Fuck McAfee. Tbh, fuck any of these cunts that you use because, every 5 or 6 days they’ll give you a message and you’ll click yes and, all of a sudden, Yahoo will be your search engine. Now I know that Google search is basically a massive global cunt, but it’s the best cunt there is.

McAfee keeps my laptop safe but insists on partnering (when the fuck did that become a word) with Yahoo which has been a pile of shite for the last decade. Never forget that when Yahoo was the browser of choice back in the 90s, they used Google as their analytical engine. How times have fucking changed.

Also let’s not forget John McAfee has an element of dodge about him. That said, his company is better than most. It’s not like shopping in Debenhams (Phillip Green) or M&S (they’re both owned by cunts).

Fuck it. I’m pissed. Someone above is a cunt.

Nominated by Dark key cunt

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  1. McAfee is a cunt alright. Try and cancel your payments/subscription/mandates, its a fucking nightmare. Its nearly impossible to cancel, its like that particularly nasty dog turd on your shoe that just will not go away. ! Cunts !

  2. I’ve been working in IT for over 30 years, and I have to say Mcafee has always been a crock of shite, and more recently a bloated crock of shite.

    Yahoo, is another dinosaur, along with Norton and AOL – all of them intrinsically bad at doing their job, but maleficent enough to harvest your personal information whether you give permission or not.

    • I once spent a week trying to remove the last vestiges of a Norton free trial, never been near anything by the fucking company since.

  3. Relentlessly for three months and a while after it expired like the clinker that can’t be removed these cunts pestered me with their hard sell to renew my antivirus software until I uninstalled anything connected to them, lesson learnt. As the Americans say, choke on a bag of dicks.

  4. Fuck McAfee. Even John McAfee doesn’t use it. Uninstall it. Use Windows defender. Sophos is more lightweight and doesnt mess around with your default search engine.

  5. Good cunting Dark Key cunt, some of those free film websites change your default search engine and install spyware etc after asking you to download. I have never used PC’s or Mcafee as I have always used Macs and a lot of these cunt viruses seem to target other non Mac OS operating systems.
    I am gonna wipe my Mac now and use it solely for music production and buy a second cheaper Mac for browsing porn and is a cunt.

    • My thoughts exactly; keep a 2nd desktop for serious stuff, and NOT connected to net, and a super-protected 1ry for browsing.

    • Yeah I used to go on those free (pirate) film websites and there is definitely spyware on my computer which was installed as a result but not even Malwarebytes can detect it.

      The one good thing about McAfee is the firewall picks up and blocks all of the inbound and outbound connections from/to that spyware………… sometimes 4 or 5 in one second – no wonder my homehub is always cutting out.

  6. Yep I have McAfee and it is pretty wank, as is safe search because it basically high jacks your browser’s search/url bar so that unless you type in an actual url, it will automatically take you to a clunky results page on Yahoo for whatever you typed in.

    I’m pretty sure that there is spyware on my computer which uses by laptop as part of a botnet but you would never guess considering that every scan comes back with perfect, squeeky clean results.

    Fuck McAfee.

    • I have a HP – never again, I would have been better off buying the f*cking sauce, nothing but problems with this piece of s*it and alleged customer service is based in Romania, what a bunch of c*nts they are.
      Last HP I ever buy, but never had any problems with McAfee.

      • If it wasn’t for the fact we’re about to head into our worst recession in a century I would happily replace the hunk of shit.

  7. Good nom DKC.
    Mrs C bought a laptop with McAfee pre-loaded. Despite uninstalling it, web browser reverts from Google to Bing every so often.
    A fucking nuisance.

  8. Spyware, Malware, botnet, flux capacitors, I’ll never understand this stuff.
    I was sitting by the pool in Elba. My brother in law, sitting ten feet away was on his laptop, doing something to a server in Hammersmith. It’s witchcraft….

    • I got a laptop an this McAfee was on it,
      Talk about a mithering cunt!
      Constantly emailing an pop-up shite.
      I use my phone for everything including posting on here.
      Gave the laptop to mrs miserable, had the feeling itd end up ‘walking into a door’ or ‘fell on the stairs’ the bag of shite.
      McAfee whoever he is can fuck off hes like a jehovahs witness the pestering cunt.

  9. “Fuck it. I’m pissed. Someone above is a cunt.”

    Cheers Dark key – Proper laughed at that !

    Gone back to Norton myself, after dabbling with AVG for a few years – necessary evils, sadly but if I want my drive tarmacing, I’ll look into McAlpine…

  10. Not surprising that McAfee´s product is shit because he himself loved shit, according to the film “Gringo: The Dangerous Life of John McAfee”. McAfee spent some time in Central America during which his maids said he paid them to shit on him.

      • The fetish of it…shit on me maids…no clean it up…now make dinner….in fact make dinner then clean me up…

      • The pecadilloes an indulgences of rich men eh Daz?
        Big steamer slap bang in middle of his chest to make him blow his beans?
        Bet hes a right degenerate!
        Bet his parties are odd to say the least!

      • MNC my imagination was running wild…alas like the dog picking up scent, it has fucked off over the hill….come back you cuunnnttttt

      • Hehee😁
        The McAfee masqued ball would be a bit rich for my blood!
        When had a drink its hard enough to get a hard on nevermind shit on demand!!!

