Waseem Ahmed and Hodaif Nadeem

(Former Bank Employees) Waseem Ahmed and Hodaif Nadeem

These weasels, as bank employees attempted to steal almost £150,000 from bank customers by illegally transferring thousands of pounds from those customers’ accounts into ‘mule’ accounts, for their own gain.

Apparently when asked why they attempted to steal £16,284.75p from one deceased lady, they said it was because “That’s all Jihad”!

Nominated by Cuntry Cunt

79 thoughts on “Waseem Ahmed and Hodaif Nadeem

  1. Well then off to goal with them for a few years with the constant dread of being bummed by their now desperate bredrin from Rotheram.

  2. “That’s all Jihad” – always recalled Looney Tunes being funnier than that? (Willing to bet they’re not big Porky the pig fans either)

    • I’ve just launched a new platform where fans of Buggs Bunny can chat, message and exchange pics etc.

      WhatsApp Doc….

  3. What a pair of cunts, should never steal from individuals however big companies are fair game in my book.
    You get ripped off with everything here and it’s good to get some money back.
    I’ve done a few fraudulent insurance claims in my time and I don’t give a fuck, and for all you goody goody damn two shoes mumbling ‘but that increases my premium’ I don’t give a fuck.
    They will increase your premium anyways to keep their profit margin.
    They are always shitting on the normal man…well I can shit on them also.
    Too many cunts willing to play by the rules…fuck the rules, you have got to barge your way through the crowd to make something of yourself and shine.
    Nobody gives a fuck abaaaaaht some goody ‘respectable’ cunt.
    Like Jack Nicholson says in The Departed…“A man makes his own way. No one gives it to you. You have to take it.”
    And as I say…’Go fuck yourselves’.

    • Too many cunts happy to be nobodies…fuck that.
      Like Brad Pitt says in Troy to some kid lacking ambition.
      ‘Thats why nobody will remember your name’

    • “I’ve done a few fraudulent insurance claims in my time and I don’t give a fuck.”

      Dear Mr Black&White, I am in receipt of your recent motor claim for which I require a little more detail before I can process it,
      Could you please expand on your answers to questions 6 to 8 below?

      6) The pedestrian had no idea which direction to go, so I ran him over.
      7) I saw the slow-moving, sad-faced old gentleman as he bounced off the bonnet of my car.
      8) Coming home, I drove into the wrong house and collided with a tree I don’t have.

      Yours sincerely, Have Pen, Will Underwrite.

      Jasper carrot, you thief!

    • “I’ve done a few fraudulent insurance claims in my time and I don’t give a fuck, and for all you goody goody damn two shoes mumbling ‘but that increases my premium’ I don’t give a fuck.
      They will increase your premium anyways to keep their profit margin.
      They are always shitting on the normal man…well I can shit on them also.”

      Problem with that attitude, BWC, is that it’s not “them” you’re shitting on – never will be. They just raise premiums for everyone else. Although my car insurance comes down every year because I shop around. I have 39 years NCB, so should get my insurance for free by now, but thanks to fraudulent cunts and shit drivers, I have to cough up more than I should. Cheers !

      • Don’t mention it Seymour Gusset, glad to be of service.
        Ps. The fact you have 39 years no claims and your premium is still coming down should tell you all you need to know abaaaaaht these insurance cunts. I was 2 or so when you for your first years no claims.
        Do you drive with a dashcam?

      • Evening BWC – Yes, I have a dashcam. Premiums don’t always come down – Spent a fucking fortune over the years and had fuck all to show for it. Once you get to 9 years NCB, that’s the maximum they’ll allow for – utter cunts !

      • Oh, as a footnote, please don’t assume that because I’m 56 I’m a doddering old fart. Chuck us the keys to your rear-wheel-drive BMW and I’ll show you how to get it sideways into, around and out of a corner (assuming it has a Limited Slip Differential)… I’d say LSD but that might mean something else to you, good Sir !!

        All of the above is tongue-in-cheek, or maybe….

