Cardinal George Pell

A cunting for this slippery, choirboy adoring, catholic clergyman.

This humble man of God, an advisor to the pope, has had his conviction for paedophilia overturned by High Court Australian judges.

A full bench of seven judges ruled unanimously in Cardinal Pell’s favour, finding the jury had not properly considered all the evidence presented at the trial.

Let’s ignore the evidence of the alleged victims, and the jury’s verdict because clearly everyone has been misled in this case, and only the judges can be right.

The funny hand shake consortium strikes again.

Nominated by Duke of Cuntshire

80 thoughts on “Cardinal George Pell

    • ‘Cardinal Pell rot in Hell’ scrawled on the cathedral in Australia.

      Like TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) it is.

      The truth of the matter is that the CC is hated because if what it teaches on contraception, abortion, euthenasia etc…

      That’s what lies being their hatred. They hate the teaching.

      • What has that got to do with my comment? Maybe you posted in the wrong place. If so, I forgive you my son.

        Re: the substance of your reply, I assume by “they” you mean ordinary decent rational people? Including many Christians.

        The Roman Catholic Church doesn’t have a monopoly on what passes for Christianity.

      • There was an excellent book published some years back, called “Godless Morality”, by one of the Scott Episcopalian bishops. You don’t need to be religious to be a decent person.
        Meanwhile, back to fantasies of Chu by Charlotte in a rubber nun’s outfit, and banging the Bishop.
        Pun intended.
        Me, tasteless…??

  1. I’m sparring well clear of this one….accusations/innuendo against an “innocent” man are a dangerous business.

    • Good Morning and Happy Easter to all fellow cunters.

      A sensible decision Dick. Having once sat on a jury on a case which made the national newspapers if there is one thing I have learnt is that You cannot judge a man’s innocence or guilt from what you read in the newspapers. However from what I have read of the case the evidence against him what was not at all convincing.

      • Morning,Wanksock.

        I wrote that and then totally ignored my own advice…..I really am a Cunt.

      • PS….Tip o’ the hat to Admin for scheduling this one for Easter Sunday .

      • Yes I think admin has a great sense of timing. How does he get this site to pay for itself?

        When I wrote my earlier response I was thinking of all those poor bastards who had been falsely accused by Nigel, but I guess the Australian police couldn’t possibly be as incompetent as the Met. I see Cressida Nodick has not felt it necessary to resign over that.

      • Australian police are every bit as incompetent as theMet. Those cunts solicited complainants against this cunt before any had come forward, by advertising. I am no friend of the CC because history tells you they are a bunch of greedy, immoral cunts, every bit as bad as ISIS in their day. But the charges against this cunt should never have even got to court. Doesn’t mean he is innocent of other stuff though, like covering up kiddy fiddling in the CC.

  2. Suffer the little children that go unto this Cunt.
    I’m not sure if these Judges make bad decisions or it’s a case of their by the grace of God goes I ?

    In 2009 our National treasure Jimmy Saville was arrested under caution for abusing under age girls. Although the evidence was pretty damming he was let off for lack of evidence . Guess who was In charge of the CPS at the time ? His Lordship Kier Starmer.

    • Im going seeing if the kids easter eggs have hatched.
      Know where this noms headed.

    • One week into his new job Kier Starmer was telling HMG that their handling of the present crisis is inadequate. It may well be but the saying people who live in glass houses etc seems to be lost on him.
      BTW , how many of my fellow cunts read the Private Eye investigation into the dreadful saga of the Post Office failed computer system which saw the jailing of several sub post masters? For those not up to speed on this shameful episode,the PO knew that its system was flawed but continued to pursue unjustified prosecutions of wholly innocent people. There will be the mother of all law suits in the near future.
      Whilst this went on for years, Private Eye named the most culpable including Jo’ I could be the next PM’ Swindon.

  3. No idea who this fella is so I’ll leave him be but I am reminded of a quote from Blackadder….

    “” Never, in all my years, have I encountered such cruel and foul-minded perversity! Have you ever considered a career in the church? “”

  4. As a thanksgiving tribute to having his hide saved, Cardinal Pell has announced he is recording a new version of Rolf Harris’s Two Little Boys (George has always been a fan), Any profits will be going to charity (“The National Society for the Preservation of Raddled Old Clerics”). Bless you, my child.

  5. ĭn nōmine Pătris ĕt (Kiddily filly) Fīliī ĕt Spīritūs Sānctī)

  6. It proves one thing:
    If you’re going to mólest children, ensure you belong to a powerful organisation that can prevent your prosecution.

