Richard Branson (14)

Some people just gift themselves to this site by virtue of the fact that are born cunts. Richard Branson is one of them. I know he’s already been nominated, but I need to nominate him too. This piece of shit hanging out of a mangy dog’s arse has gone to the British government, a government he personally pays no tax too by virtue of his living in exile on his tropical island, to beg for a £500 million loan to keep his airline opened. That would be the Virgin airlines that is part owned by Delta. He’s put his Necker Island tax haven up as surety, but I’ve heard that it’s value has been estimated at around £10 million. Not a good return should he default.

The sheer gall of this bearded quim, to come running to the British government to demand money for his shitty airline is staggering. This is someone who brags about doing so much for NHS, whilst getting anything in return (except for a large pay out after he sued over a contract he didn’t get). This prick is worth somewhere around £4.5 billion, and despite telling us that his companies pay tax in the UK, pays no tax himself. And I think I’m right in thinking that Branson was one of the loudest voices calling for Flybe to not be given any government assistance when they were in financial trouble a couple of months back. Now he thinks his airline should be given government assistance.

And lets not forget, this is tight fisted prick who ask his airline to take eight weeks off without pay. Here’s an idea, Dick. Get your partners at Delta airlines to cough up part of the money you want, and you put your hand in your pocket and pay the rest. Or you could go to your beloved EU with your begging bowl.

Apparently, Rishi Sunak has already told him to do one, saying that Branson hasn’t provided any evidence that he’s exhausted all other possible avenues of raising the money. We’ll see how long that remains the case. And considering Branson already has form for it, I wouldn’t put it past the brass necked prick to try to sue the government for the money.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

67 thoughts on “Richard Branson (14)

  1. Id be fuming if the government helped this greedy grasping hippy profiteer.
    We should be looking to help our own people during this time, not some billionaire tax dodging cunt with the means to help himself.
    Talk about a cheeky cunt!
    But knowing the corrupt inept fuckers in Westminster probably get his coffers filled at our expense.

  2. Denmark and Poland have set the bar from the outset.

    If the company doesn’t pay tax there, then they get no government assistance.

    See how easy that is, telling greedy tax dodging cunts to fuck off.

  3. You forget to mention that he is a Knight of the Realm which may explain why he thinks he is entitled to help himself to taxpayers money. One of the greediest, most disgusting cunts this country has ever produced and long courted by the media who seem to think the sun shines out of his arse. He spins the story that he only wants to protect British jobs but every cunt knows, that like all these rich cunts, he is terrified that he might actually be 50p poorer than he was before the batshit plague came along and fucked him up the arse.

  4. Top notch cunting.
    I keep a list of all the companies I refuse to give any money to because of their general cuntishness or their over the top virtue signalling and Virgin/Dickie Branson are already on that list.
    It goes without saying that the BBC are top of the list. Kellogs are also on the list but fucked if I can remember what they did to hack me off.

      • LGBTxyz123 breakfast cereal?

        I remember as a kid getting Tony the Tiger stickers inside the Frosties’ box.

        What do they get in the tranny gayness cereal? A huge dildo and a gerbil?

      • Just don’t mention Coco Pops for fucks sake. It’s bound to be racially offensive.

      • I was once lumbered with someone’s three kids for the weekend. They were horrible chavvy little cunts.

        Among the dietary requirements for the little bastards was ‘for fuck sake, dont give them sugar’.

        So cunty were these kids and so damaged was my house come Sunday, I bought them a special breakfast treat.

        Cap’c crunch with marshmallows.

        The box actually comes with a warning label.

        Something about hyperatctivity, toxic levels of suger…Blah blah.

        Apparently they had a horrendous three hour drive back home.

        Am I a cunt for weaponising cereal?

  5. Oh, and let’s not forget that Sir Dickie was given his knighthood by Blair for “services to entrepreneurship.” That doesn’t even make any sense. “Services to entrepreneurship”???? What the fuck does that mean? But that was in the days when Blair walked on water. Dickie boy doesn’t seem to understand that those days are long gone. Fuck off cunt and go and lick some Chinky arse for your money. Wanker.

  6. This cunt is pissing in the wind. Not a chance of him getting a handout.

    Good. The greedy cunt. I feel sorry for those that work for him, but there isn’t much anyone can do about their boss being a tight cunt. He has over 4 billion to his name. He can easily pay his staff for a year if he wanted. But he wants to have 4 billion to his name as an old man, not 3.5.

