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A Sunday morning cunting for the ‘Message’

I am getting pissed off with all the cunts, media, doctors, experts, government ministers going on and on about the fall in numbers of people going to A&E.

The conclusion is that people are afraid to go because of Chinky bat and effnick flu, and they are concerned people are dying due to strokes and heart attacks.
Now it is probable that in some cases this is true but the other possible reason is that in normal times there a lot of cunts rolling into A&E who don’t really need to go. Can’t get a doctors appointment ‘oh I will go to A&E’ and from what I have seen in hospitals there are always a high number (way out of proportion to the population) of elderly effnicks hanging around in hospitals!

Go to A&E if you really need to but either fear or the unnecessary has taken pressure off the NHS!

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  1. They’re not going for fear of a dose of Charlie Chan’s Revenge. So every Friday and Saturday night get some coppers down there to kick the shit out of the pissheads, druggies and other losers. Then they won’t turn up abusing and assaulting people will they? Fear is the only thing trash understand.

  2. I used to be a first aider at work, and if anyone got fucked up, I would accompany them to A&E. There we would sit for a couple of hours, me and someone with a four inch gash on their arm, and the only thing we could do to pass the time until my casualty had been seen, or had bled out, was to play ‘guess what’s wrong with those cunts’, as there would be groups of cunts sitting around in there, and you couldn’t even work out which one of them was sick, let alone what they were suffering from. It’s a shame you’re not allowed to tell time wasters to fuck off anymore. I’d say a pox on them all, but they are already clogging up the health service anyway.

  3. A&E usually looks like a refugee camp so this must be an improvement.
    Anywhere owt is free and there will be a mullah mooching about x 45.
    Bat flu injection.

  4. Few years ago daughter snapped her arm. (Fucking horrible) Can’t thank the NHS enough, excellent, all of them involved. Operated that evening.
    What struck me were the family of turds who thought young Spike breaking his fingernail was an excuse for three generatiins to travel to A&E.
    I shit you not, must have been eight of them lounging around, constantly harassing the receptionist for preferential treatment.
    Later when my daughter was nicely sedated waiting for an operating theatre I went to get myself and the missus a coffee. Said family is now at reception demanding patient transport or two free taxis to get the fuckers home. I swear I put more money in the coffee machine than this whole family had ever paid in tax.
    Seems anything funded by the workers in this country is abused by the sly, bone idle benefit scrounging class.
    No wonder there’s never enough money, with these cunts bleeding it dry.

    • My limited experience of A&E mirrors yours.
      A colleague of mine discharged himself from a ward at the QMC in Nottingham as he couldn’t stand the stench of cannabis. That was 15 years ago; I don’t imagine that things have got better.

      • They certainly haven’t. When daughter was taken back to the ward after surgery we were greeted with a teenager around fifteen who’d been admitted after taking dog only knows what. Spent the whole night swearing at the staff. Bearing in mind this was a childrens ward!
        Luckily the little cunts Uncle turned up and threatened to beat the shit out of him.
        If that was a window onto society we really are fucked.

  5. Piss head upstairs had to go to A+E about 2 weeks ago, he fell over and broke his wrist (Again) he said that it was empty, so I am inclined to agree with sick of it (mind you I did think that way before the flaming obvious was stated).
    I have unpleasant memories of having to follow the MRS into A+E and sitting in the waiting area with the drunks and drugies then getting permission to go through into the treatment area.
    I don’t know what was worse, the junkie in reception dancing with his plant or the police stand off in cubicles with a hysterical woman and strangely enough another pissed bloke who was refusing to move in through a door (let me just lay in the corridor).
    it was in my opinion 20 shades of wrong, probably down to the diplomacy of the staff.
    I ended up in hospital a couple of times abroad, the staff worked on a give take system, you don’t give them shit and they do not give you shit, on one stint my neighbour was tied to his bed because he kept on touching his dressings and I watched the nurse give a kid a very good slapping for giving her shit, that was a teenager with alcohol poisoning.
    No one gave the staff any shit, in fairness the quality of care was not that good but fuck you did not want to be on the wrong side of them.
    Fucking twats sewed me up without anaesthetic when I was unconscious, I woke up on the table, blacked out again, but it gives you an idea of the level of skill and care.

  6. I was in A&E with my poor old mum, just before she passed away. The shit that ‘patients’ give the staff is unbelievable. People have no fucking manners or moral guidelines. An ambulance fella went an told this old gobshite to shut up and stop abusing the staff and he was the one that got told off by some senior nurse. Can’t tell off the patients apparently. However, they aren’t patient, they are the filth of humanity. They don’t deserve to be treated, but should just be shot and put in a large pit outside A&E. Cunts.

    • It really is time those with self imposed injuries (pissheads and junkies) where thrown out of the system. The poor staff must see the same disgusting cunts week in, week out.
      Perhaps time for a three strikes and your out rule?

      • I had to go to A & E with the wife when she hurt her leg one time.
        Place resembled that shithole camp at Calais, it was spot the whitey, and we were it.
        What really boiled my piss was that we’d been waiting about a couple of hours when up rolls some mad drunken cunt with blood pouring from his head, handcuffed to a copper on both sides. They basically dragged the cunt in, effing and ranting at the cops and the staff. Guess who was taken straight through…


    A plane has taken a nose dive into a built up area of Karachi. That’s a few hundred cunts who won’t be coming here.

