The Blitz Spirit

Older cunters may recall that this meme, based on the cheery keepcalmandcarryonitude of lovable Cockernees under sustained air bombardment by the Luftwaffe, persisted for some time after WW2, and indeed until rationing came to an end in the 50’s. During rationing, incidentally, the UK population’s nutritional status was never better.

In fact, the Blitz spirit consisted of the realisation that between a government with emergency powers and high explosive falling on you all night there was really fuck-all you could do about anything, and the only sensible alternative to carrying on – calmly or not – was cutting your throat. The number of suicides actually declined during the Blitz. Sense prevailed.

The same realisation is now seeping through the population as it faces the prospect of a slightly lethal infection and a light cull of the elderly and infirm. The number of deaths is predicted to be rather less than the number of civilians killed during the Blitz, but the economic impact (insert rant on the subject of globalised supply chains, crooked finance houses, stock market gamblers etc, etc) is probably going to be comparable, lacking the post-WW2 will to rebuild productive capacity and do something more useful than sell each other coffee.

However, the Blitz Spirit, as invoked by the tabloids, and implied by Johnson doing his daily Churchill parody, ain’t going to happen. Our diverse, woke and increasingly criminal population has long forgotten the concepts of deferred gratification and stoic endurance in the face of having your street blown apart and having to eat whalemeat…and not much of that.

What prompted this nom was a dirty contractor’s van outside. In the mud on the back was inscribed:

“No toilet rolls in here”

Which absolutely says it all.

Nominated by Komodo

55 thoughts on “The Blitz Spirit

  1. I recall the Discovery Channel do a series on crime in London during the Blitz featuring Mad Frankie Fraser. I only saw the trailer but that was enough to endanger my tv. The cunt in question spoke like Ray Winstone and waxed lyrical about being able to enter bombed houses and steal to his heart’s content. The only bigger cunts than Fraser were those tv executives who thought commissioning the programme was a good idea.

    • A very erudite nom from Komodo. The silly old cunt, Fraser, spent 42 years behind bars. Not the sharpest tool in the box or the deft, untouchable, criminal-mastermind he perhaps thought he was.

      “But eee wos a luvverly cock-en-nee rogue, a good boy, and he luvved his dear ol’ mum.”


      • Mad Frankie, loved to do a bit of torture did Frank.

        Always thought that making heroes out of gangsters was bad medicine. Turns out that the Underclasses heroes were borderline nonces.

      • Yes many liked a fiddle or supplied kids for fiddlers. Instead of making hero’s out of the cunts wall hangings would have been a better use of the parasitic fucktards.
        You could leave your doors unlocked in them days cos if you didn’t some cunt would give you a Chelsea grin or burn your granny. Best thing about martial law…. shoot fucking looters.

      • You could leave your door open in those days because there was f*ck all worth nicking – just ask Jack “Five homes” Straw if you don’t believe me! 😃

      • I’ll have you know I am actually a descendant of an East End gangster, one Darkie the K00n, so it’s about bloody time I got some respect around here.

      • “Sure, he put a screwdriver in a bloke’s ear because he wouldn’t pay him protection money. Yeah, he set some people on fire because he thought they looked at him without permission.

        But he loved his ma’!”

      • Shades of that pikey who was killed by the householder the cunt was robbing. Next thing you know the pikey was made a saint and the poor sod he was robbing had to move home. Christ, when the backlash happens …..

  2. If we are going to have the Blitz spirit, we need a new Vera Lynn: I nominate Margaret Beckett (the audience will need their gas masks, of course, because of the pissy knickers)

    We will also need a new Anne Shelton – simple get Emily Thornberry.

    The new Arthur Askey and Richard Murdoch could be those two knockabout pratfall comedians Adonis & Mandy (sort of sounds like a Workers Playtime act?)

    Sandy McPherson at the BBC Organ is long gone, but we do have Dominic Grieve – a promotion for the gurning old queen.

    I have just realised nobody under 70 will know what the fuck I am talking about, but then I am an OLD cunt!

      • NIce of you to say – just realised we will need a new George Formby – say no more – Richard Burgeon would-be deputy leader and from the right part of the country. Give that man a ukelele!

      • With respect, Mr Boggs, that “right part of the country” comment is tantamount to fighting talk. Formby was a Lancastrian from Wigan whereas Burgeon is a gobby, thick as pig doo-doo Yorkie from Leeds. Don’t sully the Red Rose. It’s bad enough as it is admitting gormless George was one of ours. Never forget, the good Lord put the Pennines where he did to keep the White Rose away from his favourites in the West.

      • George Formby won the TT single handed and stuffed the Jerries while doing it – top boy!
        (Superbly funny film!)

      • “I’m leaning on a lamp post on a corner of the street watching what was left of the UK economy go by”..

