The Sunday Times (3)

The Sunday Times. The only newspaper I take.
I think I have cunted it previously over it’s ridiculous property section – never Scunny or Wigan, forget Redcar, always somefuckingwhere costing a few £mill, and its ludicrous restaurant critic – mostly London but if not at least some place where lunch is £200+ for two.
But it excelled itself today. Restaurants are closed so the hooray Henrietta critic had a take away. Chicken and veg/salad. Cost?
£205 for a family of 4. I kid you not.
The ST and planet London. How fucking out of touch can they be?

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29 thoughts on “The Sunday Times (3)

  1. It was a pile of Londonistab shite back in the 80s and 90s when I used to receive it – the only mention of anything outside the Smoke with usually to do with negative news – unemployment, poverty, strikes, civil disobedience, and other articles of doom and gloom.

    But then again even today most media is Londoncentric, anything north of the M25 may as well be another country as far as those cunts are concerned.

    Typically, you could have a news item of “450 killed in terrorist attack in Grimsby” dumped on page 23; while “London House Prices slump: Henry & Henrietta in tears!” splashed on the front page, with follow-ups on page 4,5,7 and a special supplement containing deep analysis for the slump, what it means for H&H, and what the government should do about it.

    Load of bollocks

    • These are the Cunts who rule us.

      Oh how will we ever survive furlough, were only receiving £5k a month for us both to sit on our plummy arses.

      Will no one think of the children?

      No better than the dole milkers.

  2. Believe me when I say that no self respecting REAL Londoner would pay those prices. That is only for the middle class ‘my twatpanzer is bigger than yours and Hugo is learning business Cantonese’ Islington and Dulwich cunts.

    REAL London fayre, pie and mash with gravy is only £5.50. Not that these wankers would know what the fuck pie and mash is in the first place.

  3. Extraordinary cunting Cuntstable!

    Have to say I have never bought The Sunday Times or any other newspaper for that matter… apart from the Mail On Sunday’s Royal Wedding souvenir edition featuring the wedding day nuptials of Princess Eugenie and some chinless wonder.

    Everyone bought that one, didn’t they? The Mail’s coverage of the big day was breathtakingly – NOTHING will ever rival it again – a once in a lifetime experience!

    Prior to the lockdown, the only time I got a glimpse of a newspaper was at the dentists or waiting for an Indian takeaway.

    Top-Tip: Save £££ thousands by not buying newspapers – the money I saved was enough to pay off the mortgage on Creampuff Manor aka Sandringham House!

    Btw, has anyone seen my butler Willie Stroker?

    • I fear Stroker, the Rock, has succumbed to a dodgy Ipswich take-away, although I fear he hasn’t forgiven you for furloughing him and moving him to a tent in the grounds.
      The MoS wedding supplement adorns the walls of my study to remind me how marvellous they all are. The mention of the fragrant Eugenie has given me the horn you will be pleased to know.

      • Thanks for the heads-up re Stroker. He’s got nowt to complain about, I acquired that tent in Millet’s sale circa 1978. We even allowed him free use of the thunderbox, feckless ingrate!

  4. TWO HUNDRED AND FIVE QUID…for a fucking chicken and veg salad for four people? If that can’t see she’s been well and truly ripped off, then she fucking deserves to have her bank account hacked. What an utter cunt.

    • How fuckin much?!!
      For chicken and veg!
      Forget it.
      Sunday Times?
      Stop showing off Cuntstable, we’re not impressed by it!
      Any tits in it?

      • The restaurant critic Giles Coren for one (or is he in the Saturday ‘Times’?). Anyway, he’s a tit in any event.

      • The cunt’s in the daily Times. Does an unfunny lookatme comic cuts column. Would be washing dishes if daddy hadn’t been Alan, as would Victoria, useless parasitic chattering-class warriors.

        Wouldn’t be surprised if he regularly googled his name…here you go: Giles Coren is a cunt.

      • Good afternoon Ron,

        I rarely disagree with you but he is not a tit, he is a cunt. Anyone who saw him in that fancy hotel programme with the goggle eyed female chef, Monica, will know he is a weapons grade cunt.
        Quite fancy his sister though.

      • No argument from me sock. If you reckon that he’s a cunt rather than a tit, I most happily concur.

  5. £205 for a Chinese? Sounds like a bargain compared to the multi trillions for the Chinese takeaway delivered in January.

    Honestly though, if you think £205 is expensive for a takeaway, maybe you should switch to another paper. (Not the Guardian, they still eat expensive food, they sit outside begging for the money to pay for it afterwards)

  6. Salad gives you the shits.
    Medical fact.
    So paying £205 to shit your knickers sounds about right for these cunts.
    Fuck off.

    • Salads bad for you, scientific fact that, worse than tobacco.
      Suet based, or healthily fried for this kid!👍
      £200 plus for a chicken dinner, still cant get over it, do they think Im just hatched from a fuckin egg?
      Robbing bastards.

  7. I occasionally read the weekday Times (it had Farage’s Channel adventures yesterday btw) but at £2.90 for a cushion-sized wadge of lifestyley wank and opinion, the Sunday Times is never an option. I would expect its metropolitan readership to be unsurprised by a £205 chicken salad. The audience is one whose aspiration is towards maximally excessive and conspicuous consumption, after all; the article was probably commissioned by the seller of the salad…and almost certainly drew repeat business.

  8. Makes perfect sense to me cunters.
    Hand sanitizer in Feb was £0.99 in the shop. Now its £3.99 Perhaps they saw her coming and applied the same C-19 tax a bit like VAT…it was £51.25 before the bat flu now £205.00 CUNTS!

    • Even at £205, these cunts wouldn’t “bat” an eyelid.
      Apologies, I’ll go without a struggle…..

  9. 205 quid? I spend less than that a Month on buying food, and eat well.
    Fuckwits for buying it, thieves for selling it.
    And shows the danger of reading any publication except The Daily sport and the Beano 😀

    • It’ll soon be salad weather and I reckon I could put together a good chicken salad for about £1.75. Bread, honey, biscuits, coffee. Go on, call it £2.60 altogether. No restaurant meals for me, the robbing twats.

  10. A couple of years ago I was camping in a village called Coverack in Cornwall.
    The chip shop on the harbour was in a converted lifeboat station.
    On the wall outside there was a plaque, it had won The Sunday Times best chip shop award.
    They were fucking wank, and I saw David Baddiel in there, which was even worse.
    Not a patch on Shaws of Dodworth in Barnsley.
    Food critics should be fed to the crocodiles, a set of cunts.

  11. ‘Well madam, we have the Caesar, the Nicoise and the ‘I saw you coming,’

    Did Henrietta write that its was ‘just a snip’

  12. In an anagram of ‘The Sunday Times’ you’ll find the word ‘shit’.
    That’s all I’m going to say on the matter,

  13. Michael Winner used to be their restaurant critic.

    Anyone who employed or associated with that fat fucking piece of shit is a massive cunt.

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