The Middle East (2)

Never far from the news, but catapulted to the top spot all day because evil overlord Trump has taken out, via drone strike, an Iranian militia cunt. Apparently this cunt is a right murdering cunt, and has the deaths of thousands on his hands, from the four corners of the sandpit, and further afield. Most of the US politicians are happy the cunt got smoked, but they are not happy Trump did it. I’m sure if Barry, or Hilary had done it, there would be tea and medals all round, but orange man bad, regardless. Don’t act, you’re weak, act, and you’re a cunt.

Is the world a safer place now General Qassem Soleimani has been killed? No, because there is an endless supply of sun baked maniacs to take his place, and even though they hate each other fervently, they always seem to get the band back together when there is any Western intervention. They may despise the cunt you take out, he may have killed two thirds of their family, but he’s their cunt, so buckle up, it’s Gee-Had time.

Now with the smoke from the burning US flags rivalling the Australian bush fires, tension is high, and that means, a trip to Greggs on the high street just got a lot more dangerous, as the many sympathisers in the West will take it upon themselves to avenge a cunt they never knew, would probably despise themselves, and might have ended up murdered by them. Also, the silly cunt chasing you down the road armed with Poundland cutlery, and a vest made of empty red bull cans is from Birmingham, and the furthest east he’s been is Peterborough. All because he believed in the same silly fantasy sky dad. Cradle of civilisation? My sweaty arse.

Oh, and worst of all, it’s a great excuse to put the price of fuel up, the cunts.

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38 thoughts on “The Middle East (2)

  1. These cunts find an excuse to murder, Trump was right to take the cunt out. The fact we have hordes of mental cunts in this country who hate us isn’t Trumps fault, our governments invited them here.

    It’s circular logic to think we can’t take appropriate action because our government allows people on watch lists or even convicted terrorists to roam the streets causing carnage.

    As far as Australian bush fires go the Aborigines developed methods of preventing and controlling them over thousands of years, maybe someone should of asked them how they did it.

    Fuck the Middle East, if we can ever break our dependence on oil they are going to be left with fuck all but sand and a few monuments.

      • Trump was definitely not right to take out General Qasem!, and now that he has we might have fucking WW3 on our hands

        General Qasem wasn’t a warmonger, he in fact helped destroy ISIS with various Kurdish militia forces and the Russian military, practically no help from USA I might add tho they did finally kill Bagdadhi so credit where its due. Trump came out with a laughable number of death statistics in the millions when he assassinated him where from no one knows

        you sure?

      • I don’t see WW3 starting.General cunt was engineering more attacks in the region and now he’s dead. Iranians are beginning to rise up and protest against the theocracy and their government is having to back peddle. Trump has shown them he is prepared to batter them if they step out of line.

        If we had Clinton in power we would be a lot closer to a major war.

      • 10,000 dead in Iran – Sulemeini.
        100,000 dead in Syria – Sulemeini.
        10,000 dead in Afghanistan – Sulemeini.
        50,000 dead in Yemen – Sulemeini.
        500,000 in total killed in the Middle East – Sulemeini.
        Arming pro – Assad forces in Syria with chemical weapons and barrel bombs – Sulemeini.
        Arming Houthi rebels in Yemen – Sulemeini.
        Arranging the murder of democratically elected officials in Iraq and other Countries – Sulemeini.
        destabilising the entire Middle East – Sulemeini.
        Claiming to be “battling ISIS” whilst secretly funding, arming and training ISIS cells in Afghanistan – Sulemeini.
        Funding, arming and training Boko Haram in Africa – Sulemeini.
        Funding, arming and training Al Shabab in Africa – Sulemeini.
        Arranging the murder of Alan Henning – Sulemeini.
        Arranging the murder of 17 western hostages – Sulemeini.

        Fair to say the Man had form.

      • Grow a pair. There will be no WW3. Media scaremongering. And these cunts need wiping out now before they become a nuclear power. Because then, you really will have something to worry about.

  2. Oil.

    That’s the only reason anyone cares about this benighted part of the world.

    Name one thing of value that has come out of the Middle East since 1258.

    And what have these twats spent their massive windfall on? Gold plated Rolls Royce’s and spreading their shitty religion.


    • They also spend their dirty money on buying up property in London and other western cities, football clubs and major sporting events.

    • That’s the Human Race for you. They know how to make energy from the sun but would still rather murder each other over oil.

      The only good thing to come out of this area is Hummus.

      Lebanese food can be very good

    • They have spent a fortune on gold toilets. Then the dirty cunts still go and shit outside and wipe their arses on their hands.
      If there was no oil, these mouth-breathing neolithic fuckwits would still be chucking rocks at each other, and nobody would give a fuck about them.
      All they do is cause aggro on the world stage (when they’re not dismembering each other over which version of the sky fairy they worship).
      The only thing they understand or respect is violence.
      We (the west) should just invade, take the oil, and machine gun any slack-jawed pyjama-wearing cunt that gets in the way. Anyone left standing can be employed as a punkah wallah, or serve gins in the officers’ mess.

