be seen.

    Some southern nations are begging for money because they have no choice being locked in this fucked up the system. The amount suggested for the bailout won’t cover it. The bailout isn’t even agreed yet and even if it was no one would see a penny of it till next year anyway. Fucking useless.

    This is the best possible moment to throw off the unwanted shackles of a broken and frankly pointless political project no one asked for in the first place.

    I say all this because there’s quite some comments here attacking this or that nation but your quarrel is with the EU, not the nations of Europe. Plenty of people l meet admire the UK for breaking away and wish their own politicians had the balls to do the same.

      • #MeToo Ron. Anyway, we’re not leaving Europe, we’re leaving the European Union. Big difference.

      • The fact that Esperanto seems to have died a death is also a great relief.
        We have an international language – it’s called music.

  19. I just read that as from June 8th Priti Patel has decreed that all incoming flights coming in and returning Britain’s will have to go into 2 weeks quarantine.
    Wait for it…
    It does not include freight drivers , the Irish or seasonal workers ????
    Does that mean The Irish, Romanian fruit pickers and lorry drivers are immune from Covid 19 and are also non contagious ???? Or am I missing something here.

      • Not just Gyppos Vernon. Ireland can be used as a gateway for anyone wanting to travel here from the rest of the EU. Until January next year we’re still bound by EU Freedom of Movement rules…

  20. Just a cosmetic exercise to make it look like they are doing something. Nothing will happen to any cunt who doesn’t comply. No point in making rules when you are too weak to enforce them.

    • Saved from the commies by a bunch of liberals.
      Not a spine among the lot.

      • I am seriously hoping my nom on Boris the traitor gets through.
        I despise this “Man”.

      • Evening Foxy,
        Yeah notice your hatred growing for him over the last few weeks, and others who were hopeful of him being a great PM slowly start to feel let down.
        Remember not so long ago I mentioned I thought he was dodgy, Rtc one or two others said the same, but we was a minority in saying that, now its the majority!!
        Id of loved him to be a great PM we need one,
        Really need one, but its not him.
        Think Freddy said about him being shit as mayor of London why any different as PM.

      • I had reasonable hopes he’d be a useful PM. But as others have said he’s been pretty piss poor in every previous role.
        Scary that any that could replace him seem to be bred from the same piss swamp.

  21. Odd times indeed, some people always talk bollocks, the crises allows them to push agendas and talk more bollocks.

    Some people have issues, they talk lots of bollocks trying to hide their issues.

    Some people just love talking bollocks because they are full of shit. They are my favourites, they can be found everywhere, spewing bollocks thinking they are superior because only they understand the bollocks they are talking.

    A kick in the bollocks remedies many ailments.

  22. Fucking disgrace. An iconic Victorian building turned into a fucking goat shagging station…..right in the centre of the City. Fucking tragic.

    • Some rotters would suggest throwing a dead pig in the building – muslims will not build a mosque on ground they consider to be “desecrated”.
      Not that I would suggest this despicable course of action of course! 😀

  23. I just hope that Boris and the government stick to thier word, by telling the cunt Barnier to fuck off were out come 31st December. There will be he’ll to pay if they cave in on this. However I’m not too confident about it given how we seem to have rolled over by letting fucking illegals in over the last 2 months. Patel came out with all the hard talk just after election time but so far they’re just words with no fuckin action.

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