    • Perhaps we should all start baking? Like the peaceful types did after 9/11.

    • The plane took out a few slums on the ground too, at 30 heads per slum, that’s going to up the body count

    • Brilliant! Wait until the fuckers get to heaven, the 72 Virgin’s will be awaiting them..ohh dear.. the vigins are all get to fuck

    • you sure it wasn’t somewhere in London – looks just like downtown Karachi and can be confusing.

  8. My penis reduction procedure has been cancelled due to the out patient ward at Hereford Hospital being converted to A amp; E or however you fucking spe it now….CUNTS!

  9. “Praise nurses”, “doctors are heros”, praise flawed corrupt as shit healthcare system fuck off last time I went to the hospital the doctors and nurses were rude stubborn cunts and didn’t help me. I saw a McDonald’s and a tim hortons in it ffs seriously how is that a thing? Tho to be fair hospital cafeterias are usually shit but still wtf

    One good thing to come out of this wuflu is soap and filthy water shy cunts actually have to a fucking shower to prevent your chances of getting corona’d

  10. I don’t know what’s hard about practicing basic manners. Please, thank you, having respect for your elders and working people. It’s a sign of the times brought on mostly by the liberal PC snowflake agenda. Letting sub human trash get away with everything. If I had my way we would have a new variation of the SA, clubs in hand to dish out some justice like in hospital waiting rooms. Anyone showing off would get one warning only and if it carried on then they would have something that would require hospital treatment. But in my world they would be thrown out onto the streets with no treatment. This is the only language these cunts understand. Let’s be honest, would decent hard working people give a shit if the dregs of humanity started to ‘disappear’’?

  11. My sister who is not in the greatest of health had an appointment at Charing X hospital.
    Despite being on time, she was kept waiting over four hours. In the meantime there was a bunch of ‘letterboxes’ sitting in the waiting area being waited on by staff with coffees, tea etc.
    What the fuck has this country come to.

    • How can the letterboxes drink? Probably given a private room.


  12. Nail. On. The. Head.

    End of.

    Time-wasting cunts. Cunts that call us and cunts that go to ED for fuck-all.

  13. Zero tolerance policy. “Stop being an utter fucker or you will be treated – eventually – in the cells by a Police Doctor. Then further treated by a pair of huge ugly coppers with the traditional “mattress punchbag” method, not a bruise and incredibly painful (take my word for it on that one!)
    NOBODY should be threatened at work.

  14. I went to A&E on Tuesday night after a mini stroke. I knew what it was, I phoned them up first and they said to come in, I wouldn’t have gone otherwise. There were about six patients and a dozen staff so no delays. Answered a lot of questions, got my blood checked, had an ECG, was given tablets and got home at twenty past four in the morning. Worst part was they fixed a canula into my arm which wasn’t used and the pain as the nurse removed the strapping and ripped my hairs out one by one was indescribable. I’m taking a razor with me next time.

  15. I really enjoy reading most of the postings on ISAC and in general I agree with most of the fundamental issues that are raised. However, I sense that a lot of you regular cunts that post on here are just a bunch of low intelligence, racist and bigoted fuckwits who lack any sort of empathy or basic human decency. Nobody who has ever existed on this planet has ever chosen their parents and hence they have no control where they may come into this world or further still which religion their parents choose to utilise to brain wash them with. Countries and therefore their borders were created by human kind, society in effect. The fact that you are a lucky enough cunt to have been born in a developed country where you aren’t brainwashed from the moment you take your first breath does not give you the right to belittle others and place less value on their existence than animals. I bet you cunts wouldn’t treat a dog with such contempt and hatred. Honestly, you lot, and you know who you are a just group of twisted and bitter ignorant cunt of cunts and i hope one day you eat your words, hopefully your penance will be served and you will repent your could cunting mouths and maybe take some pity on those less fortunate than yourselves. I’m not a religious man, but I’d do ultimately believe that old adage of “what ye sow, ye shall reap”.
    Anyway, fuck you all, you disgusting selfish cunts and may you have an awful cunt of a weekend.

  16. low intelligence, racist and bigoted fuckwits who lack any sort of empathy or basic human decency.”

    Not so much of the “low intelligence” if you don’t mind. I’m intelligent enough to know that most people are shits…

  17. I beg to differ Dioclese. Most people are CUNTS not shits. It’s human nature, we are born to be cunts, the only difference is the varying degrees of cuntness in a person. Personally, I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who isn’t a cunt in some shape or form. Some examples are: Ugly cunts, fat cunts, black cunts, thick cunts, gay cunts…….you get my drift.

  18. Almost forgot, the greatest of all cunts are those that have a cunt. Yes, I am referring to the female of the species. In fact I think I might just have to submit my own nomination. Watch this space.

  19. A shit-box Fiat ambulance. I fucking shudder just looking at it and thank my lucky stars my Trust doesn’t have the cunts.

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