Luke Pollard MP

An ESSENTIAL cunting, for Shadow Environment Secretary, Luke Pollard.

‘Luke who?’, I thought, when I just happened to see Pollard on this morning’s SKY news, being interviewed by ISAC’s favourite attack dog, Kay Burley. If any more evidence was required that the Labour Party have completely lost the plot, this was it. Whoever authorised this TRAIN crash interview will surly be collecting their P45, with Pollard close behind.

Pollards got a fucking cunning plan to make sure all our fruit gets picked…Are you ready? It’s been brilliantly thought out at HQ Corbyn and it’s really going to show the government up. Okay, Pollards clever trick is to open our borders and let in 80,000 fruit pickers! Fucking genius! Bojo, you’re a fool. Well never one to miss an opportunity, Burley goes on the offensive:

‘Are you serious? You’re talking about open borders…we’re in lockdown’.
Pollard then wheels out the big guns. ‘Kate, people are looking at empty shelves and asking the government where is the food?’
Burley then asks again, ‘So you want to open the borders?’
Pollard then goes in for the kill. ‘People need to know the food chain is working’.
Burley’s teeth are starting to show. ‘So where are these people coming from?’
Pollard, quick as a flash, ‘Europe of course. There’s lots of fruit pickers looking for work’. Hardly surprising you thick cunt, as there’s a pandemic going on.
Burley’s gossamer thin patience snaps. ‘So you are talking about opening our borders to EUROPE during the Coronavirus outbreak????’

‘Yes’. Pollard sticks by his well thought out, ready made solution…CUNT.

Maybe tomorrow, Virgin holidays will be offering cheap, fly drive holidays to America? (as there’s a gap in the market)

Nominated by Quislings

147 thoughts on “Luke Pollard MP

  1. I saw this interview, great advice!
    Let in 80,000 borderline gyppos to pick fuckin fruit.
    Why not use the unemployed or prisoners?
    “Shaking that bush boss”
    How many of these highly skilled fruit pickers have been tested for coronavirus?
    Not many im guessing.
    Luke Pollards like his mum Sue, thick as fuck.

    • You would be fucked if you pulled his card out in a game of MP Top Trumps….
      Commmon sense 3
      Intelligence 4
      Sincerity 3
      Inane Politician’s grin 99
      Cuntitude 99

  2. This is where you end up when you have been suffering from a lifetime of Leftist brain disease.

  3. It makes you wonder what the calibre of his rivals was like at the selection committee.

    • Yeah,’animal, vegetable, mineral’…veg this time, send Luke the cabbage.

      • Cabbages are great. We’re having cabbage tomorrow night with our mince masala and mash.

        Luke looks more like a miscreated parsnip with a yam tuber shoved up and down his arse till he can’t cüm anymore.

      • Guess what ive just had Ruff?
        Jacket spud, tuna and…salad.
        I know!
        Ducky darling, i felt all ‘hollywood’ normally only time i have salad is on a burger but did it to please missus miserable.
        Ive turned over a new (lettuce) leaf, and feel angelic now maybe slifhtly underfed.😉

      • Stay away from the quiche MNC – it gets you pregnant!
        Beautiful hot day in Sunny Yorkshire today, the good lady phoned me and said she fancied something cold – so I am sending her to f*cking Antarctica! 😄
        (I am scared in case she hurts any Polar bears!)

      • Lovely day here too, hedgetrimming and running errands for my parents, an nice to be out in the van!
        Cream playing on the CD player, an had to fight a massive impulse to keep driving!
        Sort of day if wasnt working be playing in the peak district.
        Be some partying when this orrible virus is dealt with wont there mate?

      • I have no idea what that is Ruff?
        Sounds foreign though!
        So NO.

      • A pussy boy Miserable. 😃

        Anyone have Nipper Read in their Dead Pool? He brought the Kray twins to justice.

        “They were smashing blokes, gave their mother flowers and that,” said Nipper in a rare interview with Emily Maitlis last year.

