Jack Johnson

A first class, solid gold, teeth whitening cunting for this abominable waste of skin.


This putrid fuck-monkey is apparently a self-styled, ‘benefits king’ and has some retarded obsession to look like his ‘hero’ David Beckham.

To this end, he has started a crowdfunding page to try and raise £3500 for new gnashers, so that he can look like him. I mean, has the cunt got no friends or mirrors?

Honestly, it’s people (and I use that word very loosely here) like this that super-heat my piss to such a degree, my bladder could be mistaken for a fusion reactor. This cunt’s on benefits, raping the system for all it’s worth and then has the bastard effrontary to ask the general public to help him get cosmetic/dental surgery!!

I am, by nature, quite a placid human being, but I would dearly love to beat this fat monger with a brick to within an inch of it’s life.

Smile you cunts….

Nominated by 3D Cunt

72 thoughts on “Jack Johnson

  1. This guy isnt as bad as all those bitches out there spending thousands on cosmetict surgery to look like Barbie…yes, I mean the doll. Some of these girls were gorgeous before they started this shit.

  2. He obviously wants David Beckham to dry hump him up the arse.

    Silly fat poof.

  3. When in the past did the yoof become super narcissistic ?? Is it soshul meeja? If hes crowdfunding money then this needs to be declared and taken into consideration for his bennies I think.
    Give me a crowbar and I’ll give him some tip top dental work

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