      • thinking of buying one of these new fangled dash cams just so i can laugh at footage of me speeding up at zebra crossings and watching the Stab-u-stanis run for their lives, the female ones pull the best faces as my wheels skims their arses

      • Seymour Gusset you sound like a man who could join the firm…you up for using your driving skills to deliver some ‘packages’ to an exclusive London clientele? You have to be in call most nights and If the old bill catch ya you tell them you know naffink abaaaht anyfink. A very rewarding career and pay to match. What say you?

      • And cunts suddenly develop ‘neck pain’ at a walking pace collision and call us out. Do they think we’re fucking stupid? We give them one chance after asssessing them, to walk out. They don’t take it and it’s ‘Call Fire’ over the radio. That focuses their minds. Meanwhile, Doris is still on the floor, seven hours later, with a NOF, becuase we’re with cunts like this.

        Scamming, time-wasting cunts.

  4. Just send them back to Pakistan and FFS don’t call theses cunts British even if they were born here.

  5. Asian men defrauding?? Fuck off. When I worked in a call centre ( mobile phones) the parking Stanley’s knew all the rules, deals, billshit. Wanted everything for nothing and wanted more on top. Horrible people

    • Agreed one hundred per cent – I used to work in a call centre some Years ago and every time you heard a “certain accent” you knew to be on guard, little stinking crooks, every single one (experience, not waaycism).

      I used to love cutting them to bits, their whining was highly entertaining – and when the inevitable waaycist sh*t came out (as it did on every occasion) I would very politely say “are you aware you are on a recorded line Sir? And do you realise the very serious legal consequences of making false and malicious allegations”? Caught out, call terminated, every time.

      Management stopped “brown to brown” calls because of permanent issues pertaining to chats in a foreign language and fr*ud and had them directed to me – f*cking loved it I did!

      Management eventually got rid of them, legitimately, with good reason – they were vermin.

  6. Well I think that they should be congratulated for proving that not all Peacefuls are either detonating backpack-wearers or schoolgirl-botherers. A nice straight stealing case…who says that integration isn’t working?

    PS…When are Fred “the shred” Goodwin and his banking buddies due to be sentenced?

  7. They were clearly trying to spread some well meaning cultural enrichment, but first wanted to rob a bank in order to do it.

    Peace on you

    • They look like a couple of nice young men, I’m sure they meant well. Two typical British boys trying to make their way in life. Let’s not be cynical. Good luck to them I say.

      • One on the lefts got a good head of hair asnt he? Could stuff a mattress with his mop!
        T’other ones not trying hard enough to be a mudslime, look at that for a beard!
        Had a better beard when i was 10!
        Thieving forbidden in the quoran?
        Not sure, know its lax on fiddling with kids, but most religious walks dont condone tealeafs.
        Word to the local mullah dont let these lads near the mosques finances.

      • Hello MNC, thieving from Kuffirs/inf*del is a compulsory part of the Qu’ran, as is lying to kuffirs/inf*del – nasty little toilet rag filled with hatred is that “book of peace”

      • Evenin Vernon,
        Yeah its a bit ‘open to interpretation’ isnt it?
        More blood n gore than a Stephen king book.
        The old version had a dot to dot an colouring in section near the back, but theyve dropped that now.

  8. The mind boggles at what muslims are actually saying to eachother in arabic and urdu behind closed doors and in the mosques. One can safely assume it’s quite different from the fine speeches they give in public about peace, democracy, and multiculturalism and is more along the lines of destroy the infidels and their nation in every way you can think of. Steal their money, rape their children, take over their schools…anything.

    • How true, overheard some interesting conversations between Doctors not so long ago assumed the infidel did not understand. Should have seen their faces when I wished them an enjoyable afternoon. Not fluent by any means but get by if I have to which hopefully I won’t ever have to.

  9. Jihad my arse. If they had gotten away with it they would have been driving flash cars, boozing it up and fucking prozzies left right and centre. No doubt their sudden bout of religiosity is preparation for the easy ride they will get in prison. Pair of fucking chancers.
    Serves the bank right for employing peacefuls…….when will people realise that these cunts hate us and want us all dead?

