Test Kit Scammers

COVID-19 scammers are the current scum of the earth. There are reports of these cunts conning people into buying non-existent or totally useless self-testing kits.

Don’t fall for it. Don’t buy anything online. My only hope is that these cunts catch it and die in agony, perhaps by being force fed Chinese bat stew.

Nominated by Mystic Maven

36 thoughts on “Test Kit Scammers

    • Come off it B&White! Since our raid on the lab near me last night that I told you about, we must have cleared 200 of those kits last night. Spoons getaway car was loaded. I didn’t think you could get so many into a Citroen CV.

      Still connected in a way, a cafe owner in my town has started a

      Those who hand in at least six rolls will get a free Ham Solo burger and fries and those who bring in a 12-pack will get one of Cafe at the End of the Universe’s luxury double burgers and fries.
      All the toilet rolls collected are going to local food banks. They must taste like shit but it’s a nice gesture by the owner and contrasts with all the other cunts around. And yet I thought – these fuckin’ hoarders are benefitting even more. I hope the owner laces the burgers with senna or syrup of figs.

      • I’m getting rid of the last few now Bertie.😂

        A toilet roll amnesty…trade it in and come and sit down and catch Coronavirus in my cafe. 😂

  1. In the current situation spivs like this should be put in stocks and horse shit should be provided free of charge for the punters to hurl at them. After a couple of days they should stuck up against the wall. Goes for looters too.
    A most appropriate cunting for rat-arsed cunts MM.

  2. Sniff a money-making opportunity and the scum of the earth will emerge from under their fetid cowpats and try to rip some naive cunt off!

    They’re no different to the panic-buying hoarders who barge their way down the aisles grabbing anything and everything while telling everyone to fuck off and “Ive got kids so I’m entitled” But in reality they’re stockpiling to resell on ebay, amazon and any other ecommerce site at hugely inflated prices.

    no doubt when all this is done and dusted, the libtard media will blame all this scamming skullduggery on Brexiteers and the White Man!

    • Most of these scümbags will be white, I’ll be bound. The scam is too sophisticated to have been engineered by blacks.

      • It’s naked capitalism Ruff One. There is a legitimate laboratory up the road from me selling these kits for £150 + VAT EACH!

      • I bet the big pharma companies are rubbing their shit-stained paws with glee!

        They’ll come out with some Corbyn19 antidote that they will sell to the NHs at a vastly inflated mark-up; and will probably do the same on the private sector too – go to your chemist and buy a packet of 5 for £30!

      • Ive bought 30, no one else is having one!
        Im in total panic!
        Bought 500 hairnets too,
        An im bald!
        Cant catch my breath.
        End of the world😢😢

      • I bought a wood chipper, when it gets dark I will be feeding some mudslime racketeers into it – four days and not one supermarket with bread in it, but loads from the P*ki shitweasel shops at 3 quid a time.
        Dirty little bastards, tomorrow morning I am going to Sainsburys at 8AM and if I see any lines of fucking stinkers filling up as I have seen several times over the last few days there will be biblical violence.
        Had enough of this selfish greed.

      • I’ve just tried to post and it just disappeared. No moderation notice, no nothing! Have you ever had trouble posting anything related to animal rights activists?

      • Can’t say I have.

        Only 3 words I know that make it disappear altogether:


      • So if I wanted to say ………
        Héinz make
        Excéedîngly good
        Byrnés, I’d have trouble?

  3. Stone them to death, no fucking about, people exploiting the vulnerable need to die.

    Couple of cruise missile aimed at Indian scam call centres while we are at it.

    • As you happen to mention Indian scam call centres, I like to wait for ‘Peter’ in Mumbai to tell me my PC is infected and then hold my cordless handset up to the smoke alarm and then press the test button a few times. It’s amazing how quickly Indian Pete puts the phone down.😏

  4. Alot of dumb cunts are buying these test kits and they aren’t even showing any symptoms they are just paranoid. Wait til you get flu like symptoms before you start panicking like a cunt

  5. Having a dark Belgian stout for breakfast right now, its a rich bitter sweet taste, flavours are nice like coffee, molasses and brown sugar Beats Guinness thats for sure…

    • A bucket of horse piss beats Guinness. Drinking Guinness is what I imagine drinking old engine oil must be like, terrible stuff only fit for beggorah’s and pregnant wimmen!

      • Don’t let Fiddler hear you say that Dozy. I actually don’t mind Guinness that much i’ll drink it if its offered to me but i don’t go out of my way to buy it when there are better alternatives for stouts to try.

        They use to make a foreign extra stout version at 7.5 abv but they stop selling it, the one I’m drinking is 10 abv and I popped open a double ale and used half of it to make a grapefruit shandy with, very delicious cheers m8s

      • Don’t get me wrong TS, I’ll drink absolutely anything if some other cunt is paying, even a horse piss and Guinness cocktail.

  6. Hi Fellow cunters don’t normally post on here, but I do come on everyday to have a laugh and read about things that like minded people fucking hate. Anyway my PC at work (the one I use to come on here) has a very up to date anti-virus package on it, one that updates from the internet at least a daily basis. However every now and then a virus alert comes up(nothing to do with Covid19), I stopped coming on for a bit, but then tried again and realised the virus goes straight into quarantine. The reason I am posting is maybe the admin could look into this as I wouldn’t want fellow cunters to get a virus. I am not very tech savy, but if anyone is maybe they could look into it. It was called HTML/Scrlnject B trojan. I think i spelt it right but the quarantine box didn’t stay on the page long enough to check the spelling. Good luck because there are some evil cunts out there.

  7. Getting pissed off with the phrase ‘stripping shelves’ , bog rolls in particular… they are bulky items.
    1 Only so many you can put on a shelf
    2 Only so many you can put on a truck

    The cunts who try to buy multiple packs are selfish arseholes but I blame the fucking media, all this started back in October when the cunts were reporting that if we had a no deal there would be a shortage of bog rolls.

  8. Scammers? Vermin. Execute. Martial law for racketeering and profiteering.
    That is all.

  9. The current crisis has produced a new batch of “needy” to be “tested” wenches, and of course I am willing to offer free testing to any young lady who is that concerned. A good gobble on my knob, and a quick squirt gives me the result I want.
    Their test is always “clear” of course..

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