Keir Starmer

A “what’s a million between friends, duckie?” cunting please for the other Dame of North London, Keir, as pure as TCP, and blue eyed boy of the Blairite set.:

This wealthy lawyer, currently preparing to bid for the leadership of the Titanic of Westminster, has been doing a Chuka on his Wikipedia page, and is determined to present himself as the son of a horny-handed son of toil.

Whoever heard of a poor lawyer, especially a “human rights” one?

What with Slubberguts Thornberry hiding the fact that she is Lady Nugee, it seems that what Labour will get is yet another actor, and will probably still fuck up yet again.

Nominated by W. C. Boggs

64 thoughts on “Keir Starmer

  1. This is the cunt to regain Labour heartlands? Tories are a shoo-in for 2024. That’s going to be at least 19 years in power purely because the opposition is utterly incompetent. The student cunts voting labour in ’29 won’t even have been born when Tony Blair was Prime Minister.

  2. Well, The Dame of Remain was being honest about one thing, in saying “My dad was a toolmaker” and spunked out this mincing cuntwipe.

  3. This is Keir Starmer [6], if any fucker’s interested.

    Currently runaway favourite to be new Liebour leader, according to latest poll of barmy Liebour membership.

    Natural ‘man of the people’. 😂

    Prediction: SIR Keir will make it onto The Great Wall of Cunts by Easter.

    Gormless looking turd.

    • Whoever gets in, PMQ’s might actually become essential viewing, this cunt could probably hold his own being a barrister but Wrong-Daily or Lard Butt would be swatted away by Boris.

      • He may be a barrister but I’m yet to hear him utter a single word of common sense. All hot air and waffle, à la Blair.

      • Ah, yes, RTC but his smart suits and immaculately coiffured and quiffed ‘Tintin’ hair will more than compensate for any shortcomings in his delivery.

        We saw all that with old Tone; the shit eating grin, each sentence he uttered beginning with a faux exasperated ‘Look,’ and the wild gesticulations. His veneer (albeit thin) of charisma got him through in 1997, 2001 and 2005!

        If old Quiffy becomes Leader of the Opposition, muttering Boris will certainly have to be on his guard!

      • I agree with all you say Paul – Dame Keir is a shifty two faced cunt, who would say anything t get imself elected (he will probably grease his arse with vaseline to allow Mangledbum up it in return for his endorsement).

        I also can’t stand the “look” tacked on to the front of every political statement – especially when they keep uttering the name of their questioner as in “Look, Andrew…..Andrew we are where we are” and all that shit – especially when “nothings ruled in and nothings ruled out”. Going forward. At this moment in time.

      • Reg Varney and early Bryan Ferry, excellent! Keir could well be a Ladytron On The Buses.

      • Morning mr liquidator
        Totally agree wrong daily and lady lard arse getting hung out to dry at PMQs would be infinitely more interesting and damn sight funnier than anything currently shown on TV , the dream ticket if one stood as deputy..
        The funniest thing about this whole shit fest is after getting fucking annihilated a few weeks ago LABOUR haven’t learnt a thing , imagine if the captain of the titanic was amongst the survivors and when asked if he would change anything replied “ it was the icebergs fault and I’m more than happy to have another go”
        WTF !!
        Although starmer is far more articulate than wrong daily and lady large arse he appears to have the personality and warmth of a mannequin, throw in that he would be perceived by any labour voter north of Watford as a Toffee nosed Prosecco socialist wanker , is he really the best labour have got?
        If so
        GOOD LUCK

  4. He’s a 4th rate Blair tribute act dressed up as a panto dame. Well it is the season for it.

    • Fourth rate Blair . The Zeus of cunts and he’s four pegs down from that. Ouch . He must be an ultra cunt.

  5. The Pantomime Dame of Communist Labour
    The architect of the second Referendum (the so called people’s vote) Boy did Communist Labour get a people’s vote they were absolutely destroyed at the ballot box.👍
    This sad excuse for a politician will keep Communist Labour out of office for the next 15 years vote him in asap 👍
    Communist Labour For The Many But Seems Not For You 👎

  6. Meanwhile hilarious news in today’s Times that Flabbot’s (clearly underprivileged) sprog has been charged by the police for various assaults on members of the force and NHS. He’s also charged with exposure which must have been rather upsetting for the victims.

    He will no doubt play the racist card at some point, so let’s hope the judge slaps that down firmly, makes allowances for his no doubt traumatic childhood and Cambridge education…….and still locks him up for 5* yrs.

