Rebecca Long-Bailey (3)

Rebecca Wrong-Daily
‘Good afternoon. This is IsAC’s political correspondent Ron Knee, speaking to you from outside the Labour Party headquarters in London. After suffering its worst electoral setback since 1935, the race to elect a new party leader could be said *snarf* to be gathering Momentum *snarf*. I’m joined today by Miz Rebecca Long-Bailey, widely seen by many as the front-runner in the leadership race’.

‘Aye oop, lad. Call meh Rebeccah’.
‘So Rebecca, is it time for Labour to elect its first woman leader?’.
‘Well, Rob. Ah feel that uz just need ah change uv uz image for this day an’ age, sumbody wi’ ah bit uv female get up an’ gaw yer knaw like. As th’ blesséd Meryl of Streep put it,”if yew want summat said, get a blawk; if yew want summat done, get a lass”. Or summat. Like’.

‘I see. Then you’d welcome a challenge from, say, Emily Thornberry or Diane Abbott, as well?’
‘Ha ha ha *whinny* well *ahem* yer knaw, Emily, ah mean, ah luv ‘er an’ that, but honest, she’s SUCH a snob like. Diane? Well, ah luv ‘er ta bits, but t’ dozy twat can’t put two an’ two together, an’ she’s got t’ fashion sense uv ah moose. Ah mean, that HAIR, and them shoes on pollin’ day. Ah mean, them’s borth Dear Comrades an’ Sisters, but ah wuddn’t trust either lard ass to run me bath’.

‘Right. Let’s talk a bit about policies. Labour took a kicking in the recent election, with its core vote widely rejecting its far, some would say loony, left programme. Would your leadership herald a change of direction to try and win back their trust?’.
‘Absoluteleh not Rod. Let me mek this absoluteleh clear. Ah’m t’ continuiteh candidateh. Mah people ‘ave come up wi’ this slawgun; “Corbyn in ah skirt”. Catcheh in’t it?’.
‘So you’ll be Corbyn Mk 2? Have you learned nothing from the election?’
‘Well, it tin’t uz wot needs ta learn from t’ voters Reg. It’s t’ voters wot need ta learn from uz. Dern’t quote me on this, but *whisper* they’re as thick as pigshit. Didn’t knaw wot wuz good fer ’em. But they’ve woken themselves up quick an’ all since t’ election, ah’ll tell ya. They now see Johnson for t’ racist, xenophobic, misogynistic pig that ‘e is, ‘im an’ ‘is capitalist running dog lackeys an’ all’.

‘Put some meat on the policy bone for us then, Rebecca’.
‘Well Ray, let me mek this absoluteleh clear. As ah long time supporter an’ close ally of Jeremeh, it’ll be mah job ta enshrine ‘is legaseh, an’ ta ensure continuiteh uv ‘is vision fut’ future. As Jeremeh said, we wun t’ policy argument, but t’ people didn’t get uz message. But ah’ll stand, an’ let me mek this absoluteleh clear, for nuthin’ less than full blooded sawshellism, red int’ tooth ant’ claw. Uz’ll overthraw t’capitalists in tawtal. Uz’ll re-nationalise everythin’ that moves, an’ make sure nuthin’ ever moves again. We’ll overthraw t’ system; shut down t’ Commons an’ Lawds, and elect ah Politburo. All ministries will be absorbed inta ah single Superministry of Truth, Enlightenment an’ Progress. Uz’ll spend trillions on bribes ta immigrants, ethnics, layabouts, spongers and t’ LGBT communiteh ta keep ’em on board, all ta be paired fer by eye-watering tax rises ont’ top 100% of tax payers int’ countreh’.

‘Oh come on! This is ludicrous pie in the sky. The voters will never stand for such nonsense!’.
‘Come t’ revolution, t’ voters’ll do as they’re bloody well tawld. T’ people’s flag is deepest red…’.

‘Yes thank you. This is Ron Knee, for IsAC,returning you to the studio’.

Nominated by Ron Knee

102 thoughts on “Rebecca Long-Bailey (3)

  1. A superbly constructed nomination with more than a ring of worrying truth behind it.

    Absolutely brilliant, Ron!

    • Outstanding work RK! But the bolshie mafioso may be monitoring you from now on – (Crush dissent pet, we can’t ave furks findin ‘t truth out from political correspondent Ron Knee!)

      And the red flag’s flying love? Well I’m not waiting a f*cking week – get on yer face, grit your teeth and think of the Kremlin Red Becky, because we know your “policies” would ass f*ck every one in the Country who cannot recite “Das Kapital” from memory!

