Guy Verhofstadt (9)

An emergency cunting for this slovenly, shit-stained, dirty, unkempt, vacuous looking arsewipe who, like the most embittered Labour Remainer, still hasn’t got the message we are leaving the EU evil empire:

I would like to see this cunt end up in the same position as John F. Kennedy in the back of a car in November 1963 – it looks like the only way we will be free of these bastards.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

50 thoughts on “Guy Verhofstadt (9)

      • They’re in denial. They act like leg amputee patients still insisting they can walk. This particular weirdo with his adolf fringe and bumpkin smile can’t seem to receive the message. Give the cunt some mulled wine with added rat poison and ground up bits of glass.

  1. And EU Cunt of the Year 2019.
    Serves him right for interfering in our elections and speaking on behalf of the Undemocratic Cunt of the Year.

    That’ll teach him.

    (Nice new artwork, incidentally…)

    • Good looking lad isnt he?
      Nailed the euro pee do look thats so in vogue at moment.
      Consent? Heehee, only the last 50yrs youd of got away with that Igor,
      Our forefathers would of widened your centre parting with a bayonet.

      Jog on.

  2. The cunt is of a fag end of a country and thinks he is something special. These shits only want money off us. Boris tell the cunts to fuck off.

  3. Exceptionally brilliant cunting for an exceptionally thickasshit human being (if he is human at all) – this failed parasite has a gob the size of the Mersey Tunnel and it should really be filled with cement NOW. Isn’t this sludgefest supposed to have left for ‘greener’ pastures by now – fucking cunt!

  4. Cruel trick there Admin to select a photo in the top right corner of England rugby coach Eddie Jones !

  5. Wasn’t he the cunt who had metal tentacles who kept trying to kill Spider-Man ?

    • Nice. Made this comic book geek chuckle. Follow the link down the page and there’s a piece about jug eared cunt Lineker regretting coming out as a remoaner. When’s he coming out as the most overpaid, devoid of a personality twat on Al-Beeb?

  6. Surprised? The EU is going to plant really dirty now. This is about who’s in control, they will want us to suffer as a lesson to other EU nations.

    I hope Europeans are watching closely.

    • I’m not convinced it’s all about control, although that is a large part, but losing the 2nd biggest bill payer is going to leave them utterly fucked. And so they should be.

      • Our £39 billion (the equivalent of 4 years net membership payments) will keep them rolling along nicely for a few years yet. Plus they’ll be getting a further £12 billion for every year the transition period is inevitably extended after Dec. 2020.

  7. I am not sure how he is going to stop us leaving at the end of Jan, it’s the default position useless we ask for an extension, so if the EU parliament doesn’t agree the ‘deal’ we leave with No deal ha fucking ha!

    So the EU cunts will be told in no uncertain terms to vote for it! But I hope they don’t and that could be the start of the end of the EU.

  8. I fucking loathe this little Belgian limp-dick cuckold EU CUNT!

    Show some respect you fucking little prick. You are from a cowardly, hide-behind, run-away at any sign of trouble nation with a history of surrender and occupation longer than Charles Kennedy’s Bar Bill.

    If it weren’t for good old British lads from the Valleys, Mersey, Thames, Tyne, Ulster and Clyde you’d belong to the smallest Fucking province in the Nazi empire you Flemish horse shagging, cloggy wearing weirdo CUNT!

    We don’t need your consent shit-weasel. I hope an over zealous peaceful bumps into him in Osterbeek and gives him a cultural enrichment experience akin to a chelsea smile with a scimitar.

    Flemish piss-ant Cunt. We’ll be laughing when we’re the strongest economy and military in Europe with trade deals with USA, China and Commonwealth and your sack of shit EU has Putin’s Tanks rolling over it.


    • Belgium, whats ever come out of fuckin Belgium?
      Shit chocolate, bumboys,poirot, cowards and this freaky fuck.

      • What’s come out of Belgium MNC? You are forgetting that uber genius footballer Maraoune Fellaini!

        And of course the glorious dwarf slapping in Waterloo (18.06.1815 – not sure what day it was, I was too busy munching snails and running away from the English, rough buggers they were!)

        My back injury is improving and I had a most enjoyable New Years Eve of “night clubbing” last night so I am in a somewhat capricious mood!

      • Fellatio? Never heard of the cunt.
        Sounds foreign, untrustworthy, im steering clear.

