Barrie Drewitt-Barlow

Oh, what a gay day for a limp-wristed cunting of Barrie Drewitt-Barlow.

This effete, Qweer Charmer lookalike with the Tintin hair made some sort of perverted history in 1999, when he and his “hubby” had twins. Those little bundles of misery have grown up now and his “daughter” took unto herself a boyfriend. It now appears the 25-year old “boyfriend” has taken up with camp daddy, and they are expecting triplets:

I feel sorry for the poor little bastards since “Barrie” (he clearly spells “ducky” as “duckie”) and his partners have now managed to fuck up five new lives.

It begs the question, how much of the bill are we picking up to gratify the perversions of these two ageing queens?

Probably none actually. This cunt and his ex-partner are millionaires. This is a self-funded, ‘buy-a-baby’ thing, a la Dame Elton John and his ball and chain.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

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  1. It seems that poofery might be transmittable then, based on the information above. It may be that the boyfriend caught it from the daughter who had been exposed to it her whole life. Possibly Earl Kravdarth of Bumholia or Dick de Pfeffel Foxchaser-Fiddler (purely for his expertise, not sexual practices) can enlighten us.

  2. What really grips my shit is that they seem to feel that the world needs to know about this and the press pander to their wishes.

    Perhaps life would be better if people kept their private lives exactly that….private!

    The world is no better for knowing this piece of butt butter.

    Gay is gay, straight is straight and bi is bi. It matters not. This is not a gay issue.

    Effectively the woke world is a self publicising ego trip for attention seeking social misfits.

    Rant over

  3. ‘I am a queer fucker in every sense of the word and I demand that the whole world knows about it’.

  4. I’ve often wondered if The Gays get excited whenever they catch a glimpse of their own winkle? I know that if I could glance down at myself and see Gemma Arterton’s body I’d just stay indoors and strum myself stupid…. all day and everyday.

  5. Gays raising kids is an abomination and corruption of the family. My opinion and I don’t see it changing soon.

    • I concur Sixdog entirely. If men are of the Camp persuasion I have no problem with it. But FFS don’t bring kids into it. They will grow up confused in a Fucked up Family. They could walk in to Daddy and Daddies bedroom one morning and catch them in the act of Bummery. I dread to think how that could impact on their minds.

      • Exactly. They may even form the opinion that a man depositing his fertile sperm in the dung hole of another man is a laudable practice

    • For your sake Uncle T stock up on oven cleaner before the hoarders think they’ll need a ten year supply, though it’s probably the only thing left in the shops.

  6. I remember hearing about these two cunts years ago back in the very early 90’s just before i left school , it wasn’t really heard of much then so i didn’t really pay that much attention to it.
    I remember only a few short years ago when we had really bad floods and him and hid ex were stranded on the roof of there range rover and i was hoping they had drowned . They have a habit of popping up every now and then either in the papers or the TV and i remember them being on TV with there kids and i just thought to myself this is so wrong.
    Iv’e always said if you wanna be gay then that’s fine but one don’t rub it in peoples faces and two they should never be allowed to bring up kids and certainly not surrogates.
    I strongly disagree on the fact they should be allowed to bring up kids its wrong and them kids don’t stand a chance, these two cunts though , personally they want executing.

  7. This Coronavirus is a dry run by The Gays.

    It’s a FACT that The Gays have secret underground bases in most Countries where they have been interfering with virus technology. Due to the fact that they prefer young meat they have manipulated the flu-virus to attack the old and see how people would react to a pandemic….they have their answer.
    I confidently expect a particularly virulent strain of The Gayness to be released within 2 years. They plan to spread their disease by rubbing their cocks across the seat of every public toilet,poking their fingers into every packet of Mr. Kipling’s French Fancies and making all of their hair-dressing shops “Unisex”.

    No man (except me) will be safe and The Gays will be free to indulge their sordid pleasures …what they hadn’t is considered is that the natural supply of young meat will dry up. This is why they have put so much effort into the “2 men can have children” research. Cost is no object to The Gay Agenda…they are all well-off due to the fact that make-up is often heavily discounted at Boots, hamsters are 10 a penny, dresses in “Man-size” are cheap enough if bought without sequins (which they can easily enough stick on themselves at home) and the fact that they do not partake of any masculine activities…huntin’,shootin’, fishin’ etc which cost The Real Man real money.

    The Gay is a wily and dangerous creature…probably my slyest opponent yet. I will however,being a Humanitarian,be preparing An Ark of Manhood to try and save the last of my kind. Unfortunately most of you won’t be eligible to enter my Holy Place. You would need to be a vast Estate owning,suave,sartorially elegant,big (and small)-game hunting Gentleman-Of-Whiteness….and even if you are all of the above,if you’re a Vegan you can Fuck Off.
    Don’t worry,Ladies. I will need staff for my Ark. Unfortunately unless you are young and good looking,you can Fuck Off too.

    • I think I will be safe from a gay virus and am ready to help out with servicing young ladies that Dick can’t manage.

      No mingers!

      • I’m fine with mingers. I have no pride and, since it’s more difficult to get food than rum, I’m likely to be pissed at any encounter.

    • Mr Kipling’s French fancies?
      Thank god it’s not the bramley apple pies. I can’t do without my five a day.

    • “Fiddler’s latest post is a veritable tour de force! Highly recommended.” (PinkNews)

      • So you don’t think its the chinese Dick? even tho the hard evidence is overwhelming stacked against them?