      RK is contracted to IsAC, any attempt at “tapping up” by the MSM will be viewed dimly by Admin who may send DF and MNC round to “have a word”!

    • Labour needs to select a heap of dogshit with a red rosette pinned on it to lead the party! Just imagine their new motto! DSLM=Dog shit lives matter!

  2. Silly bitch, if she was clued up on what people really want she’d step aside and we’d have our first black trans disabled Labour Leader.

    I suggest David Lammy removes his head (he talks out of his arse and thinks with his skin) and changes his name to Davina.

    Rebecca reminds me of Polly from Hi De Hi.

    I’ve managed to find some footage of Angela Rayner at Skool.

    • I think you mean ‘Peggy’ from Hi De Hi – except Peggy was entertaining and funny, and a brain surgeon compared to this daft bat

      • I stand corrected LOTR, I found Peggy to be an annoying cow to be fair. Like Becca she always wanted a role above her station. It amuses me the amount of leading labour figures that seem to be drawn from old sitcoms.

      • “Oooh, Mr Fairbrother – I want to be an MP”!

        “Don’t be ridiculous Peggy – you have no skill, experience, clue or basic competence”.

        “That’s true Mr Fairbrother, I’m just right for the role”.

  3. BRILLIANT RON, yerz nailed t’ cerhnt, good ‘n’ propah.

    Back to English…. This pig ignorant wankress has learned absolutely nothing, that even northern voters seen as Labour cannon fodder have rejected her Venezuelan policies as they did with Comrade Jezzbollah O’Corbynh, the man who can’t deep throat a terrorist quickly enough.

    Look at the Grizzled Grandpa’s response to Trump’s blowing that murdering monster Soleimani to so many pieces, he must have been buried in 673 coffins, hence the size of the funeral.

    Back to Long-Bailey, this Commiecunt has that same look as Corbyn, only worse because being a wimminz, has something to prove, and would make Maduro look tame, a cross between Stalin and a sewer rate, but with fewer scruples.

    It’s instructive that even that semi-shaven, stubbled, pudding-faced Scouse Trot, arch-cunt and Alfred E Neuman lookalike, Len McCluskey has rejected her, instead opting for that icon of working class son of toil, Dame Keir Starmer, Shite of the Realm, sellout to Brussels and Queef’s Counsel.

    Thankfully McDonnell is out of the picture for now, but I suspect he’s biding his time allowing the bone headed cunts like Long-Bailey, Abbopotamus, Lt Col, Lady Fish-wife Nugee, Dawn Race-Baiter and Barry Fuckwit to make cunts of themselves even more than normal, so that he can grab power.

    Sorry about the rant, but these cunts, the lead taken by Führer Corbyn have turned the Labour party into the closest thing to the BNP it’s possible to be, with the added bonus of allying themselves to the religion of death and it’s Postal Vote Muslim Handshar SS Divisions.

    Back to Long-Bailey, she’s a nasty vicious know-nothing, revelling in ignorance, Marxist cunt. How she kept her seat is beyond parody, perhaps there’s lead in the water oop Narth, that and that corrupt mosque-whipped Muslim Postal Vote lobby.

  4. Labour placing people as its leader is like the BBC tacking any old hack into the Dr.Who role. They’ve tried the old man, they’ve tried the gibbering idiot, now let’s try a woman. If it fails, just try a blackie or a Chinese one or a Labrador. As long as there’s gurning, and offence-taking, it doesn’t matter who gushes out the tired old clichés.

    • Excellent analysis GS! Ms Mong – Daily has still not responded to my (now daily) emails regarding food banks, I think she may be avoiding the question!

      • Persevere, Vern. You’ll hear back eventually…
        ‘Food banks? Is there a loyalty card with that supermarket?’

      • Speccy wrong daily, if shes so working class hero whats with the double barrel name? Pretentious.
        Her eyes are little arent they?
        Mouse’s eyes, cant be trusted.
        Hope she wins because shes mental, be the death of the layabout party.

      • “You dare to contact an MP little Man? I know privation oh so well, my lackey was queuing for aaages at Waitrose – because we’re all in it together”!

        “Actually, no, we are not – the Britanic has whacked the snowflake iceberg, the poor are drowning and as the rich are being rowed through the carnage they are complaining that the Champagne is a little on the cold side”.

        “You are clearly a waaycist! Hate cwime! Hate cwime”!

