Shami Chakrabarti (6)

Shami Chakrabati is in need of another cunting.

Cunt is like herpes…we can’t get rid of her – Admin

Appears that the twat is upset about extending the time Jihadi peacefuls have to stay in the clink. Since 2005, you get out after half your sentence, so Chukurbatty is very riled cos the evil Boris wants the murdering, traitors to do their full stretch. As usual, she cares not one iota for us poor bastards who, if unlucky, may find ourselves the target of a demented, goat fucker intent on causing murder and mayhem.

Thank you, Chuckurbatty for making my life more fun, if you and your cuntish friends have your pathetic, libtard way. Just as well I kept the sword canes. Pray I have time to deploy said blade if attacked by a knife-wielding goat fucker.

Nominated by Black biscuit

80 thoughts on “Shami Chakrabarti (6)

  1. It’s obvious she’s on the side of anyone who’s working against the UK. There are way too many people like her who have embedded themselves in the establishment with the sole purpose of enabling the destruction of our way of life and our culture.

    It’s a joke that the media don’t expose these cunts, their families are as likely to be murdered on the streets as ours are.

    • the media are complicit in all of this. in britain the whole state apparatus works only for the elites and is rotten to the core. it is also not democratic and the population/people/electorate are the last ones to be considered. this is war and the elie cabal is winning all the time. the opulation needs to wake up and fight back or else. …..

  2. This Shami person is popular on here. Seems like last week (or last month?) there was a nomination with a picture of her holding a medal of some sort.

    six times now.

  3. She has the look of a horror film about her. It’s almost as if Shamey Chuckyerpotty has been the victim of a knife-wielder, and I don’t mean her blind hairdresser. It might be more terrifying stumbling on this horrorshow on Streatham High Street at 1am than a swarthy, smelly, Alláh nutter.

  4. All those deported are Jamaican nationals. They have been duly convicted in British courts of serious crimes against British law. They have been through the appeals and review process. I can’t see the problem. Add to that the clear need to send a message to others contemplating a criminal career in the UK as an agreeable alternative to staying at home, and case closed, fuck off.

    Another case of pure synthetic emotion vs. reason and the rule of law. Bollocks to that, bollocks to early release for terrorists and bollocks to the touchy-feely public clamour that we be nice to very nasty people. Fuck them, they’re cunts.

  5. I take it someone on the admin team has had herpes, I had forgotten they existed, mind you I have also had to throw away a load of time expired condoms, says a lot about my sex life doesn’t it.😪

  6. Oh fuck not this creature again!?
    Why can’t we just prosecute this cunt for trying to help murderous goat worriers ?
    She is trying to get traitors released early so they can murder men ,women and children.
    Can anyone remember when this shit didn’t happened in our country? When this type of thing would have been the storyline in a movie about some futuristic nightmare?
    How the fuck have we managed to let this happen? We are being openly attacked by people of a faith who hate us and our system is fucking helping them.
    If Boris did something radical, I mean really radical,like changed the law to mean life,bring back hanging and make it legal to revoke these cunts citizenship and deport them to the Arab world, most wouldn’t give a toss and would quietly applaude.
    How glorious our Kingdom would be if we stopped worrying about “their “rights and just did the right thing for the majority population.

  7. She is a cunt for sure, having seen her on TV over a number of years she is less of cunt now than she was when she director of liberty.
    Always on the side of human rights, sorry Chuckabutty, these cunts don’t deserve human rights.
    Get to Fuck!

    • I see it just the opposite: she’s even more of a cunt now since she threw in her lot in with the Labour Party and Corbyn in particular.

      • At least The Fucking woman has to be honest now, when she was director of Liberty she pretended to be apolitical.

  8. The very epitome of the rot that has set in.
    A fucking disgrace.
    Heydrich’s oven cure.
    Get fucked.

    • Wet towel into that foul potty-mouth of hers, carbolic acid straight into cardiac muscle.

