Jazz Jennings

A nomination for Jazz Jennings, a ‘reality tv star’ and ‘transgender activist’ who is stepping into 2020 by ’embracing who she is and the journey that it took for her to get there, by sharing a photo of herself in a swimsuit that shows off scars from her ‘gender confirmation’ surgery.

She refers to the scars as her battle wounds because “they signify the strength and perseverance it took to finally complete my transition.”

I’m still confused as to whether the creature is now a woman, or was she a woman before and became a man? Actually, do I really care what this cunt is?

Nominated by Mystic Maven

79 thoughts on “Jazz Jennings

  1. I can make a chair out of paper, you wouldn’t want to sit in it. It looks like a chair from a distance but it’s not a fucking chair, it’s a fake chair.

      • Thought it was Sparkle, before her fur had been fully straightened.

        I once saw a pair of wellies (for sale…) in a shop window in Naaarge, bearing the motto “Play safe, wear rubber.”

        Quite frankly, I’d sooner shag a 100% (rubber) fake, AND wake up to a pretty face the next morning, rather than a load of a0 scars and b) emotional bull.

  2. Reality TV and a tranny. A freakshow made in heaven. And the correct pronoun is ‘it’.
    There is no such thing as gender confirmation surgery, just surgery as a pointless intervention in mental illness.

  3. Well “it” has got “it’s” 15 minutes of fame. Now kindly fuck off and do something a bit more interesting.

    (Give it a year or two and “it” will get bored through lack of attention, and revert back to being a he/she/cunt)

    • Someone tried to “Blackmail” my first wife, They threatened to “Out” me to the British Council in Croatia (Tell them that I was a nasty horrible person ect) obviously this would effect my wife’s standing with them.
      They came out looking like a massive hysterical cunt, They new who I was, I used to pop in and see them about 4 times a year to ponce books of them.

  4. Well it looks ok, I’ve shagged worse, but what about the scars on it’s legs. Should have chosen a different plastic surgeon.

  5. Like most freaks Jennings is on a “ journey “ ? Let’s hope it leads to IT being found face down at the bottom of some cliff…..

    • Show us yer shark attack scars jizz!
      Like jazz as a musical expression its brash,pointless, irritating and not allowed in my house.
      If it drops its kecks ?
      Like someones dropped a lasagne.
      Stay clear.

    • That Ariana, is she the one with a Chinese word tattoo on her hand gone wrong?

      I remember one fella thought he had the Chinese word for strength tattooed on his arm.
      He was in a Chinese takeaway and was laughed at by the owner.
      Turns out the tattoo wasn’t strength but PEPSI haha.

  6. I don’t understand medicine these days. My doctor has requested a stool sample, so now I’ve had to enrol on a rudimentary woodworking course….

    • Old coot back from a lengthy session at the quacks to his wife.

      “Took ages, love. They wanted shit samples, piss, semen specimen, blood, samples, pus…”

      “Ooh you should have just dropped in a pair of yer undercrackers!

  7. My lover just told me she used to have a cock
    I left her at the base of a cliff smashed on a a rock
    I didn’t mean for her to die
    I decided she was a seagull and thought she could fly

    This is not intended to encourage people to view other people as something they are not or for cunts to throw seagulls real or not from clifftops.

    It’s purely bad taste dark humour, fuck off.

      • Maybe I should request an arts council grant? Probably not woke enough……cunts.

        Yhank you for you’re kind comment HBH, I believe white ethnic heterosexual poets are not as in demand as we once were, particularly if like me they are not very poetic.

      • Just apply some boot polish; all the black ones are fucking shite, and they all end up with knighthoods……..

  8. Great job as ever MM.
    Can’t wait to see those scars tho. I always say that you can’t beat a good freak show.

  9. Plastic surgery. You could have anything. I’d want an extra penis. One in each hand.
    That’ll give my left hand something to do as well.

      • Wow, Cuntan! Those shellfish look like a lady’s front garden, but without the bushes.

      • The answer is yes, plastic surgery came on dramatically after the two world wars.
        The facial reconstruction of fighter pilots was the break through rolling skin to create a nose or in this case penis.


