UK Justice Department and Immigration Failures

Most of you seem quite well educated and experienced in life. Our recent exit from the EU is by far a minor victory in a major challenge. I always looked at it with a view to sovereignty and our own laws (being able to uphold and enforce them).

Now take this scenario: As an employer, I interview applicants for jobs. I want someone who will fit in and not go against the grain of my organisation, or upset my current work force. I would not accept an applicant’s reason for application to be “I need a job to move here and money to feed my kids”. I want a genuine person who wants to fit in. Next we have periods of probation at work. The applicant must fulfil certain criteria and expectations and once they have passed this period, they have full employment rights.

Now under employment rights, I can fire you on the spot for negligence, or “If your presence in the workplace presents a threat to others or yourself” (Look it up, its in the law) I have done this three times so far and only once on the safety grounds issue. Now I will skip to the meat of the sermon. A lot of the problems we are now facing are not EU related. They are Commonwealth related. Yes, we do offer preferential treatment to Commonwealth citizens, but there must be a limit.

If you have a business that is employing illegal immigrants, you are exploiting your own kind and avoiding taxes to this government and people who offered you help. Maybe you should pack up your wealth and go home. Likewise, the criminals. Firstly, I have no idea why you were allowed in, but take a leaf out of my book. When someone invites me round their house, I do one of two things. Either refuse, or behave. I certainly don’t shit on their carpet and expect them to feed me. I cannot understand why they are not automatically excluded on sentencing.

Now I have probably come across as a right racist cunt, so lets go a little further. We have an internal crisis of ‘benefits Britain’. Families that have not worked for three generations, arguably hence the requirement for migrant labour. Well, they need a kick up the arse too. My grandparents idea of a holiday was to go hops picking, or fruit picking, to get a bit of pay and a bit of sun. The Benefit laws need to be changed so that these able bodied people can travel for seasonal work and have their benefits reinstated quicker when the job runs out. That’s probably why they do not even try.

So that’s a treble cunting on a fucked laptop, after a few beers.

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  1. Racism? What actually is it?

    To me it means to treat people of another race unfairly due to their colour or creed.

    What is being practiced in this and many other countries is preferential treatment of non indigenous people, in fact racism against the people of the host nation.

    So in fear are we of upsetting immigrants, even those who enter illegally and are criminal from the moment they cross our borders that we treat them like they are the victims and we are the colonial masters in our own land.

    I don’t give a fuck if I’m called racist, if people come here and gain citizenship but still care more about their county of origin than the UK they should have citizenship removed and be shipped home. That includes Irish, Italians and any other fuckers, white, black or whatever.

    There is nothing wrong with standing up for our own culture and as far as the law is concerned it should be applied equally to all.

    Illegal immigrants would be under no illusion if I had my way, you’re going home and if you have assets our cash you’re paying for your own journey home, if you don’t you best be a great swimmer.

    We don’t need anymore taxi drivers, hand car washers or bus drivers, we sure as hell don’t need any more takeaways and if and when we do we have over one million people claiming unemployment benefits.

    Thank you and goodbye.

  2. Good afternoon milord.

    I haven’t been on this website so much recently as you dog story upset me a bit. I do hope it works out.

    I think that’s all very reasonable. If a foreign national, whether Commonwealth or EU or anywhere else is convicted of any criminal offence, whether it carries a custodial sentence or not, it should result in immediate deportation with no right of return. Your domestic analogy is spot on.

    • If we treated people from other countries the same way we would be treated in their countries, that would be a start.

    • I am sorry to be the cause of your absence, I can not give you good news on my previous post, should it happen I will be the first to shout from a mountain top, perhaps like you I have more faith in my four legged friend than my two legged ones (arbiet two individuals who I have fought back to back with).
      I do not wish to get too personal, But I myself have been deported from a few places as person non grater including of all cases Gibraltar, which I have to say is a laugh.
      But should the dog come through I will make a point to tell you, sorry for the discomfort I have caused you.

  3. Excellent Lord Benny.

    In Japan if you can work, but choose not to, you receive precisely NOTHING.

    Family are contacted into shaming the individual into getting a job.

    As far as I can see for these type of people referred to they have absolutely no shame. No sense of doing the right thing. No sense of responsibility. No sense of discipline. No sense of gratitude. No manners. No guilt. No sense of being a burden to others. No respect for anyone, including themselves.

    Just stop their benefits. Like they do in Japan. Get the lazy self entitled irresponsible fuckers off their arses and into work. It really is the only way.

  4. Excellent, m’lud, top notch.
    Daren’t say any more, cos I’ll probably have a fucking stroke if I really get started on this one.

  5. The benefits system is as broke and knackered as the NHS.
    For years weve allowed the system to be a way of life and not a stop gap between jobs. I know as friends of mine have worked in said system.
    If you’re fit and able to work and ha e been out of work for more than say 3 years – voluntary work experience or the bennies stop.
    Shelf stacking, fruit picking etc.
    As this will never happen, I ca reap the rewards of.claimjng my state pension about the 85 yr mark

      • Oddly enough, I thought that about 6 months ago, after I was “encouraged” to apply for a job there.
        You still get money off the state, it’s just that there is the “pretense” of doing some “work”…
        As I’ve said, my experience of their recruitment process so far suggests that my daily presence there will cause me to go insane.

  6. We’ll all end up hiding behind the natural defenses of Norway.
    Unless we get another Churchill.
    A sickening shambles.

  7. I’ve done a few cuntings akin to this. I don’t know what Its like in your town but in the big, ugly one in which I’m currently living there are copious places that pay zero tax and many are foreign. Thai restaurants, Hand car-washes, swathes of barbers, cafés, kebab shithouses, Vietnamese nail bars, etc. They don’t even hide it any more displaying signs that brag, “Cash only” – not simply a red rag to the useless tax-collecting idiots but a flashing, neon V-sign. Fuck you everyone. You pay for the roads, the hospitals, the dustbin workers, another palace for another parasitic, royal couple, millions for a “developing country” (Psh), street lighting, police, fire fighters, pay for it al….we’ll use it but you mugs will stump up while we hoarde our cash, get stinking wealthy and enslave the dim, native fools.

    Then have a quick drive around rustic Kent where cunty farmers pay cash to “migrant” workers who simultaneously are claiming both housing and job benefits. Lots of them are the scümmiest pîkeys on whom you’ll ever set eyes. Again it’s us that are the mugs. It’s lose-lose for tax-payers but win-win for Farmer Cunty and the Romanian/Polish/Slovak cunt-slime.

  8. We have never employed any decent overseas candidates, be them black, white, yellow or sky fucking blue. All of them fucking useless. Many home grown candidates are shite as well. Our company employs 30 people. Of those there are around 10 which are marginally useful.

    Never a truer word spoken as the old adage “you just can’t get the staff”

    Fucking amen to that.

    • Don’t want to prejudge the issue, but what percentage of the other 20 is in management/admin roles? And has your organisation ever mentioned the word “motivation”? Just asking out of curiosity.

      • Having a count up, the good ones:

        4 out of the 8 consultants
        6 out of 8 management and admin
        7 of out 11 operational staff

        Motivation is a key part of the business; it runs as a meritocracy and good work is rewarded. The company also runs team building days for staff at least twice a year. We do employ so great staff, but some wanked-out, lazy cunts as well.

      • Thanks, Paul. Wish I worked there! I wonder how typical the consultant ratio is. That would seem to suggest that if you took the decisions you base on external consultants’ opinions by tossing a coin, you would gain by not having to pay the consultants…

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