Madonna’s a cunt, isn’t she.


This syphilitic whore can piss. Trapped in her mansion and devoid of flattery, this talent-less hag decides to make a video while in the bath (Caveat: You might pebble-dash your computer screen!).To say she looks awful is to say that the Flabbotasaurus Rex likes the occasional pie. What’s wrong with her face? Vile’s Disease? Stick your head in a wasp’s nest? Was the surgeon a vengeful ex-husband?

What’s worse is knowing that a lot of work had gone in to IMPROVE her looks by half a dozen flunkeys.

The rough old strumpet attempts to look forlorn and lachrymose but, as we recall from her pitiful performing endeavours, it’s all horribly acted and painfully disingenuous. Her real personality is wishing the White House obliterated or stretching her legs wide for chubby record moguls. Madge must have a vadge like a cow that’s just dropped a newly-born calf.

It’s shocking to realise that this biddy came to prominence 36 years BC (Before ChinaVirus) but looking at that woeful visage, it seems longer.

Cease whining. This is only the beginning. The real pain hasn’t even begun so buckle up, you attention-seeking, old skank.

Nominated by Captain Magnanimous


76 thoughts on “Madonna’s a cunt, isn’t she.

  1. Captain, my Captain.
    You’re one of my favourite writers on here but you’ve been mean to a piece of my youth. You too Norman, I saw the recent lashing. Naughty cunters.

    All I can say is that knows how to find the right producer and she can make me dance. I don’t care if she’s a bitch, she’s livened up many a party.

    That face in the bath video though. Your acid attack gives me a panic attack. Fuck sweetie, don’t frighten the horses.

    • He’s let himself go a bit since his footballing days JJ! Now he needs “The hand of God” to help him out the bath and he looks like an old lady! 😄

  2. I really would have liked to have taken a long hot steaming piss into the old slappers bath giving her a golden rinse all over that ugly fuckin mug, followed up with a nice steaming hot arse drop after a vindaloo. With the shortage of bog paper she could then lick my arse clean.

  3. Madonna? Living proof that if you paint s*it and call it gold someone will buy it.
    But, a career and a fortune from being a fag hag and slut who is to talent what Pwince Harry is to battlefield prowess.
    (Ooooh! Saucer of milk for the Fox!)

  4. When she did the songs ‘take a bow’ and ‘beautiful stranger’ I actually thought she wasn’t bad.
    Looking at her now her face is pinned back so much its almost cut off the circulation.

    I wish these lot would realise that cosmetic surgery makes them look like freaks and stop doing it.
    I always had a thing for Denise Richards back when she did ‘Wild things’ and she must have had some work done because her mouth hardly moves, which is a shame because in 1998 she was fucking beautiful.
    To quote the orangutan with the dodgy comb-over ‘sad’.

  5. Thing is, people call her an innovator, but almost everything is nicked…
    The list is pretty much endless: Marilyn Monroe, Jean Harlowe Talulah Bankhead, David Bowie, Chic, and so on… Every fucker has had their image stolen by this skank. From Che Guevara to Warhol drag person, Candy Darling. Even the turn as Evita was dreadful. It was just Madonna dressed as the controversial Argentine ex-first lady. She couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag. There was one record that I found mildly tolerable. I think it was Open Your Heart from 86 or 87. But on the whole she makes Oasis and even the Rutles look original…

    • I always thought Grace Jones was an innovator.
      She was weird, but she was also interesting and pushed boundaries.

      • Slave To The Rhythm is a top track, Harold.
        With the Ian McShane spoken introduction.

      • I’d forgotten about that one Norman.

        Grace was doing music and films back in the 70s and 80s before the likes of Madonna and Katie Perry, Lady Gaga.

  6. Wrong place for this, but: It has been revealed, Batwoman is a lesbian purely to appease the LGBT (alphabet jumbler) community. I also see that the hero and lead villain are both girls, so thats one for the feminists too! What can they invade and butcher next? Remake Magnificent Seven with 7 lesbian and trans girls beating big bad misogynistic men terrorising somewhere? Pathetic pandering pish! Of course, Madonna isnt above a lesbian kiss for publicity…

    • I’m aware of Batwoman’s existence. Isnt it on the sort of channel that shows Smallville and other childish trash?

  7. I’ve always despised that talentless cunt. She was crap 30 years ago and she’s crap now.

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