Humza Yousaf

A tartan kilted cunting for that SNP mouthpiece Humza Yousaf, if you will.

The irony of him being the Scottish Justice Minister isn’t lost on me.

This cunt is often wheeled out on Question Time, interviews and any other news outlet that will let this greaseball on. A Joe Daki with a Scottish accent is already a bit of an odd combination, but this cunt manages to one up that by being an English hating, nailed-on bigoted pile of steaming shite. He has much form for slating us down South of Hadrian’s Wall, and generally delights in spouting how superior his whisky swilling patch is.

Well lad, I’ve got news for you. You’re a cunt, a massive one at that, and I’ll raise many a dram the night this racist spacker gets booted out of office, although with his tongue so far up Sturgeon’s arsehole, that day may be some time in coming.

Nominated by GeneralZod

24 thoughts on “Humza Yousaf

  1. If Scotland ever get’s independence it will become a caliphate before it regains EU membership. Nicola will be directly responsible for this outcome, her immigration policy makes Corbyn look like Enoch Powell

  2. Yet another useful idiot who really hasn’t got a fucking clue how Scotland would cope economically given full indepence (i.e. not sucking on the tit of England).

    If the vote was cast as a UK referendum then the SNP would surely have their way. But does Sturgeon *really* want the independence she craves? I think it is just a device to keep her in favour with the Braveheart voting Neds.

    Humza – sounds like a cross between a US military ve-hi-cle and something made from chick peas. Cunt.

  3. This is what we get from letting ungrateful hordes of camel jockeys through the gates.

  4. It’s like a game of Cunt Poker.

    “I play a Päki.”

    “I see your Päki and raise it to a Päki who hates England.”

    I see your Päki who hates England and I raise it to a Scottish Päki who hates England.”

    “I see your Scottish Päki who hates England, and I raise it to a Scottish Päki who hates England who smells, is a Justice minister, and who’s called Yousaf.”

    “I’m out.”

  5. “Yousaf is the son of immigrants who arrived in the UK during the 1960s: his mother came from Kenya and his father from Pakistan. Yousaf was educated at Hutchesons’ Grammar School, an independent school in Glasgow.[2] Where he took Modern Studies, it was Modern Studies that inspired him to become involved in politics. He studied Politics at the University of Glasgow, graduating with an MA in 2007.[3] Whilst at University, Yousaf was President of the Glasgow University Muslim Students Association (GUMSA) as well as a prominent figure involved in student politics in the Students’ representative council.

    From an early age, Yousaf was involved in community work, ranging from youth organisations to charity fundraising.[4] He was the volunteer media spokesperson for the charity Islamic Relief,[4] worked for community radio for twelve years and on a project which provided food packages to homeless people and asylum seekers in Glasgow.

    Yousaf worked as a Parliamentary assistant for Bashir Ahmad, from Ahmad’s election as Scotland’s first Muslim MSP in 2007 until Ahmad’s death two years later.[5] Ahmad was a personal influence. Yousaf then worked as Parliamentary assistant for a few other MSPs including: Anne McLaughlin, Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond who was the-then First Minister.[6][7] In 2008, whilst working as an aide, Yousaf took part in the IVLP programme, an exchange that is run by the US State Department.[8] He was awarded the “Future Force of Politics” at the Young Scottish Minority Ethnic Awards in 2009, which was presented to him in Glasgow City Chambers.”….

    Another politician who has never had a proper job…classroom to Scottish Justice Minister without having a drop of real life-experience.

      • Alright Moggie?!
        He can be lead singer of the Beatles, take the royal throne, be head of the Armed Forces, sit in number 10.
        Still just a paki.

      • Evening Miserable, he can’t be ‘just’ a paki. Having a job, even one as lowly as being in the SNP, surely makes him Superpaki

      • @UnkleTerry. We could always force the cunt to travel ‘undercarriage class’ next time he flies and find out.

    • With that impressive CV must surely be a shoe in for arse-licker of the past decade award, the public funds (on so called Jobs) that are wasted allowing ungrateful parasites like this to prosper is criminal

  6. Scottish nationalist token.
    Jimmy jalfrezi
    Curry powder in porridge
    Tartan burka

  7. Fake Scotsman.
    Justice Minister.
    Caught Driving without insurance in 2015
    Prime Example of an SNP MP
    A total wanker
    No more Independents vote for Jockland once in a generation vote you lost

    • Without doubt a cunt. The only thing in his favour is that compared to the likes of that fucking oxygen-thieving cunt Fat Ian Blackford, he’s minor league. That boring cunt is a cunt the size of the Grand Canyon. Bore of the fucking year, any year.

      • Aye a fried pie shortage in a hundred mile radius of that blathering windbag of a cunt.

  8. Listening to item on R4 news whilst I write this. All about how Glasgow City Council is underfunding homeless/druggy problems. So here in lies one of many Scottish paradoxes:

    Council Tax rises were frozen years ago by the SNP. A sweetener that nobody benefited from because Scottish councils had to cut jobs and services.

    The SNP blames Westminster for the state of the Scottish NHS, Police and education even though the funding of them is devolved to the Scottish executive.

    Paradox: I live in Scotland but work in England because I can’t get a decent job with the racist cunts.

    Paradox: Scotland has the highest rates of taxation in the UK yet still can’t balance the books.

    Paradox: Scotland has the most stunning countryside. To find it – follow the mounds of roadside litter up the M74 – all dropped by salt of the earth jock.

    Paradox: Scotland claims to embrace immigration despite being the least diverse country in Europe. In the Highlands, most jobs are done by doushkas cos the locals are happy to be parasites.

    • I’ll bet the cunt can’t get to sleep at night without meds with all the rage and anger keeping him awake.

  9. Just a fucking foul crusty skid-mark on the decent people of Scotland. I hope someone from the Highland Clans introduces his eyeball to the pointy end of a claymore sword. CUNT.

  10. Moose Limb so automatically = CUNT.

    I’ll keep bleating it from the rooftops until they drag me off to be thought-corrected.

    You cannot trust one single solitary male moose limb.

    They are ALL doing ‘taqqyia’ as part of the plan.

    Listen to Brigitte Gabriel telling the US about the moose limb brotherhood’s plan to take over.

    It’s real you fuckers, and no amount of burying your head in their sand is going to save you.

    Having ‘been nice’ to them will count for NOTHING, once they have the numbers.

    And oh boy, are they fucking like Olympians to achieve those numbers.

    WAKE UP!!!

  11. The thing is the Scottish Parliament does not permit discrimination on the basis of creed, colour, religion, gender… or ability.

    I think his majority is very small because I bet absolutely no Hindus vote for him. Hindus really hate the peacefuls. He’s 34. I’ve got mags that are older than him.

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