  3. The Blitz Spirit Don’t make me laugh 😂
    None of us were even born when this happened most of the population of London weren’t even on the European Continent in 1940/41 👎
    Still never mind James Dyson is making stuff for the NHS probably from Malaysia Ker Ching £££££££££££ 👎👎👎👎

  4. There were selfish, nasty opportunistic cunts racketeering and thieving during the war and at every time before that.
    They’re just much more diverse now.

    • If I had been old enough at the time I would have been a spiv, with my hat and floral tie, selling nylon stockings to the girls – a free pair for Lisa Nandy provided she let me put them on her and fasten up her suspenders….. nurse, the screens!

  5. There were marketeers during the war just as there are now. Except it’s not a loveable rogue selling boot polish on Dad’s Army but a Britain-loathing cornershop cunt buying up all the Andrex and Luigi’s Penne to flog for thrice the price.

    The main difference betwixt now and the 1940s is that the enemy actually live here now.

      • The only way they could integrate is if I learned Urdu, never washed, grew a beard sans moustache, and wore a Boy George dress.

        Good day to you, Sir Ruffington. How are your grocery provisions? If you want any pasta or bog roll it’s a Deep Sea Diver per roll, alright? Can’t move in the garden for them so I have to shift the fuckers before it begins raining. It’s like a paper EEC Butter Mountain out there.

      • Am ashamed* to say mein Kapitan, that ‘I’m alright Jack.’

        Being without transport we habitually stockpile at least 2 months of provisions, barring perishables.

        Went out this morning and got everything I needed, including mushrooms for tonight’s curry. (Oh, except Branson Pickle for our next door neighbour.)

        * Nah, I’m feeling right smug!

  6. I made another fruitless visit to Tesco yesterday, haven’t seen eggs or fresh chicken in a fortnight. However, the were some beans, so not a complete waste. As I was looking for something remotely edible, there were these two real fat cunts standing nearby, looking at cooking sauces. Fat man says what flavour, and fat woman says ‘get a couple, we’ve stacks of chicken’. STACKS! Fat jobless greedy bastards like these rape the supermarkets dry before cunts like me can get there, because some fucker has to work and pay taxes to keep the fat cunts in the luxury they enjoy. If there is economic pain after the pandemic, I hope it falls squarely on cunts like them. Saying that, being fat cunts, an underlying health problem is probably a given.
    The blitz spirit was real. Yes, there will always be cunts, and always has been, but Britain did have a sense of community, a word that now has totally different connotations today.

    • My nan told me fat cunts were rare back then. And the only safe spaces were air raid shelters. And even they weren’t that safe.

  7. I love the way that we’re being told to hark back to a sense of community spirit as per that of WWII.

    The very same spirit that administration after administration has tried to destroy over the last 50yrs – and especially the last 23yrs – due to mass migration from low trust societies whose values and attitudes are diametrically opposed to the British sense of dignity, morals and fairness.

    Community spirit Boris? Sorry mate, we’re all out. Thanks for that!


  8. It’s all been diluted by Joe Daki and his swarms.
    Some cunt has also bought all the vodka so I can’t have any.
    What a fucking panto.

    • I know, as soon as the pubs closed, booze disappears!

      ME! ME! ME! ME!


  9. Both Old Wiinnie and Hitler would piss themselves laughing at what Britain has become…. I f it was a replay of 1939/1940 now, Adolf’s boys would have simply walked in…. Once it was taking town your iron railings for arms, or kipping in the tube stations… Now it’s rushing for a last McDonald’s ‘fix’, human filth having barbecues in the street, brawling over bog rolls, and disgusting cunts like Sam Smith doing the biggest look at me celebrity cunt competition….

    As for a new Vera Lynn type figure? I reckon the suitably named Hayley Atwell could do the job… She could do a strip to boost the nation’s morale…. Oh aye….

  10. Barbara Windsor is a fucking skank too for praising the likes of Fraser and the Krays.

    It wasn’t her dad’s business getting bullied into handing shit over to the cunts. Refuse and get a cosh over the head. None of that for her obviously.

    They just wanted to see her tits (and she obliged, I’m sure).

    • Yeah but they only beat up/ slashed the faces of their own.
      Gawd bless em. And they loved their mum.

      • “Sure, he ripped out the heart of a live baby and ate it in front of its mum, but he loved his maaaaaa!”

  11. Me first, then me and I’ll have whatever’s left is the mantra nowadays.

    Selfish cunts.

  12. Well the peacefuls and remoaners have ‘blitzed& the shelves of the supermarkets and cash and carries, that’s maybe what they mean?

    • The Remoaners are still living off their hoardings from last year and from just after the referendum.

  13. I know I’ve said it before, but take away all the peacefuls, bogo bogos and dooshka dooshkas…. Imagine how much more money, care, and goods would be there for British people who really need it…

    We can’t have a repeat of this… They have got to fucking go…

  14. “Do something more useful than sell each other coffee”.

