Steve Bray (2)

A wrong at the top of his voice cunting for the appropriately named arch Remainer, Steve Bray.

On the off chance that anyone in IsAC land isn’t aware of who this loony gobshite is, allow me to explain. Bray is Mr Megaphone, the wally who’s spent no less than 847 days at Westminster, bawling ‘Bollocks to Boris’ and other wildly inspiring slogans as part of an earache inducing crusade against Brexit. You’re bound to have heard the twat’s rantings disrupting interviews on the telly at some point.

It seems that Braying Steve has finally admitted defeat, and says that he’s hanging up his megaphone for good. Mind you, there’s a difference between admitting defeat and accepting it. He claims that ‘there’s still hope’ of staying in the EU, because according to his take on things, a majority of people voted for Remain at the general election. Apparently we’re all going to be ‘in hell’; after Brexit happens, ‘we’re all losers’.

Well Steve, you’re certainly a loser, you insufferable cunt. Now take your medication, and go for a lie down in a quiet, dark room for a while. Oh, and make sure that your megaphone stays hidden away, otherwise, as sure as God made little apples, somebody is going to ram it up your arse.

Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Nominated by Ron Knee

95 thoughts on “Steve Bray (2)

  1. 2020, I generally hate new year, but I feel a bounce this year. Social media the loony lefts are getting evermore extreme 🤣🤣🤣🤣. The Pa kis are feeling threatened the bbc are shitting it in case Boris pulls the plug. European cunts shitting it in case we fuck them off.
    Happy 2020 Cunters and fuck the loony left , Europe and any soy boys who stands in our way Fuck them I want my country back

  2. I’d love to know who was funding this cunts accommodation bill, while he was in London.
    It’s interesting to note that his annoying bellowing didn’t attract any violent ripostes.
    Whereas Nigel Farage has had to endure a number of physical encounters.
    That says a lot about the “Liberal Left”

  3. I’d like to shove that megaphone so far up the cunts arse it would take the fire brigade and a proctologist to remove it.

    • You and me both, DCI. Then he really WOULD be talking out of his arse!

      He is such an annoying cunt. Like one of those tiny, gnatty things that buzz around you and won’t fuck off.

      • “Stop Brexit” – apart from the fact that BJ (appropriate) has already done that by selling us remain with tinsel on and calling it leaving I fail to see what part of ridding ourselves of a strangling pernicious snake which has ruined our Country and smashed already destroyed areas of the United Kingdom is a problem.
        The EU leaders hate us, Germany want to conquer us economically as they could not do it militarily and France, hmm, say no more.

        I have used it before but quite like this one

        “A Man does good business when he rids himself of a turd”.

        Now we will see if the Tory “borrowed vote” has any remit – we are the fifth richest Nation in the World and one million of our own people are forced to use food banks – not because they are not keen on what is offer at Waitrose (watch out for Lily Allen in there, the silly mare appears to have spilt flour or something on the floor and she is trying to pick it up with her nose, I ask you!), not because the Marks and Spencers delivery vehicle is caught in traffic but – and sorry for going off on a bit of a rant here but because our own citizens do not get enough f*cking money to avoid starvation.

        The people are angry, the people want change – we voted to leave the EU and the rich and privileged do not like the fact that “thick Johhny poor boy” has seen through their democracy denying libtard shit and voted to up sticks and “fuck off” (to quote the words of the esteemed DF!)

        Random waffle over, back to restoring me antique teak table! (I think the first lot of teak oil has dried and it is beginning to look as beautiful as I thought it would be when I rescued it from recycling centre heaven!)

      • (I think the first lot of teak oil has dried and it is beginning to look as beautiful as I thought it would be when I rescued it from recycling centre heaven!)