    • The BBC should have a Dr Who series with urdu speaking daleks, same sex cybermen weddings & transgender yetis! That would be sooooooooo woke!

  5. Did people see this ousted Labour cuntess queuing at the jobcentre? She’s making a big deal of her ‘not having a pot of money so people shouldn’t be surprised she’s on the doll’. Er no it’s not that you daft bint, but we expect our members of parliament to have achieved in life, to have done things exceptional in their careers and now with the added experience and prestige of being an MP to find it dead easy to go back to that career. The fact you’re on the doll goes to show how fucking shit is the standard of some of the cunts running the country.

  6. Surely Labour are fucked if they don’t elect a Leaver as leader? (Not that they aren’t fucked enough already). Has Kate Hoey ruled herself out? Woman ☑️, Leaver☑️ , what’s not to like? The political wilderness beckons, hopefully, otherwise.

    • Brexit will be history by the time we face another election but you’re right, Labour are stuck in the past. They believe they are being progressive by choosing a woman to lead them, that’s the only reason they will probably eject a woman as leader, the conservatives elected a woman leader 45 years ago, not because she was a woman but because she was the best man for the job. The best part of half a century ago.

      Labour are hogtied to identify politics which it’s plain to see has been rejected by their historical voting base. They won’t win much support from their Muslim voters by selecting a woman, they would need a female Muslim who would get that demographics vote to put Islam front and centre.

      Personally I would like them to have Dianne Abbott as leader, that would probably finish them off.

      The conservatives need to deliver now, for those industrial heartlands that were prepared to forget the destruction of their livelihoods by globalisation in the 80s and vote conservative.

      • Diane Abbott as leader? As well as finally finishing off Labour she would also finish off all the leftover pheasant from lunch!

        (It ain’t fried chiggun but, hey, it’s free, just like everything else!)

    • Kate Hoey is gone, she didnt stand for her seat in Vauxhall this time around.

      I like her – even if she could, shes getting a bit long in the tooth to run as PM though.

  7. Take it you’re a Southern Softy Ronnie, from inside the M25 ring piece. Like the majority of Metropolistan dwellers, you seem to have difficunty deciphering any traditional, Anglo-Saxon, regional dialect. The Cabbage Patch Doll in question, was actually born and raised, by Oyrish parents, poor thing, in Trafford, Manchester.
    Your otherwise amusing post, seems to gift the said split arse a North East, Geordie, accent. The monkey hangers have a great deal to be ashamed of, but not this squinting, wax faced, pyramid bodied cunt.

      • And IsAC head Political Correspondent! I hear more sense on this site in a day than I have in thirty Years of following Politics.

        And DF has mentioned there may be sane people on this site – we have to root them out, no need for their sort! 😄

      • Spent many a week in Dudley on training courses Ron. Once saw what I always thought was an urban myth – a Sikh fella riding a motorbike with a turban on and no helmet! Religious exemption dont you know (probably banned now)

      • No there were a few about Cuntan! I think some cunt won a court case for exemption if I recall correctly. Fat lot of good it would have done if some HGV had shoved his head inside out for him. Twat.

      • I don’t think a helmet should be compulsory, natural selection and all that. Motorbike – licence, tax, insurance, MOT, helmet. Cyclist – fuck all.

      • He was riding a 1200 Bandit as well, not a shabby little moped. I’ve always felt the same, lorry wheel vs any kind of helmet (especially those fucking stupid little carbon fibre efforts cyclists wear) is only going to have one outcome

      • Probably only designed to reduce a skull-road impact. Once I flew over the handlebars and cracked my head on the road, the helmet saved me from being even more gaga than my natural state. Even so must have hit pretty hard for the hallucinations in the next half hour were almost alien

      • Hehehe, Ron, you one of those metropolitan brummie elites?

  8. I do hope she gets to become leader. She’ll lead the Labour party so far into the wilderness even Moses couldn’t bring them back.
    The Labour party, the panto that keeps on giving ……
    Must send the missus out for more popcorn.
    Good morning.

  9. Second cunting in a month. Is she a contender for cunt of the month for January?

    You have to read this `Wolfy Smithesque’ diatribe to really get a grip with what an utter fucking cunt this individual is. She gives new meaning to the phrase `boils my piss’ with her deluded obtuse claptrap. Fuck off, you fucking gobby cunt, you have fuck all to say and you say it too loud.

    • The first paragraph made me audibly sigh.