    If most people have a business that needs a cash injection they first go to any savings they have. If they don’t have any savings they try and get a business loan. This twat is in a lucky position in that he can dip into his own stash to pay everyone and keep his business afloat during this crisis. And still remain a multi-billionaire! But he won’t do it. He doesn’t even want a bank loan. He wants a taxpayer funded bailout. And the cunt doesn’t even pay personal tax to the UK!

    He can fuck right off, the cheeky cunt.

    • The Cunt can borrow from his own Bank Virgin Money which he established when he was allowed to steal the remaining resources of Northern Rock. Virgin Giving enables him to cream off money raised from individuals who are legitimately fund raising for charities. The greedy Cunt also had his daughter trained as a doctor at UK taxpayers’ expense’ then instead of her working as a NHS doctor Branson set her up with a desk job running Virgin Health; he then had the audacity to sue the NHS when his third rate company failed to win a contract. He is a greedy abomination of CUNT without an ounce of human decency.

  7. And self-made billionaire my arse. Have you heard his mother speak? Fuck me, she makes the Queen of England sound like a 1800’s East End charlady!

      • I’m just recalling a TV interview from years ago. She may have croaked since then.

        I’d always assumed, as the like of the BBC kept telling us, that he was a self made billionaire who worked his way up from a little record shop to a huge conglomerate.

        Turns out he was able to ask mummy and daddy for loads of cash to bail him out when things started going wrong in the early days (which they did quite often, by all accounts).

        Good luck to anyone like that, but don’t tell me you did it all by yourself when in truth, without the bank of mum and dad, you wouldn’t have even started the business, let alone be in a position to be bailed out by them. Several fucking times by the way.

  8. I hope his foreign airline goes bust.
    If he gets our brass then Boris is a cunt.
    I hope something crawls on his island and eats him.
    The cunts cunt.

  9. I’d consider why this grinning, mullet donning, tax avoiding, narcissistic, fudge packing, bearded, geriatric, bond villain slime ball, is now despised by so many?

    Dicky, warned us the pound would collapse as a result of Britain leaving the EU without a deal (2019). This would cause big losses at his UK companies and forcing them to shift investment out of the UK. Good, F**K OFF!
    In 2018 Virgin Atlantic stopped working with the Home Office on forcible deportations from the UK of people deemed to be illegal immigrants siting ““in the best interest of our customers and people”. Thanks Dick you foreigner feltching twat.

    Dame Dick has gone cap in hand to the UK government asking for financial support for his shit businesses. We are all in the same boat, right? How much you need Dick? £7.5 Billion!!! Her Majesties Government sent him an email “Dear Dick, when you start paying some fucking Tax in the UK, we will have a look at it…now f**k off!”.

    The smirking twat is bad loser. He forms a company to provide Central and Local government services and when he bids for the work and doesn’t get awarded the contract, he sues to funding authority. Whether that is Network Rail or the NHS. He of course travels by private jet, helicopter or Range Rover and has private medical cover. CUNT!

    He can’t go a week without seeking some sort of publicity, he tried organising a concert in Latin America like LIVE AID for the poor people of Venezuela. They had no idea who you are. “Oh, he bearded man with smirky grin…. how you say… CUNTIOS GRANDE”

    • If only he’d taken to the stage in Venezuela and said, ”I’m a far-left socialist, just like you guys!”

      Seeing as the ideology reduced them to eating their own pets and sending their kids to forage on land fill sites, I don’t think he’d have got another sentence out of his beardy face. But then again, I don’t know how retarded the Venezuelans are. If they still support this kind of ideology, then the kids and pets are the only ones I feel sorry for.

      • In Spanish it may be “cono grande” with a tilde over the “n” making it “conyo” in English. But I yield to the better linguists here. (Every other cunt on ISAC.)

  10. He also confirmed recently that he is almost at a point where he can take a test flight on his Virgin Galactic space ship. I say space ship, the aircraft appears to be three Lear jets bolted and welded together. Go Fuck off to Pluto. CUNT!

    • With any luck the cunt will go up in a fireball of O2 and hydrogen peroxide

  11. Of course, not forgetting this greedy, toothy cunt threatened the UK government during Brexit that if it went ahead, against his express wishes, then he would cut UK investment.

    Hopefully Boris will remember this cunt’s threat and now that Ol’Toothy is begging for a bailout he can go and get fucked in the arse with a 20″ glass dildo.