  9. Good old ‘I see no anti-semites’ Chuckabutty. Why is it that these fuckers who are elevated far beyond any worth or merit hate the country that they live in?

  10. I remember the great Sir Limply Stoke refering to Shami as Shami Chuck-up-yer-balti…pure class.
    What happened to Sir Limply? Maybe he’s passed on to heaven and is cunting some of the cunts there.
    Anyways go fuck yourselves.

  11. It’s obvious we’re in deep shit where this faith is concerned now. It’s like shutting the door after the horse has bolted really. The smug look on Chakribarty’s face in the pic above says it all….”We’ve got them by the short and curlies guys”. Yes, she’s bloody right. Although western culture is largely incompatible with what is scripted in the Koran, British culture (or I should say that of our masters on our behalf 🙂 is woke tolerant and has allowed it to flourish so that for example in Bradford and Luton roughly 22% of the population of those towns is now Peaceful.

    Our masters now have to enforce law and order according to our rules and values as white (Christian) are still the majority without spurning the ever growing peaceful communities that could turn on us en masse out of resentment and indignation. Pretty fucking scary thought that eh. Let us not forget also that once we have significant peaceful representation in parliament by way of MP’s, the now peaceful of the peaceful’s won’t have to be as peaceful anymore because they will really start to feel their feet.

    Sleep well cunters and don’t have cuntmares.

  12. I was wondering if some of the elder cunters on here could let me know if there were always loads of liberal lefty types or if this is a post Blair cunt phenomenon?

    • When I was younger B&WC, any cunt like this would have been ridiculed and told to fuck off.
      Take that moron Lord Longford as a counterpart example.

      • Sorry, that should have read ‘penal reform.’ This cunt will always be remembered for campaigning for the early release of Myra Hindley. He believed she’d paid for her crimes and was a reformed character. The cunt would have been in his element, were he alive today. He would be regarded as more the norm today, rather than the eccentric loon which he was in his time.

        I am going to leave it how it is

      • Afternoon Ruff one. I’m only joking about your age! In I fact know that you’re really a young, sprightly 40 year old!

      • I’m guessing Him and Mary Shitehouse saw more porno films under the guise of censorship than most of us did in are youth.Probably banged each other whilst watching Debbie does Dallas.

      • Indeed, they were largely regarded as “loony left” and never really got anywhere. But, sadly, times have changed, and the loonies are now trying to run the asylum.
        I may try and head north (Switzerland is sadly not financially realistic for me) – Newcastle, or roundabouts. It seems that there are still a goodly number of sane people up there, who do not hold with all the bullshit that Londonistan and Novy Cardiff have to endure. I might even do the catering corps bit for Fiddler’s Militia.

    • Never existed in the 80’s even 90’s.
      All part of the anti western virus that sprung up post 1995. Since the cold war ended it’s gone pear shaped with lefties looking for different ways to attack the west. Goes together with climate change,our fault,anti white Anglo, we’re all bad don’t you know,pro Islam Asia Africa, they’re all perfect cause they’re victims of whities.
      A never ending attack on the whites who built the western world. The others have failed so now they’re looking for different ways to attack us.


      • He’s as wise as Methuselah Black and White!
        The Premier League has now turned into Fantasy football for us!

      • Plenty of loony lefties around in the ’70s /’80s. Flabbott, Corbyn, Benn, Militant, Greenham Common wimmin types, CND. In those days they were fringe, now they’re mainstream.

      • Cheeky monkey B&WC!

        Ooh, what have I said…

        Anyway, if I’m 100, Bertie must be 104.

        Reckon B&WC’s one of them millennials. 😊

      • I am as old as the mountains among which I sit, and have died infinitely more times than the vampyr…
        Or it may just be my inner tube and clack-valve.

    • In my youth a lefty was an old fashioned labour voter who believed in worker’s rights. The trades Unions of the 70s fucked that up. However, there was no woke hand wringing shit and we were proud of empire and GB. Also, arse tonguing was a perversion only practiced in public schools.

