Joanne Rust

Joanne Rust deserves a nomination. Now I know what you’re thinking. Well, it turns out that Joanne Rust is the ignorant dipshit who broke the quarantine rules in Spain, by taking a swim in the hotel pool and getting arrested for it. I was going to write this one off as just another entitled twat who thinks that rules are for other people. Except I recently found out that Rust isn’t just another lowly member of the proletariat. No, it turns out that Rust is a Labour councillor, a Unison member and a three time Parliamentary candidate (lost all three times).

As a public figure, albeit a minor one, Rust should not only fucking know better, she should be setting an example to others by being seen to be following strict rules that were put in place to help slow the infection rate of a DEADLY FUCKING WORLDWIDE VIRUS!! But no, being a Labour slug, her attitude is that she can do whatever the fuck she wants. Well, as the Spanish police taught her, she can’t. Joanne Rust, you are a cunt.

Oh yeah, a cunting for the fucking brain donor who rocked up in Spain a couple of days ago, for a ‘sunshine holiday’, despite knowing that Spain was already on lockdown. During a pandemic? Bitch, have a word with yourself.

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

I nominate Joanne Rust for a red flag waving, champagne Socialist cunting.

This detestable piece of wank rag was recently identified as the cunt who flouted the Spanish hotel and authorities by ignoring advice to use the swimming pool in Tenerife. She apparently was protesting because boo hoo she didn’t get a fucking free upgrade to her room.

I hope the Spanish fuck her over royally and send her to jail on top of a heavy fine and is thrown out of Labour Party.
I have met this Harridan a Couple of times and can honestly say hand on heart she is THE most loathsome putrid piece of self serving shit I have had the non pleasure to meet.

Coronavirus if you are listening please fill your boots and give her your strongest dose.

Nominated by Once a cunt always a cunt

36 thoughts on “Joanne Rust

  1. Typical self entitled champagne socialist ‘wammen’.

    I do enjoy when their spoilt attitudes get slapped down in foreign lands.

    • The rozzers should have tazered the cunt while she was still in the water, then put it out on the internet. Could have been interesting.
      Hope she gets slung into a Spanish nick to cool her heels for a few months.

    • Oh I dunno moggie, I’d splash me muck across her chops. Saying that though, I ain’t got me glasses on so she could be a bit of a moose.

  2. I wonder if the BBC or the Guardian picked up on that story?

    Or if they did if they re-jigged it in such a way to suit their goody-two-shoes liberal narrative!

  3. “Joanne Rust told Spanish Police she thought she had seen a black transsexual muslim drowning at the bottom of the pool when she jumped in to save it from Coronavirus.”

  4. I think I’d rather watch a girder rust than look at her ugly fizz hog. So typical of the me, me, me society we now live in. When all this virus shit is over hopefully cunts like her will be hung out to dry but I’m not holding my breath.

  5. Another perennial mega-cunt.

    Have always hated this narcissistic pipsqueak, ever since seeing him on the telly doing a piss poor Jim Morrison impersonation sometime in the early ’80s.

    His cuntishness will go on forever.

  6. If she’s that militant in the pool, think about what she’s like in the bedroom…

    • Silly Woman – went for a swim before anyone had a chance to tie two flagstones to her feet!
      Thoroughly remiss of Me Me Miss! 😃

  7. Lock her up, lock her up….

    If the Spanish give her 12 months she will have to give up her job as a cunt, sorry labour councillor

  8. Good old chinny Hill – he was a character, and JH broke the club wage structure so players who were injured etc could get paid – now we have tattooed oiks and ruffians being paid half a Million quid a week!

  9. Being a shining example for others to follow, its not what Labour are all about, Labour is about attention seeking, pocket lining, lying,system bending, not listening, lying and making a general cunt of yourself and then not listening, doing whatever the fuck you want no doubt the chin will be saying its against her human rights or some such bollocks….you cant trust these jizz gargling cunts

  10. Call me a cunt, but I’d love a go on her chocolate whizzway……just to piss her off mainly.

  11. What’s wrong with the comment Admin? Just so I don’t transgress again? Any trigger words?

    No it was the name change that did it, you are cool west cuntry

  12. The video is online. Joanne can be seen wearing a lovely bikini, toyfully draped across her body, delicately rearranged by Spain’s finest judicial enforcers. She is sporting a pair of rigid Hyatts bracelets and accompanied on each arm by the usual accessories for the occasion courtesy of the Guardia Civil.

    …….she may want to consider her political career. Any right thinking individual will know she is a cunt but if Labour continues to promote her as a candidate then they are ubercunts.

  13. The BBC finally got round to reporting this story two days after the rest of the media. It was dealt with in a very perfunctory manner. More evidence to show what a lefty bunch of cunts the BBC harbours. C’mon Boris, wield the axe!

  14. Why do retards believe everything they are told by a bunch of w8nkers in government? The biggest liars on earth yet the brain dead fall for every lie they are told to believe. No wonder Englands f*cked.
    Status of COVID-19
    As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious diseases (HCID) in the UK.
    They have determined that several features have now changed; in particular, more information is available about mortality rates (low overall),

    Why don’t you ask compulsive liar Boris Johnson why he’s lying his ugly arse off to you and forcing you to stay indoors when there’s no need to?

    Why would anyone be thick enough to believe a word this little tiny fat gutted pr*ck says? He comes with a full history of being a dappy compulsive lying cunt.

    • Unfortunately he’s the best of a bad bunch – and given the lunatic opposition he is likely to stay that way for a number of Years.

      • why do the public keep accepting the best of a bad bunch? Surely a whole lifetime of these cunts screwing us all over should be enough to stop people voting?
        they always lie to get peoples votes then screw the country over.
        if someone invented a deadly virus that wiped them all out instantly, it’d be the best day in history.

        Tired old formula forever. Who do you want to vote for
        Lying Cunt A, B or C?

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