    * It’s a prime number Dianne

  7. This little Labour maggot is probably odds on favourite to get leadership of Labour.

    I’d personally like Rebecca Long Dailey to be next Labour leader. She was Schooled by McDonald in looney lefty bollocks and she idolises Corbyn. The gift is she is thick as pig shit and lacks the fucking sly fox like cunningness that her two Labour Dad’s have. She ain’t very bright and will alienate more potential voters and fail to turn around Labour’s run of defeats.
    If she gets leadership then Labour will lose out at next election too, and that’s exactly what I want.

    Regarding Starmer, I see no big threat here either to be honest.
    The luvvies might take to him but the working class traditional Labour think he’s a posh Bellend and won’t vote for him next election.
    They will also probably recall that he’s a Muppet and fucked up when he was top gaffer at the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service).

    Either way I’m not bothered who becomes Labour leader as with the current bunch of way out Left fuckwits and their denial of reality as shown on December 12th, Tories will not only win in 2024, but probably 2029 aswell.

    Labour have started the long agonising process of their own death.
    I’d just wish they’d hurry up and do it quicker.

    • They should rename as The Islam Party, as that is where their support lies (pun intended), especially as anti-Semitic views are still there, just presently swept under the carpet.
      Then there would be political space for a new party, to represent all those traditional folk Labour abandoned for the urban elite.

    • Just another Metrobubble shampers socialist Remoaner cunt. He’ll go down like a shit sandwich in the ‘red wall’.

  8. Does anybody else here get a reminder of Mrs Merton whenever a photo of Long Bailey appears?

  9. We have a street light outside our house which has more personality than Dame Kier.
    One more silly twat in a sea of silly labour twats.

  10. It will be mildly diverting watching these fine people set about one another in the fetid race to become Head Appeaser and Chief Commie.
    Fuck this oily mincer to Beijing.
    What a set of waffling cunts.

  11. I want either Lammy or Phillips, either would be hilarious but as for the Dame, I wouldn’t trust him to run a bath.

    He is a slimy looking cunt!

    In the news this morning the Jordi vegan cunt trying to get Veganism recognised as religion, Another loads of bollocks which could open the flood gates for the looney tunes.

  12. Keir Starmer isn’t going to connect with the working class, he’s made it clear that he despises the working class as much as Thornberry. Socialists with titles? What the fuck?

    In the current system I can forgive them for taking a peerage but acceptance of a knighthood? There is no one in the Labour Party I know of I could vote for, they are all tainted with allowing the opposition to become a marxist playground.

    The Labour membership will choose the next leader and Miliband sold the party to momentum and attracted the militants.

    Fuck Labour, I don’t see a way back for them.

      • The problem is a government needs a competent opposition. Cameron and Osborne were massive cunts and the Conservatives have been shit for 9 years.

        There has to be someone opposite who can call the cunts to task and propose workable alternatives. We have had magic grandpa and the intellectual dwarves who’s main concern has been redefining what’s anti Semitic. The LibDems vowing to abolish democracy and the SNP vanity project who. The entire opposition has lost the ability to oppose specifics and merely opposes anything the government does.

  13. When I hear the name Keir Starmer ( ridiculous moniker ) I always think about an incident a few years back when some dopey dyslexic cunts from the council painted KEER CLEAP on the road by double yellow lines. Fgnicku ulesses nutcs.

    • Merci Monsieur. I laughed out loud at “Fgnicku ulesses nutcs”. Dame Starmer is truly a cunt and I hope his next shite is a spiny anteater.

  14. There’s no way the membership are going to vote for this Blair impersonater. The bookies have Wrong Daily as 5/2 favourite which I expect to drop to evens once she declares. They don’t often get it wrong. She’ll be a cunting disaster, the woman is as thick as a brick.
    Lady Piggery would be better entertainment but either way they are about to fuck themselves yet again.

  15. Cunts like Lady Stammer are all the same: more degrees than a compass and not one ounce of common sense!


  16. I wouldn’t underestimate Dame Keir but would be surprised if he got the job give the current membership , personally I am not sure the guy exists, sometimes get the queasy feeling Tony Blair is inside a big rubber Dame Keir suit

  17. The inquiry into how labour failed so miserably to connect with voters will be another reacharound with no real conclusion. On the night of their glorious failure, two things were being used as excuses, Corbyn and the labour stance on Brexit. In my opinion there are many reasons, but they are the main ones. And who was the public face of their Brexit policy? Who did the wheel out on question time and the today programme, and who did all the press junkets? This cunt. Surely this will not endear him to the very people who rejected his waffling, dodging and blatant campaigning for cancelling the whole thing?
    He’s a greasy, creepy looking motherfucker too, with the ruddy complexion of a massive alcoholic.

    • Give the guy some legroom wouldn’t you be knocking back a few jars of ale having to sit next to Steptoe and all his girlfriends

  18. Just noticed that Sir Keir Starmer is an anagram of “Arse Rim Striker”

    Sums this cunt up.

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