      • I believe tonguing a woman’s arsehole was the pleasure of Royalty the world over saying back to Egyptian time’s CC. Thanks to my promotional efforts it’s now widely practiced… especially by cunters on here.

      • It’s woker’s (sic) rights now. And that old right-left distinction is no longer valid. I am:

        1. Against corporate capitalism and ridiculously unequal levels of pay
        2. In fact, against materialism as the engine of society
        3. Strongly against destruction of the natural environment (including by global warming, which I regard as a proven fact)

        These make me ‘left’.

        I am also
        4. A British patriot, who will always put his country’s interests first and voted Leave.
        5. Extremely unhappy about the extent of immigration.
        6. A believer in the impartial rule of law.

        These make me ‘right’.

        There are so many polarising issues in society now that it is impossible to be consistently left or right if I look at them honestly. Escape clause needed. Aha:

        …to thine own self be true.
        And it must follow, as the night the day,
        Thou canst not then be false to any man

        (Polonius, ‘Hamlet’, Shakespeare)

      • That’s all common sense but where do you stand on gender, I watched politics live today and a spat between Russel Moyle and some woman history professor …. handbags were flying 😂

        The new politics is all about who can be offended the most over an ever increasing number of issues.

      • On gender, I’m of the ‘right’, and acknowledge only two (neglecting natural freemartins etc). If you’re an effeminate man, fine, but ‘identifying’ as female? Fuck off. Demanding that I see you as what you aren’t is narcissism gone mad.

      • You make a very interesting point Komodo. It sounds as though you’re searching for a self identity! Point well made.

      • Good try but I am afraid you are off to the naughty step, Russell-Moyle will be there to assist with your re-education.

  13. For what it’s worth I’m upset about the time Jihadi peacefuls spend in prison too.

    They should have been executed.

  14. Fucking horrendous cunt of all cunts.

    I wonder how concerned she is about the human rights of the victims of these arseholes? The women they raped. The people they assaulted, murdered, drugged up, etc, etc.

    So human rights apparently only apply to anyone locked up and ethnic, do they Shami? Let’s shout, scream and protest about the rights of CRIMINALS, rather than the rights of the innocent, is that correct, Shami?

    The only thing wrong about these deportations is:

    1. There are not enough of the arseholes on the plane.
    2. They remembered to refuel it,so sadly it won’t plummet into the fucking Atlantic, thus doing the world a big favour.

    • You don’t want the plane to go down unless it’s packed up to, and including, the overhead compartments and the hold is fit to burst. Considering what you hear about these foreign-born criminal bastards on the news, there should be one of these, preferably Ryanair, plummeting into the Atlantic every fucking day.

      • True Moggie, Very True. I could not agree more.

        Dunno what has happened to me today. I’m a cunt who didn’t read the nom properly. I thought this was about Chuckerbutty banging on about the deportations, but it is the wanker Jihadis she’s moaning about, innit?

        So sorry all.

        I am having a distinctly ‘female day’ today. That time of the month and tired as fuck after another night of insomnia. I even burst into tears today after nearly hitting the kerb when parking up, dozy twat.

        Note to self: Stop being such a cunt, Cunty.

    • Spot on.

      Another begging ad on the magic rectangle this pm, money for little dark quay gels that have been “abused at gunpoint, and then became pregnant as a result.” Possibly voiced-over by the dulcet tones of that god-awful Plastic-Bumley woman, to make it sound cosy and dreamy
      I see…
      Why the fuck don’t they just say R-A-P-E , ffs ?
      I suspect it’s because they want to airbrush the very word out of existence, because it offends the divershitty and multi-cultural “enrichers.”
      Bastardveminscum, as my gt.-unc used to say

  15. Lloyd Russell-Moyle on Politics Live this morning. Cunt is the epitome of everything that’s wrong with the Left today.

    • He was shouting over everyone, ‘I am right and I will keep shouting until you agree’

      Ginger Cunt!

