Ghost Hunters

‘Holy crap….what was that!?…I’m freaking out right now…holy shit…did you hear that?…dude…dude, are you alright?…I’m trying to get my head around this right now…

I actually believe in ghosts. Or rather the Supernatural. So, to my mind, they are playing with fire. I better say it’s Mrs P who likes to watch them.Yes, playing with fire, because I do hear things on them that are disconcerting. You know, cunters, the possession of the boy (changed to girl for the film) that ‘The Exorcist’ was based on came from him playing the Ouija board with a Spiritualist aunt. So I firmly believe in demonic possession. So playing, fucking about with the supernatural is dangerous.

Back to our modern day Ghost Hunters. There they are, with their magnetic field readings and digital cameras – the snowflakiest of snowflakes out for a thrill. They’re ‘researching’, you see. It’s pitiful really. They’re so jumpy…even the slightest sound and they’re off running. And when its all over, the ‘what have we learned?’. ‘We’ve faced our fear and I’m proud of that’. The evidence? A tiny spot of light or ‘orb’, as they called it. Grainy footage of some slight movement at the end of a corridor. Bullshit really. But there was that noise me and Mrs P pricked our ears up at. Yes, what was that? Mrs P has gone to sleep now and I’m ok writing this, but I often feel funny when I have watched one of them. Funny coincidences in my mind. Not moving objects or anything, just strange things in my mind.

I feel unnerved. As though a spirit has come through the television set and is affecting me.

Nominated by Miles Plastic

92 thoughts on “Ghost Hunters

  1. Its the power of suggestion Miles. If someone tells you that you are being observed, then this will naturally put you on edge, prompt your nervous system to release slightly more adrenaline into your bloodstream, and suddenly it feels like you are being scrutinised by an unseen observer (even though you almost certainly aren’t).

    Or alternatively, it could be an invisible supernatural Beastie prowling around looking to cause mischief. I wouldn’t worry about it anyhow, the world has plenty of tangible threats and annoyances, so don’t pay the invisible gremlins any mind.

  2. I never mean to be disrespectful of others beliefs, but it’s so fucking difficult. If someone came up to you in the street and said Star Wars was a documentary, or Lord of the Rings was a historical fact, you would laugh in their faces, and that’s how I feel about religion and the supernatural.

    • Oddly, the original christians didnt believe jesus REALLY existed at all, or that any shit in the bible REALLY happened.

  3. Why would any spirit (or daemon for that matter) want to contact any of these stupid, jumpy muppets anyway? ‘hello, are there any spirits here?’ *creak* *bang* ‘holy shit, did you hear that?’ ‘dude, that shit me up’ ‘is that you? Did you die here?’ *slighht knock* ‘holy shit, that was right behind you, dude’ OH FUCK OFF YOU AMATEUR UNENTERTAINING BUNCH OF PUSSIES!

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