    Brilliantly observed, Komodo. And right at the nub of the problem.

    Back in 1940 we had the largest and most advanced aviation industry in the world. Now, we’re a fucking embarrassment unable to even put on a decent flypast over Buck House. Can’t even build a 3rd runway at Heathrow despite trying for umpteen decades. (Aside : just wait and see now how every minor road improvement will be fucked in red tape by the Gretas).

    The Royal Navy comprises at most 40 warships and is so run down that 1/3rd of it is on a rolling programme of permanent repairs. I’d wager we wouldn’t even be able to properly defend our own fishing grounds which is one reason why I expect that what’s left of that poor industry to be fucked in the arse by the EU.

  15. My Mother lived through the war, told me about eating whale meat, scraps, sometimes nothing, rigid with terror as bombs fell. F*cking Hun.
    “Blitz spirit” to me means everyone with a pair saying “f*ck this, do your worst – what have you got? That all? Right – now see what we got, c*nt”.
    I know it sounds nasty but I can never ever forgive those Hun b*stards for what they did to someone I loved. (Luckily I am not bitter and twisted about it! 😃).
    Now we are a mish mash of cultures and identities with nothing cohesive to hold us together except the faux first World religion of social media and traitors who make a living and a following from hating and baiting.
    When I was a teenager the village where I lived was invaded by g*ppos, the Men and older lads got together and went down mob handed, things got tasty very quickly, heads got cracked, fires, blood and a line of f*cking terrified thieves haring down the road in a shower of rocks, bricks and bottles – the most delicious irony was the parasites who had been robbing us blind and making a third World shit mountain of filth began whining for the Police! (I of course took no part in this, I was too busy practising on the piano and washing my ballet outfit!). And one of the dirty f*ckers got a serious hiding for being a dog killer, I genuinely thought that f*cker was dead – and would not have cared a bit if he was, lot of anger about that one.
    Certainly blitzed those b*stards, and there was plenty of “spirit” in the after bloodbath, er, I mean “frank exchange of views” party!
    No more trouble from g*ppos – they knew what was coming.
    We are doomed, but it would be worse with me in charge – I’m just awful! 😄

    • Eating whale meat,
      know why your middle names nanuk now!
      Birdseye spermwhale
      “Now with extra blubber”
      Last thing on shelves come panic buying😁

      • Afternoon MNC – no wonder “Abbott the Kryll eater” is hiding – plenty on that one!
        But we need an immediate collection of emergency provisions delivered to the North Sea – apparently the “Prince of Whales” has got coronavirus!
        Just need to arrange one of Da Bono’s 4 private jets…

      • Nah, it’d be the first thing gone I reckon. The feckless fat, lazy cunts wouldn’t recognise whale-in-a-can for what it is, more likely they’d think it something exotic, and buy 300 tins just to show their chavvy fat cunt friends “how fucking sophisticated we are”. Pfft and fuck the lard arses.

        Side note: some cunts down here are now stockpiling prescription medications. Instead of refilling when they run out of the crap (pharmacies are still open by the way), they’re going from stop to stop, and using the repeat script over again. Wankers

  16. It’s wrong to call this a Blitz spirit. Different time, different threat, different people.

    Good nom, Komodo dragon.

  17. Lockdown = live like your nan or die like your nan.

    This nom reminds me of a documentary about a hypothetical nuclear attack on Britain. Some poor old man thought it would be like the blitz. The blitz saw 3-5 kilotons of firepower deployed on London over several weeks.
    Considering the amount of firepower the Russians had dieected at Britain in the early eighties, he’d have needed a bit more than the blitz spirit. Probably an orbital habitat ring.

  18. Sounds like the fable of the ant and the grasshopper! When they come knocking on your door to beg for some veggies in the middle of winter you can tell them to fuck right off. Which is what the ant said.

  19. Typical of the libfuck vermin and those BBC shitehawks… Moving the goalposts again whenever they fucking feel like it… After being told that clapping is wrong – apparently because it upsets ‘special people’ (i.e: kick off after eating Smarties mongs) and sensitive wokeflake shithouses… But now these wankstains are asking us to clap NHS workers in the street… First off, we are not all attention seeking virtue signaling pieces of shit in this country… Second, this is the psychotic left’s ‘OK/Not OK’ hypocritical cuntery in a nutshell…

    Fucking liberal shite… Wipe ’em out!

  20. Confined at home this afternoon first release went shopping and sent the lad in then took in the view. The first thing I see was a lass with a six pack of corona beer true! The second was a subcontinental wrestling a trolley with a bad wheel to his car, it was stuffed with 30 x 2 litre milk. Restaurants open, girls walking around, No bodies in the street, only a few rampaging zombie hordes etc.

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