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Ewan McGregor is a cunt for at least two reasons. The first, and most topical, is because he is playing the baddie in the latest in the long line of shite superhero children’s films that it’s become acceptable for retarded adults to like – “Birds of Prey”.

The makers of said film have decided – as the lead is Margot Robbie, i.e. female – to brand it as some #metoo fuckfest to capitalise on the purses of the fans of screeching Rose McGowan-type harridans that cry rape the second the shine’s worn thin on their Oscar and the money’s dried up. Ewan has gone all in on this – referring to himself as the film’s “villain and CHIEF MISOGYNER”…… you utter, utter, utter cunt. Basically, instead of a daft action film this is now men = bad, women = good.


The second, and less topical, is for the fact that he and his bum-chum Charlie Boorman decided to try and ruin motorcycling about 15 years ago, changing it from a pastime for law-ignoring psychopaths like myself into one largely for middle-class, doddering wankers with too much money and time on their hands.

They rode “around the world” on the prick’s bike of choice, BMWs – ignoring the fact that most of the journey was done on ferries with the bikes safely tucked away while they quaffed champers on the First-Class deck – by themselves. Except for a camera crew and about 12 transit vans full of support staff. Next thing you know every midlife crisis tosser has gone out and bought himself one of the same godawful “adventure bikes” and three grands worth of matching jackets, poncing about on the roads of a weekend, getting in the way as they wobble round corners at forty MPH. Ewan (and Charlie) – you’re a cunt.

Nominated by Cuntan the Cuntarian

Ewan McGregor deserves a planet sized cunting for being a preaching hypocrite. He has a new flick out right now, “Birds of Prey”, and by all accounts, it’s a flop. It’s taken about $33 million worldwide in its opening weekend, which is really not good. In fact, an avid DC extended universe fan I know has told me that it’s the worst opening weekend for a DC universe movie. Ever.

Anyway, leaving aside the shiteness of the movie, McGregor has been on the promo circuit, bigging up the movie and lecturing us all on misogyny and the importance of respecting women and all tha….wait…what? Ewan…fucking…McGregor. YOU are telling US that we need to respect women? You mean, like you respected your wife when you cheated on her and then dumped her for the other woman? Fuck off, you arrogant hypocrite! McGregor is the LAST person on Earth to lecture anyone about respecting women. I may have been married twice, but at least I’ve never cheated on either of my wives. That fact alone, in my opinion, already sets me above an adulterer like Obi Wan Ke-Knobhead. I don’t need a lecture on misogyny from a jumped up twat like McGregor. I don’t need to be told to respect women, by a man who couldn’t show his own family any respect.

Fuck off McGregor. Cunt!

Nominated by Quick Draw McGraw

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    • “Ethically harvested gold and diamonds”, how does that work? More likely Lenny Henrys mate, M’tebh dug it up in a mine in the DRC for $2 a day.

      • It means the mine only averaged 4 deaths a month digging it out of the ground for this ethically resourced rich bitch.

      • Being a poor cunt I am offended by the way she shows off her “ethically fucked” wealth!

        Why indulge in such baubles when she could have given the money she bought for them to some “ethically pleasing” charity?

        Hollywood – a bunch of rich cunts living on a different fucking planet being self righteous about the poor cunts on Planet Earth!

    • Just when you think that the bullshit couldn’t get any worse along comes the cunt by whom all other cunts are measured.

  1. Can anybody remember a decent movie in the past 10 – 20 years? Didn’t think so.

    Instead of Clint Eastwood or Michael Caine, we now have the Eaton fops or equally dull female leads. Years ago, we would look in wonder at the stunts, now they’re made up by a neck beard with CGI software.

    In old money, McGregor, you’ve made a turkey or a B Movie.

    • Harry Brown with Michael Caine (2009) is well worth a watch. By all accounts it upset a few lefty types at the time of its release.

      • Anything that upsets lefties is worth a gander.
        Michael Caine=proper star
        MacGregor=limp lefty cunt. I’ll bet the fanny voted remain.

    • I enjoyed “Enemy at the Gates” but it would have been even better had Rachel Weisz got her tits out a bit more . I also enjoyed “Eden Lake”…Kelly Reilley has a lovely set of honkers on her.

  2. Ewan is a complete and utter twat with no sense of irony or self-awareness!

    Trying to come over as all soy and sympathetic to the wimminz, and yet conveniently forgets his own infidelities

  3. Fake feminist, fake biker, fake humanitarian. Remember those adverts where Ewan was trying to get yet more money out of pockets for fucking Africa? There’s nothing I love more than multi millionaires lecturing me about world poverty. Give them some of your dough to buy weapons and Rolls Royce’s you short armed, long pocketed fucking fraud.