    • Indeed. And why do these sick bastards always seem to abuse young boys?
      Surely some priests must be hetero pâedőphiles?

      • They’re attracted by the choirboys. If there were an equal number of choirgirls readily available more heterosexual pâedos would join the Church.

      • There were plenty of hetero ones operating in the orphanages apparently.

      • Also (serious question here), if these priests believe in the concept of heaven and hell, surely they believe that they’ll go to hell for all eternity for abusing kids?
        If not, why be a priest in the first place? Influence, presumably.
        Or dressing up in manly frocks.

      • I’ve got no idea,Thomas….perhaps RTC is right and the attraction in the case of rogue priests is the access and power that it gives them to children.. they are not Godly at all and are wolves in sheeps clothing?

      • Also, the Catholic Church denies its priests the right to fulfill their natural requirement for a healthy sex life. Under all circümstances.

        Going against nature like that is bound to cultivate unnatural practices.

      • Where’s their god when all this is happening ? Turning a blind eye because it’s his sychophants that’s carrying out these atrocities.

      • Because they truly believe they were personally called to the priesthood by almighty God himself, and God does not make mistakes. Therefore, they are innocent and the Devil has used the children to lead them astray.
        To sum up: they think it’s the kid’s fault.

      • “You can’t get boys into trouble. That is part of their charm”

        (Dr. Rance in “What The Butler Saw” by Joe Orton)

      • My father was born in ‘36 and at the age of 2 came to England from Italy for various reasons one being my nan hated Old Musso and after the war in ‘45 became a choirboy for the local Catholic Church. To this day he never talks about those 2 years. Not sure whether he or saw things happen to other boys but it was happening at a north London church. A church that in the 80’s were telling its party goers it does not want to here the clinking of coins but the rustle of notes in the collection pouch. Cunts. My Nan was on a measly pension and gave them a tenner a week!!!!!! My parents had to subsidise her in the end. Not a penny from her other four children. Cunts.

    • Morning,Capt.M.

      Just being pedantic I know,but the powerful organisation didn’t prevent his prosecution…even if it did quash his conviction.

      Hope you and yours are keeping safe and well.

      • Perhaps he had the same lawyers as Michael Jackson? Oh no, that was all managed with out-of-court settlements. Shamoh, hush money!

        Morning chaps, and Merry Easter.

      • Not as I understand it…I’m no legal expert but I thought that prosecution is alleging something that has to be proven..quashing is saying that the produced evidence did not bear closer scrutiny.
        If a prosecution was prevented it would never exist in the eyes of the Law or the court of public opinion. No publicity for a case that is never prosecuted….plenty for one that is quashed.

      • Hmm, it sounds like you’re talking about libel and/or slander.
        This cardinal was to be prosecuted for diddling but the evidence, like with Savile, was found insufficient, therefore prosecution didn’t happen (or as I facetiously implied – “prevented”).

        If I were being pedantic to you, I would remind that “proven” is the adjective and “proved” is the verb.

        Semantics on Easter Sunday.

      • George Pell was prsocuted….Showing results for was george pell prosecuted
        Search instead for was george pekk prosecuted

        Search Results
        Web results

        George Pell – › wiki › George_Pell
        In 2018, Pell was wrongfully convicted of sexual offences against two minors alleged to have occurred in his cathedral on two occasions in 1996 and 1997. In 2020

        not “was to be” or “didn’t happen”… could his prosecution be quashed if it didn’t happen?

        Equally pedantic…..”Proven definition, to establish the truth or genuineness of, as by evidence or argument: to … Law. to establish the authenticity or validity of (a will); probate”

      • I said “prevent prosecution” and nothing about quashing. You mentioned quashing.

        Moreover, I recommend a good, English dictionary (e.g. Cambridge), not a filthy, American one (e.g. Websters). The Yanks use ‘proven’ as a verb, we only as an adjective. I was being pedantic because I don’t care for ‘Yank English’ in the slightest.

      • Next on BBC1, Strictly Come Dancing On The Head Of A Legal Pin.

        Meanwhile the Establishment gets away with murder again.

      • You mention “quashing” in your 10.54 post.

        The Cambridge Dictionary lists “Proven”…..People on trial are innocent until proven guilty.

        It doesn’t make any difference to the fact that you seem to wrongly believe that prosecuting a case and overturning (quashing) the verdict in a case are the same thing….something an innocent man wrongly convicted may dispute.

      • He was convicted of the crime. And sentenced. That conviction has been quashed. That’s it.

      • Your comment 11.35…
        “This cardinal was to be prosecuted for diddling but the evidence, like with Savile, was found insufficient, therefore prosecution didn’t happen”

        Do you accept that you were (horror-of-horrors) wrong or not?

