Idiotic Juries

A nom please for idiotic juries. One in particular; the daft cunts who have just finished sitting in Inner London Crown Court, during the trial of a load of dopey Extinction Rebellion muppets.

Now while they did eventually find these fuckwits guilty of gluing themselves to a train – or as it’s more commonly known stopping people who actually work for a living being able to do so – they had to virtually be told to find them guilty by the presiding judge, and when they delivered their verdict it was accompanied by a load of virtue signalling, hand-wringing guff about how sorry they were and how much they supported their cause.

So bang goes the first opportunity of sending some of these cunts down for a decent prison term as an example; not only have they got pissy suspended sentences, they will now be able to blather on about how virtuous they are and how much support they have. Expect many more protests by these dimwitted wankers in the future; be interesting to see how juries respond to the first cunt caught up in one who will hopefully knock some hippie teeth out…..

Nominated by Cuntan the Cuntarian

41 thoughts on “Idiotic Juries

    • Seconded. A true reflection of todays insanity and the limp wristed wankers that seek to piss us cunters off.

      • Thirded.

        Dougal sitting there haha.

        That episide where Father Ted is explaining size with plastic toy cows to Dougal.
        Father Ted: “…OK, one last time. These are small… but the ones out there are far away. Small… far away…”

      • Do you know what Spoons, I’ve been having a bit of a Father Ted marathon over Winterval; a) cos it’s still sublimely hilarious and b) cos there’s been sod all on worth watching. Still brilliant, sad loss was Dermot Morgan. Happy new year by the way

      • Maybe some cake to go with it? There’s cocaine in it! No, wait – raisins.

  1. How did they populate a jury with sympathetic people? BBC question time production team supplied the list of potential jurors?

    • An even more appropriate question would be if BBC Question Time’s production team had supplied the jurors and Tommy Robinson was in the dock for gluing himself to a train then he would now be serving 10 years for preventing Muslims from getting to their place of work…….. assuming they possess such a thing.

  2. Bunch of cunts, it really fucking annoys me that the police have to get some solvent to unglue them, they would stop doing it if they were dragged off leaving a few layers of skin behind.
    When the cunts sit down in the road, 4 police to carry them off, fuck that 2 cops, one on each ankle and just drag to cunts away.

    The police didn’t fuck around when the line of protesters tried to stop Boris going to see the queen so they should use the same tenacity when ER fuck the public over.

    • Just ignore the cunts and leave them there. Nothing like getting your picture on the news 12 hours later, freezing cold with your pants full of shit and soaking wet .

  3. 🎶
    In their lives there’s something lacking
    What they need’s a damn good whacking! 🎶

  4. If some cunt glued themselves to something of mine, I’d spray the cunt with a can of Coke and then throw a bag of bullet ants over ’em….

  5. Anyone stupid enough to glue themselves to a train or building should be given a saw and told they will have to saw their hand off or starve to death. Problem solved.

  6. Top notch cunting. Judge should have put the black hat on for the cunts sentencing. And then tried the cunts in the jury for cuntitude.

  7. I reminds me of what Keith Richards said about the infamous Redlands showtrial in 67…
    He said the judge went on about ‘A jury of your peers’… Keef mentioned that a jury of his own peers would be fellow guitarists: like Eric Clapton, George Harrison, John Mayalll, Jimmy Page etc… The trial itself was a total joke, but getting a jury of wannabe Mary Whitehouses and ‘outraged Joe Public’ News of the Screws readers as a jury made it even more laughable….

  8. Working people should just enter the train via a working door & then the train should just pull away

  9. An absolute shower.
    I’m not surprised however having read reports of widespread poovery and ethnical magic in Londonistanlbgqt.
    100 lashes and then extinct.
    Get fucked.

  10. When you go into court you are putting your fate into the hands of twelve people who weren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty.