        Heads up Vern and a warning 8-{

        Local Nat West in the village shut down nearly 20yrs ago; a late 60’s early 70’s thing which I remember as being fitted out entirely in solid hardwood. Window cills and reveals, doors, skirtings, counter tops, architraves of 4″ x 1″ teak, the whole nine yards; it was just dripping with now unobtainable lumber. I mentally logged it and two years ago the fencing went up signalling its impending demolition. Well it was two days before I noticed the demo crew were on site and just managed to rescue an estate load of timber from the grab lorry.
        Gotta be a grand’s worth if I’d ordered it from a timber yard and just the job for the keel repair on the Enterprise and to build a new centreboard case for one of the Ospreys. Two days into the work and I got a bit of an itch on the right forefinger which wierdly was mirrored on the left forefinger??. Now I was doing a lot of it in the kitchen so I’d be up in the morning, kettle on and while it was boiling I’d do 5mins with the sander or cabinet scraper; stood there in me undercrackers I’d be covered in dust. Long story short, the net result was that by day three I was covered head to toe in a vicious contact dermatitis/histamine reaction. Within the week both hands were a mass of weeping blisters that refused to heal and for two months I had to walk round with my hands in surgical gloves soaked in invreasing strengths of prescription hydro-cortisone gunks. It was bastard agony, had to clamp me ciggies in a mole grip at one point as I had no fingers unblistered to fuck and dry enough to hold one! All in all it took six months to fuck off and still I’ll occasionally get a blister on one finger out of nowhere and again it’ll be mirrored on the opposite finger/s?? That’s just fucking wierd!

        Dermatologist says all down to the oil/s in teak and that a lot of the tropicals can be very allergenic. Couldn’t explain the symmetry though. It was “a pre-sensitising reaction” he said meaning future exposure could produce an even WORSE reaction… worse? than this??.. f.f.s!
        Rosewoods in particular are a real bastard (even severe neuro-toxological and pulmonary effects) and one to watch out for and steer well clear of he said.
        “Er.. doc… pretty much every instrument I own has a rosewood fingerboard on it and if not it’s ebony. ”
        “Oh..and ebony… well it’s your choice but I would advise a lot of caution working or handling either.”
        Hmmm, still got the bulkhead frames on the other Osprey to do so need to find a frigging cheap NBC suit before I go anywhere near it.

        So now I’m discovering the sheer delight of super slick synthetic ebony fretboards so a bit of a silver lining there.

      • My word CC, that does not sound good! I work outside with my trusty “sex offender on remand” paper suit, mask, goggles and gloves – teak has a lot of toxic resins and nobody tells you about this kind of thing! (until too late).

        Currently hiding in the treehouse, I have spilt French polish and get the feeling I am in “a degree of trouble”! – if you see lightning over Yorkshire you can safely assume the good lady has returned!

        (Currently making a “Peter Griffin style” Chinaman outfit – she will never know it’s me, result!)

  4. The only medication fit for this giant twerp is a Cyanide Pill. Silly Cunt.

    I just cannot understand the logic of the EU remain fucksticks?
    Funny thing is, the likes of Verhofstadt, Junker and Von der Leyen and other senior EU Nazis hate and despise pricks like Steve Bray even more than they do Boris Johnson and Nigel.

    They just don’t get it do they? These thick as mince EU remoan bell-ends.

  5. This sponsored fraud was nothing more than a useful idiot for Gina Miller and co , his cover story was he was sleeping on a friends sofa in London and Was a one man anti Brexit crusade unfortunately for this intellectual Pygmy he was exposed as being backed by best for Britain and other assorted remain cunts and was actually living in a very nice flat in close proximity to Parliament SQ , funded by remain he has had a very nice paid holiday and has a few quid in his skyrocket for services rendered …..
    Every day I wished someone would deck the cunt!! , sky tried to interview him but struggled with this remedial Thick as pig shit cunt……
    Fuck off back to wales you wanker and go polish your coin collection…….

      • I actually saw an interview with this turd looking extremely shifty as he claimed that he supported himself by selling his coin collection, and ‘crowdfunding’. Personally I thought that his explanation was very convincing.