      • My use of the word quashing at 10.54 was an allusion to your comment hence the quotation marks!

        “Prevent prosecution” i.e stopped it happening before it happened. Dear Lord above!

        Now I really must dash, I’m giving an illegal “underground” sermon and I have to iron my purple frock.

      • ‘It proves one thing:
        If you’re going to mólest children, ensure you belong to a powerful organisation that can prevent your prosecution’.

        He didn’t even know that Pell was prosecuted and found guilty.
        How embarrassing for our ‘barrister-calibre’ poster again.

        Or if he did know then the conviction of Cardinal Pell SHOWS that even if you do ensure you belong to a powerful organisation you CANNOT prevent being prosecuted’..

        All over the shop as usual.

      • Yes,you dash off Capt…… you’ve really taught this turnip-headed bumpkin a lesson this time, haven’t you?


      • Pell is walking free.
        He hasn’t been prosecuted.
        Prosecution was prevented.

        Honestly uncle, I’ve never been convinced by Miles Plastic. Always popping up conveniently at the same time as you, corroborating your haughty opinions.

        It might be time to retire him. Or ‘move him to another parish.’

      • LOL

        Oh Dear Me….now Miles is one of my “sock-puppets”?! You give this rural bumpkin too much credit… I wouldn’t even know how to set about with the different e-mail address needed to run another account…..Am I also Caught Speding etc?
        As for my haughty opinions ( I just looked “haughty” up…Oh how I wish that I was as clever with my words as you),I honestly am gobsmacked that you,of all people,can accuse someone of being “arrogantly superior and disdainful” in their remarks…
        “Physician, heal thyself”.

        Extraordinary…but then you always did have the ability to make me laugh.

      • ‘Pell is walking free.
        He hasn’t been prosecuted.
        Prosecution was prevented.’

        Oh, I’ve got it. He has a conspiracy theory.

        We all KNOW Cardinal Pell is guilty whout question and now he walks free.

        So the whole trial, the whole legal process, the appeals MUST have been from the beginning just one huge sham made up by the Establishment.

        Because we KNOW he is guilty.

        It’s a conspiracy theory..

        This is really the nadir of The Captain on here.

      • I don’t see you as one of Dick’s sock puppets Miles. I see you more as Igor to Dick’s Frankenstein.

  7. Let’s have another look at this.

    Pell’s been subject to a 10 year witch-hunt by the media and police, trying to pin the sins of others on him. The Victorian government set its attack dogs the Vic police on the case, who colluded with the Al-BC, Australia’s leftard Notional broadcaster, journalists, authors and the entire postmodern let’s-smash-society set to do everything they could to blacken his name by shouting PEEE-DO PEEE-DO continually for 10 years.

    The leftist Andrews, Premier of the neo-communist state Victoriastan, his bungling incompetent Victorian Clouseauesq Police and the DPP put together an utterly infeasible farcical case. The police actually advertised for claimants to come forward, and plenty with their dodgy recollections or smelling big payouts came out. They selected one, and after negligent preparation or checking f the reliability of the story, out that single person’s testimony with no further evidence that amazingly convinced a second Jury (the first having been hung), the convicting jury prejudiced by the 10 year media campaign that no one could have ignored.

    The conviction was later upheld by the Victorian high court, 2-1, the two upholders being incompetent amateurs you wouldn’t get to transfer a holiday house.

    A walkthrough of the alleged incident shows that the crime was physically impossible.

    This was purely set up by haters of Catholics to punish a highly ranked figure to carry the sins of others. And the conviction was thrown out 7-0 by the supreme Court. Thrown out. Not guilty of the charges.

    The cunts here are the Labour Victorian Government, the Victorian Police the DPP and the entire libtard press academia and PEEDO shouters.

    So before you pile in, would YOU want to be convicted on the sole secret testimony and nil evidence of a 25 year old allegation?

    • Sounds like the perfect way to deliberately sabotage the case to me. That, by the way, is NOT an accusation of guilt.
      I’m not wishing him dead (just saying) but I wonder if a Janner style revelation will be announced at some point after his demise?
      Innocent until proven guilty and all that.

    • For clarity, the cunting was aimed at the circus surrounding Pell.
      I’m not Australian, but I would be worried if a group of people who are not accountable could set themselves up as judges and the jury.
      the original jury have been told they didn’t know what they were listening to so they have to be wrong. so why not have a retrial?

      This stinks of establishment tampering.