    Norman Crosby

    • Could I suggest an AL – Beeb jury of under 30’s (as on Question Time recently), ” I at a Court thing innit, some old c*nt in a stupid wig and a Batman outfit told me not to take selfies when there is a trial going on,and I spent ages on me hair an’ everyfing innit”

      “And it looks lovely Dame Keir, and as you are self identifying as a girlie under 30 here’s some compensation because I am sure you have been discwiminated against at some point by an awful smelly weird old white waaycist”

      “Why yes I have your honour, but the big boys have told me to stop being rude about Jeremy”

  11. What doesn’t help is that bald cunt Prince William announcing that mankind has just 10 years left to resolve the planet’s environmental issues or face extinction.

    How the fuck would the bald cunt know that we face extinction in 10 years? Probably because some cunt in a white coat somewhere has speculated this and cunts like baldybollocks, Attencuntborough and Harry Halfbreed have jumped on board without questioning this. The climate is changing – yes we know that. The climate change is man-made – no we don’t know that. William should stick to fucking Kate Middleton in every hole and keeping her airtight; I would spend a bit more time attending to her real needs if I were him.

    Extinction rebellion are just lazy fucking commies jumping on the climutchange bandwagon to suit their own selfish means. Cunts.

    • Pwince William has a qualification in geography, very useful as he can accurately identify all the Countries he constantly flies over!

      The solution? Declare climate change waaycist – no more debate allowed, problem solved

      Or just leave it all to Saint Attenborough, because after 60 Years of flying around the World with an entourage and a camera crew he knows all about the environmental damage caused by air travel, unless it’s for vital purposes like checking out the tits of third World girls or getting the first twuffles of the season flown by private charter from France (like I said, only for vital purposes eh Dave!)

      • Attenborough has spent more time driving around the globe in a 4×4 than a battalion of footballers wives.
        And of course, he doesn’t think that mere commoners should be allowed a vote…

  12. We all know climate change is bullshit.
    Here Dan Pèna quite convincingly puts a lefty airhead right in under 5 minutes as to why climate change is utter shite and the biggest scam in manmade history:

    The jury in this case are just your usual media duped sheep cunts jumping on the band wagon.

  13. Did jury service once.
    Open and shut against a low life who broke into accommodation where some Chinese restaurant workers lived. Fortunately there were some handy lads as well as lady workers and they collared the cunt.
    Some half baked social worker type woman on the jury tried to convince us he was hard done by and should go free. Fucking unbelievable and wasted hours.
    Anyway, 11 to 1 verdict. Guilty. Then the judge read out his previous for theft, violence and sexual assault.
    Fucking snowflakes and virtuous airheads shoudnt be allowed anywhere near jury service.

  14. Real change, reduce the population of the world by 50%, start with all the high breeders, Africa, the lands of the peaceful, China and India.
    These countries aren’t developing they are just giant baby farms.


  15. Hoo-ee cunters, what a Christmas I had. Pulled a gorgeous lady (who turned out to be married) and spent the whole Festive season with her. She fair drained me dry, so she did. I must have had the oats of an entire jury.

    Happy New Yearrrr!

  16. Incidentally, regarding the picture….who’s the one on the left of Clouseau?

    • Gorgeous George i think.
      Off topic- anyone seen the footage of Australian premier Scott Morrison getting told to fuck off?😀
      Hehe, hes visiting people whos lives are fucked due to the fires and pretending to give a shit,
      People dont want to play, tell him “why dont you just fuck off?”
      “Your fucking finished mate, go on fuck off”
      Hes gutted!😀
      Goes upto a fireman resting,
      “How about a cuppa?”
      Fire man stands up walks off saying nowt.

  17. The trouble with the modern jury is that they have all seen “Twelve Angry Men” and all think they are Henry Fonda, especially the airhead wimminz.
    As for these hippy cunts they are doing the work of the Establishment so they will always be treated with kid gloves. Fucking stupid brainwashed cunts.

  18. The only real justice any of those Exctinction knob ends have ever faced was at the hands of irate commuters.
    And glorious it was too…

  19. One of my arch enemies was on trial at the Old Bailey recently. On the one hand we know that a lot of judges and those who preside over non-jury decisions are fucking pricks who will selectively apply the law to suit their political leanings or whoever’s gang they’re in. And let’s be honest, most people who go into the law are cunts.
    On the other hand the majority of the general public are fucking imbeciles.
    The only sensible answer is to let us at is a cunt vote on each case.

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