      • Empty shelves? The shelves are brimming with in date stock…there was even a surplus of surplus of avocado at M&S yesterday. People were falling out over “no before you” …”I insist after you!” …I witnessed this whilst shop lifting ale.

      • But would you want a cabbage to represent in Parliament especially after you have chewed the poor sod?

    • Tub of lard, well beyond sell-by date; Tena pants, heavily-soiled by M Beckett; rare example of white dogs hit.

    • Who the hell LOST the election standing against this Fuckwit ? ? !

      They must have either ‘Tim nice but dim’ or a self confessed chicken strangler, for the voters to have chosen this fucking dumb yokel.

      Labour might as well fold up its tent & fuck off to the pages of the history text books :-
      ‘Labour Party’ (def’n) : an extreme left wing political movement, which became increasingly irrelevant at the begining of the 21st Century & disbanded when they fielded fewer MP’s that the green party (one – C.Lucas)

  4. The problem is the labour party are clutching at straws following the crucifixion back in December in the year of our lord 2019….its like watching a prize fighter getting beaten by a younger, better, fitter fighter. I almost wanna slap my hands on the ring canvas and shout “stay down you overweight, out of shape, broken noses, time lacking cunt…stay down!”….Bell….End.

  5. Why treat people like slaves when the entirely British industrial revolution created non human slaves. Get that to pick fucking fruit. Without a never ending stream of cheap pickers the growers won’t invest. Fuck em . Were England you cunts.

  6. Wish I’d seen that interview. Why is it that Politics attracts the morons and village idiots to Parliament? Even more so, which fucking imbeciles vote in cunts like this ?

    • Well he certainly looks the part of village idiot if that pic’s anything to go by.

      • To be honest Ron, the photo doesnt do him justice, someones obviously dressed him especially for it,
        If you shone a torch in his ear hed be like a jack o lantern.
        His dad had something wrong with balls.

      • Vicky Pollards Dad wants to import 80,000 more rodents? Labour lost the election? Why? – we need more common sense Sons of the soil like this hero!
        “Pass me the rotten fruit Keir”
        “Ooh, squeeze harder ducky”
        “Ok Owen”.
        Slightly off topic – record numbers of dinghy rats coming across the Channel, not a word by the MSM – dump the f*ckers back in France, enough is enough.

    • University constituency in Plymouth mate. Fucking cunts! Even increased his majority I think.

  7. Lukey boy is yet another poofter – and of course buggery means remainer-itis.

    He became a member of Dame Kweer’s shadow cabinet yesterday -par for the course, though I am grateful Sugartits Cooper, Hilary Mary-Anne Benn and Butch Phillips failed to be elevated. All that crawling and brown-nosing for fuck all.

    • Did David Mammy not get a top spot?

      I was hoping he’d take over the role as Labour BAME idiot now that Flabbott is out of the picture.

      • He is shadow Justice secretary RWAC. He replaces Dawn Butler I think. We all know the only ones he will want justice for.

      • “We ‘ate you Butler! – we’ll get you Butler – you see if we don’t – yurrr”!
        “Stan! Bring ma fried chiggun Stan”!

  8. From opposing the government to opposing reality. You’d think Starmer would try and make the Labour Party an opposition proposing a different choice. He presides over clowns like this and puts Ed Millibrain back on the front bench. An improvement on Corbyn but a step backwards either way

  9. What a twat!

    During the war! that famous little phrase from Uncle Albert in only fools and horses, well what happened in the war, the women’s went to work in the fields, if it was ok then it’s ok now…. stop the silly tarts sitting at home getting fat.

    Get to Fuck 😁

    • Conscript jobseekers allowance claimants to work in the fields. If they refuse, ban them from claiming for life.

  10. I live down in Hereford and all the locals who are sat at home and are now bored of inbreeding are applying for these jobs as they have been fucked off by their employers or have to wait for furlong payments…

      • I’m from Yorkshire and moved here.
        No, we dont do it…nor gayness nor tightfistedness ….I guess they must

      • Long as theyre happy Daz.
        As a fellow northerner I expect you to be a example, let them be ‘close families’ if thats their way, nowt wrong with kids with webbed hands anyway.😁

      • Fuck off! I spent three months in Wakefield. I had more pricks than the dartboard on bullseye.