  6. I always reflect this time of year and I was thinking abaaaht the poor and their struggles whilst sat in my Notting Hill flat.
    Being such an expensive area and full of mostly wealthy cunts I decided to show some solidarity with the poor amongst us and went to stay in my other flat in a not so wealthy part of the country.
    Go fuck yourselves.

    • A shining light of hope and humility B&W ,we are all touched. I trust you and Fiddler are volunteering at the local soup kitchen tonight before helping migrants tomorrow, navigate our complex and racist immigration system.

      • New Year greetings LL, I was in the soup kitchen all over Christmas but Mr Fiddler was nowhere to be seen.
        I will be starting a new ‘Help the female migrants’ scheme soon…it’s called ‘The pimp will make you the Britsh’.
        The ladies come to me and ‘work’ for a while (10 years) and then they get the passport.

      • I was actually helping out at a clinic for traumatised women with suspiciously clean arseholes. One of them,in a horrified whisper,told me her tale…..apparently she’d been shopping in London when she was suddenly “busting for a shit”.She noticed a hand-written sign..” Girlie’s Shithouse” pinned up on the door of an exotically-scented flat,so in she shot,dropping her knickers and opening up the bomb-bay at the same time…just as the turtle’s head emerged she heard a voice rising from beneath her nether regions…”Laveerrrlly” it hissed as she suddenly felt something akin to a grease-covered anaconda anally invading!!..the poor girl…her turtle’s head shot back up in fear and as she looked down the “modified” toilet-pan all she could see was a leering,strangely well-tanned face looking up at her..”I know nuthin’abaaatt it” the gargoyle said,before charging her a tenner for “use of the facilities”

        I heard her tale with mounting horror..and was reminded of B+W Cunt’s proud boast of “I’ve got a tongue that’s 10 inches long and I’ve learned to breath through my ears”.

        Surely not? Could it really be…?

      • I wonder what a soup kitchen in Notting Hill would look like anyway, bloated old alkies spitting out their soup yelling “I only eat from fucking Waitrose you cunts”.

      • Notting Hill soup kitchen:

        “Any gazpacho daahling”? “No”

        “No”? You complete f*scist”!

      • Seasonal greetings Mr Fiddler, I know naffink abaaaht that…it sounds like a venture my long lost disgraced cousin known as White and Black cunt is involved in.
        He was an inspiration and was doing well for himself until he caught some mouth disease because he liked a dirty bumhole.
        I learnt from his mistake and have insisted on a clean bumhole ever since.
        He really was a dirty bastard, imagine tonguing a shitty bumhole…

  7. I’ve never understood how he got away with shouting “Bollocks” in public. If I were to go to some film premiere and scream ” Come and lick my bollocks,Gemma !!” at the delightful Miss Arterton, I’d probably be arrested…particularly if I spent 847 days bellowing it (and dangling the offending “bollocks”) through her letterbox.

    • Ah the delightful Miss Arterton. Now there’s a young lady who could bring a glow to your cheeks on a freezing January night.

      • It’s not a “glow to the cheeks” that I’m after Ron…it’s a good hard Fucking.

        Glad you made it through Old Years Night relatively unscathed.

      • As you’ve probably worked out you old dog, ‘glow to the cheeks’ was my attempt at showing a bit of decorum. You know there are so many delicate flowers on here. But let’s not beat about the bush where the scrumptious Ms Arterton is concerned. No, actually beating about the bush is exactly what is needed where this delicious bit of posh is concerned.

        Yes I’m pleased to say that I survived Hogmanay relatively unscathed. Got up about one and managed a bacon roll to my surprise. The wife looks fucking done in tho. That’ll learn her to stay away from Drambuie. Hope all’s well in the world with you.