        I agree the gays are a type of cult and they most certainly have an agenda of gayness the sodomite bastards! but i don’t think they are behind corona virus. I’d like your thoughts on this further if you will Sir Fiddler

      • I would also like to add that apparently black people cannot catch coronavirus despite Idris Elber tweeting about catching it and telling those who spread this conspiracy theory to “shut up because it makes us look stupid”. Your thoughts Professor Fiddler, after your ground breaking thesis on why blacks do not float may offer valuable insight into eradicating COVID-19.

    • I will tell my wife under no circumstances to purchase Mr.Kipling’s commestables in future. Relations may have soured between us in the last 56 years but I don’t want anybody fingering her fancies,Dick!

    • Fuck me Dick. I thought my last comment was far more lenient than yours and yet it went straight to moderation ?

    • Back to top form Sir Fiddler!
      I was beginning to despair that you had been affected by “the reasonableness”! 🤣

  8. Anyone can be a shit parent, but as a right-wing bummer, I do agree that kids being ‘raised’ by lefty gays have no hope.

  9. Happy corona virus quarantine day everybody! if you go out today for the essentials or groceries. I hope you don’t catch the wuflu and die a horrible slow painful death

    Happy peaceful thoughts everyone lets think positively and not xenophobic thoughts about the chinese people this isn’t their fault. Even tho it kinda is… because of their questionable eating of exotic animals like bats, civet cats, dogs, snakes and pangolins cheers cunters have a nice day

    • Saw my first mask wearer last night, a woman old enough to know better. Who did she think was going to breathe on her in a deserted street at 9.45pm? If I hadn’t been on the other side of the road I would have broken into a coughing fit and put the shits right up her.

    • Avi: Why do they call it the Chinese virus?
      Bullet tooth Tony: Because its from China Avi!!!

  10. Surely being homosexual means no children born by them.
    Surely there would be lower population either because of homosexuals or heterosexual couples choosing not to have babies.
    Bringing life into the world is a truly amazing thing and a lifelong commitment.
    A baby is not an accessory like a handbag, or a christmas tree that is brought out once a year.
    It’s a living breathing human being.
    My mind boggles.
    Before taking care of someone or something, take care of yourself first.

  11. Can’t they come up with a Coronavirus test that deliberately infects? Then offer it to the Gays (preferably adminstered via a tube up the arse). They’d be a queue from Soho to Brighton.
    What a pile of cunt this story is…never mind that in every living species it’s a male and female that have offspring and bring nature’s balance of the feminine love and the man to provide.
    A child needs the balance of a male and female…not two benders.
    Poor kid walks in to Dad and other Dad’s room and catches Dad one banging Dad two whilst Dad two wears a woman’s wig.
    Of course nothing twisted will become of the kids.
    Piss off.

  12. The one on the left looks like the tefal forehead bloke. If the daughter’s boyfriend has turned out to be a ring-pusher then the daughter has obviously not been taught correctly how to satisfy a man, bit of an irony there, when you are raised by dad and dad. Fucking pillow-biting cunts, it’s shows that with money you can do what you like and who cares who’s life you fuck up, even if it’s your own children…. but hang on a minute it’s not. Breeding kids for shit-stabbers should be banned. Poor kids never stood a chance with a pair of selfish fucking arse bandits to look up to.

  13. Pure fucking sickness from the aforementioned Sun article:

    Last night, in an exclusive interview, Barrie, 50, said: “I am overjoyed to share the news that Scott and I are pregnant with triplet girls. We are using a surrogate and she’s fallen pregnant at the first attempt.

    “Our family has too many boys and too much testosterone! So we used sex selection to even things out. We know we are having girls.”

    How the fuck can one man, never mind two, get pregnant?

    Are their rings vulvas, their anuses vaginas and their small intestines uteruses?

      • Something I missed out:

        Why does their family have too much testosterone if both of the adults are pansies? And sex selection is sick too – the only positive thing is that they have misused the word ‘gender’, which is a linguistic concept misappropriated by the liberal-left.

  14. Homosexual? No problem, each to their own.
    Sick cunts? Problem.
    Fire up the oven Unkle Terry!

  15. Duck-pout faced queens with unnaturally gleaming eyes and wide-mouthed smiles are exactly what they are.

    What the fuck happened to ordinary, tough, blokey poofs like Achilles and Alexander?

    I fucking despise how the likes of only mincers like these get media ‘representation’ as opposed to just bummers like me just trying to privately get on with my life and not infringe too much on polite society.

  16. These poofters used to live in the same town as me.

    Everybody thought that they were cunts, and weren’t afraid to let them know. TBH there was some sympathy for their kids, poor little fuckers where bound to grow up ‘wrong’.

    I often used to see them trouncing around Tesco, usually with some other (always younger) wind-tunnel tested cunts in tow. I remember the cunts getting their Range Rover stuck in a ford during a flood, I bet they only did for the fireman’s lift out.

    The word ‘cunts’ has never been so apt.

  17. It’s illegal to pay a consenting adult for sex, but two fags can buy a baby. Does that seem right?

    • I always think of the debauched Lord of The Manor from a Hammer horror film.
      Sir Hugo Baskerville, or maybe John Carson as the dodgy Squire in “Plague of the Zombies” resplendent in a red hunting coat and riding britches…

      • The original jumanji with Robin Willams was a absolute classic, but I’d avoid the remake with Dwyane Johnson aka The Cock and that spunky scot redhead from Dr.Who is in it too

        I saw it last month on netflix it was the most forgetable wank of a film in recent memory

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