  11. It’s very likely true this excellent politician needs to spend the next decade at the bottom of the English Channel.
    As ever,safety first with me,oven his entire family as well.
    What a cunt.

    • Fuck me taken apart by Kay Burley! Cuntitude of the highest order!

      I would though. But after a few weeks isolation I’d fuck Norman Bates mother.

    • He would just surface, paint his face brown and straight on the dinghy to England to claim racism from the balcony of his mansion.
      Does the oven have a setting for fruit (loops) UT? 😄👍

      • Speaking as a Doctor I see the problem here – not enough “knuckle and boot” therapy.
        The Doctor will see you now.

  12. Luke comes from and represents Plymouth…….the home of the Janner, probably the thickest, most inbred representation of the indigenous population. You may have seen his secret love child, Vicky, on the telly.
    So the Starmtrooper gets off to a great start , appointing this dumb arsebandit and David fucking Lammy. By the way, does anyone know if Lammy has lost any “friends” to Corbyn19?

  13. Beyond all doubt his mum is Su (scatty chambermaid, Peggy from Hi-de-Cunt) and his half sister is Vicky from Little Britain. Intelligence runs deep in the bloodline of this family.

    What a plutonium-grade, Marmite-derricking, helmet chomping CUNT.

  14. Well he can fuck off. This is not the time or place to use empty headed ‘brainstorms’ to attempt to scale the greasy pole of political entitlement.
    We’ve just managed to banish a horde of these scabby no-mark ex-commies and their ‘cash in hand, fuck the money off back to the eastern front’ cunts, you now want to let the mouth breathing feckwits back in with some fresh Chong-flu strains?
    Let’s see him lead by example, he clearly has little else to occupy that single celled organ between his quivering lugholes.
    Surely there’s enough bored shitless indigenous who’ll step up to the mark?
    I’d willingly pay extra for some English produce picked by true natives rather than some flowery skirted, headscarf wearing crone and her extensive, inbred broodski.

  15. As they’re not going to school the lazy, spoilt bastard kids can pick the fruit and veg. It will get them out in the fresh air, put a few bob in their pockets and get them out of the hair of their lazy bastard parents. They’ll also be cheaper than Eurotrash labour so the farmers can make even bigger profits.
    Everyone’s a winner!

  16. Unbelievable, unfuckinbelieveable. But in labour lala land all things are possible in their twisted paralell universe.
    IDIOTS. DOLTS.Tomfoolery of the first water. Hrrmmph!

  17. As the entirety of the British Political system appears to be doing f*ck all and clearly has time to talk this nonsense maybe they can pick the fruit.
    My first job at the age of 11 was turnip cutting on a local farm – back breaking hard labour, but no feeling like a fiver in my filthy hand as I walked home!

    • Ah halcyon days Vernon, backbreaking as fuck but the joy of the 7 quid for a days raspberry/tattie picking then spending it down the pub that evening.. All that at the age of 13. Instilled a work/drink ethic in me that lasts to this day,well the drink bit!

      • I genuinely loved it CoM – my own money, saved it all and used it to buy a bicycle and a Timex watch – the watch got broken when I was in a fight, got duffed up by a bunch of toughs, most unpleasant. (Rotters Sir, rotters indeed!)
        Met them some Years later when they went to my local to cause mischief, the joy of the reunion left them with tears in their eyes it – what nostalgia!

    • “The easter eggs will rot if not picked!”
      Bbc Question Time

      • Can we just not tell the Phoenix to hang back on laying them for a bit MNC?
        Common sense solutions. 👍😄

        Off topic but Big B reported to be improving 👍

    • Yes, and apparently Sydney is a “contemporary dancer”. We used to call them rent boys in the old days.

      • And apparently Sydney is also a “cunt” FtF
        In the old days we used to call them “cunts”
        Now we have to call them “mis – gendered penises” 😄

      • As Julian Clary said with regard to his tour of Australia “Brace yourself Sydney” 😱

  18. Empty shelves? no fruit pickers? if only we had millions of british people recently made redundant or millions of british people who’ve been wollowing on the dole for years……… if only such a scenario existed we could fill those picking jobs.