        Glad you got your jacket back an had fun on New Years👍

      • Some very good beer, MNC. I also like the mussels and chips with mayonnaise. Apart from that they’re all cunts, as you say.

    • You tell the pumpkin headed prick Count! Nice to see you’ve started in New Year as you saw out the old!

      • Evening Sir Knee!
        Hope the heads ok now.

        Yeah, certain cunts on this planet irk me more than others and this fucking Belgian moon-head is at least 8 on my personal top 10 Shit-List.
        I think this creepy looking EU sychophant won the ISAC ‘EU Cunt of 2019’

        No fucking wonder……..

  9. Call me cynical but I’m still expecting some pre-end of Jan bombshell from the EU – possibly with that Miller witch in tow – that will throw yet another spanner in the works….

    • The forces of evil including Miller, Blair, Swinson’s Oldman and the usual remoan/rejoin globalist cunts will be cooking up something no doubt.

      Just gotta be ready for it. I hope Boris and co consider implementation of the law of Treachery. If UK nationals aide and abet foreign powers to this nations disadvantage than they should face trial and receive a death sentence.
      I’d personally love to see Gina Miller dangling from the noose of a 6ft rope with Blair next in the que.

  10. I will never forget this Nazi bastard at the Lib Dumbs conference ranting on about his fucking empire with all the remoaner traitors cheering him on and giving him a standing ovation. They were well pleased with themselves that day. Where are they now the two faced cunts? Where is their Fuhrer, Mrs Swindler?
    Fucked…..well fucked. Cunts.

  11. I do hope Boris uses some rather undiplomatic language with these loony cunts.
    He won’t but Jebus I wish he would.
    39 billion euros? How about FUCK OFF.

  12. Hmm,
    Looks like a cunt, sounds like a cunt, smells like a cunt,Thinks like a cunt,
    Conclusion is a CUNT!
    Also looks like a Lord of the Rings extra.

  13. Let’s have a huge cunting for james abbot-thompson if it hasn’t been done already. Who he you ask ? Its flabbots son. Guilty of flashing his junk and other offences. University educated means nothing to this cunt.

    • University educated doesn’t mean much to a lot of people nowadays, particularly employers.

  14. In his New Year greeting’ to the world on Twatter, the cunt actually came out with this;

    ‘the light of liberal democracy has dimmed this decade, but in 2019, we saw a fight back against those who want to remove freedoms’.

    Yes cunters. Blink, rub your eyes, and read this again. You couldn’t make this shit up.

    • PS pity we didn’t have a ‘Cunt Haircut of the Year’ category this year, because his barnet would’ve been a dead cert.

  15. How predictable and at the same time most pleasant to meet this new years day, Euro lands most epiic cunt, congratulations Sir you haven’t wasted any time in yet again showing yourself up as the Eurocunt ”’par excellence”.
    With a face like a Eurostar train crash, you might as well drop your kegs and show us your bollocks Sir, they can be scarcely be more an unpleasant sight than your fuck ugly visage.
    The one drawback to Brexit I suppose, is in time we will loose the opportunity to subject your good self to an eviscerating ridicule, a most worthy and all to easy a past time in your case

  16. I’d rather he ended up like Joan of Arc wishing she’s kept her gob shut as her feet roasted.

  17. Bruno Ganz used him as a role model for his part in the film Downfall.
    Someone should bring it full circle and create another meme around dear Guy. Have him wittering on about traiterous, ungrateful Little Englanders.
    Google, Duckduckgo, any search engine, “Downfall meme”

  18. His position was reward for betraying his own countrymen and getting the Vlaams Blok declared an illegal political party and for that alone should suffer the torments of hell. The question is how to arrange his arrival in Old Nick’s ante-room, long have I imagined the many ways his prompt and firey exit might be accomplished. Current favourite involves me trusty nail gun, two cruciformed planks inclined at around 60 degrees, a deep petrol colonic and my carelessly discarded fag end… kafwoooomph… and off goes Guy with arse spluttering flame like a fucking V1.

  19. Looks like an absolute dork. I bet the government give him free prostitutes because they feel sorry for him, either that or they’re placing bets on wether he gets an std…

  20. The sooner we are out of this EU rat trap the better They either let us leave 31 January or it’s a no deal and we leave anyway and they can fuck the hell off with any payments 👍

  21. This wet fart has got hair like sore fingers and teeth like busted graveyard slabs. Really, really can’t wait to get out of the shitfest that is the EU.

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