    • Dick@
      Remember the sex pistols had a album called “never mind the bollocks” well it went to court over the title.
      Judge ruled it wasnt a naughty word as such and could be issued as bollocks is a very old english word.
      Also, in times gone by if wounded on the battlefield if you were noble/important youd have the honour of being put out of your misery with a ‘bollock’ knife!
      Whereas commoners would be left to scream in agony, the bollock knifes handle curves into two round balls, hence its name.
      No shit, google it.

  8. Afternoon all. Christ me bastard head, and it’s the likes of this cunt that are helping to do it in today.
    The twat said that he was chucking it in after the election, but I gather that he’s still parading about at Westminister in spite of that. Think he’s minus his magaphone now tho. Too much to hope that somebody has actually shoved it up his ring tho.

  9. Boils my piss this cunt, representative of the progressive cunts who believe petitions, protests and shouting through a loudhailer overrule democracy.

    These are the dangerous cunts, they have conspired with an external organisation to deny the outcome of a democratic vote.

    They should build a statue of him outside of Parliament, it would serve as reminder that tyranny has many faces.

    • The strident voice of “alternative democracy” – is he going to live in Europe now and take c*ntsberg and swineson with him?

      Will they be taking Owen “rusk and Mummy” Jones with them, perchance he can use the now redundant megaphone to go to Islamabad etc to screech about “gay rights for gays now you f*scists – ooh, ducky, are we going up this tower to see the the view? What the, aaaaaargh”, crunch.

      “Ooh, ducky, when you told me I would be fisted and thrown about a bit by big sweaty Men I rather misinterpreted your intent Moo ham head – now where’s my gay rights for gays? Ooh, ducky, that’s a big gun”..

    • Yes timenow for Boris to make good on his ‘Get Brexit Done’ pledge. The icing on the cake will be that in doing so, we can all watch a ton of pigshite descend upon cunts like Bray from the stratosphere.

  10. Fucking wanker. Fucking stooge. The cunt stood as a Lib Dumb candidate somewhere in Wales and lost his deposit. Couldn’t even manage a thousand votes but , like all these remoaner bastards, he still hasn’t got the message. I could wear myself out kicking this cunt’s bollocks in.

  11. In “honour” of Mr Bray, along with Steptoe Corbyn and Keyboard Teeth Swinson plus many more, I present this, in the hope that our great nation may learn to live in peace…

    Just substitute any of their horrified faces on election night for Donald Pleasance’s.
    Our resident Snake should approve…

      • It’s a reference to the ending of the 1981 film “Escape From New York”
        where a self serving politician’s world drops apart while this music plays…

      • It’s a stone-cold classic Baron! John Carpenter at his least self-indulgent, Kurt Russell at his manliest! And I would have rammed Adrienne Barbeau senseless

      • Carpenter did. The jammy sod.
        Find the extended cut of Wes Craven’s “Swamp Thing”
        The lovely Adrienne gets them out for the lads in a bathing sequence…

      • Assault on Precinct 13, The Thing, even Dark Star is great despite costing about 50 dollars to make…

      • Yes it is Snake, plus it has Alice Cooper battering someone to death with a push bike so there’s that. And They Live is JC at his funniest, “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass – and I am all out of bubblegum”

      • Top film DCI, oddly overlooked in JC’s catalogue. Like many a decent original, subjected to the indignity of a fuck-awful recent remake, same goes for The Thing (although to be fair JC’s was a remake in itself)

  12. Empty vessels make most noise, and there can be few who are as empty as this cunt. When he is a bit older, I’m sure he will look back at the time he spent being an irritating cunt, and he will surely realise that it was a complete waste of life, a finite resource spaffed away on a fruitless cause, the only consequence of which was making him look like a fucking bellend to a wider audience. His shit little protest will be forgotten shortly, only occasionally referenced on shit panel shows, probably hosted by Jimmy Carr, where he is the answer to the question; Can anyone tell me who this bellend is, and what the fuck is he whinging about.