    Lefty, socialist, remoaner cunt.

    • Yes, but do the unemployed have the necessary experience? We don’t have the time to train them all, so we have no option other than to import thousands of skilled Romanian pikeys. You can see his point.

  19. Even Vicky Pollard has more intelligence than this fool. I’m surprised he didn’t start blurting out ‘yeah but, no but, yeah but, no but, yeah but, no but’…

  20. Why not do what we did before our political betters flooded the country with eurotrash?
    Get students to pick it!
    Rosy cheeked cockneys picking hops!
    Working holidays, any doleites refuse? Stop their benefits.
    Fresh air, hard graft, fresh fruit, win-win eh?!

    • Exactly Miserable, I bet a ruddy faced young Fiddler loved scrumping for apples in the orchards of Fiddler Towers.

      • Hehe yes LL, bet he was a right little monster!
        Like a Northumbrian pugsley Addams.😁

      • On no,LL…..I used to wait for the village children to try scrumping from the Estate’s vast orchard. I’d wait until they were over the wall and then pop them with an old air-rifle….served the Cunts right for failing to doff their caps when I rode past their hovels on my first Hunter.

    • Shifty vaping hipster students! Lazy slackers! Get in those fields!
      “So, like – do you have, like, any soy milk yah? “Vegan lunches”?
      Students eh? I feel a few strokes of Sir Fiddlers silver topped swagger stick would motivate those no good vegan types! 👍😄

  21. FOA: Mr Luke Pollard MP (Westminster)

    Dear Mr Pollard,

    It has come to my attention that most of the House of Lords and House of Commons are in lock-down currently and therefore I can see no greater service to the public than YOU and the cunts in Westminster fuck off and pick some fruit if you’re that fucking worried!

    No? Yeah, didn’t think so.

    They’re NOT coming here! Cunt!

    Yours sincerely,

    Rebel without a Cunt!

  22. Quite laughable listening to any Labour type trying and failing to sound relevant.
    Discredited and fucked and only there for soppy yuni sorts and non British British.

  23. My Yorkshire mate died at home in his bed.
    Just before he passed, he called for his wife, she held his hand and said, I’m here, Harry.”

    “What about my children, are they here..?”

    “They’re all here.”

    “Are the grandchildren here..?”

    “Yes, all the family are here.”

    “Then why the fuck is the kitchen light on.?”

    • That was superb JRC! And as a Yorkshireman born in Leeds all I can say is – “Ow much”?..
      (The clarion call of the Yorkshireman wherever he travels when a price is mentioned for anything!)
      Got a right bollocking for leaving that light on I did – and t’ f*cking whippet bit me as well! 😄

  24. If Labour had won the election they would have been importing hundreds of thousands of third world filth in the hope that one or two of them would be medically qualified. Then Dr Abdul and Nurse Sheema would be paraded all across the BBC for us to applaud on our doorsteps on Thursday nights.
    Fuck off you useless wankers.

    • None of them would be qualified in anything except scrounging and voting Labour who scoop up the peaceful vote, Labour being the party of indolence and handouts and the ethnics knowing which side their chiggun is buttered!
      Get in the field with smelly Jez Luke – “you pick faster! You not rich now! You berong to China now!” Jeremy’s Labour “inaction”, so to speak! 😄

  25. To describe what I would do to the fat ming mong lezzer Labour mayor who wished death on Her Majesty’s prime minister would get me a visit from the police.
    She is a vile,fat,ugly munting old slag whose minge is probably a festering pile of mouldly piss stinky goup.

    You are a mayor. Well whoop di fucking doo.

    Go and have a salad you total cunt.

  26. Does that divot in his chin serve as a cue rest for his partner’s schlong ?

    • I doubt it. The filthy deviant has the look of a giver rather than a taker about him. I bet Sydney has an arse like the entrance to the Mt Blanc tunnel.

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