      “Far right on the march” – guess she means anyone to the right of lenin.

      • Agreed, all those far-right Afro-Caribbeans and Asians Boris has put in the cabinet the racist scum … Oh hang on…

    • What a stupid communist cunt she is. Total denial about why they lost. I really, really hope she gets elected and has Corbyn, Mcdonnel and that thick twat Flabbott in her shadow cabinet!

  10. I cannot abide the wax faced loony.
    That’s me being nice for a Friday as I’ve got the vodka in.
    The Liebor Party can devour itself for our entertainment.
    The commie self deluded cunts.
    Fuck off.

    • They did one on Today a few days ago. Eerily similar except Ron is more challenging.

  11. Barry Gardiner has announced that he is withdrawing from the race. But it was only 24 hours ago that he hinted he might enter the race. He cannot have entered the race formally in such a short time. He hinted at it. I suppose he has withdrawn the hint.

    • Pity because (in his statement of his withdrawal of the hint) he has said he would have brought much needed ‘dynamism’.
      Yes Barry Gardiner’s dynamism would have been something to reckon with.

    • Rebecca knows all about coal dust and smog – a grown up who used to have a job told her all about it!

  12. Morning everyone, and thank you for your kind comments.
    As what the Yanks call a ‘side bar’ on the Labour leadership contest, you might be amused by this excerpt from a talkRADIO phone-in.
    The host can’t make up her mind whether the caller’s serious or on a wind up. Good entertainment.

  13. Fucking hell, what a load of shit this ugly slag talks. All “green democracy”……”young and diverse support” ……..”rise of the far right”……..blah blah, woof woof. I love her support for unbridled immigration……yeah, I can see that going down well. Is it possible to be more out of touch than this idiot?
    At this rate i’m seriously thinking of starting The Frog Party…….no need for a leadership election obviously. Vote Frog! You know it makes sense.

    • I throw my hat in the ring as campaign manager for FtF!

      “Vote Freddie”.


      I love democracy!

  14. Another snappy female lefty just like Ed Balls Mrs.
    But ! She has very small petite features that would look very pleasing to the eye if she had a massive thick Schlong entering her lipless mouth and almost exiting her cheek. Please Rebecca apply to Xhamster for a job ASAP.

    • “very small petite features”

      Have you not seen her legs Fenton? Fucking tree stumps.

      • Rebecca Long – Bailey needs strong legs for carrying ‘t coal!

        As we carry her, for now.

      • Sometimes you have to overlook the odd blemish in a bird if she’s got something to make up for it .

        I think that was a Alfie quote .

        Afternoon Ruff Tuff

      • ‘Alfie’. I wonder if you have read the book Fenton? One of my absolute favourites. I think he wrote it after the success of the play. Maybe I am wrong. Would be hard to pick up. It really is Alfie in depth. I have an old Penguin edition published 1966. Recommended.

      • Sorry so not the play or the script of the film but the novel of Alfie as it were. I am sure many people don’t know of it. Or it has been forgotten.
        I want people to read it and have written for a magazine about it in an effort to make it more widely known. Ressurect it from oblivion.

    • Good grief no. I wouldn’t poke her with a shitty stick let alone my worst enemies dong. Just the thought of it gives me the shivers, 🤢!

  15. Top stuff Ron. Yes, the flabbott’s shoes; is it me or has that been quietly sidelined in the hope nobody will remember??? My mrs works with special needs kids (think its rubbed off on me, explains my easy-going and tolerant nature) and if one of them had turned out for the bus like that they’d have got quietly shuffled off back to the house to get dressed properly…..

    • We’ve got the fantastic prospect of the Flabbopotamous’s over privileged son appearing in court on 11 charges. I’m hoping to get a front row seat! A CUNT off the old CUNT block

  16. Has miserable northern cunt and Rebecca long- Bailey ever been seen in the same room together? She’s just as I picture him.

  17. First of all let me say, tremendous cunting Ron, you should write for the BBC! 👏👏👏

    Oh, scratch that, the AL-BEEB no longer wants talent, just virtue-signalling bullshit a’la that Fleabag bint, so you’re fucked there Ron. 😢

    All I’ll say about Rebecca Wrong-Daily is this: never trust a person whose face is too small for their head! Still, she’s got her (John’s) policies to fall back on…

    Fuck me. The rogues gallery that the Labour Party is assembling for their next leader is excellent isn’t it. All the wimmenz who’ve put their name forwards make the Nicola Murray opposition Labour leader character in The Thick of It (excellently played by Rebecca Front) look like Winston Churchill!