  3. In the medieval ‘mappa mundi’ Jerusalem is of course the centre of the world. Ridiculously enlarged. But even when you look at a modern day map it kooks to me that it is the centre of the world. The centre of the world’s land mass I mean.

    • I think we should go there as missionaries Miles and teach them about the almighty.

      • Yes that’s the only answer B&W. We need another Crusade. A division of labour though-I’ll preach to the 4x2s while you go preach to the Muz*ies. I’m not sure but I think I would have the harder job.

  4. Taking out General Quasimodo isn’t a bad thing, the towel heads in Iran are divided ‘the nutters’ can get their knickers in a twist’ over anything (nutters = Islamists). The pro reform, pro west want to dump the Islamic regime and have a normal country so probably don’t give a shit about General Q and with Iran shooting down a passenger aircraft are even more focused on their cause.

    In general the Middle East is a shit hole, if it didn’t have oil no one would give a fuck and as for our streets, we are unsafe because of all the liberal bollocks that have been cunted on ISAC.

    New immigration policy, are you Muslim, answer yes, ok fuck off!

  5. O/T….Previous cunting; Humza Yousuf – the comments box doesn’t seem to be coming up. Not that I can add much to the excellent cunting.

    it seems to be ok

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        not me I just police your comments, you want the archive admin (very secretive bunch that smell of mildew)

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  6. All the wrath on Trumpet from the Lefty Democunt libtards in the States is pure hypocritical bullshit! You mean to tell me the likes of Clinton and Obonker never ordered any black ops in the Middle East? More so the latter after 9/11.

    In fact didn’t Obama order the execution of Osama bin Laden in 2011? I don’t recall much outrage from the Democunts or the Hollywood limpdicks after that!

    As for the Middle East – well we should have left that shithole well alone back in the early 20th century, rather than calving it up and generally making a bad situation a whole lot worse.

    But the cat is well and truly out of the bag, and now most of the Middle East seem to want to upsticks and move to Europe (read, UK) mostly due to religious fanaticism and war!

    Nato and especially the US should say to them “Enough is enough. In a couple of decades we won’t be so dependent on your oil any more, so fuck off back to the Stone Age!”

  7. Twat them all out of it and take all the oil.
    If anyone can be arsed,after all its a fly blown shithole.
    Catch a ride in a truck then swim the Channel!
    Welcome you swarthy shifty cunts!

  8. I used to do Nuclear Biological Chemical warfare protection (a pointless sub skill unless it happens).
    one of the easiest methods of delivering/deploying chemical weapons is to “Crop spray” this can be done via fighter jets fogging areas, or for area denial jelled chemical weapons that take longer to disperse. (Though I recall Iraq supposedly had developed mustard agent in a powder form, there for undetectable to most dry systems).
    Any way I wander, surely just tanking up a few commercial jets with some sarin and sending them over a few places might resolve the problem.
    I am just wondering if they have signed the Geneva convention on it.

  9. I feel sorry for Israel being surrounded by all those nutters.
    Funny how in little less than 70 years Israel has managed to cultivate desert that had been barren for thousands of years, build safe, clean, water and electricity supplied homes and towns and introduce a school system and health care system even the Swiss would be jealous of.
    In comparison their ‘peaceful’ neighbors STILL live in shit holes, have no running water, electricity or any kind of infrastructure, cannot build roads, have no health care or education system or stable government and they have been like this for thousands of years.
    Does the human race really need an endless stream of backward, barbaric scum who destroy everything they touch and incite violence on anybody who does not follow their flawed superstition?
    I hope the Israelites want a bit more living space soon and annex ALL of these cunts lands and do the world a favour by bombing these troublesome fucks on a massive scale back to the stone ages………

  10. Good cunting, this area is and will always be a pain in the arse.
    However I like a Lebanese falafel with ‘all salad’.
    I’m sure the women are worth a tonguing also but I can’t usually see them as they are hidden behind the ninja costume.
    Go fuck yourselves.

    They don’t normally wear veils

  11. Newly posted trans posting seems to be broken, maybe it’s deciding if it’s a cunting or for information only.

    • Ayatollah Khamanei is brought down, all the chancers squeal to America how “we need arming to fight the terrorists or ISIS etc will take over”

      America train them, arm them, provide military support – the chancers are put in power by America, and the dead Americans are taken home under a flag.

      Five Years of barbaric murderous civil war.

      Five seconds after being declared the “democratic” new leaders of Iran they say to their western enablers and benefactors “fuck off out of our Country infidel crusaders.

      Rinse and repeat, forever.

  12. Has it occurred to anyone that this might just be Middle-Eastern attempt to beat the record of the Hundred Years wars, and while we’re all blithering on about the loss of life and limb, they are in actual fact ticking off the years? And looking forward to their entry into the Guinness Book of Records. Therefore all this peacekeeping nonses is a total waste of everyone’s time because they are doing `Deadication Deadcation That’s what they need’ etc, to beat the rest.

    If you start from 1948 as the modern attempt at the record, they are actaully over the hump and on the downslope. The shame of it is that Roy Castle and Norris McWhirter will miss the end.

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