    • He’d be an absolute shoe-in for one of those ‘Hundred Most Annoying Cunts of the Year’ type shows. He’s got one of those faces which just beg for somebody to stick a size 12 Doc Marten into it. Repeatedly.

  13. He seems nice.
    Like his hat!
    Looks a little like Jiminy cricket whos had a breakdown.
    Be in few year just another nutter in a pub, trying for recognition,
    Wave by to yer euro boyfriends Stevie.

    • He looks like the 2019 version of the noncey type character in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the Child Catcher.

  14. He can always fuck off and live in Belgium with Golem.
    800+ days shouting stop Brexit
    Lost deposit on December 12 in the shit end of Wales

    Belgium would be perfect for him, the CUNT!

  15. Perhaps Gina Miller will take pity on him and employ him as her lavatory attendant – he could warm up the seat for her these cold winter mornings and put that stuff down that kills 99% of all known germs – but I bet there are a few unknown germs when she has plumped her stinking old arse on the seat.

  16. Having received £400 per day and a bonus of 20% at the completion of each month ( £2400 app ), free board and lodging, I too may be inclined to make a cunt of myself outside the Commons.

  17. It’s time we took a leaf ( or a bamboo shoot ) out of the Chink book . Apparently they set up rehabilitation camps for people who piss them off, even saying the president looks like Winnie the Pooh constitutes being pissed off to the crazy inscrutable, fiendish fuckers. I digress but the point is if we set up camps like these in the UK we could accommodate the likes of messrs Bray ,Coogan, and Lineker and erm rehabilitate them with jump leads and thumb screws, for the worst offenders like Miller and Bercow a stint in a brazen bull may clarify their minds so they finally learn that trying to crush democracy just isn’t cricket.

  18. Crowd Funding’s worth a cunting all on it’s own. Anyone fancy chipping in for a four-bedroom detatched house with a hot tub, a Triumph Stag, the cash to put fuel in the cunt and a holiday in Florida sans spending money, for a poor, impoverished ambulance driver? Every year. I’ll even lie and say I voted remain if it’ll help?

    Thought not.

  19. Looks like you have failed in stopping Brexit Sir, but you have undoubtedly succeeded in showing yourself up as a cunt and a none to useful idiot , fuck off

  20. My in laws were lovely Welsh people. Mrs. B is a lovely Welsh person. This person is a Welsh cunt.

    • Bertie, I am a Welsh cunt and I resent you giving this cunt the accolade Welsh cunt. You cunt.

      • I know what you mean CC!
        I know more English cunts than Welsh cunts! 😀
        Happy NY Cunstable!

      • PS you’re not a Welsh cunt. You’re the most educated, enlightened and knowledgeable person I know that’s come out of Newport!

  21. Christ, Greta and particularly Swinson look hideous in those photos on the wall of shame. Well done admin on finding unflattering shots of two birds I would definitely have liked to have given a blessed bumming, and spoiling future lewd fantasies.

  22. No matter where hes from hes a grade A twat.
    Doubt Wales would rush to claim him.
    Jesus, imagine if he was your brother or your dad?😠

  23. Obviously he likes brown kids and is worried that Brexit will make his supply of fresh meat dry up.

  24. They reckon Swinson was a bit of a goer in her day.
    Been rogered more times than a police radio….allegedly.

    • Where did you hear that one, JR?

      I have tried in vain to Google any titbits about Miss Swinson giving an oily titwank and enjoying some DP with B&WC and his cousin, but alas nothing is out there.

  25. …and was it just me or did the BBC, in the closing weeks of its Brexshit coverage, shift its outside broadcast position ever closer to this fuckwitted foghorn?

  26. Steve Bray a message for you
    17.4 million people voted to leave the EU that’s 52% You lost accept it 👍
    On the 12th December 2019 We had a People’s Vote and Boris won an overwhelming majority to get Brexit done Fold up your tent and crawl back under your stone you lost again👍
    Leave Means Leave 👍🇬🇧

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