    • It was on Netflix about two years back. Thankfully they did not show any of the scenes in which McAfee got to the bottom of life in Belize. The maids seemed to accept it as part of the job as it were and laughed. No feminazi whines from them. McAffee´s idea of charity was also to buy guns and vehicles for the local cops. Obviously a good corporate citizen.

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      • They can replace him with Scots harpy Ruth Davidson.
        No one will be able to tell the difference.

    • The will probably eat the fat cunt…spit roast him and serve with blades of grass, moss and facial hair.

    • Wouldn’t surprise me. Isn’t he a heavy smoker, drinker and fast food eater? He doesn’t look like he knows how to use a treadmill to me either.

      A heart attack on legs if ever I saw one.

    • I do hope that the shit haircutted fat communist cunt has fucked off.
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    • His medical team’s life expectancy has just shortened dramatically. No clapping on doorsteps for them.

  12. McAfee anti-virus ??? Anti-virus my arse – didn’t stop the fucking Corbyn-19 did it ?

    A load of wank.

  13. All antiviral software is the antiChrist.
    I’d rather have my computer invade by The Yellow Swarm or The Nigerian Telephonecunt than try to sort these rotten cunts out.
    Invading mithering chinks.
    Get fucked.

  14. Biggest cunts I’ve come across for software have been Kaspersky.

    I bought their boxed anti virus. It came with a long pin number, but it was under a foil strip that you had to peel off. The cunt wasn’t easy to take off and it tore a few times. Took ages because I knew if I just ripped it off quickly, I wouldn’t be able to read the number. Had to put it together like a jigsaw to read it and it installed fine. And proceeded to slow my laptop the fuck down worse than any virus could.

    It even slowed it down if you had it idle unless opened. Therefore, I uninstalled the cunt and left the box in a drawer with the pin inside. I thought I’d just reinstall temporarily if I ever get a really nasty virus that Windows Defender can’t get rid of.

    Well, I ended up getting a nasty virus, so I grabbed the box with the usb installer and strips of paper with the pin code.

    But the papers were now blank. I was confused. Until I contacted them and was told that it had probably just faded. That’s right, their fucking pin codes fade away. And without it, I couldn’t reinstall. Having a receipt proves nothing apparently. I couldn’t reinstall, but I could buy a new one! Well how fucking kind of you, you thieving bastards!

    Sure, I should’ve written it down, but to be fair, I thought the paper with the code on would do ffs.

    Anyway, installed Malwarebytes for free and it sorted the issue.
    And McAfee is a cunt, always trying to trick you into installing his intrusive shit when you update Flash player, the wanker.

  15. Brave browser or Duckduckgo browser for me. Malwarebytes and Spybot search and destroy, this is working for me. My next laptop is going to go down the Linux route, I’ve had enough of that speccy nerd, thing marrying cunt,Gates and his created viruses that he miraculously offers a costly solution for.
    Has he been nommed yet BTW? The massive geek twazzock (that’s a cross between a twat and a wazzock for the uninitiated).
    I’ve been on the wagon for two weeks but the I’m knocking that bollocks into a cocked hat tonight, I’ll join you in the Dark side, Dark Key !

  16. If you didn’t all spend your time online trawling Porn sites or writing nasty things about people on websites, you wouldn’t need all this security.

    Fuck Off.

    • I for one use my good judgement and healthy god fearing lifestyle to stay away from problems, no need for security IVE nothing to hide, my life is a open book.
      The righteous shall walk in safety.
      Watching Harry Callahan clean the streets,
      Wish our plod would watch it, rather than out rollerblading, clapping and harrassing innocent dogwalkers.

      • Yep.
        Trigger word, gets me everytime.
        You winning Dick?
        Im watching Harry Callahan clean the streets.
        A fine police officer!
        Much better than the ones nowadays.

      • I’m watching a recording of “Lewis”….been busy the last few days and fell asleep watching it the other night….I like Lewis,it’s one of the few things that I bother watching.

        Clint’s always worth watching apart from when he started putting that Sandra Locke in his films…albino-looking tart.

      • Hey remember a while back I asked you had you ever saw a big cat or heard of livestock killed by one?
        Few on here thought I was taking the piss but wasnt!
        Picture in papers a woman took, clear as day, not photoshopped,
        A puma eating a pidgeon.
        Know 2 people, one a copper seen them.

      • I’ve heard people on about them Miserable but I’ve never seen one….know that some ridiculous “animal-lovers” wanted to release lynx into the wild at Kielder! Thought that they’d eat deer rather than the tasty and considerably slower sheep.
        Fucking idiots.

        No reason that there shouldn’t be the odd “wild-cat “that some fucking Dickhead has released

      • Think they’ve been around for a while Dick, ive seen pad prints of one but never saw one.
        Big fuckers though!
        If cornered be a handful!!

      • Years back, some business associates had their own private zoo with a Lynx as the centrepiece.

        That thing was fucking mental and the police sniffer dogs wouldn’t go within 20 yards of it’s enclosure.

        Which was handy, considering the certain items they used to hide in there.

  17. I’ve been in the industry for years and my choice is Kaspersky.

    It’s lightweight in memory, unobtrusive and has kept my graphics workstations safe up to now.

    McAffee is bloatware shite.

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