      • @Three Strokes. You forgot to mention the real villain of the piece-Louise Milligan. Almost a lifetime devoted to destroying Pell. All her stuff about how ‘unemotional’ he was. His crime being a Conservative Catholic.

        And The Guardian here not one word about sending an innocent man to jail. I mean sending any innocent man to jail. That concern never even given a thought in their desire to just get Pell.

      • It’s a disgrace that the guardian and ilk are silent in it. In Oz the leftard media are back-pedalling furiously and have taken a belting and there will be more. Indulge in this vid where a livid Greg Craven slaps down a clueless ABC talking head and pisses on her pathetic gotcha attempts. Text book.

  8. Stirling Moss has died. Childhood hero of mine. Pretty sure someone had him in their Dead Pool.

  9. This is an absolute outrage. I’m so upset I can barely concentrate on listening to some Gary Glitter, whilst watching an episode of Jim’ll Fix It with special guest Stuart Hall.

  10. Sir Stirling Moss in the deadpool, anyone? 90 years old, shame he never won it :/

    • Looks like King Cunt correctly predicted Stirling Moss driving his final lap at Goodwood. Very sad. RIP.

      • Indeed, PM.
        At least he lead a damned interesting life and no-one had bad word to say about him.
        I saw him at the Classic Car show a few years back and he was talking about the Mille Miglia. In front of a large audience, he was reminscing about “having to pull over in the race because I was bursting for a SLASH!”
        He really emphasised the word, too!

      • My friend (a big fan too) likes to tell me about the millie and Sterling after a few ales, absolutely unbelievable race and pace that he set.

  11. I agree with Wanksock – I’m not a Christian but the evidence against him seems tenuous at best.

    • In an earlier post you said the evidence was ‘flimsy’. You’re right. Flimsy is the word. Because the vestments required are far from flimsy. Get on with it-I was an altar boy and helped ‘vest’ the priest. And I can tell you that they are heavy. Needing help to lift them. And layer upon layer.
      What is telling to me is that they were in the sacristy ‘swigging communion wine’. I mean that so clichéd. And over 20 people were there serving and no-one saw anything.
      And the other boy told his mother that it didn’t happen.

  12. Oh, and Stirling Moss has died. We haven’t missed him in the Deadpool as well surely?

  13. Trouble is with abuse or rape allegations there’s a tendency and from some quarters a push to believe the accusers no matter what.

    These are some of the worst crimes we can commit and being accused is enough to ruin your life, never mind being convicted.

    I don’t know anything about the case, can’t really pass comment, not seen the evidence or heard testimony, a member of the Catholic Church is an easy target. The judiciary must make every effort to see justice is done in every case.

  14. One step further to getting P into the rainbow. We are living in unprecedented times after all, so we have to rethink our norms – it’s for the good of us all don’t you know.

  15. If Pell is innocent, then it’s a travesty that he should have even gone to court. It’s hardly fair that he should suffer for the many, many of his religion that did do these depraved crimes against children and escaped justice, sometimes with the assistance of the church itself.

      • I was trying to be kind, it is one of their silly festivals after all! 🥳

      • Wasn’t it awfully nice of the Queen not to cancel Easter?

        Lucky really, cos I still have four Cadbury’s cream eggs left to make myself sick on.

      • Cancel it? Can’t fucking go anywhere without risking arrest, and I don’t have any eggs. I suppose a blue ribband will have to do…..

      • You’re allowed to go out for Easter Eggs. If Easter Eggs aren’t essential at Easter then nothing is.

      • Happy Chocolate Egg Day!

        On This day almost 2 millennia ago, Father Christmas (having died months earlier due to excessive consumption of brandy and mince pies) rose from the dead and tried to eat the brains of his elves.

        In a panic, two of his elves Dudley Moore and Will Ferrell started pelting him with choccy eggs. Mistaking the eggs for brains, Saint Nick started eating them. Having been satiated by the large volume of chocolate, the big red guy fell into a 12 month sugar coma until next year.

        Chocolate Egg day has been celebrated every year since. True story.

  16. Is that Justin Bieber on the left in the picture? When I saw him he reminds me of a young Donny Osmond. I don’t know what he looks like now.

  17. Hopefully one dark night Someone will plant two 9mm silenced slugs in his forehead

  18. You would be safer trusting a Gypo to do a decent Tarmac job than to trust these dirty wankers around kids, it must be a pre requisite when they join the church to fiddle And mess.!

  19. You should have cunted Witness J. A lying, deranged turd with mental problems who very clearly fabricated his evidence at the behest of a Victoria Police desperate to slag off the Catholic Church whilst promoting peacefuls everywhere. A very out of order cunting.

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