  4. He’s a two faced knobhead jumping on the woke bandwagon.
    And not realising 70% of the population just think he is a false posing cunt.

  5. Had it not being for his surprising elevation into the Star Wars franchise (admittedly the shitty prequels), then this cunt would have remained a C list actor at best, with only one or two decent films to his name (Trainspotting, being one)

    But now he’s prepared to sell his soul in order to still grab hold on the coat tails of the A listers; and the best way to do that is “Go Woke!”

    There used to be a cartoon character called Desperate Dan, from that great 1970s comic “The Dandy”. If Hollywood should ever want to turn him into a film adaptation they could get Ewan to play the role but with a different name – “Desperate Cunt”

    • Aaah, the Beano and the Dandy. 3d as I recall ( younger cunts won’t recognise 3d ) Desperate Dan, The Bash St Kids, Dennis the Menace, Mini the Minx….the years are just rolling back. Airfix Kits 1/6, The Victor, The Hotspur for a tanner. Commando War books a bob each. “Take that you filthy Jap/Wop/Hun ”
      Yep Ewan is a cunt as well.

  6. The woke wankfest goes on and I’ll carry on having no part of it. Given the majority of women believe putting the bins out is mans work I’ll not live in fear of women taking over anytime soon. It’s a fucking scam enabled by weak men.

  7. Choose Life?
    Choose being a flag-waving Scottish monkey but spending most of your time abroad. Choose doing films that are drudgery to experience and have nothing to say. Choose being in the worst Star Wars “movies” and that’s including the woke shit and Ewok ones. Choose doing a follow-up to the decent Trainspotting simply for the dirty lucre which turned out to be extraordinarily similar to the first one, two hours too long, and painful to watch the ageing, apathetic actors grind through their lines as if they gave a flying fuck. Choose being a spotty, haggis-eating cunt. McGregor, don’t choose life.

      • It really wasn’t tho I rather watch trainspotting 2 again over rewatching phantom menace or attack of the clones

        I wouldn’t pay the full ticket price to see T2 it at the cinema that would be a waste of money I agree. I just watched it on netflix maybe thats why i didn’t feel as cheated i dunno wasn’t that bad it was just a conclusion to the events in the first film

      • I thought is was like an unfunny sitcom. It’s one of those sequels I’ll choose to pretend doesn’t exist. The book sequel Porno is a better continuation of the characters and Dianne’s near absence from the movie was hugely disappointing.

  8. His mate Charley (yeah, that’s how he spells it the poof) Boorman is a wanker as well. Supposed to be an actor but has never been in anything except some bit part in a crap film made by his rich film director Daddy. Complete cunt.

      • Zardoz is truly the most pretentious pile of wank ever committed to film.
        Fuck me Sean, you were James Bond for fuck’s sake…
        What were you thinking? 😆😆😆

      • You philistine Baron!! You don’t get the deeper subtext to showing Mr Connery pouncing about in a posing pouch with matching bandoliers and crotch-length leather boots – which was of course, erm – the patriarchy, and er, Vietnam allegory and – no never mind, it was bollocks

      • A British spy meets an Belgian actor….

        “The names’ Bond, James Bond.”

        “Hello, the names’ Damme, Van Damme, Claude Van Damme, Jean-Claude Van Damme”….

      • A line I originally missed from a Poirot episode…
        Hideous old bat to Poirot “I know what you are… You’re a pimp !!”

        Ag. Chr. must’ve had a hideous futuristic vision of a certain gap-toothed twat in Brussels…

      • Van Damme meets a ‘British’ grime rapper…

        ”The name’s Owuo, Omari Owuo, Kwadjo Omari Owuo, Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo, Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo…Junior. But call me Stormzy”

  9. He might be all ducky darling now, treading the boards wearing posh cravats, but i remember this lad when he was a smackrat, on the rob in Edinburgh.
    Renton! Get back in that toilet!!

  10. I might be able to shed some light on the film is only barely breaking even so far, that is if the budget cost was $84.5 million dollars and not the $100 million sources have leaked. Like the Charlies Angels and Ghostbusters remakes this is exactly what happens when wimminz take control.