    Only Dame Keir has anything above the neckline grey matter wise but – as arch remoaner in chief – he’s got fuck all chance with the British public (not that the commies in Momentum would ever elect him as leader).

    If that’s the best opposition Labour can come up with then it must be like Christmas every day for Boris!


    • wish someone would give that fleabag a cunting, i thought it was going to be a laugh till i saw clips of it wanking off to video of the chimp obongo and i nearly spewed up

  18. Fuckin hell, reading that makes it look like the Fat Slags from Viz are going into politics?

    • Which cunt is going to be the next leader of the irrelevant party?

      Who is going to spend five Years bleating shit in opposition?

      Any of them! All of them!

      Labour was created to protect the poor from the worst brutal greedy excesses of the rich, Teflon Tony turned his back on the very people who believed in Labour in 1996 when he, Alistair Campbell and the Mince of Darkness Mandy Mandelson did a dirty little deal with Corporate business – “finance us into power and we will defer signing the numbers restriction on migrant workers, an endless corridor of sl*ve, er, sorry “cheap” labour straight from Eastern Europe, and if the stupid little workshy British workers don’t like it then down the job centre for them – that will keep the dirty proles out of the pubs and bookmakers”! And of course we will have “a light touch with regard to that silly Corporation Tax”, snigger, snigger.
      And with puppet of S*tan Rupert Murdoch – ” Support us in the Sun and through Sky “news” and we will give you a free hand in printing any vile shite you want, we will look after you Son! – By the way, have you met Rebecca? I feel confident you can do great things together”!

      Labour have turned their back on their own people, and the people will never forget.

  19. The Labour Party seem totally unable to accept that they got a kicking because they backed remoan. They all seem to think that they weren’t remoan enough and, of course, Jezza, being an old school lefty, was never a convincing remoaner.
    Five years from now they will still be remoaning and still losing. They are fucked.

    • You’re right Freddie, they are fucker, but I want to see them proper fucked. Jezza needs a cruise to Iran, strap the cunt to a cruise missile I mean.

      Fucking old wanker refuses to call anyone a terrorist because he believes they are freedom fighters.

      • I believe our Iranian chums have a missile launcher for sale – “Used once, some technical difficulties, spares or repair, quick sale needed”.


  20. Great cunting from Roy Knee. Rob plus one or two other cunts on here could develop a surprisingly good script.

    This 6th Former is the Member for Salford and guess where the BBC is HQ’d. If chosen as the Leader, she will have a designated penthouse suite office and their usual Trot-toadying journalists giving her an easy ride.

    And with Remainer in Chief Dame Kier in the wings and that other Munter suggesting she would apply to rejoin the Belgian Gravy Train,don’t think for a minute this war is over. The cunts are merely regrouping ready for the assaults to come on the Trade Deal.

    Rebel’s reminder of Nicola Murray…. agreed !! She is one of the best comedy inventions of the last decade (although there ain’t much to choose from).

  21. “Whose pluckin’ the banjo?”

    Wanked-out, old 6th form political rhetoric from a skanky Manc who looks like the in-bred banjo-playing boy in Deliverance.

    Piss off.

    Nice cunting BTW, Ron Knee!

    • Yes She does Paul but without the glasses a proper throwback in-bread.
      If Communist Labour vote this Corbyn without a beard in as leader they will be doing us all a big favour because they will be out of office for the next 15 years which sounds great news to me 👍
      Communist Labour For The Many
      But Seems Not For You

  22. I would still knob her though, she can tell me her manifesto while I am playing with her beef curtains, bet she is a squirter

    • Her star fish needs to experience the relentless rhythmic beat of free market capitalism being banged into her, but keep the sexy glasses on when it happens luv

  23. Excellent cunting Ron. I’ve submitted your name for a FONE award – Freeman of the North of England.

  24. I did think it was telling the way she seemed to follow Jeremeh about like a puppy duringthe election campaign, then recently referred to him as ‘a visionary’ and a ‘ten out of ten’ politician. Clearly the Momentum nutjob of choice for party leader, but stands fuck all chance of placating the wider electorate I’d say. One of the main reasons for Corbyn to hang around like a bad smell is to try and ensure the sucession I’d say.

  25. Blimey, I just saw that some cunt has launched a petition on aimed at getting Jeremeh to stay on as Labour leader. So far over 68,000 fuckwits have signed up (or 68,000 Tories, who knows?)

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