    I just hope the government does not about turn just to appease this litigious wanker.

  12. I like Richard, he always reminds me of Tony Blair, everyone knows I adore our Tony. Tony and Dickie are mates, Dickie financed Tony’s anti brexit group.

    Not sure Boris will help Richard out, our Tony certainly would have, Boris isn’t as hip as Tony so probably won’t dig dick as much as Tony, Tony couldn’t get enough of dick in number 10.

    I do hope Boris gets behind dick, we can clap for virgin’s business on a friday night, between the clap for bingo callers and the miscellaneous coverall clap.

    Bono and Sir Bob can do a world wide concert in aid of dick, Elton could rewrite candle in the wind. I’m sure Elton is praying for dick right now.

    My only concern is the government is not very good at saving virgins, they failed to save hundreds of virgins in places like Rochdale, knowing the government they will give dicks airline to an Asian taxi driver.

    • Ah Rochdale, my home for the first 30 years of my life….

      What a fucking shit hole!!

      • Yeah, Rochdale voted for Cyril Smith to represent them in Parliament for 24 fucking years. How cunty a place must Rochdale be to do a thing like that?

      • I lived there for a year in 1994 and married a local lass. I then lived there again in 2006 when I divorced her. It’s not only a shit hole but a jinx. But mainly a shit hole.

      • Believe it or not but there is a shithole district outside São Paulo in Brazil called Rochdale. God knows how it got the name. Perhaps some nostalgic expatriate from Coronation Street persuaded the council to give it the name as a tribute to his homw town. The locals call it “Roshdally”.

      • I lived in Tunbridge Wells for 14 years and there was a Rochdale road there, what the fuck were they thinking 😂

  13. I seem to remember 10/20 years ago him always being pictured lifting up and generally manhandling attractive young ladies and leering/pawing them at some of his parties.
    Wonder how many he either paid off or silenced now the #Me too stuff has screched his gallop to a halt.
    Grinning fake like Bliar.

    • Steaming Helmet my sentiments exactly all is definitely far from what it seems with this cunt….his arrogance will be his undoing

  14. He’s really shot himself bear in mind like his fellow croney Blair for many years he could do no wrong and tbf he pioneered some aspects of ‘branding’ BUT there’s was always a sense he was a mega cunt with questions on his tax exile status, his penchant for young women, hypocrisy started creeping in obviously he wanted to remoan for self interest obviously he sued the nhs for self gain now he’s asking for a loan without a commensurate contribution!! You don’t need to be in the CBI to realise it’s a monumental piss take and what’s more a PR disaster in any event the government won’t allow it there would be an outcry he’d get fucking lynched….he’s getting called out by O’Leary the Irish tinker leprechaun, Cowell the creater and ruiner of hopes and dreams, and Bannatyne the mean Scottish tight wad with a mrs young enough to be his granddaughter…..he’s lost the plot. Personally I’ve always found him a slimeball pruning poncey narcissistic type. Cunt him out of the spotlight shame the cunt let those silenced speak up I’m expecting a shit storm coming his way once he releases those reigns and employees are free to speak. Dangerous anti social SIR cunt ostracise him to his island at the least

    • When you are called a cunt by a who’s who of cunts, you may as well change your name to cunt. The cunt.

  15. I think we should get Greta (she had chinky flu, self diagnosed) to give her opinion, I reckon she would be firmly on the side of the ISAC cunters.

    ‘Richard Branson, you have ruined my childhood, how dare you’

    We ain’t going to need as many planes for the next ‘x’ months and years so no need for another runway at Heathrow and no need for Virgin Atlantic.

    Fuck off Branson you cunt!

  16. I can’t blame him for trying to save his company, asking for more more when you already have enough to spend in ten lifetimes is the only issue I see.

    The only way out of this mess is if business take control and start to trade again.

    I can’t buy that people are just standing around watching the UK go to ruin while hiding behind their sofas….maybe they are hiding from the big bull trainee architect Dr Who?

    • Dump those dinghy cunts on Necker island an tell Branson we’re confiscating it for asylum seekers.
      That dyed goatee has taken years off him, going bankrupt would shave off another 20!!👍👍

      • Is that his new look? He looks like a fucking badger, similar to ex Labour fuckwit Alistair Darling and his caterpillar eyebrows.

        Morning Miserable, morning all.