  16. It’s hardly a surprise that “Baroness” Chuckabutty is upset that Boris wants evil, murdering bastards to do their full bid, rather than allow them out after serving only half their sentence. She is, after all, one of Corbyn’s lickspittles. And we all know that not only has Corbyn never said or done anything in support of the United Kingdom or the British people, he has actively supported this country’s enemies and potential enemies. The IRA, Hezbollah, Hamas, the PLO, Argentina (in respect to ownership of the Falkland islands) and Iran. Corby and his cronies have never met an anti-British cause they didn’t wholeheartedly throw their support behind. And just like her boss, Chukabutty is a filthy fucking traitor.

    Scum like Corbyn and Cukabutty despise the British people, which makes me wonder why they don’t jump on a plane and fuck off to a country they would actually like, like Venezuela or Cuba. They constantly harp on about “yuman rites”, but it only applies to criminal and terrorists. They don’t care about the right of ordinary British citizens to go about their day without having some swivel eyed devotee of the “peaceful” religion trying to murder them. They care more about the rights of terrorists, rapists, murderers and other assorted scum.

    2020 is the year that UK once again becomes a self governing, sovereign nation. It should also be the year that we start putting far left, woke dickheads in their place. That needs to start with us telling them that there are only TWO genders, that simply identifying as one does NOT make you a woman, that life is tough, nobody owes us a living and that criminals deserve to be behind bars, and that should serve their full sentence. And when they woke dickheads start screaming, and they will, we need to tell them to shut the fuck up, because we are no longer going to put up with their shit. And we need to start with Chukabutty.

    • What an absolute corker of a post! Wasn’t here last time I looked. Assume it fell foul of WordPress moderation due to the word scüm…

  17. I’m surprised there isn’t a comment about Shami’s pearl necklace. *snigger snigger* 😀

  18. Whenever I’ve seen her on the google box (which is far too often, she’s another rent-a-gob) she always looks like a startled rabbit caught in the headlights. A cunt who’s now in the House of Arseholes for cosying up to the Corbynated Chicken.
    Said it before I know, but her reaction to the exit poll predicion on election night on Channel 4 was fucking priceless. I’ve been looking for a link but can’t find it. If anybody knows where to find it, please put it up so we can all relish it again.

  19. The good news is there is even less chance of labour ever seeing power again with utter traitorous cunts like Shami Chipbutty and Owen ( bum boy) Jones cheerleading for them.

  20. The so called BBC has a Rita Chucklebutty reading the news with a malevolent leftist aura. Is Shami her mother? I occasionally put on QT if they have somebody I like on the panel (so VERY occasionally), but have to switch off if that patronising hypocritical cunt is on. Or Thornberry, Krankie, Flabbott or any Liberal MP. Haven’t tolerated more than 10 minutes since Robin Day left. ISAC should do their version on YouTube, “Well Dick, do you agree hanging’s not enough of a deterrent to further Chakrabarti immigration?”

  21. You need to watch this weeks ‘Plank of the Week’ Tmc. Link below.
    It’s the perfect antidote to QT.
    Each week they also have some tasty women as guests.

  22. Typical human rights activist , as far as i’m concerned terrorists and murder’s and rapist’s etc don’t deserve human rights and if bitches like her who campaign for them don’t deserve to have them either .

  23. This country is totally going to the dogs , it’s fucked now so what’s it gonna be like in 10 years time ? . Everything in this country now is going against the whites and they wonder why people become racist , i’m really starting to despise the very country i used to be proud to serve. Everyday i wake up there is always someone moaning about how hard done by they are and how racist we are and how there isn’t much diversity and it never stops.
    I mean if we went to Africa or India etc and complained about the same shit we would probably end up decapitated or slung in jail , the very fact they do it over here and we cow down to all there whim’s and demands fills me with pure hatred . Out of all the places iv’e been to the only country i actually admired and liked was Israel and i’ll probably retire there to be honest because this country in another decade will become unbearable .

  24. I hope this bitch Shami gets suicide bombed and has her legs blown off and stays alive , lets see her views on prison sentences then the trouble causing shit stirring CUNT.

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