        I became interested in this sort of thing when a colleague lost half his head to an anti tank weapon in Mostar, he was rebuilt in America with titanium mesh and his ribs that became part of his lower jaw and eye socket.
        amazing job all round he looked slightly lopsided but considering what had happened sterling work

      • Is a male tranny’s knob a real knob? Does it remain flaccid when ‘he’ sees Ann Widdecime but then becomes erect if ‘he’ sees say Rachel Riley’s arse? Also, do they piss out if these new knobs? Do they have to make a urinary tract? So many questions…

      • Thank you for that Lord Benny. You simply could not make this up.

        But just to get specific again (your opinion?) after all the ‘bending’ and ‘manoeuvring’ from whence does the pleasure come? A clitoris is a very tiny thing (as I know to my cost) how could it be stimulated if it has all this fleshy ‘cock’ on top?

      • My fault. I have been mistaken. I thought they were making real cocks but they’re just making cosmetic cocks with all these ‘tubes’ and ‘rods’ and ‘reservoirs’.

        You. Could. Not. Make. This. Shit. Up.

      • ‘Requires some manual dexterity to inflate’.

        We’ve all done a lot of ‘manual dexterity’ in this area over the years eh Miserable?

      • The ‘3 piece inflatable implant’ would seem the most workable RT.

        So there she is flat on her back in her black négligé- ‘Gently squeeze the
        concealed pump in the scrotum several times. This moves the saline solution from the reservoir into the cylinders’

        Now she’s getting excited so ‘As the cylinders fill, the penis becomes erect and firm’.

        She lays back on the bed exhausted and satified so now ‘To end the erection, simply press a “deflation site” on the pump. Deflating the cylinders transfers the fluid back to the reservoir and the penis becomes flaccid’

        Job done.

      • That is the dirtiest comment I have read on ISAC for a very long time.

        (Mary Whitehouse, Mrs. Deceased)

      • MMC, I dunno, but if you imagine it being read in Nigella Lawson’s voice… Cor! 😀

  10. What a disgrace and a freak…I despair.
    Way the west is going I suppose, I ain’t getting upset abaaaaaht it as it will probably decide it doesn’t know what it is and will asked to be called they when they find it at the bottom of a cliff.
    I suppose the NHS funded this bollocks (and kept the bollocks).

    • Jazz is American, he\her\them\it is a transmodel activist, she\him\it\them was assigned male gender at birth, she\he\them\they (pronoun bingo ffs) is also apparently Jewish.

      Must of been some settlement after that particular circumcision cock up\off\in

      • If it was the other way round and it was a she or ‘assigned female at birth’ and it wanted to become a man and had the surgery stipulating that it must be in accordance with Jewish tradition would a rabbi have to be brought in to sign off on it? So many questions…

    • A little boy walks into the bathroom unaware his Mother is taking a bath – he looks at her pussy and says “What’s that Mum”?

      Somewhat embarrassed the Mother replies “oh, er, – that’s where I got hit with an axe”.

      The little boy says “it was a good shot – it got you right in the cunt”!

      • Thanks VF that just made me shoot tea all over my laptop!!!
        (Laptop says makes a change from spunk you dirty bastard)

  11. I dont hate trannies, feel bit sorry for em truth be told.
    Everyone is entitled to be happy an live theyre life how they see fit.
    Its the nutty militant ones that fuck things up, piss people off do their cause no good.
    Ill admit trannies make me feel slightly ill but then so do Revenue &customs.
    But if a bloke wants to wear a frock?
    Nowt to do with me.
    Insists i call him a woman?
    Get to fuck.

    • Absolutely fucking bang on Miserable. Anyone can call themselves anything as far as I’m concerned; Napoleon, a cat, a fucking alien. If you believe that fair enough. Just don’t ask me to believe it.

      • And to be fair they’re not even all minging. There’s some tranny pornstars who are better looking than most women! But that’s like 0.0001% of 0.0001, most are disconcertingly freakish.

  12. It’s amazing how post Christian society clings on to the virgin birth or being born into the wrong body.

  13. Reminds me to go and buy a bigger SUV so I can hasten the demise of the human race by climate change.

  14. The cunts are where the cocks should be and the cocks are where the cunts should be. It’s all so confusing.

  15. Wanna be a tranny or cross dressing freak? sure fine go for it, but why surgically have your cock an balls removed?! I just don’t get it and with the fucked up parents approval no less!

    Your cock, Thats a god given gift inherented from your parents. I just don’t get it no poof wants a fake disgusting open flesh wound that constantly trying to heal itself to fuck, I certainly wouldn’t not even if my darkest drunken hour would I ever contemplate fucking that wtf is wrong with the world?

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