    • SMS surely borrowing money from banks or offering capital in shares is what he should do. What he’s doing is pointing the proverbial gun to the governments head to protect his billions……how can that not make him an industrial cunt?

  17. Over the years I have seen many common words become adopted by various bodies, only to become insults and then taboo. To name a few “spastic” “fag” “gay” “retard” etc. May I be the first to call you all a bunch of BRANSONS.

    • You’ve given birth to a brand new collective noun HC; a branson of cunts!
      Bonza bit of cunting Quick Draw.
      Morning one and all.

  18. There’s very few things that can peel this leathery rapacious lecherous old cunt away from his fantasy island of coerced (prostitution) sexual activity,
    Where attractive young people are expected to “ entertain “ this dodgy cunts rich mates , but Virgin Airlines collapsing has certainly managed it , seeing him hanging around with his begging bowl out reminds me of a gimigrant at a benefit office he simply won’t take no for an answer! , he even offered up FANTASY ISLAND as security, probably offered Rishi Sunak a free fortnight there sampling the delights of the overly attentive young hostesses, I’m glad Sunak sent this shameless charlatan packing!!
    Watching Branson flapping around has given me a giant dose of shadenfreude!!
    Fuck off back to your sunbed you tax dodging CUNT…….

  19. Sell your island you sanctimonious cunt. Even your fellow Remainers are waking up and starting to hate you.

  20. He also appeared in one of those fucking awful Only Fools and Horses specials.
    The cunt.

    • Appeared in Friends playing a wide boy market trader. Talk about art imitating life. Was also in Casino Royale going through a metal detector at Miami Airport. Hoped they gave him the full cavity search with a trowel. The fanny faced cunt.

  21. Pay for your own airline don’t expect the UK tax payer to bail you out
    Not paid any UK tax for 15 years and then preaches to us about staying in the EU Jesus moves in mysterious ways 👍 Use your own money to bail your own companies out not ours fuck off 👍

    • I feel sorry for Branson. He’s worth more than he can ever spend and he can’t think of anything to do with himself other than to make more useless money. He’s frightened to death in case his fortune gets reduced a little. What an existence. We’ve got nothing in comparison to him, yet we’re better off because we’re not plagued by feelings of insecurity. He says he can’t just go to the bank because his fortune is all tied up in his businesses and investments. Poor cunt, what’s to become of him?

      • I had an argument with a guy about rich cunts, after he said wealthy people couldn’t be miserable. Of course they can, and this cunt is a perfect example. For any normal non narcissistic cunt, having a billion or two in the bank would mean instant retirement, and fill whatever is left of your life enjoying the fruits of your labour. Yes, there are some who love their job too much to give up, but Cunts like him are way too self important to fuck off, and why have four billion when you can have ten? No matter how much wedge you have, there will always be something you can’t have, and that’s why rich cunts can be miserable. What eludes Branson is humility, a quality he has no concept of. The cunt.

      • Unlike wealth, the rich spread misery. This cunt is miserable, because nobody wants to give him lots of public money, but not miserable enough to blow his own brains out, and that makes me miserable. See?

  22. Looks like Branson’s got himself in a bit of a pickle…. A thousand apologies cunters, I would get my coat but I’m not allowed to go anywhere.

    • I think the cunt feels that he’s entitled to one from the UK taxpayer, people like himself. Er hold on…

  23. Tricky Dicky. Can’t see why he has a problem loaning money as he has plenty of assets and a profitable organisation. It might not be a bad idea for the UK Government to give him a loan repayable over 20 Years with his corporation as surety (on the understanding he coughs some personal tax) – Branson is a greedy b*stard and one sure thing is his group will be back making good profit sooner or later – and it’s better he is coughing money to the UK treasury than let’s say, a dodgy Chinese investment group, we need to start bringing in more cash to minimise the economic damage done by covid19.
    And any competitor complaining of favouritism or restrictive practices will be potentially eligible for the same “loan for equity” terms – thus bringing in a further tidy sum into the treasurys claws – Fox the tightfisted for Chancellor I say!

  24. Apparently the great British public couldn’t function without Virgin and therefore like the Banks before him he’s at liberty to ask for public funding having previously fleeced us via his other quasi public virgin organisations……re brand it to Fucked. I hope the government tell him that his inflated value of virgin does not match nearly every one elses now fuck off to necker you cunt….necker more neck than a giraffe collosal gargantuan mega billion piss taking self centred cunt

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