    • Right on brother the pair of cunts would have worn out their dicks. Snorted so much coke their noses would have fell off Jihad my arse. Should have Mo is a cunt tattoed on their arse cheeks.
      That should keep them in deep shit with their fellow travellers for a while.

      • That’s for sure young Asian men are heavily into ”in your face” Bling once they get some coin, but just makes them look like gold plated cunts

    • With bootiful British names. The sad thing is, I don’t need to apply any irony when saying that.

  10. Muttering ‘jihad’ as a reason for anything in this country makes him an enemy of the state and he should be interred for life, spelt l-i-f-e, not 1-0-y-e-a-r-s. This applies to women as well. It’s about time somebody in power in this shit-hole remembers whose country this is, and it ain’t fucking muslims.

    • I’m shocked to think you want these fine upstanding young men, who are here to enrich our culture, to spend life in prison.
      I want the cunts hanged.

  11. Another fine example of diversity, the only good peacefuls are the ones who are still living in one of fucking sand pits from where they came.

    In the news today another Jihad in Whitemoor, there will have to be a rethink on human rights, these cunts aren’t fucking human.

    • over 30 years ago i did a bit of prison reform work, pre jhadi days when our jails were full of old time lags, the officers had me in fits on one visit when a suicide hanging happened.
      This is how they told me they deal with such a situation.
      If it swings towards you it’s assault so hit it hard as you can, if it swings away from you it’s trying to escape so hit it even harder. LOL

  12. Money isn’t everyone but it does help.
    Which is why I as of you gentle, kind souls to donate to my charity, ‘Spoons For Africa’. Just £10.00 a week can help provide cutlery for needy people. No longer will that have to suffer the pain of eating with their callused, over worked hands.
    Give the gift of love now and recieve a free piece of junk mail. You can sponsor a spoon. Your sponsored spoon will send you photos and letters.


  13. A massive percentage of UK peacefuls have dual Nationality so can legally be removed from the UK if found guilty of a criminal offence, but parking stanleys destroy their birth records and pretend they do not use them in Mongo Mongo land so we cannot deport them.

    We need to start removing these evil treacherous vermin, and we further need to introduce mandatory checks for everyone coming to live, visit or work in the UK BEFORE THEY ARRIVE!

    Criminal record? – turn round
    Ideological hatred? – turn around
    Health tourist? No health insurance? Turn round
    No job, money or house? – turn around, Pwince Hewitt and Pwincess Wokeflake have got all the freebies covered!
    Alleged refugee, asylum seeker? 38 Year old “child”? Claim asylum in the first Country you come to, this is international law.

    Whenever ancient Britons were in a fight (there were many, we were right buggers!) they would hammer on their shields and shout “out, out, out” – any enemies foolish enough not to heed the very obvious warning and comply were slaughtered.

    Works for me – Parking Stanleys – OUT, OUT, OUT! Where’s my f*cking shield..

  14. Just like all the cash flooding out of the Country under the clothing of the Women from every “Indian” restaurant in the UK – real Indian restaurants are pretty much non – existent, they are Parking stanleys and bungladeshis who pretend to be Indian because they know we hate the mudslimes.

    Slippery, is the enemy.

  15. Both these cunts, like all terrorists, are some of the ugliest bastards on the planet.
    Will there come a day when the MSM report that “even though he was a terrorist, he was a good looking fella who could pull the women?” Evil in thoughts, evil in deeds, evil in looks.

  16. Wonder how they got the jobs in the first place ? more diversity box ticking shoe ins in all probability

    • False details on the CRB check, alter a spelling slightly in a name, swap first/second/third names around, alter a date of birth to that of a Family member without a criminal record, provide false documents and fake references from Family members, they have every base covered and the employers can’t do a thing “cos it’s waaycist”

      A very serious and ongoing problem, but highlighting it gets you fired.

  17. You cannot trust one single solitary male moose limb. They are ALL doing their taqqiya, as duty-bound by their joke-book which isn’t even worthy of wiping our shitty arse-cracks with.

  18. Waseem Ahmed and Hodaif Nadeem – beautiful English names. No doubt funding fellow sand dwellers and their despicable antics. The hairy cunts.

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