    “Harley Quinn actress Margot Robbie decided to take control of the reins and push for a solo movie that brought together some of the most iconic women in DC canon. Attached as star and producer, she campaigned for little-known director Cathy Yan to take on the project, making her the first female Asian-American director to helm a superhero film.”

    This film by finance and takings alone isn’t a flop per se, however it is another lesson that other than the die hard superhero anoraks, soy boys and feminists, no one else is interested in directed by and starring ‘strong wimminz’ films.

    Fuck off!

    • What a fucking waste of money. Romper Stomper is a movie, Bad Boy Bubby is a movie. There’s no fucking daring left in the industry, fuck it.

  11. Is Doctor Sleep a sequel to Stephen King’s The Shining or Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining?
    Because they aren’t the same thing…

    • The movie..
      It’s OK but not a patch on the original.
      Spoiled by too many artificially inserted dark keys.

  12. I nominate Lawrence Fox to host next year’s Academy Awards, that would make for a far better spectacle.

    He could dish out a good anti-woke kicking to McGregor, Phoenix, Fonda et al.

  13. Haven’t seen enough of EM’s films to judge him as an actor (from the half-dozen or so I have seen he’s been above average, even impressive, and demonstrated he’s got good acting chops and versatility and variety in his repertoire). Seems like a decent enough fella in private, too, imo. However, the hypocrisy from the cunt is not commendable or praiseworthy.

  14. I’ve watched a few of young Ewan’s over the years, and he’s always struck me as a wooden actor and dull as ditchwater ‘personality’. Fair enough, but now he’s ‘come out’ as a fully fledged wank spanner. Fuck off over there with the rest of the whining luvvies.

    • No argument from me Ron, he has the charisma of a tangerine and plays every character the same, i.e. as an annoyingly limp-wristed Scotch cunt.

  15. If anyone’s not seen Shallow Grave watch it now, Trainspotting’s a must too, can’t recommend anything beyond that and yes he’s a femi-whipped soypussy.

  16. I’ve no time for this cunt because he’s a fucking ‘star’. I love films but I’m anti-star. There’s no film I would watch simply to see a certain actor, I want to see them as the characters they play rather than another resident of Hollywood with lots of money and an ego. Last time I watched this cunt in a film he was gobbling Jim Carrey. And he’s another cunt, funny as deep vein thrombosis.

  17. Is ‘Birds’ of Prey not a sexist title? Anyway Warner Brothers have gone into panic mode because no cunt wants to see it and changed it to Harley Quinn after it’s been fucking released, how desperate can you get? Naturally they’re blaming racist men for not going to see it, that and the racist coronavirus

    • Nothing to do with the fact that it’s yet another comic book adaptation pile o’ shite then, Warner Bros?
      ‘Suicide Squad’ was a load of old pony as well; sexism’s got fuck all to do with it.

  18. Never seen any of his films, not even Trainspotting. Only thing I know about that film is that fucking “lager, lager, lager” racket that was played fucking everywhere at the time. Never trust a “man” Who virtue signals about misogyny and feminism. He is a soppy, limp-wristed, hand-wringing, tofu-munching nancy, the sort of cunt that would fit nicely on shite girly TV tripe such as Moose Wimmin or This Morning, along with big girl’s blouse Schofield.

  19. Spot on about the motorcycling. Apparently, a middle-class twat needs a £20,000 motorbike with the latest “electronic aids” (sounds like a dildo), to ride down to the South of France. And, on top of that, we have the self-same twats spending thousands on “classic” bikes (i.e. anything old, no matter how shit it was in the day) and blabering on about what a great “investment” it was. I’ve been a biker for years and we used to get refused service in pubs just because of it – now, like many things, it is the epitome of middle-class, middle-aged twatdom. Is nothing fucking sacred?

  20. Wish I’d hung on to some of my ‘classics’ in the 60’s and 70’s. At current idiotic prices for those underpowered and unreliable (but dearly loved, all thirdhand or worse) machines, which cost me a combined total of maybe £200 then, I’d be looking at north of £50K now. Can’t get too exercised about people riding for the wrong reasons, though*. At least they sometimes get on a m/c. and hopefully when they ease their flabby frames back into the Audi/Volvo/BMW in the executive car park, they might remember to use their fucking indicators and not try to carve up a real bike.

    *Harley riders always excepted. Cunts

  21. Trainspotting the film was shite, the book on the other hand is a fucking belter.
    Ewan is a cunt.

  22. A fucking shite actor and a cunt…
    Utter wank as Obi Wan Kenobi…
    Not fit to lace the drinks of Sir Alec Guinness…

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